Diaper Fetish

I strongly feel ageplay should not involve actual children. But, these are fetish drawings so the children are not real, just there for illustrating the feelings of being exposed and humiliated.

I like some of the aspects of the diaper fetish. However, I would not be changing soiled diapers on an adult. It would be far more fun to make him wear them and remind him he is wearing a diaper in subtle and less than subtle ways. Some other elements interest me as well.

What do you feel about the diaper fetish? How far would you go or, how far have you gone?
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Things Sexually Unadventurous People Should Try

Good luck finding someone sexually unadventurous to try most, if any, of these. No one should be pushing someone into a sexual adventure they don’t want or aren’t ready for.

  • Analingus
  • Vibrators
  • Role play
  • Spanking
  • Positive dirty talk
  • Blindfolds and handcuffs
  • Switching up the location

via – Eating Ass And 6 Other Things Sexually Unadventurous People Should Try In Bed | Thought Catalog.

However, some adventures may be more appealing than others. I’m thinking of quiet adventures, not so much drama and soft lighting.

Of course, don’t start something as if you’re already an expert at it (even if you have done it with someone else, or seen it done). Whether it’s massage, bondage, spanking, or even just plain sex… take time to find out what each of you actually likes. Learn the simple things rather than trying to dive in as if you know what you’re doing and who you are doing it with.

  • Bondage, but don’t actually tie any knots. Just let them hold their own hands together.
  • Teasing and denial. Talk about what you’d like to do, but don’t do anything.
  • Age play with dressing him or her in just regular clothes as if you were dressing a kid.
  • Massage but the one who wants the massage should give the massage first.
  • Tantric sex, but start slow. Sit nude facing away from each other, back touching back. Relax, do nothing.
  • Role play, but just talk about it and look at costumes you might wear when you take the next step.
  • Domination and submission but, speaking only, no touching and no toys/ tools/ accessories.
  • Exhibitionists, go outside, somewhere private. Start with kissing and touching, maybe just sitting close and cuddling.
  • Spanking, but keep it light. Start with patting and see if either of you likes it enough to do more.

I think this is a sensible list for the unadventurous to actually consider. This gives people a chance to find out if they may be adventurous after all.


Adult Babies and Infantalism

I’ve come to conclude that the adult baby fetish is not my thing. I do like age play, to a point. However, there is no way I want to change an adult diaper. I can’t find anything sexy or appealing in that. An adult wetting or wearing a wet diaper is not a turn on for me.

Most of all, I think it would feel very lonely as the Domme in an adult baby relationship. Speaking for myself only but thinking of experience I have had where two people in a relationship don’t have a balance, or have the same level for communication, interaction and intimacy. It gets lonely when you are the only adult in a relationship. Sure, it can be fun for an hour, or an afternoon. But, at some point I’d begin to feel isolated and wish I had an adult to be an adult with.

I don’t understand the allure of being an infant. I admit I look after children but I prefer not to look after babies. They eat, sleep and need to be cleaned up. At least children can carry some sort of conversation, play a game, help wash dishes, and so on. A baby is nice, but even nicer to leave them nap while I go on and do more interesting things.

adult baby

10 Strangest Adult Babies via Oddee.com

I Like Taking Myself to Bed

This is my contribution to #AdultSexEdMonth. This is personal and does contain mentions of taboo sexual fetishes and kinks. I don’t apologize for the contents of my sexual fantasies. 

I have a problem with sex. The problem happens when I involve anyone else with my enjoyment of sex. Masturbation is divine. You won’t catch me saying that to anyone, in person. But, masturbation is fully under my control, there is no feedback from cheap seats and I can do whatever I want to myself because I know what I like and how I like it. I explore self pleasuring – I’ve been doing it for a few decades and I’m just getting better at it all the time.

Why does sex have to be about more than one person? I think most people consider self pleasure to still be a selfish act. Or, something for only the lonely.

In actual fact, the best sex I have ever had (except for one very special situation) has been when I was alone in the room. Alone in the building even. In my thoughts I am sometimes alone on the planet even but for my trusty sex bot, or some weird space alien, or other creature from my imagination or readings of other people’s erotica. I do love a good story.

In my sexual fantasies nothing is taboo. I can masturbate my way to orgasm with fantasies of being abducted, alien men with extreme and unusually shaped cocks, age play (based on my own experience of being molested in a movie theatre – which does seem strange to me but nevertheless), sex with animals (the only time I like being near a dog) or anything else wild, dangerous and among the things I would never do in reality and would not even discuss or admit to anyone who knows me.

Having a great imagination and making use of it for your own pleasure does not make you a sexual deviant, it may make you a sexual oddity. But there is nothing law breaking about dreaming up assorted sexual situations while you lie in bed, sit at your desk or in the car… and give yourself a great orgasm.

I have learned to be quiet and fairly quick about it. I almost had my first orgasm when I was about 10. The sensations freaked me out so I stopped at the beginning of the build up. I had no idea why my body was reacting the way it was then. I hadn’t read anything about sex. Parents and sexual education in school didn’t talk about women having orgasms, how your body could flush with pleasure and then burst, all without breaking anything.

In those days I had fantasies about being looked after by a TV doctor, Dr. Kildare for those old enough to know or curious enough to look it up. Richard Chamberlain was the actor. I know this fantasy was based on my issues with my Father. I wanted that caring Daddy who would wrap me up in cotton balls, kiss me gently and make me feel good. I didn’t know about sex toys and had none. I used to bring things to bed with me and use them to play with myself. I won’t go into the assortment but, pens and pencils became my favourite bedtime pastime. Twirling a pencil over my clitoris was a good sensation.

My first orgasm came not from any understanding or knowledge about what I was doing. It was just an accident, on purpose. I was curious about the build up of sensations and finally became curious enough to keep going and see what happened next. I was a little frightened, maybe more than a little. Still, some part of my brain must have known it wasn’t unnatural, in spite of how unusual it seemed. After that first orgasm many more were to follow. By the time I was in my later twenties I was enjoying an orgasm daily. By myself.

I was a virgin, technically, until I was in my early thirties. That was the sex I mentioned earlier. We were both virgins, both the same age and both social misfits. We had been friends for years before sex came into it. We are friends again since the divorce too. So I am one of those old fashioned types who married the first man she slept with. By the way, having sex as a virgin, with a virgin was phenomenal. I doubt it would have been that amazing if we had both been younger. Without having the experience yourself I don’t think you can really ever know what it is like to have your body worshipped.

Anyway, back to the masturbation.

Masturbation can be done with nothing at all, this makes it very portable, mobile even. Sometimes I do like the feeling of something else touching me, something that does not return the feeling which I get from using my own fingers. I used to use the pencils and pens but I have since graduated to a vibrator. I don’t use batteries in it. For one thing, the noise is distracting and for another, I don’t need it to jump or shimmy or vibrate. I like it to penetrate me – but only the odd time. Mostly I like the vibrator (it’s a soft one, not hard plastic) to rub over my clitoris and push just inside the inner lips of my vagina.  I’ve read that vagina only has sensation, the ability to feel, for the first few inches. I have found it to be true. Although I can enjoy the fantasy of being penetrated by something huge, in fact, I enjoy the dip more than the fill up.

Our culture has so many taboos about women and sex, masturbation and virginity and there I was right in the cross-hairs of all three.  I haven’t slept around since the divorce and the marriage itself was light on the sex. But, I don’t feel deprived, anxious or abnormal. I love the orgasms I give myself. Men just seem to mess it all up.

My last actual boyfriend talked so much about how much sex we would have and then… he changed his mind. It ended up with me masturbating him and getting very little back from him. That just isn’t going to work out for me. It was ok for awhile but cock sucking is a double edged thing. I heard my brother and his friends call each other cock suckers and they didn’t mean it like it was a good thing. So, how can men expect women to become cock suckers if being a cock sucker is a bad thing? You can’t have it both ways. So, cock sucking makes me feel dirty, used and angry too.

So, sex with men has not really panned out for me. Men don’t really seem to get it. For one thing they focus on their own needs and when it comes to a woman they think of boobs and pussy, if that much. I want a man who knows I have a body, who discovers how aroused I can get by having my back stroked, lightly scratched and rubbed. I want a man who pats my bum and slips his finger into my pussy from behind. I want a man to explore sensual kinkiness and fetishes with me. I want a man who is masculine and knows what he wants but likes to have a woman in charge sexually. I want a man I can tie up, put in a cage and tease and torment and then laugh at him while he squirms. I want a man who can be a partner in my sexual fantasies and then add his own twist, or take over and become the Daddy who takes care of me but coaxes me to do bad things, naughty things…

I haven’t found that man. I think he might be available in years to come. Ordered online and shipped in a crate. I’d like mine to have a wind up key and an off button. It would be nice if he can also shrink in size for some of my fantasies about little men, like the tiny people from Gulliver’s Travels. I won’t go into details, just leave that for your own kinky, sensual imagination the next time you have some time to yourself and let your fingers do the walking.

Masturbation is very relaxing in the evening when you can’t sleep. (Just in case you didn’t already know).

Welcome Home Domme – Your Subbie Boy Missed You

Daddys Princess


I must be far badder than I thought. Seeing this my first thought was about age play, an entirely different little Princess and her Daddy. I don’t like it that I thought that way. It makes me feel like a pervert.

But, thinking it is not the same as doing something about it. The only age play I’d consider is between two adults (21+).  I do think we push children, especially girls, into being too grown up and sexual too soon. Which is probably why stuff like this makes me think of age play. I don’t really like the Daddy’s Princess thing when it’s about little girls, real little girls. Likely that has more to do with my own Daddy issues too.

Anyway, I’d be kind of impressed if a boy subbie showed up wearing a FemDom version of this, minus the skirt. (I’m not into feminization).

Making Men Blush

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Thursday May 08, 2003  

Men are cute when they blush. Unless your man is very jaded, you can have fun making him blush, using humiliation. It is not meant as abuse however. So, know what you have to work with and what needs to be avoided. Keep it light and remember there is life after your fun, don’t leave him with something he can’t explain at work the next day. (Unless that’s what he likes).

Most men get fidgety about things like women’s periods, girly things, and so on. Make a list of things you know will bother him. How about being exposed, even if it’s not likely anyone can see him. Think of it, a tall building surrounded by shorter buildings and him standing naked in the window. Would he get butterflies?

There is a lot of humiliation in age play scenarios. I wrote some of my own ideas in my erotica for Chris. Things like taking him to a restaurant and making him order from the kids menu, wear a bib and ask for the crayons and activity sheet usually given to children.

Another thing to keep in mind is how your scheme for him affects others. Public nudity might seem great fun while you’re in the planning stages but it’s indecent exposure if there are other people around who don’t feel quite the same way you do about it. Plan, think and scheme and you can make your best ideas work.

I personally don’t like forced feminism, though that is a popular humiliation. I just don’t think it’s very complimentary to us, the real women.

Need more ideas? Keep him nude all evening while you remain dressed, doing everything as usual. Have him acting as your footrest for the evening. Send him to the store for the big box of maxi pads, flowery underwear (in his size), cosmetics, or scented bubble bath. Have him join and graduate from a sewing class. Make him take a map into a gas station and ask for directions. Whatever works.