A Little Bedtime Fairytale (of Sorts) for the Boys

Never trust something that bleeds for seven days and doesn’t die.

I’ve liked that since I first read it and then had that necessary brain flash to understand it’s about women. Maybe it describes how men have always felt about women through our history together, right from the early days. We have always been a little apart and had our own power. Something they can’t completely dominate or copy.

Of course, the secret is that we are all vampires. We take blood from them while they sleep. All those tales of succubus women are real Old Wives tales, told by all the wives, mistresses, daughters, sisters, down through time.

And they all lived happily, ever after.

Sweet dreams.

A Fetish for BDSM

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Tuesday February 04, 2003  

I have a secret fetish. My fetish stimulates my mind, whatever brain cells make me feel “in the mood”. If sex is all in your head then I’m taking a lot of interesting trips.

Does that sound weird to you? Good. A good fetish should sound weird to someone, that’s what makes it unique and individual. What’s your fetish? Would you even tell, the genuine, real answer not just the one you feel safe giving.

BDSM is considered a fetish. But, I disagree with that. To me a fetish is something on a smaller scale or something very narrowed down. Such as my figure skater with long hair. BDSM includes many smaller scale ideas which could be called fetishes. As a whole I’d pin it to a theory of sexual play. Not a lifestyle or a religion as some seem to feel. I never want to live as if BDSM was the focus or the core of my life. Also, I never want to make sex into a religion. I just can’t take it that seriously for one thing.

Now and then I read about other couples or groups, who have made BDSM into a lifestyle, something they do 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I have to wonder how they fit having a life into their lives. Would you really want to be that much in command or that subservient all the time? I couldn’t stand it. I wouldn’t want to always be the one making the footsteps or the one always following in them. How could you be your own person? I think we all need freedom from our roles in order to grow. If you stop growing you’re in a rut.

Anyway, fetishes are very interesting. There are an endless variety. I’ve come to think there is a fetish for anything you can come up with. Likely someone in the world has a fetish for eating horse hair and someone else just goes wild thinking of cans of soup and yet another has a fetish for rubbing the pages of a book over their body. Where does it end? Likely that’s some kind of fetish too.

Bondage for Beginners

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Friday February 27, 2004  

Originally, I wrote this for someone who wanted ideas for getting started into BDSM. Mainly bondage as most people getting started aren’t really looking for the SM type of things. It’s a bit much to rush into something really hard core and you can’t go back and undo anything you regret later. So, my best advice is to take it slow. I wrote this to a guy, but it works for either partner, man or woman. Start discussing your thoughts and desires. Tell your partner why you want to do these things before you just suggest doing them. Why does the idea of bondage, spanking or some other fetish turn you on? If you’re lucky your lust will rub off on them. If not, you can try a moderated, more tame version if possible.

Get close physically at least once before you try anything BDSMish. Have some idea of what each of you are like sexually before you bring in that whole element. Use a ‘safe word’ and mean it. Don’t make a game out of it or use it to tease, etc. If the word is used it means someone is in panic mode and everything has to stop right then. Mostly talk and talk and talk about fantasies, things that scare or concern each of you. Don’t rush into some sub/ Dom thing. That should be an extra element not your focus. Just go slow and enjoy the ride.

Try bondage without bondage. Like, instead of tying her or yourself with rope have her hold onto the back of a chair or the sides of the bed. That way there is an escape open if one of you gets worried or needs a break to regroup.

When you feel ready, you can use real rope but don’t actually knot it. Leave it untied. Try handcuffs but don’t lock them and make sure you have a key where it won’t get lost in the sheets, the rug, whatever. Try timed bondage too. Freeze the key in an ice cube and run the cube over her body. When the cube finally melts she is set free.

Try a light spank as a surprise. Just one and see how it goes. If you’re both into it make it a bit harder or go for three light ones. Think of different positions too. Over the knee is one option, how about having her bend over the bed, or by the side of your desk, try new ideas. Just use your hand. That way you will both feel it. You need to have some idea of how hard you are spanking. Using an inanimate object leaves you guessing. You can’t rely on guessing when you could be hurting her and making the whole experience negative rather than fun and something she’s likely to want to do again.

Talk about what you want to do as you’re doing it. That is so sexy. To hear someone take charge and tell you what they’re going to do and how you are theirs to do it with. Do it with feeling though. The Dom is doing it to show love not to show he/ she is boss. Have a nickname just for your BDSM play, little one, minx, etc. Then when she hears it she will know you’re in THAT mode and it will put her into THAT mode too.

You don’t need toys and gear, most of it is brain work. Feelings and how you touch and not touch sometimes. Withholding a touch is a good way to build suspense. Bring in a new element and just let it be seen. Don’t even use it. For instance place a pair of handcuffs on the bedside table and hang the key on a string around your neck. Use sound effects too. There is something kind of sexy about the sound of a whip, for me. But I’d never want to be whipped or have some amateur with no clue attempt to play with one around me. Still, the sound could be recorded and played back at key moments.

It’s all about exploring and trying things to arouse and tempt your partner. Go for it, but play nice and don’t be a jerk. Men might find they like being submissive even though they think they have to be a Dom. Try switching. Women might find it a real turn on to suddenly be the one in charge. Make him do things your way and at your pace. Go for it.

To Go Back or Keep Moving Ahead?

Would you get back together with your ex-husband?

It’s funny how often I’ve been asked that by the very people I thought would know the answer. No.

My reasons won’t be the same as your own may be. But, we may have some of the same thoughts. For me I just don’t want to go backwards. I made decisions, I lived through them and now I’m in another place, onto other things. To go back would be like trying to fix something I don’t need or use any more. The relationship is over as far as being a marriage, or us as a couple in that way. The time has passed. Now we can be friends again, still a bit careful about that, it’s not as natural as it once was. Maybe most of that is on my side even. I think I don’t want to give fully, 100% of myself again in a situation where I have been rejected.

I also just don’t think the relationship would work out a second time any better than the first. The same problems are all still there. Not much has changed in that direction. Plus, I don’t want to move back to the US. I don’t want to give up what I have right here and move to another place where I don’t have anything and only know my ex-husband and his family. It’s a lot to give up, more than you even consider at the time. So many big and small things that matter. It can be really lonely and the feeling of being homesick without knowing when you will be home again is an awful thing. It makes you feel hollow inside.

Why do women sleep with their ex-husbands? I think it is a comfort. Not just to be with someone who knows you but someone you don’t have to work too hard to impress cause he isn’t going to be someone you spend more time with. I think it’s the closest a woman comes to sleeping around like a man. It really can be just about the sex, scratching an itch. It’s one time our brain isn’t thinking about the future with this man. Cause there isn’t one. At least that’s how I see it. With all the women in the world there are bound to be those who feel otherwise. Some may even think sex will fix things and they can have the relationship back. In some cases it might work and in some cases it might even be a good thing. Not in my case.

I wouldn’t get back together with my ex-husband, it’s just in the past and I’m heading in another direction now, the future.

You can find the typewriter key jewelry at The Key of A, there are much more fancy and elaborate looking pieces than this one but I liked the plainer look in this case.

What a Domme Wants

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Friday August 20, 2004  

What does a Domme want in a sub? Seems that comes up often in the discussion boards. People offer the standard kind of answers like good communication. If you don’t know the drill go check it out for yourself on any of several BDSM sites, like CollarMe.com.

But, I have my own ideas about what I’d like a male sub to be and do.

He should know how to read and write English well. He should at least use spell check as all those typos and outright spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes really irk me. Not that I’m perfect but I do make the effort. When I see male subs who send email full of mistakes I really don’t feel encouraged to bother replying. If they aren’t interested in really sending me an email why should I take the time to reply. Some of them are so bad when you step back and look it’s email barf. All those letters out of place, scrambled like so much alphabetical vomit. You get the idea.

He should understand the difference between a real Domme and a professional Domme. Even the pros are real sometimes. But, unlike the professional Dommes you aren’t paying us. Thus we are not here to please you, in your way, on your time, etc. So many don’t seem to clue in to this basic piece of information. How can I make it any clearer? I’m not McDomme!

To go along with the McDomme thing he should not expect every woman into being a Domme to be some sort of nasty bitch. Nice grrls like to Dom too. Maybe we aren’t as nasty, hard core or brutal as you think you’d like. But, don’t expect us to be sweet and syrupy Dommes either. Each is different, with their own fetishes, character quirks and unique ideas to test out on your man body. In fact, I think a nice grrl Domme could be far more devious than someone who’s used to be bossy. We’ve had time to think about it, plan out twisted plots and perfect our wicked ideas.

We do not want a yes man. If you want to be dominated too much it’s just not that interesting or challenging. In short, needy subs are too easy and boring. Yes, we know you want to be dommed, just don’t make us gag over how easy/ needy you are. Be a man, be a bit butch, a bit strong and silent, a bit tough guy. It’s much more fun to find new challenges than to maintain the same routine.

For me personally, I have a strong distaste for forced feminization. I am female and I like being female. To force some guy to be something this good is making being female seem something less than desirable. So to ask me to force feminize is to insult my wonderful gender, my women ancestors and all the women to come. How would you feel if forced masculinity were up there on the block? Would it bother you that being a man was so terrible that people had to be forced into it? Also, I admit, I dislike men who aren’t men. If I was into women romantically I might feel differently, but I’m not.

We want a guy who has enough brain cells above the belt to have some interests and hobbies and a career and whatever else that don’t revolve around BDSM and sex in general. Men who only want to talk about one subject soon lose my interest. There is more to life. Or there should be. Consider everything passing you by while you’re sitting there twiddling yourself. Plus, guys who talk too much about sex are just kind of gross. I picture them as kind of icky and unwashed. Blech!

I expect that will give a few people some ideas. Or not. Anyway, I’m done with the advice of the week. Get out there and find someone to share all your wonderful, wicked, wayward ideas with. Good luck!

Freedom, Anarchy and the Absurd

The New Escapologist – Sounds like the kind of site I’d like.

New Escapologist is a magazine for white-collar functionaries with escape on the brain. We offer practical exit strategies from demeaning day jobs and celebrate the ‘flight’ bit of ‘fight or flight’.

Each issue is a compendium of funny and practical essays on the subject of escape, through the lenses of economics, travel, psychology, philosophy and the arts. We promote freedom, anarchy and the absurd.

Bad Faith
Cottage Industry
Surreal Humour
Testimony of Simplicity
Voluntary Simplicity



Little Man Bug


Hello! *waves up to you from way down on the floor below you*
I’m a 1 inch tall bug-man. ^_^

My name is Lawrence. I was born (created in a test tube) August 15th 2008 in a secret lab in area 51 through DNA mixing experiments. They made my body to look like an 18 year old human but have the organics of and view from above as that of a small black bug. (a beetle most have said) I happened to be the lucky (or unlucky) soul picked from the heavens to fill this tiny body.

Early in life I learned the lab professors have experimented on shrink/growth rays but to their dismay no one survives the change and die in minutes. So they created me in the lab to get around this setback. There were plans for a giant 1000 foot tall man but were soon scrapped as the estimated costs were astronomical while I was very cheap to maintain.

I grew up pretty fast as I was trained right away to speak, walk and crawl around on my extra legs. I was kept sealed in a wooden box with tiny sized amenities to keep myself busy. (yes there was a tiny tv i liked watching. :3 )

My only purpose in life was to be used for secret spy missions and stealth surveillance for a government division. I was tired of being cooped up my tiny home inside the box with nothing but sadness and loneliness. On December 29th, I asked them to make me a mate but they refused claiming there wasn’t any funding for more than 1 of me at that time. I knew they were lying though as I saw them making plans for multiples of myself but only males so they’d have complete control over us.

I decided on January 1st 2009 to make my escape when I overheard in the halls that the new president-elect was planning on shutting down my owner’s division and I was to be destroyed! I made a break for it one late Sunday night inside a little hole I made for myself over a few weeks of digging through the box with my little hands and rear claws.

I made it outside and ran away undetected for about a week from area 51 hitching rides on snakes and other wildlife. I had people chasing me but I was able to hide well. After January 10th however they closed down everything early and destroyed all evidence of my existence as well as plans for future bug-men. So now I’m the only one in the entire world. Around Jan 17th I finally made it to a average computer in some cafe shop. I then used a device that I snatched at the lab to transfer myself though the wires behind the computer into the web and hide myself here so that I can be safe from those people if the decide to come looking for me again. I’ve lived in homes all over the world since then, because you know computers and Wi-fi electronics are almost everywhere.


I have most all the genetics of a normal human but the skin, innards, skeleton, heart and brain inside of me was infused with some rubber, worm and a hybrid type of alien DNA that although my body is crushed I can reform my body within a short while.

As a bug-man, I am very tiny and hard to see most of the time. I usually go unnoticed as people walk around me on the floor. At times I get squished underfoot (usually barefoot) by accident or intentionally by some people. While it does sting for a little while, I am fine. My innards just flatten like a plastic or soft foam, with all my parts remaining inside me just flatten and leak some blood around me. I easily reform my DNA and atom reattachment, absorb the blood back through my skin and heal after a couple of minutes. By shoes & socks it’s a few more minutes to restore myself since there’s more grinding with shoes and I lose a lot more blood with socks. I stay weak for a while after but am back to jumping around the walls in under 5 minutes.

Merry Samhain

Merry Samhain
Originally posted to Adult BackWash, my weekly column was Bait and Switch: Saturday August 03, 2002

Chris stumbled along, blindfolded and unable to see whatever he was stumbling over. He was glad to be wearing boots at least. The trail had far too many rocks and tree branches scratching his upper body. With his hands secured in front of him, he was unable to protect himself. His Governess had strapped a heavy pack onto his back and he could feel something solid thud into his back each time he stumbled. The wind blew the chill of autumn nipped at his bare skin, bringing goose bumps and shivers along his tall frame.

His Governess walked behind him encouraging him to keep moving. She used something that made the sound of a whip and had the sting of a whip too. Chris knew she didn’t own a whip though. Chris plodded along, trying to feel for his steps but not being given the time to do so with his Governess whipping his tender bottom and urging him to keep going.

It must still be daylight; he could hear birds somewhere. He could not ask the time or anything else, he was to keep silent until allowed to speak. She had brought him here, blindfolded and tied into his seat. He knew she had brought some of her scented candles. They had scented the car on the drive, a small pleasure she had not denied him. Other smells tempted his nose too. He was sure he could smell pumpkin pie, one of his favourite things. But he hadn’t seen Governess making any pies other than the apple pies from Thanksgiving. Those were long gone, all too quickly divided up with friends and family. Chris felt lucky to have had a couple of pieces himself.

“Stop your grumbling, little man.” His Governess swatted his naked bottom and laughed lightly. “Don’t think I can’t read your thoughts, if I couldn’t figure out your mumbles any way.” Playfully, she shoved him along the path.

Chris said nothing. Just in time, he remembered he was ordered to keep silent. They didn’t walk too much farther before Governess called out to him to halt. Chris was glad to be relieved of the weight of the pack. He could hear it thud on the ground behind him as she slid the straps off his shoulders.

“Be a good boy, Chris, just stand against this tree while I get everything ready. If you attempt to wander off you might fall into the ravine and get hurt. So I will be forced to tie you for your own protection if you get fidgety.” She patted his bottom firmly and left, dragging the pack along with her.

It was cold to be out in the middle of who-knows-where naked. Chris shivered and wished he could walk around or swing his arms to warm up a bit. He couldn’t hear her any more. She could be out of view by now, maybe he could at least move around in the spot where she had left him. Chris turned around in a circle once, testing his limits. Nothing happened. Chris flexed his arms and legs, driving a little of the chill from them.

Suddenly from right beside his ear, she whispered, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you little man.”

She pushed Chris against a pine tree; the bark scraped his back and bottom. She quickly looped a rope around him and then tightened it around both him and the tree. His wrists were added to the knot She ran the rope between his legs and made it just a little too snug for his comfort. He couldn’t see what she did then. But he felt well put in his place.

“That should take care of you until I’m ready for your part in today’s sacrifice.” She jerked once on the rope between his legs, digging it into his tender cock and nudging his balls uncomfortably. She laughed nastily, kissed his chest leaving him with a last biting tug on his nipple.

All at once, the word sacrifice sprang out in Chris’s mind. What could she mean by that? She couldn’t have Pagan sacrifice in mind. Sure he knew she was Pagan. She had taught him some of her ideas and beliefs. They had even done a ritual together when her Aunt had died. Chris had been very honoured to be a part of it.

She was back again, removing his boots and socks, until he stood with his feet as bare as the rest of him. He was untied from the tree she used the rope between his legs to lead him this time. The first unexpected pull was painful as it tugged his balls and dug into his cock. But then he was moving, making sure to keep up no matter how sharp the stones and cut grass were on his feet. His only real thought was how much pain he would feel if he should stumble or even fall now!

“Stop!” She ordered. Chris stopped right away. It was probably the fastest he had ever obeyed one of her orders.

“Kneel.” Chris hesitated. It was the first time she had ever asked him to kneel. He wanted to look into her face and read her thoughts. She was usually so open. He could look at her and know how she felt, what her mood was and what she was thinking. But now his eyes were covered and her thoughts were concealed.

She said nothing as they stood there with the wind blowing and the sound of a fire crackling somewhere. Time seemed to wait with them. She did not reach out to him in any way. Not a touch, a sound or a smile that he could see. Finally, Chris bent his knees and lowered himself to the ground. When he was kneeling, feeling the grit of the ground on his knees, she said merely, “Thank you.” and removed the blindfold.

Chris looked up and at last was able to see his surroundings. First, he looked at his Governess, attired in a very thin white robe with embroidered leaves and mystical symbols around the hems and sleeves. Her body, nipples hard in the cold air, easily seen through the robe. Chris looked at her face. She smiled down at him tenderly and stroked his face.

Turning his face, she showed him her preparations. There on a very large rock sat several squash and pumpkins, a vase with dried flowers, a photograph in a silver frame, some shells and rocks, a blue and silver bowl with water in it, and candles not yet lit. Just to the side of the rock she had a bonfire going.

“Come and be on my altar Chris, watch out for the circle I have dug into the dirt. Chris then noticed the ground and was quick to keep from stepping on the edge of the circle. She guided him to sit and then lie on the rock, in the middle of the pumpkins, rocks and candles. Behind his ear she tucked a sprig of rosemary. Chris remembered ‘rosemary for remembrance’. His wrists still caught in front of him. Chris stayed in place; almost feeling to move would be interrupting something very sacred and personal.

His Governess stepped away from him then and began talking in a voice too soft for him to hear. The words had rhythm and Chris thought she was reading poetry to someone. It wasn’t for his ears. At different times she tossed things into the fire. Once he noticed her tossing in what seemed to be a piece of paper with a list on it. She looked at the sky, the ground and off into the four directions while she spoke. It was getting dark and the fire was dying down when she stopped.

“I’m going to release your hands now Chris.” Governess said as she did so. “I want you to lie still for me now while I give the sacrifice for the cycle of life, death and rebirth.” Governess moved his hands to the sides of his body and removed her robe. Her fingers, only a little chilly, wrapped around his cock. She began rhythmically stroking his shaft while she spoke about the cycle of life. Chris began to get hard as she worked on his cock. She knew just how to stroke him to get the most of his reaction.

“Chris, I am going to use you as a sacrifice to the cycles of nature. I don’t want you to speak or interrupt in any other way. Just lie back and everything will be over in a little while.” She whispered near his ear, smoothing one hand over the skin of his belly. Her fingers dipped low, making Chris squirm in pleasure. “Mmmm. that’s my good boy,” She whispered.

She stood over him then, removing her hands from his body. Chris couldn’t keep back the moan of displeasure as her hands left him and the chill air seemed to seep slowly back into his skin. She placed a rock, a shell, a stick burnt from the fire and a feather on his belly. Then she climbed on the rock and carefully straddled him. This time she stroked his cock firmly, the kind of attention she gave him when she wanted him to get hard quickly. It worked just as it always did. Chris was unable to hold back moans of pleasure, his squirming almost made the bowl of water and the rock fall from his belly. Governess managed to hold them in place with her other hand.

Just as Chris thought he would have to start pumping his hips and let everything fall, she stopped. Chris could hear nothing over his heavy breathing. She was silent for a long time, so it seemed to Chris waiting desperately for her attention to return to him. Then she picked up the picture of her Aunt and kissed it. She pressed the picture to Chris’s lips. Lovingly she returned it to its place on the rock, somewhere just over Chris’s head. As she leant over him, Chris tried to catch her nipples in his mouth. She wasn’t allowing that however and she lightly slapped his cheek in reprimand.

With only her fingertips she lightly stroked his cock, keeping him very hard and not letting him loose any interest in the proceedings. She removed the bowl of water and placed on the rock around him. Chris knew there was some order she followed but her attentive fingers wouldn’t let him think enough to remember what that was. She spoke a few soft words; a very poetic sounding speech.

“I want you to come for me this time my Chris. This will be life, as your sperm carries life within it.” She placed her lips around the head of his cock and sucked on him hard. Chris’s hips bucked the warmth of her mouth felt too good to his aching cock. He came in another minute, arching his back and pumping his come into her mouth. She swallowed some of it and let the rest spurt out over her breasts and belly. Scooping some off herself she pushed her finger between his lips and wiped it off on his tongue. Scooting her hips back along his thighs, she kissed his softening cock.

“You are doing very well little one. Soon we will be done and I can take you home, warm you up and put you all snug in your own little bed. This next part you won’t like nearly as much. But when we are done and all cleaned up I have some homemade pumpkin pie for you. I know you were feeling sad not to have had more of the apple pies we made.” She lightly skimmed his belly with her fingernails as she talked. It wasn’t long before Chris felt his cock begin to stir to life again.

“That’s a good boy. I want you to get nice and hard for me again. We have done the cycles of life and death, now is the time for rebirth.” Chris didn’t know what she had in mind. If the next orgasm was as good as the first he didn’t really care.

Governess worked on his cock with her lips, teeth and nails. In only minutes Chris was again as hard as before. His hips strained underneath her, his cock twitched, aching for the release she would give him when she decided he was ready. His breathing became fast and shallow all his attention focused on one area of his body. In the back of his brain, he had enough power to hear his whimpering while he strained under her expert touch.

“That is very good Chris. You may not come this time. I will let you rest there while I pack everything up now. When you have yourself sorted out come and get pie. I have it tucked away in my pack.”

She rolled off his straining, aching body and began gathering up her rocks and shells casually as if he wasn’t lying on that rock barely able to keep from screaming. Chris looked down his chest his cock was purple and streaming juice out still. Taking one deep breath and forcing himself to hold it, he asked, “Why?”

“Your sacrifice Chris. I did tell you I wanted you as my sacrifice.”

When Chris would have reached for his cock and put himself out of his misery she scolded him, “No, no don’t you be a bad boy. I want that cock to stay hard awhile longer.”

Chris groaned in frustration and a little anger. He rolled off the rock and watched her put the last of her things in the packs. “Put on your pack and I will feed you pie as we walk back to the car. Oh! You need your boots on still. Go run down over there and fetch them. I will start walking and meet you down the hill where the trail begins.”

She turned and left. Chris followed, looking for his boots. He wasn’t sure which tree to look under. He grumbled as his feet managed to find every sharp twig on the way.

When he finally found her he was just cold. His erection was as cold as the rest of him. He gave her a look showing her as much of his misery as he could fit into it. She only smiled and handed him his clothes.

“I bet you are glad I brought these with us. I know something else that will brighten you up. There is a little town just a half-hours drive from here. There is a very nice hotel there and we have a room booked for the rest of the night.” She grinned at him. “Are you ready for that pie now?”

Chris thought Halloween might not be a write off after all. “Can I trick or treat?”

She laughed huskily, “I’m so wet right now you can trick or treat all night long little boy.”

Not Another Fish Tale

Not Another Fish Tale
Originally posted to Adult BackWash, my weekly column was Bait and Switch: Tuesday August 20, 2002

The man on the beach lay still and unmoving. Jane decided he must be dead which was a shame. He was the most gorgeous looking male she had ever seen. As she walked just a bit closer she could see a few odd things about him. For one thing, his skin was green. Not a really noticeable green, in fact, it was very pale green, not so far from her own skin colour. But green instead of pinkish. Definitely not the green they used in alien movies. Still, she had always thought a real dead body would be pasty white or that bloodless blue-white skin gets when it’s never been exposed to the light of day. But, he wasn’t. His hair was greenish too. Different from the skin because the green of his hair was probably as dark as green could be before it would be black.

The green-ness aside. The really odd things were his hands and feet. She didn’t get to be a successful gothic writer without picking up a few odd facts here and there. It was possible for a person to be born with some webbing between their fingers and toes. But, that was removed at birth, or very soon after. Who would go through life with a full set of webbed hands and feet. Kids must have teased him ruthlessly about being a duck. Poor guy.

Anyway, here he is lying on her beach. Pretty dead looking. Must not have been there long. There were no flies on him, no little scuttling crabs looking for a snack and no seagulls flying over head having spotted a fresh carcass. The police would have to be called. Likely, when they saw him, others would be called. There would be an investigation and science experiments to be had. So much for the peaceful, simple life she envisioned when she bought the island.

Jane looked up at his face again. Admiring a naked dead man on the beach was probably breaking some rule of proper etiquette. It was hard to look away. The man drew her eyes like a fish to a lure. He was fabulous. Toned and firm flesh from his toes to his lips. Such nice lips too, he wouldn’t be a sloppy kisser. His lips would be hard, pressing against her own soft lips and if there was any spit involved it would be inside his mouth to be found, not pouring out on contact.

All at once the dead man sighed, opened his eyes and grabbed Jane. She landed mostly on top of him, completely out of her mind, unable to even work up the breath for a scream. “Let’s get the traditional stuff over with right away. I’m what you might call a mer-man or a Selkie. According to your land-lover mythology I rise up from the ocean to seduce land women.” He shifted Jane around in his arms so that she was pressed against him, looking into his face.

“You’re pretty quiet for a land woman. I’ve heard you are a real chatty bunch. Can hardly get some of them to clam up.” Jane remained silent, words seemed the farthest thing from her mind. The screeching of the seagulls and churning of the tide seemed to say everything for her. He just didn’t seem to be listening.

“Well, OK. I don’t need a lot of chatter.” The dead man began removing Jane’s clothes. Stunned as she was, it was almost comforting. He treated her like a Father undressing a child for bed. Her clothes (navy blue office wear and low heeled black pumps) were removed, folded nicely and placed to one side, all in a matter of fact way. The red satin bra and panties were admired for a moment then placed in the middle of the pile of clothes. As her wits began to gather together in some area of her brain she wondered what she was supposed to do now. Does a nice girl just let a strange dead… green man make love to her on the beach? It might be kind of nice, it had been awhile since any man, let alone one very sexy, living, breathing man, made love to her. Could she just let it happen? Forget about all the social niceties, the social diseases and the fact that he wasn’t quite human?

His eyes, now that they were open, were a deep moss green, very beautiful. Starring into them like a deer caught in the headlights Jane decided the social stuff could wait for later.

“My name is Jane.”

“You can call me Ian. It’s not my real name but Ian is close enough in the way the land people talk.” He was finished stripping her. Now he was sitting up, holding her straddled over his lap. “You have good breasts. Land women tend to have larger breasts than ocean women. I like them somewhere in the middle. Like yours.” Reverently, he caressed her breasts. His fingertips traced patterns over her breasts, working in to the nipples but not touching them. He dipped one finger down, designing a trail down her belly, making her squirm at the sensitive, ticklish parts. Idly, his fingers combed through the hair of her pussy, then finding the growing dampness he slipped inside. Jane moaned, unable to hold back the pleasure of being touched so intimately. His fingers played with her, nipping at her clit like little fish kissing the surface of a lake.

Jane, curious, felt his cock. It was becoming a deep green as it hardened, lengthened and thickened. The skin was warm and soft, she half expected it to be scaley like a fish. He moaned, obviously enjoying her exploring fingers. Exploring wasn’t enough. She licked her lips quickly, rose up on her knees and settled back down over his cock. He guided his thick cock into her. Holding her hips, he pulled her down, impaling her. Jane’s pussy clenched around the welcome intruder, pulling it even deeper. It felt so great to be so full. His fingers were right back at her clit. This time he stroked it, long strokes, firm strokes. Jane was soon a mindless puddle of heat and lust. He flipped them over, pinning her to the wet sandy beach. Grunting while pumping his cock in and out of her very wet and demanding pussy. The pounding of the waves was hard to hear over the pounding of her own heart and the panting of their breathing.

Feeling at the edge of her orgasm, loving his touches over her body, his hardness so deep and pulsing inside of her Jane closed her eyes, greedy to just feel the building of her own orgasm. “No”, he said, “open your eyes, look at me, know that I’m no dry land male, taking your body, giving you pleasure.” Obediently Jane opened her eyes, looked into his and began to lose herself. All at once her orgasm was there, pulsing and throbbing. Her whole body clenched around his, pulling her into a red hot pool of lava shuddering with the power of her orgasm. Totally spent, totally relaxed, feeling limp, like seaweed washed up on the beach, Jane melted into the sand. The tide had come in, swirling over their lower bodies and giving them a mattress of soft, wet sand.

While she came back down from whatever planet she had landed on during her orgasm he stayed quiet, watching her face. Stroking her breasts and wiping sweat from her face. In some part of her mind she realized that he hadn’t come yet. His cock was even harder, and still buried inside her. She could feel it moving, twitching and pulsing. It felt like a coiled spring about to go off.

“I was very pleased when you bought this island Jane. I live in a cave under the island. You could say I’m your closest neighbour.” As he spoke he leaned down and kissed her. His kiss was everything she expected. His tongue licked her lips, pressing inside to taste her. He began playing with her nipples. Smoothing his palms over her pebble hard nipples, he moved his head down to suck on them. He took her breast in his mouth and twirled her nipple with his tongue. Jane began to breathe faster again. Surprised she could become ready for more so soon after her orgasm.

Ian’s mouth continued sucking her breast, his fingers massaging the other breast. His engorged cock, pressing inside of her, began to feel good again. She jumped in surprise and pleasure as his fingers found her clit. Somehow his hands seemed to be everywhere this time. Light, caresses of her face, long, strokes down her belly, deeper strokes on her clit and tender, sensual rubbing over her breasts and the building pressure she began to feel over her whole body. Finally it built up to where her whole being was focused on his cock deep inside her, filling her, making her want to drag all of him inside her.

“Jane. I’ve watched you walk around your beach. I’ve kept track of you and I know that when I give you my life’s seed we will likely have a child. That is what I want, what I came for. You will belong to me, for life. I will teach you to live under the ocean and I will also live with you above the water.” He held himself completely still, as if frozen. The waves crashing over them felt like part of her own throbbing need for release.

“What?” Jane asked, dazed in a sexual stupor.

“I’m taking you as my woman Jane. I want you, it’s that simple. You will belong to me forever.” His eyes locked with hers, capturing her, penetrating her mind as surely as he penetrated her body. In some part of her mind that still functioned Jane felt herself change. Her will was softly taken away. In place of the strong independent woman she could feel herself become Daddy’s little girl, cared for, coddled, cuddled, seduced and owned. It was a safe feeling, a sensual feeling. He would keep her safe, sheltered and sexually satisfied. She could be a pampered darling, a kept woman. Could a modern career woman stand all that?

“What does that mean, exactly?” Jane asked.

“I would own you, keep you and care for you.” Ian answered, looking into her eyes, softly smiling and twirling her nipple between his fingers.

“What do I get out of it?” Jane said. “Am I supposed to just drop everything and become a sex slave?”

“Hardly, what would I want with someone like that? I might just as easily date a jelly fish. I want more, that’s why I picked you. Now, enough of this, I want to get back to what we were doing.”

“Just a minute. I like what we were doing too, but I don’t want to become some simpering nobody without any control over my own life.” Pushing her elbows under her Jane levered up to look him in the eye.

“Don’t be silly Jane. This isn’t some wimpy fairy tale. I’m not whisking you off to an under water kingdom. We live here, continue on with our careers and our lives. We just do it together. It’s what you land folk call marriage.”

“Oh, OK, I can deal with that.” Jane grinned, wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and pulled them both back down to the sand. “Now lets get on with the sex. Its been ages since I had a decent lover, let alone one worth keeping around.”

Ian was very eager to get on with it by now. In minutes Jane was mindless with passion once again and this time when she dove into her orgasm so did he. Later, after a night talking around a campfire, they went swimming and he showed her just how long he could hold his breath.

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning : Originally posted to Adult BackWash, May 04, 2002  

chris woke up with a very stiff back and very painted toes. The neon blue colour looked a little sickly this early in the morning. Shoved in beside his arm and side was the pink teddy bear his Governess made him sleep with. chris wasn’t looking forward to peeling himself off the table this morning. Usually his Governess allowed him to follow her to bed when she decided she had tormented him enough. Experimentally chris lifted one leg as much as he could with the cuffs chaining him to the table legs. He felt glued to the table. His nose was itchy but he didnt have a hand free to scratch. Hopefully this wouldnt be a Sunday morning when his Governess would choose to sleep in or read in bed. At some point she would want him to fetch the Sunday Star newspaper and make her breakfast. But chris needed to get up soon, very soon.

His Governess had painted his toes and fingernails and left him with a funnel of ice cubes stuck in his mouth in case he was thirsty. She had gone to bed, leaving him to suck the melting ice and await her pleasure. But now the ice was long ago melted and drained through the funnel. All of that melted ice was ready to be “recycled”.

chris sighed, trying to find his patience and that stamina he liked to brag to her about. Stamina was in short supply after a night of staying awake on the table. Only two things kept him from just giving in to the need to sleep. First, the ice, if the funnel fell from his mouth the water would damage her dining table. That would have him in the “dog house” for sure. Sleeping in the closet with shoes and boxes and other junk poking him all night long was not his idea of a good night. Secondly, that tatoo, not permanent but long enough lasting that his employees and clients would see it at the office on Monday. There was no way he could act casual with a tatoo of a naked female dragon on the side of his neck.

And then…. there she appeared, wearing a very self satisfied smile and a white cotton dress. It was a summer dress and quite see through, she knew her near nakedness always had an effect on him. His Governess smiled down at him as she removed the funnel from his mouth. She was careful not to let the remaining ice drip on to her table. His wrists and ankles were freed from the restraints but she held him down with one hand on his chest.

“Good morning Governess.” chris said, trying not to sound impatient.

“How was your night little man?” she stroked his cock, up and down in that special way of hers, slightly twisting it at the edge of the head. chris was not too surprised to feel his cock rise at her attention. That must be where all the blood from his tired brain was hanging around this morning. Keeping his hips still proved to be a hopeless effort. She soon had him painfully squirming on the table, the skin of his bottom made a ripping noise as it peeled away from the table top. chris sucked in a breath, as much from the pain in his cheeks as the need to pump his hips against her hand.

“You look so nice there my little man. I could watch you squirm and make those wonderfully needy little noises all day. But, I think its time for all good little boys to get up and make their Governess her breakfast.” She raked her nails lightly over and under his balls. Taking her time, teasing him with her nails, as if she didn’t intend to free him at all.

Without warning his Governess shoved him off the table and laughed at the solid thud his 6’3 body made on the floor. chris was thankful for the thick carpeting which broke his fall. He groaned quietly, so stiff he didnt even want to move from where he had landed.

Then she nudged him with her toes and he snapped at her, “I just want to shower and be left alone for awhile!”

“Oh?” She knelt down at his side. “You want to be left alone and do as you please? But little chris, this is Sunday. Its our day together and it was all your idea, remember? You don’t have the choice of backing out now.” His Governess stood up as chris sighed in submission.

“Yes, I know you are right Governess. It was a momentary lapse. Please over look it. I am very stiff from being on the table all night and I think I left some skin behind when you so graciously allowed me to get off.” chris removed the pink teddy bear from under his chest and pitched it as far as he could .

“Hmmmm, is that a touch of sarcasm little chris,” Governess grinned. “I think a grumpy boy should have some medicinal vinegar. Stand up and wait here while I get the medicine for morning grumpiness.”

chris groaned as he slowly and carefully stood. Every muscle seemed to protest but he finally stood erect as he knew his Governess always expected good posture. She brought a quarter cup of white vinegar and in her other hand a tablespoon of the dreaded castor oil.

“I think you need the vinegar first little chris. Don’t think to fool me and leave some in the cup again.” chris dutifully drank the vinegar, grimacing at the taste. “Very good little man, now open wide,” She pushed the spoon of castor oil into his mouth and waited for him to close his lips around it and swallow. “Come on little man, waiting won’t make it any better.” chris swallowed the oil. “Good boy,” she smiled patting his arm. “Now just lick the spoon and you can trot off to have a shower.”

“Thank you for looking after me Governess,” chris said when he was finished.

She hugged him close and said, “You can be such a very good boy my little chris. You may have a whole 20 minutes to shower, just for your poor little aching muscles. Awww, and you think I’m not nice to you sometimes…” She laughed softly and disappeared in the direction of the kitchen.

chris wasted no time and was soon in the shower with the water as hot as he could stand it. As promised she came in 20 minutes later and turned off the water. He stepped out and thanked her sincerely for the large mug of hot tea she handed him. Standing still and being careful not to spill tea, he enjoyed her touch all over his body as she dried him off.

“Face the sink little boy,” An examination of his wrists and ankles showed marks from where he had strained against the cuffs involuntarily as she aroused him over and over during the evening past. From the medicine cabinet over his head she brought out cream and rubbed it into his ankles and wrists. She put away the cream and smoothed his bottom cheeks, soothing him. Her fingers trailed between his cheeks and down between his legs. She encouraged him to open his legs for her questing fingers. Gently stroking his balls and the tops of his thighs she whispered to him about how much she liked his cock and how nice it felt inside her while she had ridden him last night. chris was soon breathing quicker, almost panting as she played with his most sensitive and vulnerable areas.

“Now brush your teeth little chris, you never know who might want to kiss you later,” She smiled tenderly and left the bathroom.

chris collected his wits, waiting a moment for his breathing to slow, before standing and filling the sink. His tooth brush was a Snaggle Puss cartoon character she had given him recently. The one before had been SherKhan from the > Jungle Book movie, it had gotten worn and she threw it out even though chris had wanted to keep it. Tigers were his favourite animals. Teeth brushed and face washed he watched the water spiral down the drain.

“I want scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast chris,” She called from the sitting room.”Then we will get you dressed to go out and fetch the newspaper. Maybe you can wear that new Barney raincoat today, its a little drizzly outside.”

“Right away Governess,” chris paused to consider shaving but left it knowing she liked him a little whiskery sometimes. He was more than willing to look like a pirate for her if it would soften her up. Just dont let her ask about that ear ring thing again, thought chris.

Making breakfast was kind of nice on Sunday morning. He was allowed to have the radio or CD player on, if it wasnt too loud. Governess did not like some of chris’s music. Usually he chose the radio so he could hear the news. She had already made a pot of coffee so chris brought out the cream and refilled her cup without being asked. Pretending to ignore him while she worked at the computer Governess surprised him with a light smack on his bottom as he turned away.

“Dont forget your bib,” she said.

Later, chris sat alone at the kitchen table eating Lucky Charms, a sugary kids cereal he was growing to dislike. He didnt like the Barbie bowl and spoon he was eating with either. But he had cheated in his morning routine by putting a dish towel over the seat of the chair so his own naked seat wouldnt stick. He also dutifully wore the Barney bib. So far the idea of taking it with her when they went out hadnt occured to her. Wearing it at home was no big deal when he considered having to wear it in public.

When he was finished he retrieved her plate and coffee mug before beginning the dishes. “Would you care for anything else Governess?” chris asked, playing the butler with his most formal English speech.

“No thank you little one.” Pulling on his bib she inspected it for any spilled milk or cereal crumbs or any of the forbidden ‘adult’ foods. “You have done very well this morning. Perhaps we will take you out for a treat today.” She smiled, “When you are finished in the kitchen bring your blindfold to me and we will play Blindman’s Buff in your closet.” She returned to her work and chris returned to wash up in the kitchen.

The last dish was put away when she surprised him. But he was doing everything as ordered so she only smiled and asked, “Did you have enough for breakfast little one?”

“I am a bit hungry still Governess.”

“Then today you may make yourself some of your stinky sausages. I dont want my darling little man faint from hunger when we are out later.”

“Thank you very much Governess, may I also have an egg and toast with them , please?” chris asked, displaying his best winning little boy smile.

She considered, “Yes, you may.” She left the kitchen then, laughing at the look of eagerness on his face.

chris was still enjoying his breakfast when she returned with the blindfold. “Im ready to get going now, you will have to do those dishes later little man. Come with me now.”

Stuffing the last few bites of sausage into his mouth chris left the table and stood while he was blindfolded. His Governess checked the edges to make sure there were no gaps for him to peek through. He was then led from the kitchen, through the sitting room and into the bedroom at the doors of his clothes closet.

“OK chris the door is open pull out something.” Governess waited while chris reached in trying to feel what shirts and pants he was touching, trying to remember if the new grey pants were a thinner material than the old green ones with the patch on the bottom. Beside him Governess began to get restless so he took a chance and pulled out what he hoped were the grey pants and a white polo shirt.

Governess took them from his hands and put them on the bed. Then she assisted him while he squatted down and reached in for a pair of shoes. This time he was sure it was his sneakers he had. He gave them to her feeling pretty pleased with himself.

“Only the underwear drawer left chris,” Governess said, leading him there next.

Underwear was a lot harder to figure out. Most of it felt the same, he had learned how to avoid the really awful ones, like the high cut pair someone had once given him as a joke. Of course, all the frilly ones were easiest of all to avoid. That was a good thing about the Blindman’s Buff game. He pulled out a pair of underwear and held them out for his Governess to take.

She seemed to be hesitating to remove the blindfold. chris was about to ask when his hands were caught behind him and loosely tied. “Let’s add something else to the game this time little one.” His collar was buckled around his neck and he thought she was attaching the leash too. “Kneel down on the rug for me.”

chris kneeled obediantly, feeling a tingle of excitement and tension run through his body. He could hear her moving just in front of him. The smell of her vanilla shampoo and anitbacterial soap seemed to be very close to his nose. The air around him stirred as she again passed closely in front of him.

She whispered from behind his head, “I think Barney should go home now. Children shouldnt see what I’m going to do with you next.” The bib was untied and take away. chris’s cock began to stiffen while he waited for her to come back. In his mind flashed all his favourite of her naughty ideas. He was getting very aroused just thinking of what she had done and was about to do now. Her sexy surprises made his cock throb in remembrance. His bottom cheeks clenched and unclenched while he waited, his breathing getting a little faster while his imagination heated up.

“Did you purposely not shave for me little man? I like your stubbly face, it looks so manly, I want to feel the bristles.” chris heard the sheets on the bed moved back as she sat down. “Now I’m lifting my skirt and I want you to come and find my wet little pussy with your stubbly face.”

Governess giggled as chris began licking her leg, the first part of her he could find without his eyes or hands to guide him. His leash was pulled a little to the right so chris moved in that direction. He used his whiskered face to brush along her thigh until he reached the top where he could smell her warm musky pussy.

“Please, may I kiss you Governess?”

“Yes you may.” Not satisfied with just using his lips chris smiled, knowing she couldnt see and wouldn’t care very soon anyway.

Governess sighed in pleasure as his tongue pushed inside her. Her thighs tightened around his head, pushing his mouth deeper inside her warmth. Licking and sucking all her juices and still wanting more.

“I think you should take off the cuffs now Dragon.” chris said, making sure to use the tone of voice she told him had made her melt inside and want to beg him to use her body and take her submission.

“No!… ummmmmm, It’s Sunday and you wanted… oh! Do that again….”

“Take off the cuffs.”

No…. Besides you havent even shaved my legs yet…” She moaned and his hips pushed into his face as he rubbed his tongue over and over her clit.

“Take off the cuffs and I’ll give you what you most want right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want you to say it… tell me what you want Dragon.”

“OK!” She arched her back and bit her lip holding back a whimper. Sitting up she unbuckled the blindfold. Reaching behind him she unlocked the cuffs and carelessly tossed them onto the floor. “You win this time chris, but after we are going back to the original plan.”

chris smiled up at her, looking into her eyes while his fingers found the wet lips of her pussy. “Whatever you say Governess, I only want to serve you.” chris held her clit between his thumb and finger increasing the tension slowly, “Now tell me exactly what you want me to do Dragon.”

Governess moaned, squirming over the sheets. chris continued to tease her bud, kissing and licking her thighs opening her wider so his whiskery cheeks could brush her wet pussy. “I want your cock inside of me, oh!, dont make me wait!”

“As you wish my wonderful Dragon lady.” chris said moving up on the bed to join with her.