Christmas Tree Standing Advent Calendar

Found this advent calendar and I like it so much I went to the site to see what the cost would be, with shipping. Amazon has it for over $200 but at the site it is about $60 in Canadian money. So, I thought I was being smart to order from there. But… they don’t ship here. A note pops up telling me to try another shipping address. Well, that isn’t going to work out so well for me. Why not just say they can’t ship it. Most people don’t have addresses other than the one they are ordering from.

Anyway, that was disappointing. So, I’m just posting the link and the scanned image from the site.


Sex Bloggers Calendar

Looks like 2009 was the only year the calendar got together. They bought a domain for it but the content up there now is just spam. No calendar of any kind.

Source: New York City Sex Bloggers 2009 Calendar

I think this could be pulled together again. I could find sex bloggers (not restricted to New York) to contribute images so it would mainly be publishing and distribution I’d need to figure out.

Not something which should be free either. I’d need twelve bloggers, including myself, and each of them could have a share of the money. Sex bloggers need to pay the rent too. I’ve thought about it since finding this link but… I don’t think I can take on a project like this. There are too many bits and pieces and things which could go wrong.

Merry Creepy Christmas 2012

This was originally published on HubPages, for Christmas 2012.

This makes me think it's something right out of a creepy Doctor Who Christmas special. It just needs a weeping angel tree topper. Source: Art Ware Editions
This makes me think it’s something right out of a creepy Doctor Who Christmas special. It just needs a weeping angel tree topper.
Source: Art Ware Editions

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. But, some people find the Christmas season frightening, creepy and spooky too. Some people don’t like Christmas because it’s scary.

Christmas can be overwhelming. Endlessly repeating Christmas carols, shopping mall Santas, hungry reindeers, cold-hearted snowmen, stunted looking elves and any other ghastly or terribly ugly Christmas related horrors.

This year we put up two Christmas wreaths, mostly decorated with Christmas lights and gingerbread men we made from felt, beads and other accessories. But, they didn’t look much like the creepy one I found on Deviant Art and we didn’t have zombies on our wreaths. We don’t have zombies on the Christmas tree either. Of course, our tree doesn’t have quite the glow (sort of a manic glow) as this tree all in red lights with a spooky tree topper too. I like of like the creepy dolls on the tree, though I may not rush out to get them this year.

weeping angelsDo you like a Christmas advent calendar? I do. I usually get one every year. There’s a little surprise behind every window. Ever since I was a kid and bought my first advent calendar at the German Christmas Bazaar I’ve made sure to have an advent calendar with little chocolates behind each window every holiday. But, I never thought to look for a Creepy Advent Calendar. A bit late to start it now, but it will probably be around next year – lurking around your windows and doors no doubt.

gingerzombies1It’s not hard to find creepy Christmas cards. Some of them don’t even intend to be creepy, spooky or just plain weird, but they are. Sometimes the artist just draws Santa’s face with an odd leering, grumpy or wicked expression. Sometimes it’s more, so much more sinister. Not every Santa is created like a jolly old elf in a red suit.

gingerzombies2When you get your creepy Christmas cards all written, stamped and addresses, don’t forget to finish them off and give them that extra creepy polish with creepy Christmas mail art.

I even found killer Christmas tree business cards available for the ordering.

Christmas can be Weird

ghastly stocking


I Know I Left it Somewhere…

Forgive me Diary, it’s been…. a long time since I’ve written. Not that I’m Catholic and guilty of anything in particular, I’m just using being busy with nothing much as an excuse.

I wonder what stuff is playing in your head as you read this? Do you have show tunes, oldies, or something entirely different? I’m hearing big band (I think that’s what it’s called). Earlier it was Rainbow Connection by Willie Nelson but that was because I heard it earlier (outside of my head but now, of course, it’s inside my head). Before, or somewhere between, I was listening to an orchestra and watching Fred Astaire dancing in a ballroom. His partner had a long, white glittery dress. But, it was all in black and white so in fact the dress could have been another colour entirely. These are the days of my head. A lot seems to be going on in there. Any time I stop to watch there are usually dancers of some sort. I like the Irish dancers and the fiddle music especially. Do other people have all this in their head usually? These are the things I wonder.

Now I’m thinking about that white gown and redesigning it. It’s starting to have a beach theme, there is a pattern like gentle waves along the hem, about five inches up the skirt from the bottom. Still all in white though. Sleeveless, just white straps at the shoulders, not those spaghetti straps (this is a dress she has to dance in after all, it wouldn’t do for her to have it falling off due to a strap breaking).  A hat would be kind of nice but impractical for the dancing. Still.. it’s my head and I can have her wear a hat if I want to. Something that looks like a partially squashed top hat, a bit informal like that. No veil this time. But it’s white and has the same snow-like glitter as the dress.

You’ve probably seen enough of my head now. About two days later and I still feel a bit weird headed after the clunk from the bow window. I must not have a concussion or anything to worry about. But maybe something is wobbling around up there. At least the headache isn’t very noticeable today. I can still spell my own name and I know what day it is (I looked at the calendar).  So I’m not worried about it, just keeping a check on myself till it all feels right again.

It is a lovely day today. The kind I like anyway. Just a non-weather kind of day. It’s a bit breezy and cool. My Mother the snowbird and gardener doesn’t care for it. But, for me it’s just about perfect. Not hot or humid. I could just about talk myself into going back to bed to enjoy it properly. It helps that I’m actually tired and would love to have an hour nap, or so.

Enough useless babbling. I do have stuff to do. I know I left it somewhere…

Host and Domain Turbulence

The domain I bought for this blog is up for renewal and I think I will just not bother. Today it is down. Third time this year, not calendar year but year since I last paid. Not worth it for a personal blog. People have said they had trouble getting the domain to load at various times.

I may just move over to the new web host and have it as the blog domain. I can have a domain hosted there free as I already have one. Nicer than paying for the same thing twice.

Anyway, if you notice the missing header with the blog title, now you know why it is missing. I should start storing them on the other host.

200 Characters, Or Less

200 Characters. Can you write something using 200 characters (not counting spaces) or less?

Late Nights, Caramel Coffee and The Sims.

My body craves bed, all snug and comfortable. My face feels tired and wants to close off for the night. But here I am, playing The Sims, drinking caramel coffee long after midnight has come and gone.

A good way to twist your words around to fit into a tight spot. Count your letters online at Letter Count. For those who can’t do 200 letters try 200 Sacred Words. (Found this the next night).

I also found the Word Count Journal:

Sometimes a little bit really does go a long way. In Word Count Journal, by gradually building up your writing stamina and discipline, you will see just how easy it is to get a whole lot done. By simply writing a set number of words each day, every day, you will write a whopping 66,795 words at the end of one calendar year. Little by little, through the power of series, the total of your written words will add up to more words than contained in the average novel.

A Green Bouquet

This was in an old Martha Stewart Living magazine. I’ve been trying to clear up some of the clutter around. Lots of magazines, I always seem to buy every Christmas issue of just about everything published with glossy pages. It’s a sickness.

Anyway, I liked this green bouquet as a welcome to December. I’ve found a couple of sites (online game sites) which are doing an advent calendar project this month. Take a look at Neopets and Kingdom of Loathing to see them, you will have to join the site to get in there and see it. Likely other sites are doing something. It’s a great idea for getting traffic or keeping it. But, hopefully they had more than that in mind when they started it.

I have chocolate advent calendars to take to my nephew and neices but will have to wait till I can get out there. Who knows when. I’m sure they won’t mind. All those extra chocolates they can eat to catch up.