Am I Sick or Not?

I’m sick, just a cold I think. But, is it really sick and twisted that this made me laugh? I’m sure they aren’t pointing a real gun at that kitten. Actually, the cat would probably be really annoyed if it was a water gun, more than a real gun. You know how they feel about water. It’s the best thing you can use in cat training. Any time you want your cat to modify his/ her behaviour just get the garden hose or handy squirt gun. That cat won’t be able to move too fast then. Dance kitty!

It’s a good thing I don’t know anyone seriously into animal rights and all that stuff.

Flower Power and Garden Therapy

This morning while trying to avoid that whole hacking up a lung thing, I found the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association

It’s for seniors, disabled people and likely anyone sicker than just the common cold to get together and feel better through gardening. It’s a great idea. Puttering around in the garden does make you feel better. They key is puttering rather than taking on the whole care and maintenace for all of it. That’s a job. We’re just looking at garden therapy, that’s a hobby.

There is a job posted for a garden therapist. I’m sending that one to my sister. Maybe she’ll consider that as another career option since she isn’t really keen on being a “mouth janitor” any more.

The Small House Society

I always wanted a small house with a nice yard, maybe a really large yard so I could have an orchard or just let a few acres run riot with trees and wildflowers. I wasn’t looking for small houses today but I found The Small House Society and Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Could you live in a really tiny place? How much stuff would you have to get rid of before you could even think of moving in? It’s only when you’re moving that you realize how much you really have.

The house in the picture here is from the Tumbleweed site, the Rockport style. I think that’s the one I’d pick.

Job Interview Tips

Things not to do in a job interview…

Stare right at them, directly in the eyes and don’t speak at all.

Shake their hand, pat them on the arm, lean in close to talk and then casually mention you’ve got a really bad cold.

Lock the office door before you sit down and tell her you want complete privacy for this interview.

Bring out your wallet and try to bribe him/ her with your McDonald’s coupon.

Pick your nose, or anything else body related.

Make jokes about the people in photos on his or her desk.

Tease the interviewer about her wardrobe choices and hairstyle.

Suggest you could do his/ her job but you’d need a big raise.

Talk to yourself, about yourself.

Go on and on about how great your blog is and how you really like to post pictures of your pet goldfish, Little Swimmer.

Chat about all your aches and pains and how you really hope the job’s benefits will kick in soon.

Talk to them while looking at something just past their head, never make eye contact, just a lot of near misses.

Shake their hand and suggest you beat them at arm wrestling next.

Tell them how you like your coffee and don’t mind to wait while they go get it for you.

Start the conversation by telling them about what an awful hangover you’ve got this morning.

Steal office supplies from his/ her desk.

Ask them why they’re still here at such a dull company, doing such a dead end job.

Offer up all your ideas for getting rid of bodies.

Ask them for personal information like a home address and phone number so you can call them every day to ask when you’re getting the job.

Squish a bug and offer them the remains so they can see that green goo coming out of it.

Hope this list helps someone. Good luck out there!

Rachael Ray

How could you not enjoy watching a woman who smiles like that? I hadn’t heard of Rachael Ray till the commericals started for her coming show. My Mom really enjoyed watching her on TV in Florida. So she turned it on today, the first day of her new show which is appearing here (in Canada- Toronto) as well. It was fun even though I’m not into Oprah or shoes. Half the show was recipes and cooking ideas. I’d watch it again. It sure beats Dr. Phil.