Never Enough Time

I wish I had time post keep posting here as well as the other blogs I keep going. Most nights I am online until 3:00 AM just trying to keep up. It doesn’t work all that well. I’m tired almost all the time. I’m not writing as well as I could. Overall I just feel I’m not accomplishing anything that matters so I keep trying to do more, taking on too many things. It’s kind of crazy.

Anyway, I have created a main page on my domain. Twitter me @thatgrrl if you want something more interactive.

Finished Re-Indexing

I just finished changing around the index of all my articles on What a job! I’ve been procrastinating on it for weeks, maybe longer, I could be in denial still.

Now it’s exactly 3:00 AM and I’m starving! I’m also too tired to go downstairs and raid the fridge. Besides, I don’t really have anything good. Well, maybe that lasagna. But, I don’t want to spend time heating it all up. My Mother would not approve. She thinks I’m lazy when I don’t heat up leftovers. I just like them cold, sometimes. Sometimes I may be lazy or just don’t care and want to get to bed without listening to growls of hunger.

Depending on how long it takes all the new stuff to load (I re-did all the article pages too) I may stuff that cold lasagna in my face. Of course, that would require standing up.