FemDom Halloween Costumes Needed

I found these costumes for a BDSM couple but, the order is reversed. She should be the key holder and he is the one locked up. Of course, the ball and chain could work either way. But, not everyone would understand she has him in chains versus him being chained to her. It could help if he were as scantily clad as she is. ballchain

lockkeySource: Adult Lock and Key Couples Costume – Halloween Costumes

Enjoying A Chained Man

I don’t post enough stuff that shows dominant women, because I don’t see very much that seems authentic (in a narrow sense I just now made up where “authentic” means something like “she’s enjoying the situation on her own terms, rather than playing a role to cater to his fantasies”.)

Source: Enjoying A Chained Man – ErosBlog: The Sex Blog

I agree. There aren’t many authentic image of Dom women.

Even fewer which show emotion between the men and the women or – just a man in bondage for a woman but without her on the sidelines (as if watching a performance rather than really being a part of it).

The Wave

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

Wicked Wednesday – Wave

I like the wave of his hair. Most men with long hair just don’t interest me. They let the hair get tangled, they don’t seem to wash it enough (or they just sweat too much). For some reason long haired men never turned me on. Or if one did, it would be about the rest of him, not his hair.

Jeff… I’ll just call him Jeff, has a thick, wavy head of hair. The front is a layer of bangs which tend to fall over his face.  At the back it grows long, a little past his shoulders, soft and luxurious. In the wind his hair blows around his face. When he tips his chin up he looks like a lion with a proud mane.

I like to have Jeff chained to my bed in the morning. His arms resting along the top of the headboard, his wrists chained or tied to the bedposts. His head bowed down, hiding his expression.

If I look closer I will see him watching me. His eyes peer up through his bangs. Accusing, when I left him tied up while I enjoyed a nice Sunday morning breakfast and coffee, without him. Pouting, when he thought I’d been too mean the night before. Best of all, is the slow burn of his smile when he is hoping for more. Of course, I don’t see his smile. It’s there in his eyes, the seductive twinkle. Looking up at me, through that wavy mane of his hair. I know he’s just pretending to be patient, waiting, lurking, tied up in my bed.

kajira/kajirus on Gor

This comes from a personal site which will probably disappear when Tripod starts to dump it’s free hosting.

Male slaves/ submissives following the Gorean ways are kind of rare.  The only thing I really hear about is collaring. There is more to it. It has a lot of ceremony and tradition. It’s quiet and calm (at least that’s how I have seen it to be) versus the aggressive sort of D/s men talk about and claim to want. Of course, you can bring in other ideas and adapt anything, but I generally like the softer, quiet and composed side of the Gorean kajirus way. Continue reading kajira/kajirus on Gor

Types of Gorean Slaves

I like the Gorean style for male submissives. They have gone into so much detail. The service and ownership side of the Gore way of D/s is intricate and sexy. I like to keep information as I find it. Each point can be adapted to my own wants and needs as a Domme.

Types of Slaves

barbarian: a native of the planet Earth, usually used in a derogatory sense in reference to slave girls from that planet. Also defined as slave girls captured from outlying regions or cities. Barbarian slave girls from Earth are considered shamelessly sensual. (Assassin of Gor, page 20; Book 17: Savages of Gor, page 83)

below deck girl: the term used for slave girls transported in the hold of a ship; they are held in individual cages and because of infestations of lice, all of their body hair is shaved; the term ‘below-deck girl’ is used derisively especially by those slave girls allowed to remain on deck in cages, who need not have shaved heads, though all slaves on a slaver ship are unclothed. (Slave Girl of Gor, page 318 – 321)

bond-maid: In the north, the bond-maid is reffered to as a woman whose belly lies beneath the sword. (Marauders of Gor, page 87)

chamber slave: A slave assigned to a chamber who may be used and ‘temporarily’ owned by any Master who resides within said chamber for any period of tim. The number on the collar matches the number for the chamber/room. (Priest-Kings of Gor)

clad kajir: among the Wagon Peoples, this phrase refers to slaves who wear four articles; the curla, chatka, kalmak and koora. (Nomads of Gor, page 30)

coin girl: A slave girl who with a coinbox and triangular flat bell chained around her neck is sent out in the streets of a city to earn money from masters in return for her sexual use.

debtor slut: one who is more of a free woman, unowned and yet collared, serving as a debt or to ‘earn her keep’ (the concept of “earning one’s keep,” in one sense, a strict legal sense, is more appropriate to a free woman than a slave) and pay off debts she may have rung up by ‘toying’ with a Free Man; she may serve sexually even; it is said that such a woman ‘comes cheap’ and of course her use costs less than the use of a typical slave (Vagabonds of Gor)

display slave: a slavegirl whose primary purpose is for the display of her beauty to reflect the affluence of her Master; often chained in coffle with other display slaves behind the palanquin or other transport of her Master

draft slave: (Raiders of Gor, page 15)

earth girls: slave girls abducted from Earth called barbarians. They are considered among Goreans to be the lowest and hottest of slaves. (Guardsman of Gor, page 67)

exotic: a slave male or female bred for special purposes producing quaint or unusual purposes; the slave may be bred for pleasure purposes or just for showcase purposes, such as the sweet curling of a lip or more hideously for long earlobes or a curviture of the spine; an example is the passion slave. (Raiders of Gor, page 15)

fighting slaves: collared slaves, squaring off against one another in the sand often in competition, stripped to the waist. The slaves may or may not carry a weapon such as a hook knife; the victor may or may not win his freedom. (Assassin of Gor) in effect gladiators, men purchased for use as bodyguards or combatants in arranged games. (Fighting Slave of Gor)

first girl: a slave who is put in charge of other girls; given power by her Master/Owner to oversee other slaves, perhaps a specific set of slaves: work slaves, kitchen slaves, etc; she may often do so much as punish those slaves put beneath her. See also lead girl. (Slave Girl of Gor; Captive of Gor, page 295; Nomads of Gor}

flute girl: slave trained in the fine art of music.

galley slave: used for menial, back breaking tasks. (Raiders of Gor)

kettle girl: often said to be too ignorant to even train to be a slave. (Assassin of Gor)

kitchen slave: (Assassin of Gor)

lead girl: a slave who is put in charge of other girls; in the books she even directs the guards to do certain things to the slaves; addressed by the slaves beneath her as ‘mistress’

love slave: a slave who is loved by her Master and taken for His love for her, often the most ‘perfect’ of bondages is between a love slave and her love Master. (Magicians of Gor)

luck girl: a slave girl who acts as mascot onboard ship; her use is usually reserved for the captain of the ship but she may be shared with the crew usually as a disciplinary measure. (Book 16: Tribesmen of Gor, page 61)

mul: slaves of the Priest-Kings (Priest-Kings of Gor)

passion slave: a slave girl who has been bred rather captured; specifically one that has been bred for a particular trait such as beauty or slave heat or the shape of her lips. (Priest Kings of Gor, page 53)

peirced-ear girl: a common Turian custom which became popular after the fall of Turia to the Wagon Peoples; such a girl is permanently marked as the most abject of slaves. (Captive of Gor, pages 157, 167 and 319; Savages of Gor, page 10-11)

pleasure slave: a slave girl whose main function is sexual servitude to her master; traditionally she kneels with her knees spread wide and her hands either resting on her thighs or in some cities crossed behind her ready for binding. (Captive of Gor, page 101)

pot girl: a slave girl whose main function is cooking and other menial tasks. (Assassin of Gor, page 164)

red silk girl: A slave girl who is not a virgin, or, as is said on Gor, her body has been ‘opened by men’. (Savages of Gor, page 205; Blood Brothers of Gor, page 472; Dancer of Gor, pages 128 and 204)

sa-fora: slavegirl; Chain Daughter or Daughter of the Chain. (Nomads of Gor, page 30; Hunters of Gor ,page 194)

seduction slave: a slave used to trap an unwitting Free Woman into couching with him so that she may be bonded to his owner by law. (Magicians of Gor)

serving slaves: often uncollared within the house; sent about to tend to tidying up and cleaning and feeding new slaves. (Assassin of Gor)

she-urts: short for ‘she-urts of the wharves’ homeless free girls – runaways, vagabonds, orphans, etc. – who live near the canals in port cities surviving by scavenging begging stealing and sleeping with paga attendants; they sleep wherever they find space and usually wear a brief tunic instead of Robes of Concealment. (Explorers of Gor, page 62)

silk girl: term used by those of Torvaldsland to denote a slavegirl from the southern cities; often used disparagingly.(Marauders of Gor, page 144)

silk slave: a male pleasure slave. His function, unlike the common kajirus, is attendance to a free woman. (Fighting Slave of Gor, pages 157 and 164; Mercenaries of Gor, page 437)

state slave: slave owned by the city or state; wears a distinctive color or garment for the state; often may have short/shorn hair that is brushed back from the face (Assassin of Gor; Raiders of Gor)

white silk girl: a virgin or as is said on Gor, a slave who has not been ‘opened by men’. (Savages of Gor, page 205; Blood Brothers of Gor, page 472; Dancer of Gor, page 128)

pagar kajira: pleasure slave

work girl: a simple slave sent to the duties of working, cleaning, kitchen, washing, etc… beneath many of the other slaves, the lowest of the low.(Captive of Gor)

Slave Collars

This comes from Gorean Impressions, a post about collars and collaring from the typical Gore theme of the male Dom and female submissive. But, the ideas are about the same, just reversed.


Their are reasons for why a slave wears a collar:
1) Visibly designates a girl as slave
2) Impresses a girl’s slavery upon her, makes her more aware of her slavery
3) Identifies her Master
4) Makes it easier to leash her
5) Makes it easier to put her in various ties/restraints
6) Because it is beautiful
7) Because it pleases the Master to do so

A collar is the most personal item that a slave may wear. It not only designates her as slave but it also is often enscribed with her owner’s name. A collar may be as simple as a piece of cloth of fiber and as intricate as gold with jewels upon it.

The collar, unlike the brand, is not permanent and may be changed within the same house or by the same Master or as the slave is sold from Master to Master (Tarnsman of Gor), just like the slave’s nick may be changed.

A slave’s collar often denotes her rank. Perhaps a lowly kettle slave may wear a fiber collar or at most an iron collar. A slave purely trained for pleasure may wear an enamelled collar of yellow or red or whatever color her owner sees fit to put her in. A love slave may even bare a collar encrustled or dangling with jewels. A punished slave may wear a collar with bells upon it so that her master may not find her ‘sneaking’ upon him.

“Where in Tharna,” I asked, “did you find Pleasure Slaves?” I had noted that the throats of the girls were encircled by silver collars.{Outlaw of Gor}

The last book of the series states that a slave should have the new collar put upon her throat before the old is taken off. This way the slave feels no sense of freedom, even if only for a few ihn.

I then fetched the collar, designed to resemble a state collar, from the flat leather box. I went behind her and locked it on her neck, above the Appanius collar. She now wore two collars. I then removed the Appanius collar from her neck. In this way there was no moment in which she was not in at least one collar.{Magicians of Gor, 358}

It is said that once the collar is off the girl is in fact free. She may be free for just the moment or she may be freed to become the Master’s Free Companion.

Different cities/regions are known to have their own style of collar. For instance the Turian collar is round and loose. The Bazi-style collar is wide, tapered towards the top, belled out at the bottom, and commonly inscribed and/or enameled with intricate designs and motifs which signify the Owner and/or the nature of the kajir.

The collars of the male slaves are often not lock collars. The collars are even hidden so that they may not see how numerous they really are.

Whether or not there were male slaves I could not well judge, for the collars would have been hidden by the gray robes. There is no distinctive garment for a male slave on Gor, since, as it is said, it is not well for them to discover how numerous they are. {Outlaw of Gor}

Types of Collars

Bazi style collar: a wide collar, tapered towards the top, belled out at the bottom, and commonly inscribed and/or enameled with intricate designs and motifs which signify the Owner and/or the nature of the kajir.

cord collar: made of cord fashioned from the rence plant it is worn by rencer slaves and carries a small disk to identify the owner.

dance collar: a collar to which light- weight (but effective) chain has been attached in order to set off the dancer.

fiber collar: a simple collar made only of cloth or fiber. (Raiders of Gor)

galley slave collar: a heavy collar often having a chain hanging from it; for use with galley slaves. (Raiders of Gor)

house collar: often portrayed the name of the house where the slave belonged to, the house normally bearing the name of the owner; often bearing a legend–for example ‘I am the property of the House of Cernus’; sometimes it would even say from which part of the house, such as the baths; sometimes even the cost for the use of the slave would be engraved into the metal of the collar; might even be just a chain with a plate on it. (Assassin of Gor)

iron collar: simply a collar made of iron; often hammered upon the slave’s neck; it is not meant to be a beautiful collar, instead it is often used as mere incitement for the slave to train and gain a more beautiful collar. (Assassin of Gor; Raiders of Gor)

ko-lar: Gorean word meaning slave collar; pronounced as ‘collar’; this term is not used often in the books, mostly the word ‘collar’ is used. (Slave Girl of Gor, page 80)

lock collar: A step above an ironed on collar; denoted sometimes as a ‘pretty collar.’ (Assassin of Gor)

message collar: high leather collar sewn closed about the slave’s neck; sewn within the leather of the collar will be a message. (Priest-Kings of Gor)

northern collar: a utilitarian sounding collar made of black iron with an iron ring to be used if a chain is attached. It is rivited around the neck of the bond-maid. (Marauders of Gor, page 85)

pen collar: not a typical locked collar, more a narroe band of iron, hammered on, with a number for slaves in the iron pens. (Assassin of Gor)

plank collar: two-piece board hinged at one end and capable of being locked at the other.
plate collar: simple hammered collar. (Raiders of Gor)

shipping collar: a loose, generic colar worn by slaves when being shipped as cargo; a temporary collar showing that the slave girl is part of a cargo. (Explorers of Gor, page79)

state slave collar: has a certain color designating the city the slave is owned by; often greay; Ar’s state slaves wear grey. (Raiders of Gor; Assassin of Gor)

transport collar: collar with a metal tag attached listing destination or other vital information, to be used during transport of a slave.

Turian collar: round metal

wall collar: a slave is collared and chained to the wall (Assassin of Gor)

Laundry Day

Laundry Day
Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Monday April 22, 2002

Chris stood a little back from the wooden fence and watched the children walking to school. Most walked in pairs he noticed. Some carried lunch pails or books. Many had those backpacks slung over one shoulder. He was grateful they were too busy laughing and watching each other to notice the naked man tied to the clothesline in their neighbour’s backyard. The fence with its thick, angled boards worked well to hide him. Chris sheltered behind the fence, knowing he was not invisible. He could feel the blush rise in his cheeks each time one of the kids looked in the direction of the fence.

If he stretched his neck he could just manage to see his Governess inside watching the early news with her second coffee. Unfortunately he had spilled the first pot, all over the bed, soaking the sheets. She ordered him to strip himself after he stripped the bed. As soon as he made a fresh pot of coffee, and served it properly, she instructed him to go outside exactly as he was. The locking collar was around his neck, a chain of paper clips were threaded through the ring in the collar and then around the clothesline. The paperclip chain was a test of his obedience. Of course, he could “escape” any time if he chose to. But that was not the point nor was it what he really wanted. He wanted his Governess’ control, her dominance, sometimes she found ways for him to prove to himself (and show her of course) just how much he wanted it.

He was out here, feeling very exposed, until the sheets were washed and dried to her satisfaction. He wasn’t sure if she planned to machine dry them or put them on the line. He was hoping she would decide it was too chilly yet for them to dry outside. At the very least, he could hope she would want his help in making the bed. Chris smiled thinking of making the bed with his Governess and sometimes unmaking it before it was ever made.

Inside he heard the washing machine finish. His Governess was watching something about a cougar at the local Zoo. Chris almost dared to get a branch he had noticed at the far end of the clothesline and use it to tap on the window. However, she would probably just ignore him. As Chris watched, the last of the school kids turned the corner and were gone. That gave him one less thing to worry about. The morning seemed to be warming up slowly. His goosebumps were fading slightly, or perhaps he was adjusting to the colder air. A few birds were still chatting in the trees. They were probably wondering if they could get the shrinking worm hanging there on that ridiculous naked man allowing himself to be tied to the clothesline like a dog.

His Governess’ appearance startled him from his thoughts. She carried the laundry basket with the freshly washed sheets. “Hang them on the line while you are out here Chris.” She laughed and put the basket down in his reach.

Chris tried his best sad little smile, hoping for some sign of sympathy, maybe even a reduction in sentence, no such luck. “I’ll bring you out a coffee,” She said, already turning to go.

“Its cold out here, Governess,” Chris called after her.

“You aren’t blue yet Chris,” he heard her laughing as the door closed behind her.

He was hanging the fitted sheet when she brought a steaming, hot coffee in his dog bowl and set it on the railing of the deck. “Poor doggie, you are chained up too tight to reach your dish if I leave it on the ground for you. I wouldn’t want to be accused of animal abuse or neglect so I will leave it right here for you my little doggie. Drink while it’s still hot.”

“Thank you Governess,” Chris said, trying out a sad puppy look.

“My little Chris, you have no idea how hot it is making me to have you tied up naked out here. I’m not even sure just what it is I like especially. You can be sure we will be doing it again.” She grinned, running a hand over his bottom cheeks.

Chris dreaded the idea of having to expose himself outside again. Already he was thinking the sheets couldn’t take more than half an hour to dry and surely it would be over then. He planned to stay indoors the rest of the day, once she finally let him get inside of course.

“I’m picturing how wonderful it will be to have you out here doing your yard work like this. How nice it will be to have nothing between your skin and my line of sight as I watch you sweat, strain and work outside. I do believe you will get lucky today little Chris, outside once I release you from your household duties. How lucky you spilled that coffee after all. This is turning out to be such a yummy day.” His Governess had that sparkle of mischief and fun in her eyes. Chris felt pleased to have pleased his Governess so well, yet the method of it left him feeling less than pleased.

Watching her all but skip back into the house Chris felt safe to grimace. He looked up at the sky, but it was getting clearer and bluer and warmer, not much chance for rain today. He hung out the pillowcases and pulled the line out to leave the sheets fluttering in the morning breeze. The coffee was still hot. He drank it gratefully, feeling the hot liquid pour down his throat leaving a trail of warmth.

Inside he could hear his Governess tossing in another load of laundry, washing the breakfast dishes and bagging up garbage. She almost missed the truck. Those were all his usual jobs, but he was rather tied up at the moment. At least she hadn’t forgotten garbage day; it wouldn’t have been pretty in the garage if it all had to wait until next week to be picked up.

Peeking through the fence, he could see her chatting with the men at the end of the driveway, probably laughing about nearly missing them. She was wearing a long denim dress now. It covered her well but the neckline tended to slip off her shoulders. He could see one bare shoulder now. A surge of annoyance flickered in him as he thought the garbage men probably noticed the bare shoulder and knew she was braless. If she was braless, she was most likely pantieless too. Chris consoled himself with the fact that the garbage men couldn’t know that just from seeing one bare shoulder. Even the bare shoulder could just be a slipped strap though less likely for a woman with his Governess’ large breasts. Those beautiful, firm, round, soft breasts with the perfect rose pink nipples… Chris wasn’t feeling the chill quite as much now. He was feeling something all together different.

The supersoaker hit him mid-chest. The attack of warm water made him jump a foot in the air at least. He had been so distracted he hadn’t even noticed his Governess approach with the huge, well- armed supersoaker. She aimed lower this time. Wetting his already wet cock.

“My, my Chris what were you thinking,” she laughed and shot more water at his cock. “What a naughty boy you can be. I can’t imagine what could get you so turned on about sheets flapping in the breeze.” With a last shot of warm water at his bottom this time, she indicated another load of laundry dumped in the basket. “Bring the sheets down and then you can hang out the next batch. How nice it is to have a laundry man to fold and fluff and guard the line of ash too. You never know when the laundry marauders could swoop down and cart it all away.” Laughing, she held her arms out for the sheets and pillowcases as he took them off the line and folded them for her.

Again, she left him. This time he was exposed and aroused and feeling more like some old pervert than he ever thought he could. Not that 37 was old, not over the hill or even half way. He had his health and now with his Governess keeping him on her unique fitness plan he was looking pretty good, so what if his belly wasn’t as flat as it was at 20. Governess seemed to like it, she nibbled on him and rubbed and kneaded him during sex. Sure he would rather be some God-like perfect man for her but she never showed any sign of not wanting to play with his belly or the rest of his body.

Chris sighed as his arousal grew. He really > did need to think about something else. She would be sure he was enjoying his exposure if she saw him aroused all day.

Chris finished the lukewarm coffee from his dog dish. The second batch of clothes was hung and drying. There were denim jeans this time. Not a good sign for his early release from the clothesline. Peeking in the window again he looked and listened for some sign of his Governess. It seemed quiet in the house. Would she have gone out and left him? She did like to take her walk in the morning. Dare he take advantage of that for a quick trip to the bathroom and a hot shower? He listened, hoping to hear something. Hearing nothing gave him hope, though it could be very misleading if she was working on the computer in the spare room. Chris waited a little longer.

Hearing nothing after what seemed a long time, he decided to take the chance. By now his bladder was badly in need of relief. He could wait for the shower if he had to. Although a hot shower would feel indecently good after standing outside most of the morning. Chris unclipped two paperclips and set himself free. He felt extremely naughty, a truly disobedient boy, as he quickly dashed across the grass and into the house. He waited, just inside the door, listening. Hearing nothing, he headed to the bathroom. The supersoaker hit him in the small of his back this time. “Freeze!” ordered his Governess.

Chris stood still; past punishments for disobeying her orders flew through his mind. Governess did not make punishments pleasant. “I really need to pee Governess. Your little boy just couldn’t wait any longer, I’m sorry.”

“OK Chris, go into the bathroom.” She followed him in.

“I will be right out again Governess,” Chris said a touch anxiously.

She pushed firmly on his bottom until he was standing in front of the toilet. “Hold your arms out from your sides Chris.” She took his cock in her hand and pointed it at the toilet. “Pee now,” she ordered. Chris felt a blush begin down at his toes and consume his whole body. He wasn’t sure if he could pee with her holding his cock. However, need took over and thoroughly humiliated and miserable, he let his Governess help him pee. When it began to trickle down she asked, “All done little man?”

“Yes, thank you Governess.” Chris managed to say. She took a square of toilet paper and dried the end of his cock. She took her time, playing with him, accidentally-on-purpose rubbing her thumb over and over the head of his cock.

“Now little guard dog, you should get yourself chained back out there and if you are really good I will bring you another load of washing. This time it will all be delicates. That should give you some interesting thoughts while you wait for it to dry.” She held his cock using it as a leash to guide him out of the bathroom and back outside. “How would you like me to fill your doggie dish with water again? Are you really, really thirsty for more, little Chris?” She laughed at the horrified look Chris wasn’t able to hold back.

“Bring in any of those clothes that have dried before you chain yourself again.” She left him standing outside the door. When he heard the tap running in the kitchen, he went on his way quickly.

It seemed hours later, watching her bras and panties tease him from their lofty perch on the clothesline. He couldn’t help but cop a feel of a few of the just washed undies. His fingers smoothed over the silky cups of her bras, pressing in the centres where her nipples would poke out at him, always teasing him. The feel of her washed and still damp panties excited him, he became hard very fast. He had found one pair with a trace of her scent still on them. He hung that little silky treasure out last, nearest to his paperclip chain at the end of the line.

Time passed, the sun warmed the yard and dried even the thick jeans. The panties were long dry by then; he missed them though he could almost fool himself that the smell yet lingered on his fingers. His cock was fooled. He was still stiff and quite ready for some time alone with his Governess and her soft round body, naked under that dress. Chris groaned, trying to find something else to concentrate his attention on.

“You have been an excellent laundry guard dog today little Chris. Though you are not so little in some places.” She giggled.” Chris has a stiffy, Chris has a stiffy, Chris has a stiffy,” she chanted, tormenting him and laughing at his blush.

She unchained him and he felt his cock bob in appreciation. Having her take his chain and lead him was doing almost as much for his arousal as the panties had. Her domination, being owned by her was brought home to him in a big way. He was beginning to feel desperate for her to use his body, to take his cock, her cock really.

“Please Governess your little boy has been good today. Could I have a reward, please” Chris asked.

She led him to the sunniest corner in the back yard. “Kneel down on the grass Chris. I have been watching you all day, from the windows and the screen door. You have made me very wet. Just thinking of you naked and chained outside has made me want your services little man.” She pulled her dress over her head and off in one smooth movement. She was deliciously naked as he knelt before her.

Chris could only answer with a groan. His Governess’ pussy was right in front of his face. He could see the damp curls. He could lean his face into her and taste them if she would allow him to. He wanted to so very, very much. Struggling for control he said, “May I serve you now Governess?” He looked at her pussy, inhaling the scent so close to the source, wanting so much to hold her hips and ass as his tongue plundered, tasted and sucked deep inside her hot juiciness.

She stood closer to his face, pressing her pussy up to almost touch his lips. Standing before him she opened her legs and said, “Serve me little man.” She dug her hands into his hair as his face began to burrow into her warm dripping pussy. He put one hand on her bottom to steady her and used the other to open the lips of her pussy wider for his penetration. Through his own noises he could hear her moans of pleasure and desire. She was driving him over edge too soon. He had to draw back.

He was panting heavily as he looked up at her face. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back, her lips slightly open. She noticed his absence from her pussy and ground herself against his face. His own hips humped once, twice, his control almost gone. Still, he held his Governess and lowered her to the grass, opening her legs wider and playing with every fold and bump inside her pussy. He sucked and nipped at her nipples and gave her body caresses in all the places he knew would most arouse and excite her. Then, only when she finally asked for his cock did he enter her pussy. He nearly came before his first thrust inside her. Her legs wrapped tightly around him, forcing him deeper. She again lifted her hips and ground her pussy onto his cock. The little whimpering sounds she made robbed him of his last ounce of control and he pumped into her hard and fast. In his mind he was begging her to cum with him, knowing he was so close he could reach out and bite it. Just as his control slipped and he felt his balls tighten and begin to spurt their load inside her he felt her body tighten and pulse around him, cumming a second before he did himself.

Much later, after a shared shower and a dash out into the gathering darkness for the forgotten laundry on the line, they sat cuddled together on the couch. “Next time you play hookey from work I’m going to have you do yard work in the nude.” She grinned up at his blushing face, then took his hand and led him away for a bedtime story that would last long past his bedtime.


If you read the books of Gor by John Norman you will eventually discover the word, kajirus. This is a male slave in the fictional world of Gor. Beyond the books you can find Gorean types online in the virtual reality of games and the social reality of chat and forums. Once upon a time I would listen and even moderately participate in IRC Gorean chats. It was an interesting experience, a social exploration.

The male slaves in the Gorean style of submission have a lot of rules. Very exacting, specific rules about their every thing they do or don’t do. I am interested in some of this, but I know I could never have the patience to micro manage someone too exactingly. It would make me crazy. I also know I would not be interested in the fetish for adult babies for pretty much the same reasons.

I think, no matter what I like to do with a male I still expect him to be an adult, to be able to stand on his own two feet and to know that when a Mac truck is barreling towards him he needs to get out of the way. Basic old fashioned things like knowing when to get out of the rain should not have to be managed. Unless, I tell him to stand in the rain because his sad, drenched look is making me laugh. Even then, as the Dom, it is my responsibility to only keep him out there a short time. It is his responsibility to let me know that he is colder than I think he is.

Anyway, I cut and pasted a bit about the Gorean kajirus just for my own interest:

Special Rules for the kajirus…

Women are not the only gender that may be enslaved on Gor. Men also may face that fate, though in far fewer numbers.The number of male slaves on Gor is very low, especially in the cities. Only about 10% of all the slaves on Gor are males. Men captured during wars or raids are usually slain instead of being taken captive and enslaved. Most male slaves are either debtors or criminals though a small number are captives.

Male slaves are mainly enslaved for economic reasons, as cheap labor. The Gorean philosophy of “natural order” supports female slavery but it does not support male slavery. Gorean society though recognizes the validity, legality and economic necessity of male slavery. It is a more practical decision and not one based on a deeper philosophy. Under these justifications, anyone can be enslaved. Not all societal institutions need be based on an underlying philosophical foundation. Some are simply practical concepts.

Few male slaves are considered valuable and they generally do not garner high prices, even at auction. The primary exceptions are male silk slaves and exotics. The normal high price for a male slave, not a silk slave or exotic, is a silver tarsk. Many female slaves would sell for more than that amount. There are also very few male slaves with long pedigrees. There are few reasons to breed male slaves except as exotics. Nearly any Gorean man can serve as a typical work slave.

The most common types of male slaves are the work slaves. They are usually used on cargo galleys, mines, great farms or as porters on wharves. Many cities use male slaves for some of the more unpleasant labor in the cities, such as in the refuse pits or cleaning the public baths.Most men work on chains with other slaves. In some cities like Ar, an unchained male slave is rarely ever seen.

The most valuable male slave though is usually the silk slave, a certified woman’s slave, akin to a Pleasure Slave. They are handsome men who have been specially trained to tend to a woman’s needs. They are sold in special women’s auctions that are closed to free men. Silk slaves generally sell for higher prices than many female slaves. Most silk slaves will sell for four to six silver tarsks. This is basically a matter of supply and demand, as there are very few such silk slaves on Gor. Most Gorean men make poor silk slaves. There are masculine and feminine male silk slaves. Some women fear the more masculine ones, worrying that such men will turn on them one day, enslaving them. Others secretly delight in that possibility. The feminine ones are rarely used for breeding. Free women think little of hiding their naked bodies from their silk slaves. Many free women though will not kiss their silk slaves as they do not wish to put their lips on a slave. A silk slave grows to know his Mistress quite well and is able recognize her body even when she is robed and veiled. Gorean men generally despise silk slaves and do not treat them well. When a city is captured, the victors often kill the silk slaves out of disgust.

Male slaves rarely have locked collars. Normally their collar is a band of iron hammered about their neck. There is also no distinctive garb for male slaves as Goreans do not want them to discover how numerous they are, especially in the cities. The wool of the hurt is often used for male slave garments as it absorbs perspiration well. In many cities, female slaves must always openly wear a symbol of their bondage such as a collar. Male slaves are exempt from this law for the same reason why they do not wear distinctive garb. Goreans worry about a revolt by male slaves.

Female slaves normally despise male slaves. They consider themselves the rightful property of only free persons. It is considered a great shame for a female slave to have to touch a male slave. Male slaves though are often permitted to have a female slave for their pleasure, especially as a reward. But, a male slave might be killed for touching a female slave without permission. Female slaves show contempt toward male slaves because they do not see them as real men, because they have been made slave.

Male slaves commonly kneel, like women do. They do not sit cross-legged like Free Men. Depending on the preference of their master, their knees may be spread or not. It is more expensive to feed male slaves than females slaves. In many other ways, male slaves are treated like female slaves. They are still considered only property. They must show respect to all free persons and are subject to discipline by any free person.

Male slaves though receive more opportunities to win their freedom though usually only in very dangerous situations. Male slaves might be freed and armed if their city is being attacked and additional men are needed. Few Earth men are brought to Gor to be slaves.

Tormented Bondage Angel

There is something so alluring about the tormented angel man. Even without the bondage he is chained to behaving like a good boy, he has to follow all the good guy rules. He puts himself in bondage just by being an angel.

Doesn’t that just make you want to give him a really wicked smile, flash a little boob and walk away knowing he will be unable to do a thing about it. Poor good little angel man.