The Monster in my Eye

New tagline for this blog… “Exploring myself, one rock at a time.”

So, how are the rocks in your head today? Mine are clunking around up there. I think I almost was asked out today at work. I’ve never had a guy actually pursue me. It would be nice. Seems I am usually the one who starts things, arranges get togethers and such. It’s not the same as having someone else do the work, the planning and the asking. It would be nice to be pursued. I’m not going to hold my breath. I will hold my breath many years from now, when it won’t matter any more as far as having oxygen in my brain. Maybe, it will work, I’ll finally get all those things I wasn’t going to hold my breath for. That would be an interesting time in my life, if I could live to see it.

Can your eyeballs still function on some level once you are brain dead? There’s a new horror movie in the making.

The best ideas for horror come from every day real things. We take so much for granted. Yes, the bus doors will open – the bus driver isn’t about to fly off the handle and haul everyone around all day against their will. Yes, the coffee you make that morning is about the same as the coffee you made yesterday morning – there wasn’t a stow away venomous spider hiding in the coffee beans. Yes, your eyeballs are still your same old eyeballs – an alien didn’t drop down into your room last night and replace them with marbles or some other weird alien eyeballs. Horror and science fiction can just have so many endless spins put on a simple idea.

Day off tomorrow! Ha ha ha!!! and more mad scientist evile laughter Can’t decide if I should sleep in first or go grocery shopping. Oh, the excitement!…

I did my laundry yesterday so I spoiled that part of my weekend of fun. Too bad. I will just have to get over it.

Next weekend is a pay cheque weekend. I may actually do something that involves wearing laundry (clean) and spending money on something less than practical. I could even go all out and give that guy at work my email address and the mention of going for a Rrrroll up the Rrrrim (coffee at Tim Hortons). See how that happens, the not being pursued thing? Is it because I’m just not patient? Perhaps. I do like to get started once I decide on something.

One last bit of babble.. I think the coffee I bought from Second Cup a couple of weeks ago is NOT french vanilla. It does not taste right at all. I had the caramel first so didn’t start what should have been french vanilla until today. I don’t like whatever it is I have instead of french vanilla. I think it might be one of those with a nut flavour. Now I have two bags of it, whatever it is. Kind of aggravating when it was not cheap AND the guy at the store made some major goof up and sold me twice the amount of coffee I asked for. I really doubt they would go for letting me return it for real french vanilla now. Look, there’s another idea for a horror story. I’m just full of them today. Rocks and monsters, that’s what I’ve got in my head.

One Dollar Jackpot

One Dollar Jackpot – 25 Words or Less Competition is an online competition that’s open to anyone with an email address.

A simple competition, all you need is a brain, some creativity and 25 words to win it with.

Each day the winner is drawn and written about on the blog. A tip for the daily competition is also given along with the greatest help – how many people entered yesterday.

Pen and Not So Much Ink

From Chatelaine magazine:

“A recent study involving brain scans found that women get the same gratification from giving to a good cause as we get from eating chocolate or even a night of sex.”

I can see that. I do like giving something to someone when I know it was a good choice and will be used well. That’s another good thing about Christmas. No wonder it’s such a great holiday, all that chocolate and giving gifts too.

I’m using a new pen tonight. It looks really pretty and sparkly on the outside but the ink inside isn’t much use. It kept skipping so I had to retrace my letters and lines. Annoying but true.

The snow is really piled up outside but it was sunny for awhile today and a bit of it melted. Looks like there might even be an end to the car craziness in sight.

Good for Me!

It’s December! It’s December! It’s December!

It’s my month. Kind of exciting, kind of an adventure. Happy Birthday to be to Me!

Not that I’m excited about getting older but just glad to still be here, still kicking around, still laughing and still seeing life all around me. Still learning new things. Still trying new ideas and still finding something to make me look forward to the next day.

Getting older isn’t my focus. Being here at all is what I celebrate each December.

Speaking of which… I’m watching Kitchen Nightmares and getting sleepy. Time for the late night brain closure. Nice to get into bed some nights. The house isn’t even so cold tonight.

Happy December, see you later today.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath from Dried Floral Shop. I’d like one of these to stick on the door. On the inside so you could add some herbs to dry in there as well and have all that fragance inside the house all winter long. I found this while looking for Christmas roses, also known as Lenton rose and other names which I can’t think of right now. I usually know the latin-type thing but just can’t pull it out of my brain at the moment.

It is freezing here today. The sun was out for awhile and I had hopes… but they are crushed now. The wind is howling and it began to snow again. At first it was those bigger flakes but it soon became that icy sharp kind of snow that stings when it brushes your face. So, I am quite liking the idea of taking a taxi into work today. Plus, I won’t have to leave as early. Soon though, like 10 minutes.

See you tonight, early tomorrow.

My Career as a Mad Man-Stalker

Three Facts:

A) There is a guy at work I really like. First it was just his sexy, wicked smile but then I began to notice how nice and calm he is, like pouring water over water. Just something kind of nice. Can’t find the right words for it. He also has a wicked smile, like a pirate, did I mention that? (I really don’t care what a guy’s butt looks like- if I wanted to look at a butt I’d get one of those dogs that walk around with their tail all curled up, that would be plenty of butt for anyone into that sort of thing – I’m not a dog person, luckily). Also, when I began some research into the guy at work he got good reviews. He is a nice guy with a good sense of humour. Though no one else seems to think he looks like anything special. (Their loss, likely all dog people).

B) I am not someone any guy has ever gone crazy for. Plus I’m plus sized, quite a bit… quite a lot…. plus sized. This does not give me a good feeling about the whole attacking first plan of luring in said non-dog, pirate smile, guy.

C) Based on past experience I don’t have a flying clue what to do with a guy should I ever actually get one I really do want. Get him and have him actually be in the same town at the same time for an extended period of time. I am limited in man handling experience. I married the only guy I slept with and was a virgin until late in life. I was not a late bloomer, I’m not sure what happened. Or didn’t happen. Still isn’t happening. I just don’t seem to get noticed. I could tattoo something suggestive on my forehead and only other women would notice me and ask me what the heck I was thinking when I did such a lame brain thing. Men would only notice the other women talking to me, not me.

So I have these facts set out for you.

Now, the solution I am working on, in theory…. stalking him.

Yes it’s kind of dramatic and risky. Some would say foolish and stupid. But, someone has to try these things from the woman’s point of view, why not me? Well, why not?

So, I took the first steps in the potential stalking. I found his last name and came home to look up his address and phone number. I still don’t have the full address cause it turns out it is an apartment building and the phone book did not list the apartment number. No doubt I can figure that out. It just has to be in a non-threatening way. You know, there is a thin line between stalking and being a threat or just plain scaring off the guy. If you start calling him prey, for instance, that’s a bad sign. A pretty bad sign in fact. Avoid that one.

That is all the progress I have made in the potential stalking to date. I have thoughts about sending an anonymous greeting card to his address, once I find it. Note, you must be careful to keep it anonymous as that is a big part of the whole plan. If he doesn’t know who I am he won’t be able to gently let down the fat grrl at work. If he doesn’t know who I am he can just keep thinking he is really hot stuff… if only he knew which of those babes at work sent him the greeting card. You see how well that works. Anyway, who can resist the hint of mystery, a little puzzle to solve and whet his curiousity while stroking his ego.

Thus ends my first day as an official mad man-stalker. Not a lot of progress made but nothing to concern the police with either. So, not a bad first day, all in all.

Another Day of Fresh Snow

It’s late. Silly to still be up this late. But here I am.

Working the evening shift is ok. But I can’t get to sleep when I get home. My brain perks up soon after I walk in the door. I tried to avoid coffee tonight. But now I’m just hungry and thirsty. There doesn’t seem to be a win-win situation, so far. I’m working on it. Buttermilk the other night would have been almost an ideal solution. But, so often, when I buy butter milk it is curdled even though it has plenty of time before it expires. It’s not drinkable when it all comes out in chunks. As great as it is when it’s fresh I just can’t make myself drink it when it’s curdled and lumped up.

So, I’m trying to come up with a new plan. Something that doesn’t keep me awake and yet helps so I’m not going to bed hungry and dying of thirst. Like tonight.

More snow today. Anyone want some?

I think I’m getting tired enough now. It’s a minute to 4:am so that’s a good thing. I could be up in two more hours and catch the first Barrie transit bus into town, get breakfast at McDonald’s, fall asleep at the table, get mistaken for a street person and tossed out. Then I’d have to wander the downtown streets of Barrie looking for a place to nap until 3:00 when I get to start work.

I think I’ll skip that plan and just sleep till 10:00.

Nightie night.

Questions on Facebook

I was sucked into Facebook by people at work. Even though only a couple of them seem to use it enough to be actual addicts. It is a way to send notes at least. Beyond that it’s really at the high school level. Lots of little things to do, some I like. There is one where you ask questions and leave your Facebook people to answer them. Here are two I posted this morning when I should have been doing other things.

Would you rather date a guy who looks great, hasn’t got a brain cell to spare and can’t afford to buy you a coffee… or a guy who doesn’t look good though he is clean and tidy and can carry a conversation but also just carries lint in his wallet?

Admit it… wouldn’t it be a lot of fun to have a sexy guy come over, strip down to his boxers, smile in just the right way and… start to wash your windows?

How would you answer?

Too Many Rules or Addictions

How weird it would be to do a Rip Van Winkle and wake up one day to find out years had passed while you were asleep. The worst thing would be having your body age while you lost all that time of being alive and using it, living in it. Though you weren’t dead, just not awake which is kind of like being dead, in a way. You certainly are about as active.

If there were a real purpose to dreams and if you had dreams each time it would be a bit better. I don’t dream nearly as often as I used to. Then, even if I do, I very seldom remember the dreams. Five minutes after I have woken up whatever bits I did remember are drifting like mist through my brain cells.

Coffee does not help. It doesn’t hurt but it doesn’t seem to wake me up at all. I can easily skip coffee in the morning and still be just fine. I’m glad about that. I don’t like having too many rules or addictions.