Taking Him Softly

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Slave Collars

This comes from Gorean Impressions, a post about collars and collaring from the typical Gore theme of the male Dom and female submissive. But, the ideas are about the same, just reversed.


Their are reasons for why a slave wears a collar:
1) Visibly designates a girl as slave
2) Impresses a girl’s slavery upon her, makes her more aware of her slavery
3) Identifies her Master
4) Makes it easier to leash her
5) Makes it easier to put her in various ties/restraints
6) Because it is beautiful
7) Because it pleases the Master to do so

A collar is the most personal item that a slave may wear. It not only designates her as slave but it also is often enscribed with her owner’s name. A collar may be as simple as a piece of cloth of fiber and as intricate as gold with jewels upon it.

The collar, unlike the brand, is not permanent and may be changed within the same house or by the same Master or as the slave is sold from Master to Master (Tarnsman of Gor), just like the slave’s nick may be changed.

A slave’s collar often denotes her rank. Perhaps a lowly kettle slave may wear a fiber collar or at most an iron collar. A slave purely trained for pleasure may wear an enamelled collar of yellow or red or whatever color her owner sees fit to put her in. A love slave may even bare a collar encrustled or dangling with jewels. A punished slave may wear a collar with bells upon it so that her master may not find her ‘sneaking’ upon him.

“Where in Tharna,” I asked, “did you find Pleasure Slaves?” I had noted that the throats of the girls were encircled by silver collars.{Outlaw of Gor}

The last book of the series states that a slave should have the new collar put upon her throat before the old is taken off. This way the slave feels no sense of freedom, even if only for a few ihn.

I then fetched the collar, designed to resemble a state collar, from the flat leather box. I went behind her and locked it on her neck, above the Appanius collar. She now wore two collars. I then removed the Appanius collar from her neck. In this way there was no moment in which she was not in at least one collar.{Magicians of Gor, 358}

It is said that once the collar is off the girl is in fact free. She may be free for just the moment or she may be freed to become the Master’s Free Companion.

Different cities/regions are known to have their own style of collar. For instance the Turian collar is round and loose. The Bazi-style collar is wide, tapered towards the top, belled out at the bottom, and commonly inscribed and/or enameled with intricate designs and motifs which signify the Owner and/or the nature of the kajir.

The collars of the male slaves are often not lock collars. The collars are even hidden so that they may not see how numerous they really are.

Whether or not there were male slaves I could not well judge, for the collars would have been hidden by the gray robes. There is no distinctive garment for a male slave on Gor, since, as it is said, it is not well for them to discover how numerous they are. {Outlaw of Gor}

Types of Collars

Bazi style collar: a wide collar, tapered towards the top, belled out at the bottom, and commonly inscribed and/or enameled with intricate designs and motifs which signify the Owner and/or the nature of the kajir.

cord collar: made of cord fashioned from the rence plant it is worn by rencer slaves and carries a small disk to identify the owner.

dance collar: a collar to which light- weight (but effective) chain has been attached in order to set off the dancer.

fiber collar: a simple collar made only of cloth or fiber. (Raiders of Gor)

galley slave collar: a heavy collar often having a chain hanging from it; for use with galley slaves. (Raiders of Gor)

house collar: often portrayed the name of the house where the slave belonged to, the house normally bearing the name of the owner; often bearing a legend–for example ‘I am the property of the House of Cernus’; sometimes it would even say from which part of the house, such as the baths; sometimes even the cost for the use of the slave would be engraved into the metal of the collar; might even be just a chain with a plate on it. (Assassin of Gor)

iron collar: simply a collar made of iron; often hammered upon the slave’s neck; it is not meant to be a beautiful collar, instead it is often used as mere incitement for the slave to train and gain a more beautiful collar. (Assassin of Gor; Raiders of Gor)

ko-lar: Gorean word meaning slave collar; pronounced as ‘collar’; this term is not used often in the books, mostly the word ‘collar’ is used. (Slave Girl of Gor, page 80)

lock collar: A step above an ironed on collar; denoted sometimes as a ‘pretty collar.’ (Assassin of Gor)

message collar: high leather collar sewn closed about the slave’s neck; sewn within the leather of the collar will be a message. (Priest-Kings of Gor)

northern collar: a utilitarian sounding collar made of black iron with an iron ring to be used if a chain is attached. It is rivited around the neck of the bond-maid. (Marauders of Gor, page 85)

pen collar: not a typical locked collar, more a narroe band of iron, hammered on, with a number for slaves in the iron pens. (Assassin of Gor)

plank collar: two-piece board hinged at one end and capable of being locked at the other.
plate collar: simple hammered collar. (Raiders of Gor)

shipping collar: a loose, generic colar worn by slaves when being shipped as cargo; a temporary collar showing that the slave girl is part of a cargo. (Explorers of Gor, page79)

state slave collar: has a certain color designating the city the slave is owned by; often greay; Ar’s state slaves wear grey. (Raiders of Gor; Assassin of Gor)

transport collar: collar with a metal tag attached listing destination or other vital information, to be used during transport of a slave.

Turian collar: round metal

wall collar: a slave is collared and chained to the wall (Assassin of Gor)

Cock Cages and the Male Fantasy of Being in One

This is my comment from a post on Vanilla Edge about the male in chastity for a year:

As a Domme without a lot of experience and none with cock cages/ chastity in a male, I would be very reluctant to try male chastity with a guy who has no experience himself. First, the hunt for equipment that would work for him. Do I really want to go through trying to find which style will work to both keep him chaste and not stop him from having basic use of his penis for peeing and not give him problems with liquid which can not be washed out. I see this as a big problem in that the skin would be very irritated.

Second, the problem of him asking to be let out of the chastity. Is it for show because he wants to play the game where I tell him he is stuck in it or does he really need to be let out of it. It is one thing if his cock were showing signs of being raw/ rubbed or etc by the cage. There could be other problems with his plumbing or the balls that do not show but are serious as well.

So, a guy who has had experience and can at least not be an idiot about the whole thing would be someone I would try it with. Otherwise I feel I am getting in over my head and that is not something I like.

The When I read posts by men who talk about how great it would be to be locked up for a year I seldom take them seriously. In far too many cases these men have no real experience at all. It is just the fantasy that they think will be so great. They think finding a Domme to do this with is all they really need. That puts a lot on the Domme and, I feel, for the sub himself this is really stupid. There has to be a limit to what the Domme is expected to know. At some point a man must be responsible for his own safety and health. For myself, there is only so much I can read about versus having real experience.

Anyway, this is a long comment. Thank you for leaving comments about chastity in my blog. The man I am considering (as a whole relationship not just play) is interested in this. I am too. But, I have reservations. To me, the best plan is an entire cage which I can lock him into and let him out again. Not a cock cage but a full body cage. Much safer, unless there is a fire or something drastic. (Which I would have prepared for by having a key in his reach, with the understand it is not to be used). Safe play is very important to me.