The Great Underemployed


The sad thing is, there are only so many of those TV perfect jobs to go around and a lot more educated and skilled people who would like that TV job and TV lifestyle, even those TV friends and TV dinners (not the silver foil kind).

A lot of people drift into the part time masses of jobs. They squack, they complain but eventually you have to do something to be somewhat self sufficient. It’s a trap of it’s own making though. You never do get self sufficient. If any one thing goes wrong and you miss a payment your whole life is screwed up and falls apart like a house made of glass cards. It may be that you can duct tape it back together but it’s just a temporary fix.

Only those TV perfect job people never really have to worry about how far they can stretch the next pay cheque. Instead they worry about having the right clothes to go out for TV dinners where they eat stuff I’d have to look up in a dictionary to spell.

I’m not bitter, exactly. Someone has to be first in every race, even the rat race. That leaves a lot more options open for the people trying to get to first. We can do retail, janitorial or the far more clever ones realize manual labour is a good thing and get into trades where they soon have newbie trades people to do the grunt work for them. It’s a way of sneaking up on those perfect TV jobs. A really great plan and one that I can admire, from back here in no man’s land.

I think I should write a new blog for the underemployed. It would be about how to stretch your dollars, creative thrift, how to keep yourself easily amused, and how to keep that useless part time job that pays some of the bills some of the time.

Do you think a blog like that would be interesting? Or would it just be far too damned depressing and not all nice and shiny like the perfect TV blogs?

You Can Do It!

Can you really. Are you sure?

I found a book at Goodwill, “You Can Do It!”. I liked that it was another self-help type book geared to women. Plus it was $1.99. (Yes, even Goodwill has put up their prices this summer).

The book is written by Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas, she died September 11th, 2001 on Flight 93. But she began the book the year before she died and her two sisters finished and published it for her. I like that her sisters finished the book. As I read it I wonder how much Lauren wrote and how much her sisters finished. They say lovely and inspiring things about her. But she’s not around to contribute for herself. What would she have written about her book? What a shame to have your book published and miss out on seeing it in print.

They set up a non-profit group in her name, in Texas, where the family is from.

The book does look good. It’s based on the Girl Guide badge system. Each time you accomplish something you wanted to do (but were afraid to try) you get badge sticker to stick on something, as a small celebration. I can see this would be a good way to build yourself up again. Making small steps that get bigger as you accomplish more and dare to try for bigger things.

It’s really too bad Lauren isn’t here to see how her book is doing and put up a website encouraging reader feedback and building a social community. All those fun things.

Russian Dolls

Russian nesting dolls, traditionally called Matryoshka nesting dolls. I used to want a set of these for ever so long. Finally I bought one at the CNE several years ago. Now I still have it, packed away somewhere. Maybe it will turn up once I move and have a place of my own to unpack things to. That would be nice. Not that I have all the furniture/ storage to put everything. But, it’s the idea of it all.

An Evening For Flowers

A grrl should have flowers.

If you’re dating or married to someone. What’s a great way to get flowers without actually asking for them? I don’t think leaving notes and other really obvious methods should count.

I think you could send them to yourself. Likely that’s the easiest way of getting flowers, though not the same as having someone think of you and send them to you. Not that all women like flowers. I like flowers with roots, cause you can plant them outside rather than having them die. Still, I have had flowers sent to me a couple of times when it wasn’t my Mother. It’s really nice!

This should be considered a hint to anyone who is dating or married. Send flowers. Today is a good day for flowers. Or, something else which isn’t a home appliance.

Another Day with One Foot in Unreality

I’m really starting to like the tags (or labels as they call them) on Blogger’s beta. I want to go back to my first post in 2004 and work my way back to the future so I can put tags on everything. That way I can look up all the bits of odd things I’ve posted about in the past, without a lot of useless backtracking or guessing of dates. I almost never guess the date right.

Today I am enjoying time alone. It is nice to have time alone when you are in a big house with all the things you like: Internet, radio (old show tunes today), TV (off so far), cookie dough (I have to make myself stop eating the chocolate icebox cookies I made) and lasagna. Lots of other things too, like books to read. I’ve just been sitting here on my butt in front of the computer most of the day. I could have been doing a lot of other more important thiings. I should have already hemmed up the new black jeans we bought for Zack. I should have baked those cookies instead of slicing off just a bit more frozen dough all day. I should have dumped out my cold coffee, the new cream I bought isn’t new enough cause it is all mucky and glucky (spoiled or halfway spoiled). I should have bagged up clothes for laundry. I should have read through the stack of old magazines I don’t want to haul to the new apartment but don’t want to throw away unread either. I should have done some writing, at the very least I could have updated the BW column.

But I haven’t done anything very practical today. Just goofing around on the Internet. Enjoying having the run of a big house to myself. No one to tell me what I should be doing or thinking. It’s almost like having a life of my own. Too bad it’s one leg in unreality. It will be good to be working again and having one of those pay cheque things. Even if I do end up being a cashier again. It doesn’t mean I’m frozen in place there.

I might even meet some charming man who likes women with plenty-o-curves and a tendency to either talk too much or not enough. Oh well, never fear, I an always continue just talking to myself. I will be the old woman talking to her dust bunnies. (I’m allergic to cats and don’t fancy changing cat poop in a pan).

Irish Dancers

It’s been awhile since I posted the dancers in my head. I bet most people don’t have imaginary dancers inside their brain every day. Well, they do skip off now and then. I have no idea where they go when they aren’t in my head.

Today it’s Irish dancers cause my Mom and I found an Irish dancing dress at Goodwill for my sister, Grace. She can wear it for a Halloween party. She dresses up every year. The Irish dancer will really suit her. Not only does she still have long red (ultra curly) hair but she took Scottish dancing as a kid and she still plays soccer. She can do those high kicks. To ask her for proof of that is dangerous.


Collegium Geomanticum

It’s not feng shui, and it doesn’t have anything to do with ley lines or dowsing. It’s been called earth astrology, a Western equivalent of the I Ching, and the forgotten oracle of the Western world. It was one of the most popular systems of divination in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and stands at the center of traditions of magic, philosophy, and initiation deeply relevant to today. What is it? Geomancy.

Geomancy is a traditional art of divination that uses the sixteen geomantic figures – patterns of single and double dots – to explore the mysteries of past, present and future. As a branch of the Hermetic tradition, an ancient Western system of spiritual transformation and magical philosophy and practice, it relies on the fundamental Hermetic law, the unity of the macrocosm (the universe around us) and the microcosm (the universe within us) to open up hidden potentials for knowledge, wisdom, and power and, in the words of the legendary Hermes Trismegistus, “perform the miracles of the One Thing.”

Reading this description makes it seem really complicated and mystical. It’s not that complex. It’s divination using stones. At least that’s what it used to be. People do have a way of taking something simple and making it a huge complicated knot they can make some money out of.

Mid Atlantic Geomancers Geomancers are spiritual ecologists.


A system of divination that employs the scattering of pebbles, grains of sand, or seeds on the earth and then the interpretation of their shape and position.

This is a better description. Much simpler and closer to the basic idea.

The Geomancy Group An association of practising geomancers and other like-minded folk over the UK.

Astrological Geomancy by Anthony Louis
Ancient Astronomy and Geomancy in Kyoto, Japan
Earth Mysteries