Little Men Worn as a Ring

Why don’t they design more jewelery with little men? It’s cute. It’s fun. I almost want to give them words of encouragement and think of teasing comments to make them blush. I’m going to design my own collection with little men rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches and so on. Of course, it will be cut and paste and unprofessional looking. But, it will be fun pulling my ideas together. It might even inspire someone who really does make jewelry.¬†littlemenringSource: Maggie & Rudi Ring Peridot | AENEA | Wolf & Badger

4 thoughts on “Little Men Worn as a Ring”

  1. Love the site! No idea how I can
    Across it now lol I was wondering if you gave sex advice at all? I’ll write it in here if I have to just a little embarrassing

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