SheDragon in Toronto

SheDragon in Toronto
5/9/00 11:25 pm

Hello from up here in the land of summer. Its so hot all the spring bulbs are blooming and dying off in the same week. An early start to spring for us here north of the city.

I’m Laura, the better half of Calpurnius (Todd). Today Todd receieved the visa pictures and a card for his Mother on Mother’s Day, from me. So we are started officially in the process.

Did anyone mention smarties on the list of things you miss in Canada? I also miss Chapters bookstores. There is a Barnes and Noble near Todd’s town, but its depressing looking when you are used to Chapters.

Take care,


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ADIT pics

ADIT pics
4/8/00 4:26 pm


I WISH there were a way to get together for a beer or something. This process can seem so overwhelming at times. I can literally feel my scalp tighten when I look at my collection of forms, printouts, pieces of evidence, etc.

I got my ADIT pics at AAA, the auto club. They cost only $5 for a set of 2 because I am a member. I am not sure how much it would be for non-members.

I am recommending that my fiancee try the CAA.

I am assuming any other photo studio would be able to do it with the guideline sheet provided by the INS. (There is a web link which escapes me at the moment, but will find it if anyone needs it.)

I would recommend someone familiar with passport photos, however, or someone using a Polaroid-type instant passport photo camera, like the AAA used. The lady there said she would take one, see how it came out, and do another if necessary. We were lucky enough that it came out the first time.

I believe, and I would have to look at it again, that the initial I-129 requires only one ADIT of your and your fiance.

I hear from the newsgroup that the consulate, and I believe this was only Montreal, requires an additional passport-type (full face) photo at the interview.

Read more of these old posts – Our Adventures with the Fiancé Visa (2000 – 2002)