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the bottom line is that we supply you with sledgehammers, crowbars, bats and pipes to destroy various household objects such as tvs, washing machines, cookers, computers, musical instruments, office furniture and the occasional car….all the objects are sourced from the streets (usually dumped) and/or are donated to us as useless objects beyond their original use….everything destroyed is scrap…if it works we don’t use it….safety is of course paramount so you will be provided with professional safety equipment such as goggles, helmets and gloves (professional first-aiders are always on hand just in case)…..names are chosen randomly, 10 people at a time get 10 minutes in the `scrap pit’ and everybody gets a turn….

Little Man Bug


Hello! *waves up to you from way down on the floor below you*
I’m a 1 inch tall bug-man. ^_^

My name is Lawrence. I was born (created in a test tube) August 15th 2008 in a secret lab in area 51 through DNA mixing experiments. They made my body to look like an 18 year old human but have the organics of and view from above as that of a small black bug. (a beetle most have said) I happened to be the lucky (or unlucky) soul picked from the heavens to fill this tiny body.

Early in life I learned the lab professors have experimented on shrink/growth rays but to their dismay no one survives the change and die in minutes. So they created me in the lab to get around this setback. There were plans for a giant 1000 foot tall man but were soon scrapped as the estimated costs were astronomical while I was very cheap to maintain.

I grew up pretty fast as I was trained right away to speak, walk and crawl around on my extra legs. I was kept sealed in a wooden box with tiny sized amenities to keep myself busy. (yes there was a tiny tv i liked watching. :3 )

My only purpose in life was to be used for secret spy missions and stealth surveillance for a government division. I was tired of being cooped up my tiny home inside the box with nothing but sadness and loneliness. On December 29th, I asked them to make me a mate but they refused claiming there wasn’t any funding for more than 1 of me at that time. I knew they were lying though as I saw them making plans for multiples of myself but only males so they’d have complete control over us.

I decided on January 1st 2009 to make my escape when I overheard in the halls that the new president-elect was planning on shutting down my owner’s division and I was to be destroyed! I made a break for it one late Sunday night inside a little hole I made for myself over a few weeks of digging through the box with my little hands and rear claws.

I made it outside and ran away undetected for about a week from area 51 hitching rides on snakes and other wildlife. I had people chasing me but I was able to hide well. After January 10th however they closed down everything early and destroyed all evidence of my existence as well as plans for future bug-men. So now I’m the only one in the entire world. Around Jan 17th I finally made it to a average computer in some cafe shop. I then used a device that I snatched at the lab to transfer myself though the wires behind the computer into the web and hide myself here so that I can be safe from those people if the decide to come looking for me again. I’ve lived in homes all over the world since then, because you know computers and Wi-fi electronics are almost everywhere.


I have most all the genetics of a normal human but the skin, innards, skeleton, heart and brain inside of me was infused with some rubber, worm and a hybrid type of alien DNA that although my body is crushed I can reform my body within a short while.

As a bug-man, I am very tiny and hard to see most of the time. I usually go unnoticed as people walk around me on the floor. At times I get squished underfoot (usually barefoot) by accident or intentionally by some people. While it does sting for a little while, I am fine. My innards just flatten like a plastic or soft foam, with all my parts remaining inside me just flatten and leak some blood around me. I easily reform my DNA and atom reattachment, absorb the blood back through my skin and heal after a couple of minutes. By shoes & socks it’s a few more minutes to restore myself since there’s more grinding with shoes and I lose a lot more blood with socks. I stay weak for a while after but am back to jumping around the walls in under 5 minutes.

Don’t Even Look at it the Wrong Way!

I don’t know what happened this morning but my computer was deceased for a few hours. It made a clicking noise and could not load up anything, did not get to Windows (far from it). I thought it was a hard drive failure. Which was really not good cause it’s been awhile since I backed up all my photos, drawings and writing and other bits of stuff I fool myself that I can not do without.

I tried a couple of times, no luck. I used my “women and children first” disk and hoped I would at least still have a functional computer at the end of it, knew I would lose all the data. But that did not work either. So, sad at heart and feeling like someone who only phones people when I need something… I called my sister to see if her husband was out in Barrie today. They have a second business here in my town. But he wasn’t. She did say that he could rebuild/ repair my hard drive so all was not lost. But, she agreed with me that it was unlikely I would still have photos and the rest intact.

So, I came back here and thinking to be prepared, I shut it all down and then pulled it out and tipped it over (gently) so I could read that tightly-typed sticker with the serial number for my Acer Aspire PC and the other sticker with the Windows register number. I wrote them all down, making sure to write clearly so I didn’t have a B instead of an 8 anywhere. Then I put the computer back in it’s regular spot.

I thought I could give it one more try just to see if maybe it might change it’s mind about the whole dead as a doornail thing. It Did!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I was not expecting anything but more of that clicking noise. But Windows came right up as if nothing had happened. I checked for my files and they are all here. But, it was running really slow when I tried to copy files onto a second disk so I could back them up and then delete them from the hard drive. I still don’t trust it to not be dead again if I shut it down. So I am spending countless hours trying to back everything up from more than a year of photos and so on. I usually do it a lot more often but not having a real CD to install Windows Vista again has kept me from going through with my routine back up and reformat of the hard drive. I’ve missed it. Nice to start with a completely fresh PC again. Knowing there isn’t any junk on it at all. 🙂

Anyway, I will be doing this backing up for days I think. Wish I could find a better way to do it. A lot of photos of my sisters kids which I am sending to her in zip files and then deleting from here. If I get all those done I might be able to save the rest of the stuff which is just mine onto one CD. I can’t find my DVDs though I should have 2 packages of them, one not even opened yet. I’m not Ms. Organized though so they will turn up someday when I don’t need them at all. Of course.

Happy New Year. This is an interesting start to mine. Could be seen as a good thing. It will seem a lot more to the good once I get it all done.

Password Safe

Password Safe. I’m sticking this link here cause it’s getting late and I’m too tired to think about it right now.

Password Safe allows you to manage your old passwords and to easily and quickly generate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new passwords, using password policies that you control. Once stored, your user names and passwords are just a few clicks away. Password Safe allows you to safely and easily create a secured and encrypted user name/password list. With Password Safe all you have to do is create and remember a single “Master Password” of your choice in order to unlock and access your entire user name/password list.

New Old HP All-in-One

I bought this for half the sticker price ($19.99) at the thrift store yesterday. It was 50% off for Friday only. Now I will have a fax machine instead of having to get someone to fax for me. Will be handy now that I am looking for another job, again. The only things I will need to figure out are getting a CD/ files for the install if I need them and getting a USB cord as it is not with the hardware. I’m also hoping Windows Vista is not going to be a pain about running this, I’ve heard it can be temperamental when it comes to hardware. I’ve been lucky so far though.

Update: HP is an absolutely lovely company! I found the download drivers and extras for this All-in-One without any trouble at all, right on their site. All I had to do was open the file and let it load up. Everything is working now. I already tried a scan. Still don’t have the fax set up as I need to puzzle out how to get one more hardware item plugged into the phone jack section.

One interesting thing for everyone to take note of… as I was registering on HP I was given the option of keeping the name and phone number from the old owner of this machine. I bet no one thinks to delete their registration information when they recycle old electronic hardware. I wouldn’t have. But, all my recycling has been to give it to someone I know. In this case they left it at the thrift shop for any anonymous human to pick up.

I thought about calling and asking if they kept the original installation CD from it, also the USB cable would have been a nice bonus. Right now I am just giving double duty to my USB cable from the little scanner (which is also an HP machine).

Won’t my brother be surprised when I send him a fax. He gets back from the west coast (British Columbia here in Canada) this next week I think. I can have a note waiting for him. 🙂

You’ve Been Vista-ed!

Old games never die they just need old operating systems. It’s frustrating to have all these games which I really enjoy (especially when Zack, my nephew, is visiting, as he is for a couple of weeks) but not be able to get most of them working on the new computer running Vista. Carmageddon, my favourite, runs but without the sound. It is still fun but kind of bland to play it silently. Most of the others will not even load up at all.

New games are expensive. Not all the games I like have new versions. Like Carmageddon they stopped development on them and even though there is talk about a new Carmageddon I’ve yet to see anything new in the store.

Why can’t they make an operating system (a Windows in my case) that works with the old games? Why do they intentionally eliminate old software and force us to buy new software? I wish they would cut that out!

Sentimental about PC Dinosaurs

Why are we sentimental about old electronics? I’ve seen them at the Goodwill, those thick monitors side by side, the old towers with their dirty keyboards leaning against them and the mouse dangling like a spider. I’ve seen photos taken by others who have found old computers, video game consoles and assorted technological anatomy discarded on sidewalks, rummage sales, tossed out of windows. It’s funny that they bring more feeling than the other debris, the general run of the mill stuff like cracked dishes, beat up furniture and half-dead clothing.

It’s funny that we do care. I get a funny feeling seeing those discarded dinosaurs, unwanted and hopeless. Of course, they have no thoughts about the whole thing. Whatever emotions or passion they ever had were from the people using them. Maybe it’s because they became something more than a hunk of plastic, a tool. They became familiar, like a family pet you give attention to every day, worry about when it’s sick and feel happy spending quality time together.

Still, they are totally useless now. Unless you can make some kind of modern art with them, deconstruct them and build a new system using some of the old parts. Those old clunky monitors are too far gone though. But, they could make a very unique fish bowl for your goldfish. So there is always hope, if you really want to save your old PC.

Trying to Install Ubuntu

Windows Vista is making things very difficult but I’m not giving up yet. I have CDs for an old version but the latest, 7.04 seems to do a better job of working alongside Windows. Not that I really am fond of Windows, especially Vista, but some things will not run on a Linux (Ubuntu) operating system. Some day they will all get it right, all work together so that your computer doesn’t seem to be at war with itself. At least it would be nice. I’m not holding my breath. Though, from a money making view, who wouldn’t be interested and likely buy into an OS that could work with everything.

I am thinking to toss Windows Vista for my old Windows ME. For one thing it did not nag at me constantly. Vista is like having a dog humping your leg, no matter how many times you swat at it the damned thing just keeps coming back. I don’t know why they did this. How does this seem useful to the PC user? It’s just hugely annoying. Took me years to stop getting annoyed each time old Windows asked me if I really wanted to delete that file. Now the new one is paranoid and asks me if I even want to open that file. Too much!

Peanut Butter as Caviar

I’m getting tired of my body inflicting hunger upon me. Can’t I just out grow these annoying things like having to sleep and eat. They take up so much time. Plus, I’ve already got enough storage that my body should be able to just shut up and leave me alone about eating more of anything for awhile. I even gave it a buttered bagel tonight. Give it a rest already!

I have a day off tomorrow. It feels that way even though I am pretty much unemployed and just coasting along in my own afterlife. It has been good being busy and having a schedule to stick to this week. I know I need that I just don’t do very well at creating a schedule for myself, on my own. But, tomorrow there is no workshop. I did get a job offer today. I’m not sure about the facts, other than it is for some web content and general web geekery to get a site off the ground. I won’t say much else till I have more hard facts. But, it would be a part time thing, a paying part time thing which is a nice step up from all the non-paying part time things.

Also, there is a really terrific job I am going to apply for. But, when I research the company and the other people working there (although as directors and assorted bigshot titles) I feel I am peanut butter in a world of caviar. I might stick around but I won’t ever fit in. Still, the company is a non-profit (sounds like a think tank in laymans terms) and I would really enjoy reading about the ongoing projects they are thinking and researching upon. I had a look at what is mentioned on their website. So excellent! If I had gone a different direction in life I could have been one of the caviar types, thinking alongside the rest of the tank. But, here I am, just peanut butter.

Even peanut butter can apply though. I need to vamp up my domain and turn it into something like a writing portfolio. A real one not that pile of knicknacks I have tossed in it now. Not a very professional page. Way too peanut butter though fun.

Sometimes I feel really inferior compared to people who can build a computer with a few paperclips and a snippet of code. Yet other days I meet someone who calls me a geek and acts like I’m speaking a foreign language. I’m just your humble every day mouse swinger but I’m trying to be more. If I pretend enough maybe no one will notice the peanut butter on my fingers. Actually, the funny thing is that I don’t like peanut butter and I never have.