Nice Poppy Brooch

It’s an expensive brooch but doesn’t look it from this photo. But, the design is nice. I like the detail and it does look like the poppies we grow here in the garden. There are some wonderful colours in the garden poppies, in shades of pink, orange and red. Traditionally, it’s the red poppies for Remembrance Day, November 11th. Did you get a poppy for your lapel yet?

Source: PEACE POPPY 30mm gold plated brooch by Rodney: Jewelry

Crochet a Poppy Pin

Red Poppy group on Flickr, mostly real flowers rather than designs or art/ crafts.

Flowers by Irene has a pretty knit/ crochet poppy.

Frayed at the Edges makes a knit poppy.

Erssie Knits has a crochet poppy but the pattern is not available on the site.

Seawood has crochet poppies (flowers) with a big button in the middle.

Kittyboo Crochet has a nice poppy pattern:

A little poppy brooch, made by me, using Rowan Cashsoft yarn. Here is the (very rough and ready) pattern using UK terms:

Make 2.
Ch 6. SS into 1st stitch to form a ring.
24 dc into ring.
DC into each DC, increasing every other stitch to get 36 stitches.
1 ch [1 dc 1 tr 7dbltr 1 tr 1dc 1ss] 3 times with last ss into 1st ch.
Fasten off.
Join the two pieces.

For the centre I really just made it up as I went along. It’s a bit hard to describe but I basically made lots of loops and tied them together (a bit like making a tassle) then cut off the tops and stitched into the centre of the poppy.

Curious and Crafty Readers has the loveliest crochet poppy pattern of them all, I think. Here is the centre and the other page has extra finishing touches.