2 thoughts on “Gentleman’s Mug”

  1. Rosa & I would agree. When we look to imagery that represents how we view our FLR, we gravitate to the ‘Lady and her knight’. We even have three Pre-Raphaelite prints in our bedroom, on of ‘the Kiss’ by Hayez, the other of Dicksee’s ‘La Belle Dame sans merci’ and her knight enthralled , and the third of ‘Tannhauser in the Venusberg’ by Collier. It’s such a more romantic notion than ‘Dominatrix and slave’ and attributes value to the male as a competent protector, but who is devoted utterly to his Lady.

    1. Some time ago I read about devotional domination/ sex which was just as you wrote, the idea of the knight and his lady. I would really like to find that with someone. The porn version of D/s with dominant women really does spoil things. Men think they want something which doesn’t really exist, unless he pays for it. Looking for a partner is discouraging but, I do know what I want and I’m not going to accept men who seem more desperate than romantic. I am very glad to hear from couples like yourself and Rosa. When it does work, it works very well. 🙂

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