Keeping him Caged

Note: This is an illustration, a fantasy not something actually done. Sure it’s fun to think about doing things like this. But, they work better as a fantasy, or a teasing threat. Don’t leave someone standing, locked up, over night without being awake yourself to check on them.

Slave husband spends all night locked in a genital stock forced to stand next to wife’s bed while she sleeps.

Source: He Suffers While Mistress Sleeps – Femdomonomy

4 thoughts on “Keeping him Caged”

    1. I hadn’t thought of sleep starvation as a fetish. It would be tough to maintain as the Dom because the slave/ sub would get grumpy, irritable and eventually giddy and less intelligent as time went on.

  1. For me it is the limitations imposed by the experience. The lessening of self. I do remember one very sane woman who was interested experimenting with it but her submissive boyfriend wouldn’t do it.

    I have known some women who were extremely sadistic tops. But I think it would be easier to find a gay male Dom for something this extreme.

    1. You’re likely right about that. Women do have the feeling that we should care for others and that would make it hard to stick to keeping someone from sleep, food and other essential, basic things. A man, especially with a male submissive, would have less feelings of nuturing and more that male feeling of challenging each other and pushing another guy around. I see this a lot with different generations of men. There is a rivalry between young men and older men and vice versa.

      As a woman Dom I think I’d be put off by the whole project once he got whiny and peevish. I don’t like to see men acting like that. Not that I expect them to be stoic but at least not too far past it. Of course, I’m more likely to be that way myself, stoic and enduring rather than admitting I’ve had enough or need help.

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