I Got DreamWeaver!!!

We were at the GoodWill in Barrie this past week and I found an old (full) version of Dreamweaver 4 there. It has the books and the CD, all perfect, never used. I wonder if they did anything beyond opening the box. It was a very nice find. The new version is 8 so I don’t have the newest thing. But, I can learn all I need with version 4. It seems to be well thought of and not hugely different from the latest one. Just missing the latest features.

Protesting Pop Under Ads

ASAP A Stand Against Pop-under ads!

My name is Joe Jenett. I feel the use of pop-under advertising on the web is invasive and downright unfriendly to users.

I am troubled by the presence of such advertising campaigns on many news sites, portals, and free hosting providers who implement pop-unders on their members’ personal pages. Though I agree that advertising revenue is important, there are other ways to advertise that don’t so blatantly assault users.

Sure – there are ways you can block the pop-under ads, and the popularity of blockers certainly reinforces the fact that the ads are annoying. But it’s the attitude toward users by those who force pop-under ads upon us that I stand most firmly against.

If you have a website and want to support the ASAP! initiative, save a copy of a support button, put it on your own server and link it to this page. As an alternative, you may use a simple text link that says “ASAP!”

They should give an explanation about what pop under ads are compared to all the other general run of the mill spam. Firefox blocks almost all pop up or under ads for me. I nearly forget they exist.

Keep an Open Mind?

I came to a site called OpenMind from my latest blog space renter, KizzyKim. Open Mind is another politically correct site about being perfect and accepting everything. How nice. Yet, how silly.

Why should we accept everyone and everything? Keep some prejudices, don’t become some kind of blank book where you have no memory of things which happened in the past and no reasons for being careful or judgemental. I don’t like the happy pill swill sites like Open Mind. They expect us to swallow and regurgitate back out some mindless drivel about how everyone is equal and should have full rights and nothing held against them. That is buloney. You can’t go through life wearing blinders. You also shouldn’t go through life expecting everyone has taken the same happy pill each morning.

I don’t agree with some things which are politically correct in society now. I’m not going to change that, it’s based on my experience and how I feel about the world and the people on it. I’m not about to go around burning people or beating them up. But, I’m not going to smile and pretend everything is just fine and okay with me. I have some standards, ideals and opinions of my own.

What about you? If you are truly honest with yourself, do you really agree with all the politically correctness we are told to accept? What do you accept, what do you tolerate and what do you grind your teeth about yet say nothing?

I think the most interesting thing about all of this is that once you give freedoms and acceptance to one group of people (Pagans, gays, gun lovers, little green aliens, etc) you have to take some freedom and acceptance away from another group (think smokers and non-smokers). So, all this open mindedness is really a sham. It doesn’t exist, but it does look really nice on paper, newspapers, magazines, TV shows and movies.