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This network of sites has been around a long time. They began about the same time as HerPlanet. I wrote for HerPlanet a few years, keeping a site geared to writers called HerCorner. They sort of deflated quietly without any explanation. It was nice working on a site as part of a network. I signed up again with BackWash but them seem to be deflating too. I think (from what I read on their site) that WomensForum only wants established sites with a lot of traffic. Other networks have been just as stuck up about that. My site was doing pretty well until life had another upheavel in store for me.

Anyway, I’m sticking in the link here so I can find it later. Or at least don’t forget about it again. Although, having said that, if I can forget about it for long stretches of time what point is there in joining it? I can still do it all on my own without being told I have to have their ads, linkbacks and etc.

I really want to get this move stuff done. It’s playing havoc with my life.

Which Useless Man are You?

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Really a Rock Garden

Graham must like rocks as much as I do. He has them all around his house. The gardens and lawn are huge there but around the house itself are just rocks and a very few cacti. (Yes, cactus in Canada, growing wild and outdoors all year long).

This is a rock picture from his house. I was looking forward to the rock pictures at least as much (maybe more) than the rose pictures. But they were the ones I took and goofed up. I did this one yesterday just before the camera decided it was full, 36 pictures were stored on it so that is better than a roll of film which gets 26 if you push it. Anyway, I will take more rock pictures next time I drive down there. This one I will keep but I will crop it before using it as desktop background.


This is not a very good picture of Zack. Kind of a mystery picture cause I don’t remember taking it. It would have been from the first time I used the camera many months ago. Zack is taller now, quite a bit taller. Growing like a weed sounds funny till you see it happening right before your very eyes.

Chopper: My Brother’s Dog

These are pictures I took this week of my brother’s dog. He’s a really old dog now, been around almost as long as I can remember. His name is Chopper. He had a twin but we aren’t sure if they are still together. My Mom made one for Graham and the other for me. I think they both ended up with Graham though. Which is fine since I had Raggedy Ann and other rag dolls later. Graham still has Chopper. I saw him at the house and made sure I got a picture.