The Meaning of Grrl

There are probably people out there who see ‘grrl’ and think I’m just a really bad speller. I’m a fairly good speller actually. Grrl is not a typo (a typographical error, for those who stopped to wonder). Grrl is a fun way to say girl when you mean woman but don’t want to go into all of that. You see, woman is such a complicated word. Being a woman is hard enough without actually calling yourself a woman all the time. It’s simpler to just not think about it all at once.

So someone invented Grrl. It may have been Bonnie, I’m not 100% sure if she started the word itself or was just the first one to pick it up as a web domain. I’ve met Bonnie, online. She does justice to Grrl. She’s fun and yet not an air head. She’s doing things, accomplishing things and getting somewhere. She’s a Grrl and a woman. But, grrl just takes off some of the pressure of being a woman.

You see, women are supposed to be Super. That’s super with a capital ‘S’ you notice. Not just any super. Super Woman! It is not easy being Super. You don’t get many days off, none really. You don’t get to hide in bed and cover your head and pretend the world went away. You don’t get the chance to do-over, use the backspace key or shift the workload. Super woman has to do it all, every day. Who can be that?

Grrls are imperfect and glad of it. We still have our personal power, our goals and our great moments, we just get to take the odd day off, goof up sometimes and have a lot more fun. Grrls are not girls however, don’t be confused. Girls are children. Grrls are women, just not crushed into the weight of the Iron Maiden of woman.

Flickr Has Groups for People Who Draw

I thought it was just a photo site.

Drawn Together


Show and Tell Sketches




Napkin Drawings

Colored Pencil Drawings

Pen and Ink Drawings

Ink Drawings

Line Drawings

Drawing Diary

Other groups…

Wonderful Art in MS Paint

Light Drawing

Not Cool Unadmired Prints

Drawing with a Found Line

Found Drawings

Journals and Letters

Found Type


Doll Design


Cottage Industry Revolution

Haberdashery Notions

Stash Sunday

DIY Clothes

T-Shirt Surgery

Vintage Hobby Books

Inspiring Craft Books

Vintage Patterns

Vintage Housewares

The Very Most Terrifying Question Anyone Can Ask a Blogger!!!

What is your blog about?

Ummm… you mean it was supposed to be about something? That would almost be like having a focus, making a point, having a reason for existing. Ummm… well…. sure, it’s about something. Somewhere, in some way. Surely, there was a point in it somewhere. Maybe I can find it if I search it with Google. Do I have to actually read the whole thing? Isn’t it enough that I wrote it?

Guess what?!!

You’re supposed to say “What?”

Not like THAT! Say it like you actually want to know.

Well, anyway… that iVillage site that publishes the Grrl Genius blog… they emailed me back!!! But, I need to tell them what my blog is about and send them my best posts. Eeeeeek!

What is my blog about? Is there a site or a script that can weed that out for me? Surely someone has invented something like that.

What are my best posts? Assuming I can find a point to this blog, then I need to find good posts in support of that whole “what is your blog about” deal.

How… frightening…

Nice Quote from Richard Jones – Abuse Me, Lose Me: “You cannot have a perfect relationship because neither you nor your partner is perfect. However, you can strive to create, nurture, and sustain a perfectly imperfect relationship in which your partner and you exist for one another’s joy, forgive one another’s faults, watch one another’s back, patiently endure each other’s growth process, and give what you expect from each other.”

This was part of an article about abuse. I just liked this quote.