Velvet Pagan Backpack

I really like this but… the pentagram is the wrong way up. (For me).

Maybe I’m just not 100% pure atheist. I wouldn’t like to wear something which is known for drawing negative energies.

Killstar Damsel Velvet Backpack …but not in distress. In fact, more of a threat than you could’ve ever imagined~ This amazin’ backpack features an ultra plush black velvet construction with 100% vegan leather trim, roomy interior with bucket style drawstring closures, top flap with pentagram harness strap detailing, clasp hook closure, and plenty of zippered pockets around tha exterior.

Source: Killstar Damsel Velvet Backpack | Dolls Kill

Plastic Bags

A friend on Facebook posted a link to a site which wants people to boycott plastic bags. This is a US thing cause here in Canada it is already in effect.

Across Canada (as far as I know) almost every retailer makes you pay for plastic bags now. WalMart seems to be the only one holding out, giving bags free when you shop there.

It started with the grocery stores. It is the government’s way to get people using the cloth/ green bags instead. It’s also causing people to buy less. People don’t want to pay for bags so they buy what they can carry out in their hands, if they didn’t bring their own bags. I take the bus so I don’t have a car to store bags in. So I’m buying less and end up making more trips.

I expect it will also cause more shoplifting. People just bring their own bags and put stuff into them. Cashiers are not allowed to ask people to empty the bags they bring with them. I know this from my experience as a cashier in a department store.

I really think the plastic water bottle thing causes a lot more plastic waste which would be easier to fix by using green bottles.

There was talk of not using take out cups for coffee any longer. Everyone would have to bring their own. So someone like me would have to carry around a backpack instead of a purse so I could haul around my own bags, my own coffee cup.

The other issue they have been finding with bring your own bags (and would also be relevant to bring your own cups) is bacteria and pure grossness. People are not washing the bags. They use them for more than just groceries, store them in less than clean/ sterile ways. Cashiers have had to refuse to use some bags cause they could not stand the smell of them. At the coffee shops they shoot a spray of hot water into the cups but I doubt that really cleans them enough between coffees.

I’m waiting to see what we have to bring our own of next.

The Errand Day

I took this while getting groceries and running errands this week. This is what I was carrying from one bus to the next. I had groceries in the backpack and the black bag under my purse. I try to stuff things into my purse too but already had it pretty full. Crazy how much we cart around at times. Much easier with a car of course. On the bus you can’t leave anything in your trunk it’s all there, all day, until I get off the last bus and walk home.

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Smiley Saturday #2

Posted for Smiley Saturday:

I went out today. Last day of my vacation time off from work. Just have my usual weekend to go before I am back at work on Tuesday now.

I went to Zellers for a lunch out. Was a disappointment. The halibut burger was really good the first time I ordered it. Today they weren’t even cleaning the tables off between customers. Gordon Ramsey would not approve.

But I smile about the new nightgown I bought myself. Pretty with tiny green polka dots on a lighter green background. Even some smocking with off white roses at the top. I’m wearing it now. Should have washed it first. But I didn’t want to wait.

A new purse too. Some kind of brown leather like clone. A backpack shape but smaller. Lots of nice pockets for everything. I just finished moving everything over from the old purse which was a bigger backpack type that keeps falling off my shoulder and aggravating me.

On the way home I decided to take a taxi. I got the driver I used to get when I was working midnights. Hadn’t seen him in awhile. Was nice to catch up with how he is doing.

Link to a Biker Chick

Girl Bike

She writes about cycling and scootering. I was thinking about getting a scooter now that I don’t have a car. It wouldn’t be too bad in the city, make it easier to get groceries, maybe. Could be a pain to make sure it’s not stolen and carrying groceries in a backpack on my back might not be a great improvement – it also would be harder to drive around loaded down.

Still, all the sites I’ve seen about women and scooters make it look like a lot of fun. I could stick to the TTC for groceries and just scooter around for fun and adventuring.

Have you ever tried a scooter?

Get your SexScope

Sagittarius Self Portrait: You’re a bit of a tomboy, but that doesn’t mean you’re only interested in being one of the guys. Not a delicate flower or shrinking violet, you’re solidly statuesque, athletic, voluptuous and outspoken. An adventurer at heart, you love your freedom and won’t give it up quickly for a stable partnership. You will commit to a fellow traveler — a foreigner, ideally — who’s comfortable living out of a backpack; if he’s looking for a happy homemaker, though, this man’s not for you. You begin each relationship the same way you start all of your projects — with high hopes, honorable intentions and good humor. Unfortunately, you’re often disappointed by your partners’ lack of faith. But you bounce back quickly thanks to your innate optimism, and then you’re on to the next adventure.

Turn Ons: A challenge. You don’t want a man to play hard to get, but you want him to encourage you to conquer new goals as an individual and as his mate. If a guy’s willing to be domestic, he can take care of all the tasks you simply don’t like to do.

Turn Offs: Any kind of negativity. You’re always up for whatever’s new and whatever’s next. While you may need a reality check occasionally, you don’t want a man who will bring you down. If he does, he’s out.