Today’s title is a sound, not an actual word.

I am tired and I don’t know why. True I took a book to bed with me last night and read about 150 pages before I finally turned out the light. But, I also slept in. That should equal out, right?

But, I started taking medication for depression and OCD (which is short for obsession, really). I didn’t really think I had any abnormal hang ups until I started looking at the things I do a bit closer. I do have a lot of focus for details, especially once something catches my interest. I do get fussy about the smallest things, having them right. Not that I’m a tidy neat freak. Apparently though, being a neat freak is not actually required. Being a hoarder is the other side of the bucket.

Don’t get pictures of hoarders you see on TV. I’m not that extreme. I keep it to one room, mostly. I don’t bring food around here, other than coffee and the occasional snack which I am careful about. I don’t have mice and the only bugs are those attracted to my hoard of paper, not crumbs of food. So, I’m not a disaster of a hoarder. Just a hoarder light. I did get quite a bit of it cleaned up too but it seems to be creeping back. Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

I think the medicine I’m taking is making me tired. That is one of the side effects but I thought by now (over the first month of taking them) Id’ be past that. The tired comes over me all of a sudden. If you have ever taken an allergy pill (anti-histamine) you will know what that’s like. One minute you are fine the next you can’t possibly seem to keep your eyes open and your body wants to melt down and rest on the floor (or something softer if you can pull yourself together long enough). Maybe not everyone reacts to allergy pills that way. I find even the non-drowsy pills get me.

I’m mostly back to working on my sites again. Still getting sucked into little details rather than starting in on the bigger jobs like all those photographs for the exploration which need to be posted to Flickr (no posts since 2013!) and now my own urban exploration site, Wrecky Rat Bird. I also want to find a simple way to watermark my photos. This gets complicated because I don’t want to watermark my originals, just a web copy. Also, I have a lot of photos on Flickr but my originals from years past are burned on CDs and I’m not sure where they are in the clutter. Another thing, I found one of my saved CD’s but it was broken in half. Discouraging. So I guess that is all part of why I keep putting off the big job of posting my photos. Instead I’m fluffing around with plugins which I could really not bother with compared to the actual photo content which I do need.

There won’t be an image with this post. I’m mostly writing to keep myself awake and it seems to be working. So far. But, I need to get more done than this today. I should have gone out to the grocery store but I put that off for another day. I did the same thing yesterday. Urgh and bleh! There are days like that.

Where the Wild Things Are: Are you Superstitious?

Originally posted to ‘BackWash: Where the Wild Things Are’ newsletter, October, 22, 2003.

Are you superstitous? Don’t deny it too quickly. There are sorts of little things we do without even considering them to be a superstition. Do you read horoscopes? How much credit do you give to them? Would you consider your day not as great if you have a poor horoscope? Kind of superstitious aren’t you?

Wicca and Witchcraft are full of superstition though we might deny it. I think, Pagans in general, try to distance themselves from the occult and the superstitions which have all gotten a bad reputation.

It’s funny cause the very stuff they deny is partly what their beliefs are based on. Occult was a word long before Wicca. Meanwhile, I expect superstitions have been around right from the first people on the planet.

Most people think about superstitions around weddings, births and deaths, the major life events. I think those are the times when we are most off balance, in need of some extra sign or guidance that everything will be ok. That’s really what a superstition is. Just that extra assurance that you’re going to be all right.

Of course, some superstitions are safety precautions. You should avoid walking under ladders, breaking mirrors and squishing spiders. Not because you fear having a run of bad luck but because it’s less likely ladders will fall on your head, glass will cut your hand and spiders are needed for eating other bugs. It’s all logical and reasonable.

So go ahead and avoid stepping on cracks, tossing salt over your shoulder and so on, guilt free. Superstitions might be soffed but they have their own purpose and history. As long as they harm none what’s the harm in humouring your own superstitions?

Does Every Domme Like Pirate Women?

These are cute pirate women but, they aren’t women wearing skimpy pirate costumes. That, bugs me. Pirate women would not be showing a lot of skin or wearing high heels. They would have to be practical. Wearing skimpy stuff on board a ship full of men would not work well when it came to keeping control. Climbing rigging and all of that would be tricky in heels and short skirts too.

Does every Domme/ FemDom like pirate women or is it just me that thinks about these things?

Anger Towards Spiders

I never understand the anger management issues with spiders. I’ve got one living on the ceiling of my bedroom. He/ she has been there all winter. I’ll catch him/her and dump them outside now that it’s spring.

I know people don’t like spiders. But to feel all this anger towards them is a bit creepy and very unjustified.

No, I don’t pick them up and I don’t choose to keep them around as pets. But, I’m not out to get them either.

Are you having some sort of predator moment? Fearing you will have to share food sources with the spider? They eat bugs, if you’ve sunk that low… reconsider.

Are you afraid of a venomous spider? There are few of them in North America. Relax, the spider isn’t out to eat you. It would be happy to avoid you entirely. You’re not nearly crunchy enough.

Foraging 2.0: Grafting Fruit-Bearing Branches To Neutered City Trees

Foraging 2.0: Grafting Fruit-Bearing Branches To Neutered City Trees: SFist.

This is interesting to me because we gathered apples from abandoned farms and along the roadside from trees which were pretty forgotten. These apples would be heritage seeds and possibly types of apples no longer grown commercially. Yet they were often a stronger or better type of apple, resistant to bugs and disease. But unpopular for some other reason.

The idea grafting branches never occurred to me. It would give you the chance to have apples much sooner than growing a new tree from seed. Also, a lot of trees grown from seed just don’t make it. Grafting would have a better chance for success, though need more time to keep the tree from going back to it’s roots, literally.

Weekend Snapshot: Praying Mantis

We rescued this mantis from the parking lot at the garden centre. Brought it home in a Tim Hortons coffee cup and set it free in the backyard. He was pretty quick to start hunting for bugs on the roses. I’ve looked for him since then but he has done a great disappearing act. Whether he is really gone or just blending in with the garden plants I don’t know. I hope nothing ate him.

Balloon Race… Disappointing

The Internet Balloon Race is over and I’m not going to miss it. I never saw any sign of my blog being included. Never saw the next site for balloons to go to appear on the right hand side. Never figured out how giving other racers a boost made any difference for them or myself. Never found a way to show I had been on a site which I visited during the race.

Also, there were several bugs and glitches. A pretty long list. For one I had to keep allowing other sites to open pop up windows for my browser. Now I will go in and delete all of those settings. Several sites running some kind of script or code disabled the balloons. I could not boost my own balloon, change it’s direction or boost another racer until the balloon cleared the section of the site which had the odd code. Some sites were totally unusable in this way. Many sites had a note up that they were not available. Many sites had no content at all. Few sites seemed to be participating with a balloon racer of their own. Or maybe they were like me and had added their site but it just never happened.

So overall I would say the balloon race was disappointing. It needed to be better thought out and planned and REALLY needed a much better FAQ, with far more information than was provided. How the race worked is still a mystery to me. I did get my balloon moving along but did not really understand how or why.

LockerGnome: Blogging Should Be Sexy

I revamped and changed the focus of the blog I was writing for LockerGnome. Now it’s called Blogging Should Be Sexy. Is the neon pink too much? Just cause I like it doesn’t mean anyone else will. 🙂

I wrote an About page for it:

Blogging should be personal, artistic and sexy. Innovative, original and imperfect web publishing for free spirits.

My first blog was on Geocities. Not an official CMS, just something I typed into a text file, added HTML to it and saved to my freebie Geocities pages. I wish I had saved those but I was also writing in my handwritten journal offline so it’s not all gone. Since then I’ve tried several versions and styles of blogs. I’ve stuck with Blogger longest cause it’s fairly simple and lets you focus on the writing and creating instead of figuring out coding and bugs. My current blog was begun June 2004. My first blog was started in 1998.

My blog style is imperfect, experimental and requires creative ingenuity. It’s also a lot of fun! That’s what makes it sexy. I make mistakes, I patch things up and find work arounds. I discover great new ideas and use them. I take risks with my blog cause at the end of the day I’m really doing it to hear myself type. I am pleased to have readers and comments but, I’ll let you know ahead that it’s only me you’ll find behind that curtain. Whatever I am; I am myself first.

There are a lot of sites to find out about SEO, monetization and professional blogging. This isn’t one of them.

Destined for World Domination after All

Lone Chatelaine has this on her blog. Made me wonder if all my great plans for world ruling were for naught in the end. But, no, I’m still on track, still heading for that whole World Domination thing. Just working out a few pesky bugs…

You Are Destined to Rule the World

You have the makings of a very evil dictator…

Which is both kind of cool and kind of scary!

Will you rule the world? Maybe. Maybe not.

But at least you know that you could.