Back Online Again

I’m back. I had no Internet this week. My modem fried and Bell can’t replace it at any of their offices, though there are several in town. So I changed to Rogers and had to wait till today to be set up again. If the modem dies you can take it to a Rogers office and get it replaced that day. Seems stupid for Bell to have offices to just sell cell phones instead of letting people replace equipment too.

Nice to be back online I missed being able to look up bits of things and checking my bank account. Funny how little things stand out more than the bigger things. But, I could have been due a mini break to refresh and get new ideas.

Bad Boy Memes

Ben has a post about memes. Ten reasons why memes are wicked and unwanted and undesirable. If memes were men we would all want one at this point. Isn’t that kind of ironic?

I posted a comment sticking up for the lowly meme. Add your thoughts about the life of the meme to Ben’s blog.

I do memes if they are interesting or if someone I regularly read tags me with one. I pass on most of them because they are repetitive. It’s easy to jump all over memes and be part of the “in” crowd. But my blog is personal and having traffic is interesting but not the reason I keep a blog. I do a meme if I want to. Answering the questions are fun if you don’t take them seriously. No one needs to know your first pet’s name but you don’t have to take it seriously and give a real answer. Instead of writing a pet’s name write the name you called your last boyfriend when you played naughty games. That’s far more fun than reading anything real or true.

I wrote a confession to being a nose picker once and had loads of comments, most laughing about my post. One posted about how unsanitary that is and blab, blab, blab. It didn’t matter. The post was fun to write and it still gets traffic even though it’s well buried in my archives now.

Last of all, you’re making a mistake if you write a blog to please your readers. You lose something when you write for an audience. It’s much more interesting to step inside a blog when someone is writing just to please themselves. You take more chances and are far more likely to be unique and original. Anything less is just following the crowd and then you’re just one more blog in the swamp.

Six Random Facts

Six Random Facts About You Meme

If Lucy tagged me on her way to work that would be quite interesting. How do you blog and drive?

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

1. I am a secret soap opera watcher. I used to watch Another World, until they took it off the air. Now I have been watching All My Children and One Life to Live cause it had some of the actors from Another World. They aren’t still there now though. 🙁

2. A really good first date for me would be a guy who brings a potted plant, buys me a latte and then talks about something creative and interesting (not too unusual) which he likes to do as a hobby.

3. I have several lottery tickets which I have not checked yet. Some may already be past the time limit. It just spoils it for me to check them. As long as they are unchecked there is a small potential that I could be a millionaire and never have to worry about money again. But, once I check them they are nothing but compost.

4. I don’t like mushrooms. Even the smell of them cooking is gross to me. The rest of my family loves them, of course.

5. I daydream too much. Probably.

6. I have a missing tooth. Luckily it is towards the back and seldom seen.

List of Blog Designers

I’ve been wanting to put something like this together for awhile. Eventually I will move it to Word Grrls I think. But, to get it started it will rest here awhile first. If you are a blog designer, for Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type, Typepad, LiveJournal, etc, leave a comment with your link (to your blog design site).

I not discriminate about listing any blog designer unless the site is choking on ads or the designs really don’t seem to have anything to offer.

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Another Paper Box

I’ve got a crayon box sitting on my desk. It had Crayola markers in it, 64 of them. One of them, garden green, has no colour and I’m going to send an email to Crayola about that. Maybe I will even get that done, off my to-do list, tonight.

I’m just looking at this box and thinking about the paper/ cardboard used to make this box which is now disposable. Thinking about all the years we had boxes of crayons, pencil crayons and pens and threw away boxes. Often they were kind of ripped up cause I did try to keep mine all tidy in their box as long as I could. But the box never could outlast a pencil case or metal crayon box (usually a cookie tin left over from Christmas).

Does it make anyone else feel kind of sad to think of the trees cut down to make packaging which we throw out soon after we bring the stuff home?

A crayon box isn’t big. One crayon box is just one crayon box. But, we bought a new bathtub for the renovations to add an apartment to the basement and that was a really big box, for one home, one family. It had to be strapped to the roof of a friend’s van to bring it here. The empty box had to be folded several times to fit into the trunk of the car. The recycling truck which picks up our cereal boxes, milk cartons and newspapers, would not take the bathtub box. The man on the truck explained that it would not fit on their truck. The box would take up too much space and they would not have enough room to load all the recyclables from the houses on their usual run. We would have to drive that box to the dump.

To the dump? That doesn’t sound like recycling.

So that isn’t what we did. I folded and semi-crushed that box until I could smoosh it into the trunk of the car. Then we drove it to the massive store (one of those huge parking lots with a row of massive chain stores to one side) where we had bought the bathtub. I dragged that box out of the car and put it into a handy shopping cart in the parking lot. I left it there. My small protest to too much packaging and the waste of too many trees.

This crayon box is still on my desk though. Still making me feel sad for the part of a tree it once was. Never to be a tree again. Was it worth it? To be cut down, pulverized, painted and folded and then stuffed with crayons only to be bought and then discarded? I don’t think so.

We need different packaging. Why can’t crayons be sold in a tin box which would last longer and not become dog earred and torn. A tin box could go to school and stay in a locker and then come home again. A tin box could last a kid from grade one to high school and beyond. The tin box could outlast the original crayons and end up holding pens and pencils when that kid starts their first job in some cubicle or something more interesting and unique. A tin box could be passed on to children of that child and then grandchildren. A tin box would only increase in value and be something treasured if it was kept by the family.

This cardboard box is never going to be any of those things. If I don’t take it to the blue box it will just be landfill, un-needed and unnecessary landfill. We have an overflow of landfill of this kind already.

So here is this one box. One box isn’t much. Like one tree in a forest, it’s just one and when it’s gone it makes a bit of room for saplings to reach up through the space and grab some sun for themselves. The problem is that it’s not just one tree or one box.

Think about all the packaging we take for granted, don’t even see it as we go through our day to day lives. There is such a ton of it. In a week you might be throwing away a whole tree. But, one tree isn’t much. Right?

Cute Monster Witch

What Your Cute Monster Says About You

You are a vibrant, vivacious person. When you live, you live as wildly and loudly as possible.

You are very bold. You are willing to stand up and be a leader.

Your inner demon is intensity. You have a tendency to let your passions take over.

People think you’re cute because you’re fiery. When you get worked up, it’s charming.

You Are 45% Witch

It’s unlikely that you’re a witch. At least, no one thinks you are.

You may still be interested in witchcraft, but you’re by no means a stereotypical witch.

While you don’t seem all that witchy, people may think you’re a bit weird.

You’re definitely a little offbeat. No one really knows what to make of you sometimes.

What Your Jack-o-Lantern Says

You tend to be a bit of a grouchy person. The scrooge of Halloween.

And while you may complain about it, you would miss Halloween if it didn’t come around.

This Halloween you should embrace your inner grump – be a warlock or a witch.

The candy you should give out: sour patch kids