International Highway Sign Makeover

How would you design a traffic/ road sign? All the elements of sign design you never thought of, come into play when you really start planning a better road sign.

The idea isn’t new. I’ve saved screen captures from the Wayback Machine from the older site (below). Glad to see someone else has taken up the idea and kept it going on another site. I’m linking there first so people can see what’s new and contribute ideas of their own.

I used to send possible highway route signs to the owner of The Great International Highway makeover website, Mr. R. V. Droz, a while back. Well I found out recently that his email link at his website is inoperable. Rats. I hope it’ll work well in the future.

Source: International Highway Makeover 2

From the old site, by Robert V. Droz.

Highway route markers have gotten boring over time. In the 1940’s, there were many varied shapes and colors. Many governments opted for the MUTCD default (circles) or plain blank squares. The justification for those sparse designs is that they provide for increased number visibility and easy recognition. True enough, but nothing says you can’t design a useful sign that’s graphically attractive. Linked below are many examples of potential re-designs.











4 thoughts on “International Highway Sign Makeover”

  1. Hi Laura!

    I see you’ve got my blog noted, International Highway Makeover 2. Right now the only redesigned route markers I have up are mine. Maybe I should throw others up as well… but I’m mulling whether I should put it on a non-blog type website instead.

    Anyway, thanx for the heads-up!

    Edward Miessner, a.k.a. Ed-M.

    1. I’ve been looking at other formats/ forms for web publishing too. So far nothing simple enough to just leave me working on writing and photos without having to learn web development and coding too. Seems things were simpler when I just used MS FrontPage to put up pages.

  2. Hi again Laura!

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

    Well if you how to code in the comments section a simple webpage shouldn’t be that much more difficult. There’s a book out for quite some time: HTML for Dummies, which is available at bookstores or the town library; it can bring you up to speed (I don’t have time for website construction, only emails, blogging and Facebook, ’cause I have to do all my internet work from my town library’s computers). Or did all these web-hosting services drop html for something new? /:^P (ugh.)

    Plus, there’s for me the issue of affordability. I’m on an extremely tight budget!

  3. Blogger is still pretty good for putting up content online. I have a few books about CSS and HTML and I know some from them. WordPress takes more time and work than I would like. So began looking at what else I could do. I’d rather be spending time and focus on writing and creating than getting in over my head with software and code.

    No need to reply back. Hope things are going well for you.

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