Thursday Thirteen #18 : Book Cooties and Mysterious Stains

Thursday Thirteen: Mysterious Stained Books.

I got this idea from reading Mimzie’s Musings, the post “The Public Library Gave me Ebola”. Here are thirteen things that could be staining, polluting and possibly infecting the pages of a borrowed or second hand book. Not meant to discourage anyone from getting library books or shopping at the thrift and second hand stores. I shop second hand myself. Cooties or not, it’s the best way to find older books from writers you like.

1. Ketchup. If you make real ketchup it is not that bright red like a clown nose. I can see someone munching away while reading and having a french fry try to escape into the book.

2. Hair colour. Mine was hair colour. I took a photo of it cause Mimzie has photos of her infected books in her blog post.

3. Lipstick. Not sure I’d like a book quite enough to kiss it but you never know.

4. Insects. They know they are going to outlast us and now they want to make sure they can read too.

5. Blood. Most likely from a paper cut. You know, when good books attack.

6. Blood. Nosebleed. Reading too fast.

7. The remains of a really good latte or some other coffee type of drink. I’ve had it happen. You just put your cup down in the wrong spot and suddenly there’s a dash of the good stuff spilled or dribbled out over the side of your cup and onto something else.

8. Spaghetti sauce flicks. You know what it’s like when you start sucking up those long noodles. Just like tiny alien spaceships setting out to explore the world. They seem to get all over the place.

9. Glue. Someone was working on a cut and paste or other kind of art project and used the book to weigh something down. Left a smudge of glue squished out and onto the book itself.

10. Paint. Just a trick to fool people into thinking the book is diseased.

11. Strands of hair. Its’ not just in your soup any more.

12. Dust, it’s everywhere else did you really think your book could escape? They can’t even run very fast.

13. Ink. Plenty of times I have seen pen ink accidentally or purposely written in a book. Not just those Canadians writing notes about desperately trying to get away from the snow either.

I’m a Thinking Blogger

Thank you Leigh for the Thinking Blogger Award. She even likes my doofus drawings. 🙂

There are a few rules for those who win and pass along the Thinking Blogger Award.

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs which make you think.

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Blogs that make me think (not specifying what they make me think about):

Happy and Blue2: Though he stopped publishing his blog (yet again) so I am linking to the Useless Men where his remains linger. Or where he can still be found, pick one. I miss his blog, his little animal stories and especially those family Christmas and renovations posts. He always made me think there was hope, that a real woman really could find a real man and not need to hide the body later.

Rainy Pete: What do you expect from a strange man wearing a red clown nose? His photos will make you laugh in spite of yourself or wish you could have been there to see the scene as he must have seen it. He’s a guy who makes being a husband and Father and living in Hamilton look good. No small task, especially in the case of Steel Town.

Death By Children: I’m new to reading Christopher’s blog. Another Dad, is that some kind of coincedence? He writes long posts with a lot of thought about the everyday things in life. There is humour but often some really interesting bit of truth and male insight.

Jann Arden: Yes, that Jann Arden. She’s a Canadian songwriter, a sometimes fat grrl too and I like to play her CDs cause not many songs can really make me cry and then laugh in a really evil, wicked way. Her journal is really open and I bet she thinks she says too much too easily, cause I think the same about what I write.

Dave MacIntyre: Sometimes I skim, cause I am out of patience for poetry. But, even reading between the lines you catch something of the spirit here with the photos and the poetry. A lot of time and thought has gone into this blog.

From MoonCat Astrology


The Centaur, the Archer…..ruled by Jupiter the expansive and joyful.

Sagittarius is the clown and truth-speaker of the Zodiac. She feels imbued with the wisdom and knowledge of the ages, yet constantly searches for more. Her bow, ever aimed toward some lofty goal, is drawn precisely and with good intentions.

The Sagittarius bounds through life with the confidence and optimism of one who is blessed. There is no possibility of failure, because Sagittarius knows there is a good and just reason for everything that happens in life. The Sagittarius may seem naive – unable to perceive wrongdoing in herself or others. She possesses an innocence of spirit that allows her to see through the evils and into the goodness in the hearts of everyone. She is friend to all, lover of animals and children. To the Sag, all creatures possess the utmost goodness and beauty, and thus are worthy of her earnest appreciation.

The Sagittarius will travel far and wide in search of more knowledge about her world. She loves to learn, teach, expand and find truth – thus her interest in philosophy, religion and other cultures. She moves quickly and independently as she is so sure of her own choices, which are always pure, honest and well-meaning.

Sagittarius thrives on action, motion, knowledge, progress and spirituality. She is known to be athletic, and sometimes clumsy – occasionally tripping over her feet, or tongue. Always looking ahead, she can tap into the future. She seems to know instinctively what’s coming up next….


How to treat your SAGITTARIUS

Your happy Sag is a straight shooter, a wise one, a seer who is always ready and able to offer up plans and ideas. She knows how to find the answers, and doesn’t hesitate to do so. A natural fortune-teller, she has an innate sense of the future. You can tap into her foreshadowing ability and get helpful hints about how to proceed in life. And she is always honest – even if it is overstated a bit!

Your jovial Sagi is almost always a happy camper. He sees the world through lovely rose colored glasses. He barely recognizes unhappiness. Your Sagi is a wonderful companion because his joy for life is so lofty and grand that it is truly contagious.

While all this is a tremendous advantage, you may come to find that sometimes your Sagi is a lonely, sad clown. The problem is – he may have difficulty knowing whether or not he is truly happy inside! The jollity of your Sagi is usually completely genuine, but he may sometimes feel embarrassed to say if he is actually depressed.

It’s not that your Sagi is hiding her feelings, it’s just that she is always looking forward to something better. Her glowing vision for the future overshadows the present – no matter how gloomy. If you want to make Sagi truly happy, you must be able to see through the glowing exterior into the real, sensitive person inside. Try to see any unhappiness, and help your Sagi recognize and do something about it!

So, assuming your Sagi is not a sad, lonely clown, how do you make him happy when he already appears to be just fine and dandy? How can you create an impact in such a person’s life? How can make your Sagi – who always has something to look forward to – look forward to being with YOU?

Well, the answer is very simple. All he needs is appreciation, gratitude and a healthy dose of freedom. Listen to him spout philosophy. Praise him for his insights into the future. Allow her to travel endlessly, read, absorb knowledge and make more of her mind. Ignore the tripping over words and objects! Really – she is merely blinded by her mental far-sightedness!! Laugh with sincerity – never with derision. Have fun with her. Make him the object of your admiration.

Think of your Sagi as a good luck charm, a shaman, a seer and a jester. Keep her wisdom in your pocket like a talisman, and wear his heart on your sleeve – but never restrict your Sagi’s freedom. Take all of the above into serious consideration (don’t laugh!), and you will be rewarded with a very wise and fortunate companion in the grand adventure of life, an energetic, enthusiastic lover and a fun-loving, true-hearted friend.

The FIRE signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, are active & inspired, they strive for positive progress ……………fire is the beginning, the first element of creation, spiritual energy

Mutable signs are flexible and mobile – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces