The New Bride Groom

For me marriage has now become more of an servant relationship for me. Lately I’ve gotten much better at serving, I’m used to getting up earlier to make breakfast, take care of the home, I give excellent massage and oral sex has become a daily thing in my recent relationships. I know if I were to ever marry, the ring would symbolize not just a bond, but ownership. I’m not rushing to marry but if I ever do, I know I would be hers forever.

Source: Submissive in the City: Submissive Marriage

Royal Frocks

Diana’s outfits served a different purpose, says Nothdruft. A recent bride and new mother to baby William, she projected a softer side of the royal family.“

Diana had a much more fairytale look with a princess-like aura. Her designers set out to create that image for her.”

Or, as her favourite designer Catherine Walker wrote in her autobiography, “It was about beauty and dreams.”

via Royal frocks | News Global TV.

I don’t like the media saying Katherine in the new Diana. Diana was her own person as Katherine is her own person. They will do things their own way and in their own time. Things are different in the 20 plus years since we had Princess Diana to royal watch.






A Bad End: A Bride Denied

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Friday February 20, 2004  

“Greg, I’d be lying if I said this was going to hurt you as much as it’s going to hurt me. It’s not going to hurt me at all. In fact, I’m going to have fun while you squirm.” Sharon jerked on his collar and slipped the leash through one of the metal loops. “Get up, you’ve got a long night ahead of you.”

She yanked on the leash and pulled him along, back to the main room. Kicking the box and packaging out of her way she sat down on the couch and hauled him down over her lap. His hands were grabbed one at a time and locked onto the sides of his collar with handcuffs. It was very uncomfortable to have his arms twisted up mostly behind his back. He wasn’t putting up with this!

Without saying anything Sharon began spanking him. Greg was so surprised he didn’t even feel the sting of her hand right away. He started to get up but she jerked on the leash again, pulling him back down. When he still struggled to stand the leash was removed, she dug an elbow into the small of his back and then began whipping his ass with the leather leash. That really stung. Greg, struggled harder but she thwarted him by jabbing in her elbow harder. Other than becoming violent himself there was little he could do but let himself be spanked. It was humiliating.

The spanking didn’t become painful, just stinging repeatedly. It felt like wasps were stinging his butt cheeks over and over again. Just as he was wondering how much more he could tolerate she stopped, hooked the leash back into his collar and shoved him off her lap and onto the floor. He looked up at her, his ass and his pride abused, and started getting mad.

“You have no right to do anything like that to me.” He demanded.

“I have every right Greg. You’re my male bride. You signed the contract, you handed over your identity and your life to the agency and myself.” Sharon, pushed him over and stood up. “As far as the world is concerned you don’t even exist any more. You belong to me, completely and until death.”

Sharon left him on the floor. She went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of cold water. When she came back she had one for him, in a babyish plastic cup. “You didn’t really read all those papers, did you?” She tossed the thick stack of papers at him and freed his hands so he could pick them up. “You should read them now. You really should have read them before. Though, I seriously doubt you would be here if you had.” She laughed softly, without much sympathy and left him. She went to bed in her own room. He heard the door close, softly.

Greg spent the next several hours reading the contracts and paperwork. Finding out just how little control he now had over his own life and just how little he could do about it. At some point he tried to leave the apartment. But, it was locked from inside. No one would be coming in or getting out without some help from a security expert or the owner of the apartment and the security.

His ass was too sore to sit down so he went back to the bathroom and had a shower. He felt better then. He tried her bedroom door as he went by but it was locked. He was shut in the apartment and shut out of her room. Alone. Feeling pretty depressed and fatalistic he went into the smaller bedroom and feel asleep on top of the bed.

She was there when his eyes opened. She was the one who actually peeled his eyes open and prodded his numb ass. “It’s Friday, I took off today and the weekend. Get up. Your first job of each day is to be up early and make the coffee. After that you can start what ever cleaning needs to be done. I make my own breakfast and will let you know when you can be fed. This morning I’ll make my own coffee but it will be the last time.”

He moaned but she didn’t show any pity. When he turned over his ass felt on fire. So he half rolled off the bed, realizing he was alone again and went into the bathroom. She’d left out soap and a towel for him. Both had his name written on them in laundry marker. There were a few cupboards but each were locked. If he wanted anything to put on his ass he’d have to actually ask her for it. That was just a bit too much, he’d rather live with the pain.

Sharon had already made breakfast and was finishing her first cup of coffee when he finally wandered into the kitchen. So far she wasn’t too impressed with Greg. He seemed more like a sulky kid than anyone you’d want to spend real time with. He was definitely ruining her long weekend. Little jerk. Well, she had already phoned the agency to come over and bring a replacement. Bianca, the agency founder had taken the call herself. She’d apologized for the unsatisfactory bride. There wasn’t much to do until Bianca came over.

“You may as well have breakfast Greg. There’s a kiddie bowl on the sideboard. Don’t make a mess.” Sharon was too annoyed to sit with him so she gathered up her coffee and went into the next room.

“What’s for breakfast?” Called Greg. She ignored him. Was he really that dense?

“There’s nothing here but Sugar Flakes.” He whined. Yes, he really was that dense. Thankfully she wasn’t going to be stuck with him.

Sharon spent the morning reading the paper and waiting for Bianca. Greg spent the morning lolling around her apartment, not cleaning up the wrappings from yesterday or his own breakfast mess from this morning. Sharon could feel her annoyance building into anger. Bianca had promised to be there just after noon. It couldn’t be too soon.

Male Order Bride

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Thursday February 12, 2004  

The package was delivered on time, wrapped in bright yellow paper and tied around with a neon pink ribbon. Just as it was shown in the fancy catalogue. Three men delivered it to her apartment, high in the sky of downtown Toronto. It was a heavy package. The men lingered, expecting a tip for services rendered. They didn’t know her of course. She wasn’t a big tipper, not for those kind of services anyway. They soon left and she was alone with her package.

All was quiet for awhile. She took her time, made fresh coffee, kicked off her high heeled work shoes and flipped through the latest issue of her favourite magazine. She knew it wouldn’t stay quiet for ever. She was right, as usual.

The package began making moaning sounds. Before long it began moving, being bumped from within. She wasn’t alarmed. She knew she could expect just what she had ordered. The company was very reliable. None of her orders had been anything less than perfect in the past. The only difference was this time it was personal. This time she had ordered for herself. Not another friend, a co-worker or a needy relative. This one was all hers.

So, when she finally had enough thrill of suspense she unwrapped her package. The ribbon unwound and the yellow paper ripped easily. The lid of the box was at last opened by the man not quite patiently waiting inside, her own male order bride.

Getting out of the box was interesting. She laughed as he tried to figure out how to escape a cardboard box without looking foolish. It was a losing battle. How could any naked man not look foolish while trying to escape from a cardboard box? She gave him a break and tipped him over. It seemed to hurt his dignity to have to crawl out, like a lizard, on his belly. But she liked it.

“I’m Sharon. Do you have your papers, little man?” She said.

“Yes.” He pulled a thick envelope out of the box and gave it to her. He remained on his knees in front of her, waiting as he had been told to do.

“So… Greg, welcome to my home. You may make use of the washroom while I check your papers.”

“Thank you.” He dashed off quickly before realizing he had no idea where to go. He turned back to ask but she had already turned away, leaving him on his own.

However, he found it wasn’t a big place and after opening a door to her bedroom and a second bedroom he found the bathroom at the end of the hall. A shower would have been great but the agency had prepared him with lotions and such and he didn’t want to wash all that off before he knew she was pleased enough to keep him and sign all the papers. At least she was easy on the eyes. That had been one of his worries. It wouldn’t be easy to please a woman he didn’t find pleasing.

Sharon, meanwhile, had already skimmed the papers and signed them. The agency had sent her a copy to check over already, the paperwork sent with the bride was just an extra copy for him to keep. To let him think he still had some options. Sharon was about to let him know differently.

Greg had just finished washing his hands when she walked into the bathroom. He almost protested the invasion before remembering the bargain he’d made. He was her bride, as they called him. In exchange for his room, board and spending money, he now belonged to her. Not a bad deal if you can get it. So his friends had told him. He was less sure now than he had been when he first signed up. Still, it was a lot better than being homeless.

“Everything seems in order Greg. But I want to check more than your paperwork.” She circled around him, trailing her fingers over his naked skin. “Make your cock hard so I can see how you look with a hard on. When you’re ready come into the hallway.” She turned off the bathroom light and left him.

Greg felt pretty strange. As if being unwrapped from a box, naked, wasn’t unordinary enough. But, it was a simple enough thing to do. He began stroking his cock, slowly at first. Thinking about her and what he had seen of her body through her skirt and blouse. The red colour had been quite a turn on. It didn’t take him more than a couple of minutes to achieve a good erection and find his way into the hall still stroking his now hard cock.

She was waiting with a stop watch. “Very good Greg. Not bad time at all for the first time. Now you can go into your bedroom, lie on the bed and wait for me. Keep your cock hard until I come to use you.” She pointed him to the smaller bedroom beside her own.

Sharon brought a leash and collar with her when she came back. They were red with silver studs. The collar had several large loops for attachments. The collar was locked around his neck with a thick padlock.

“This is a training collar. Later you will have a permanent collar which will be welded shut around your neck. Now, my little man bride, lie down on your bed and be a good boy.”

Sharon pushed him backwards until he mostly fell across the bed. She pulled off her blouse, skirt, bra and panties and sat astride his hips. Greg was getting harder, liking the rough treatment and the promise of sex of course. Sharon rose up a little, took hold of his cock and rubbed the tip along her pussy lips. Greg felt her wetness as his cock dipped in, between her wet lips. Sharon shifted up and took his cock inside her, pushing down against him until his cock filled her pussy. Greg gasped, bucking his hips up, penetrating her himself. The agency had denied him sex for months but he was kept in a state of almost constant arousal. This was what he had been begging for! His balls began to tighten and he could feel his cock pounding with building pressure, needing so much to come.

That’s when Sharon slapped him. Not a hard slap. Just a quick, sharp smack on one cheek to get his attention. It did.

“You may not come yet my bride. You have to please me first. If you can’t do that you will go without yourself, do you understand?”

“Yes” Greg managed to gasp. He tried to think of something that would cool down his raging need to come. Nothing much came to mind, just her round, firm breasts, bouncing slightly as she continued to ride his cock. Just the feel of her pussy clenched around his cock, the feel of her wet pussy… He couldn’t help it. He came all at once, all of a sudden. It was one of the best orgasms he’d ever had.

“Well little bride. You haven’t pleased me, not very well at all.”

Greg couldn’t even answer.

Sharon leaned down over his prone and now slack body. She whispered in his ear, “You’re going to be punished now.”

Not Just for Brides

I posted about these brooches made into bouquets for weddings on my other blog. I found them being called brooch bouquets, this one was called a blooming brooch.  But, really why should they just be for weddings? They are gorgeous and would be a nice project, something to do with a brooch collection if you have several you don’t wear very often.  It’s not something you would wear, the shape is too bulky, but it would be a lovely way to display all your brooches and add a lot of sparkle to the room. What a great centrepiece on the table. Rather than having your brooches tucked away in a jewelry box they could be a showpiece for you every day.

The Steampunk Corset

Steampunk Corset from – The problem I have seen with corsets for full figured women is the tendency for them to flip up at the bottom. I had to wear a bridesmaid dress which had a corset quality. Every time I sat down I had my dress flip up to the level of my boobs. As much as I like the idea of corsets I have mixed feelings about ever actually wearing one again. Though I do have great boobs for corset wearing.