I’m Afraid I’m… Sexually Impure

I’ve dated, I’ve been engaged and I have been married too. So, I can not call myself pure and I doubt many people would believe me if I did. So I’m impure, not quite angelic and maybe just a bit devilish even.

Why do we never (that I have seen) think of men as pure or impure? Is it all about the sex? I don’t think so. There is more to it.

Men never have menstruation or develop a person inside their body and then push that out of their bodies with all the biological debris which ensues. Men think that is gross. Odd that it’s been working that way since the dawn of the first mammal at least. Before that there were more egg layers and less female death likely too.

Anyway, is all that what makes women pure or impure?

Does that mean chickens are more pure than human women? There’s a question of values for you.

I never had children, just sex. I think my real impurity comes from my fantasies, imagination and the fact that I let myself have imaginative fantasies. I’m not heavily into religions which talk about hell, evil or demons. (I’m my own style of Pagan). So pure or impure is not so relevant in a religious or holy way.

We could talk about being fresh but that gets into a whole retail thing with sprays and other concoctions I don’t use. So… does that mean I’m not fresh. Impure and not fresh. Doomed I guess.

hell is Just Another Four Letter Word

The concept of hell and the idea that women could be unclean when they have their period, have sex, or get pregnant and give birth were all reasons why I stopped following/ believing in the standard Christian type religions.

I don’t think I even need to go into detail about the women part. I am a woman. Being so and having the body of a woman and all it’s cycles does not make me unclean. I don’t bite the heads off penis’s or chickens. I’m not into that sort of kinky stuff. Other kinky stuff… but not that.

As for hell. How can anyone have faith in a religion which tells you to worship or face going to hell? No real power would say that. Unless it never really had any power and the only way to enforce and keep it’s power was to debase itself and threaten the very followers who give it their faith, their hope and their life. Doesn’t that seem wrong? Why would you worship something that threatens to take it’s ball and go home like a kid having a tantrum? Shouldn’t a supreme power be confident, mature and more independent than that?

Anyway the hell thing just proved to me that what people call god is not very godly. It seems to me a real power/ god would not bother with us all that much. Which is the case if you look around. We are left to our own to fight our own battles, to protect our own environment and to keep each other.

Only someone who needs praise demands worship. I don’t see a real god being that needy. Rather they would have better things to do.

It’s like giving someone a gift. If you really give from your heart you give cause it pleases you, not because you need to be thanked. I don’t give a present and then stand around expecting anyone to hang around telling me how sweet I am, how great the gift is. I already know those things.

Chicken Dressed as Mutton

I know I’m not really human now. If I were human, rather than alien or robot or… something, I would be bursting open at the seams by now. I was really hungry, I’ve been trying to not eat much for a couple of weeks. But today I ordered pizza. I ate it too. I don’t know how that much pizza is inside of me and yet I don’t feel disgustingly full and bloated. I feel fine. I don’t feel hungry, that’s a nice change. But, no mortal should eat that much pizza and not explode. Just call me Pizza Grrl.

I put chicken on it. I’ve never liked pepperoni really. The chicken was good. Maybe that’s why I’m not feeling stuffed. The chicken was lighter than pepperoni which does not come from a bird creature. Therefor it can not fly. Chickens don’t really fly much but the option is there. I’m sure it all makes sense somehow. After all, I can’t really be an alien. I still have all that old paperwork from the US immigration, I think. Besides, I was born here. My Mother said so. So I shouldn’t be an alien as long as I’m still in Canada.

Maybe I should update my passport just to be on the safe side. In case someone realizes I’m an alien and tries to deport me. Where do aliens get deported if they were never from the planet to begin with?

There’s a question for the day. I’m not all that keen on any of the other planets and the moon is just too chilly looking. I’d like something with a little beach, water and maybe a forest off in the moutain area. Of course, I want something with a good Internet connection too. I’m sure someone will work it all out. Last slice of pizza to whoever comes up with a good plan for cosmic alien deportation!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

We are having the dinner on Sunday (which is today, only a later time). It’s actually Thanksgiving on Monday here. Likely I will be too busy to post till after the whole thing. We are still up making pumpkin pies. We already made homemade bread, tons of vegetables cut up or pre-cooked, apple pies and other stuff which I can’t think of right now cause my brain is sleeping. Two capon chickens as Thanksgiving turkeys too. We cooked them early so we can have them done and just reheat them in foil pans with the gravy. It will save a lot of work the day of the dinner and give the capon extra time to marinade in gravy. Should be really nice. Mom had the idea from friends in Florida.

I’m going to bed soon. Just need to take some capon parts down to the freezer in the basement. Kind of like practice for hiding the body later, should I need to hide a body. Not like I’ve really had to do that yet, so far. You never know and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and have a plan.