Pet Play Auction Fantasy

I like the idea of a pet auction. But, I’d want to have the auction, not just prepare for it.

How would you prepare a male slave for a pet auction? Or, how would you like to be prepared for a pet auction, as a male slave? Have you day dreamed about being auctioned off?

There are still online BDSM auctions which can feel quite real, maybe a little too real for some. I have been part of auctions (as the merchandise and the buyer) when I played with a large community on IRC years ago. I can imagine a pet auction with mobile technology now. People could gather in reality and carry the auction through phones. It could happen in public, secretly. Only those involved would know there was an auction taking place. Quite likely some group are already making this real. But, in my version it’s all consensual, at least in the beginning. There can be no backing out once the auction has begun.
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4 thoughts on “Pet Play Auction Fantasy”

  1. The thought of being auctioned off for a BDSM charity function appeals to me greatly…..though I have never participated in one. The thought of this scenario has actually triggered a fantasy for me that I may yet write a story around. I have this curiosity over how it would feel to be auctioned off to someone we dreaded submitting to. Not that the person would be cruel or abusive, just that it would be someone I knew and didn’t “like” who had a genuine and legitimate reason from the past they could resolve through a disciplinary session.

    The “not being able to back out” part is key. And what I’d love to experience or explore is how submitting to this person would feel psychologically. I’m sure a submissive like myself could enjoy even a pretty painful session with someone under playful circumstances. But conditions can change things. I know I could take a pretty hard spanking from a friend or even a stranger who was just having fun with me…………..but what if that same spanking came from………………an ex-friend with a gripe? an old teacher I hated? a bitchy ex-co-worker?

    I have thought about this a lot and have tried to imagine my real reaction to real people from my past. It’s an interesting mental exercise.

    1. What if the person who bought you did not have a gripe but a very different style or fetish from your own? Something you did not want to try – though it was harmless enough. I think with fetishes it isn’t just how far someone is willing to go but in which direction. What if the person who bought you at auction had a furry fetish? How would it be to wear a fur suit/ costume and perform as ordered? Or, something you really did not like in the least (harmless but unwanted and displeasing)?

      We consider testing limits for pain and endurance, but not tolerance. That would make an interesting story, especially if everything is not all worked out in the end. Meaning the submissive still does not like the fetish after experiencing it. Not another “I didn’t think I’d like it but now I love it” stories.

  2. That would make for an interesting exploration. I can relate to some of that because i have agreed to do several things certain Tops have wanted that either did nothing for me…..or worse, just made me feel ridiculous or uncomfortable. (the irony is that none of these things were as unpleasant as many other things I’ve done and enjoyed. I remember one seemingly innocent fantasy a Top had of wanting to bathe me like a Mommy bathing a small child. All i had to do was sit in a tub and let her wash me…….and I was SO uncomfortable my face couldn’t help showing it………….which made her laugh.)

    Read my story “Montage” if you like a mix of how things sometimes work and sometimes don’t. It’s a bit of a departure from most kinky/spanking stories.

    1. Some things, like bathing an adult, I’m not sure I’d like (or not) until actually doing them. The reality isn’t always predictable. If I could get past being uncomfortable myself, I would probably have laughed too.

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