Bryan Adams | I Finally Found Someone

Bryan Adams is on TV tonight, a live concert (originally) for the “At the Concert Hall” series.

I love this song. It didn’t get play tonight. But, I can sing it to myself.

I finally found someone – that knocks me off my feet

I finally found the one – that makes me feel complete

It started over coffee – we started out as friends

It’s funny how from simple things – the best things begin

This time it’s different – da da da da…

And it’s all because of you – da da da da…

It’s better than it’s ever been – cause we can talk it through

My favorite line was ‘can i call you some time?’

It’s all you to had to say – to take my breath away

This is it

Oh – i finally found someone – someone to share my life

I finally found the one – to be with every night

Whatever i do – it’s just got to be you

My life has just begun – i finally found someone

Did i keep ya waiting? I didn’t mind

I apologize – baby that’s fine

I would wait forever just ta know you were mine

Ya know – i love your hair – are you sure it looks right?

I love what you wear – isn’t it too tight?

You’re exceptional – can’t wait for the rest of my life

This is it

Oh – i finally found someone – someone to share my life

I finally found the one – to be with every night

Cuz whatever i do – it’s just got to be you

My life has just begun – i finally found someone

And whatever i do – it’s just got to be you

My life has just begun – i finally found…someone…

via Bryan Adams.

Canadian Idol: Earl

The Early Bird was the next to go this week. All the fun guys are gone, not much to watch now. Likely I will give a few votes to Mitch but it sure won’t be the same show without Mookie and Earl to keep it moving. Seems kind of dead in the water now. Too bad when Bryan Adams is finally! coming to Canadian Idol (next week).

Good luck to Earl. Listen to his songs on MySpace if you want to hear him. One thing for sure, none of the other guys make everyone smile and laugh the way Early does. Though he looks like a goof there really is something great about Earl. If you smile at him you know he would always smile back.

Melting to the Music

People ask about your music choices and I never really have anything to tell them. I can listen to whatever comes on the radio, standard type fare. But, in truth, the music that makes me melt into a pile of romantic slush is the old stuff and the classical stuff. Sometimes the mushiness of Bryan Adams and Barry Manilow and Jann Arden and so on. I’ve been listening to the Rod Stewart’s Great American Songbook CDs tonight and right now I am total mush. I’d go on a date with just about any guy tall enough to hold me while we danced close enough for him to softly sing the words in my ear. Likely the date would end well for both of us.

Excuse me while I flip to the next CD in the series. I had to buy all four when I found them. I also have female crooners and jazz singers but tonight Rod Stewart is getting the air time.

Classical music too… especially something with a cello, kind of strong and mellow.

Witches (Not So) Weekly

What is one item that is sacred to you? (Can be anything, tool, amulet, object, etc)

What holidays or time of year do you consider most sacred to you personally?

Describe your sacred space (can be anywhere, indoors, outdoors, etc):

One item which always feels spiritual and elemental to me are rocks, stones, pebbles and so on. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I like that they feel firm and hard in your hand, worn and created by the Earth and water. There is nothing quite like a rock warmed by the sun. Pavement and sand get too hot but a rock takes the heat and keeps enough or bounces it off enough that you can sit on it even when you run to get there across the burning sand or paved lot. There is just something special about rocks.

St. Patricks Day may be most sacred to me personally. Some of my Grandparents were from Ireland and I miss them. It may not be my favourite holiday on the Pagan or standard calendar but it does have a lot of personal meaning.

I think my sacred space is sitting right here in front of my computer monitor. Coffee mug (huge coffee mug) within easy reach when I stop typing. I have pretty much created an altar right here with something from all the elements. I’ve got a jasper rock on a chain. Wooden beads made into a hair band. Hand cream made from a shop called Fruits and Passion. Hand sanitizer, surely that counts as a water element if the coffee doesn’t do it for you. I’ve got Jann Arden, Bryan Adams, Loreena McKennitt, and Jazz Divas CDs beside my monitor, handy for sticking in the CD player. Couldn’t those count for the wind element as you need sound waves to hear them. Stretching a bit, maybe. Of course fire is covered by electricity powering the whole thing and the lights I’ve got on so I can see what I’m doing down here in the basement apartment. Not a bad altar eh?

Blame it on Amy

  1. Name: Laura
  2. Age: Bite me.
  3. Where do you live: In a cave at the edge of the world. (Ontario for those will less imagination).
  4. What makes you happy: Being alive everyday makes me happy. Little things make me happy, the big things give me orgasms of delight.
    05: Fandoms: You can be my fan.
  5. What have you been listening to lately: Radio, Lovers and Other Strangers was just on.
  6. Favourite film: I don’t know yet. I like Moulin Rouge, Princess Bride…
  7. Favourite band/singer: Bryan Adams, Crast Test Dummies, Alanah Myles… assorted others.
  8. Interesting fact about you: I’ve gotten to the point where I really can type faster than I think, usually typo free too. Somedays I amaze myself.
  9. Are you in love at the moment: Not bloody likely.
  10. Favourite destination: I’d really like to see Russia, also South America and so many other places. But, for now I settle for a booth in Williams Coffee Pub and a good book.
  11. Favourite quote:
    The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” – Eden Phillpotts
    “What’s ahead of me and what’s behind me are nothing compared to what’s inside me.” – Jean Shapiro
  12. When is your birthday: December 19th.
  13. Will you post this in your LJ: Yes.