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My name is Ana and I am an introvert. Contrary to what most people think, an introvert is not simply a person who is shy. Introverts are more concerned with the inner world of the mind. They enjoy thinking, exploring their thoughts and feelings. I am a full time introvert and a part time photographer, cook and food connoisseur, artist, writer, and couch potato.

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I liked the description on this blog.

A Short Story for David

I’m watching TV… not really paying much attention to it.

My little man brings in the coffee. He’s wearing that cute little apron we found last week. That’s all he’s wearing. I watch his bare feet, then up along the backs of his legs to his butt cheeks as he walks away, off to do the laundry.

Weekends are nice, when you’re a Domme. What new little torment can I think of for my little man…?

I hear the washing machine start up. Then the clothes dryer starts up. I like the smell of fresh dried clothes and how nice and warm they are when they first come out of the machine.

“Little man…?” I call to him.

His head pops around the doorway, “”Yes, Madam.”

“Bring those towels from the dryer, here.”

In a minute he is back with the towels, not yet folded. I press one to my face, so warm and soft. There are not half a dozen towels in the pile, but I only need one more. No point in making him re-wash all of them.

Standing up, I take off my shirt, slip my pants down to my ankles and step out of them. From the bottom of the pile, I pull out the warmest towel and set it down on the couch behind me, spread out. Before I sit down I pull off my panties. When I sit down I feel the warm towel on my butt cheeks, it’s soothing and comfortable.

“Kneel before me, boy.”

He does, his face looking hopeful. His breathing has changed, but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t noticed all these little things about himself. His eyes are on my boobs, the only part of me still clothed.

I smile at him then lean forward to kiss him and give his bottom lip a little bite. “Unfasten my bra.”

I flip my hair forward, making sure it brushes his face and chest. His hands are sure and quick at the hook and eyes behind me. I hold the front of my bra rather than let it fall off too easily. Leaning back I smirk up at him as I wiggle myself forward inching my hips to the end of the couch. He has to back up before my knees push him away.

“This towel is so nice and warm on my bum. Feel my bum.”

His hands start on my knees, one on each side. He slides his hands down my thighs, his fingertips gradually slipping lower until he is cupping my hips. “You feel very nice.” He says.

“My boobies are a bit cold.” I whisper.

“May I kiss them?” He asks.

“Not yet. Open my legs and kneel between my thighs.”

He knows what to do, what I want. His hands slide back up to my knees, on the outside of my thighs. At my knees his fingers slip between my knees, pushing them apart slightly. Then he runs his hands up along the inside of my thighs, gently pushing my legs apart. I’m already wet and I know he can smell and see how much I’m enjoying this. I relax back against the couch, letting my thighs fall open farther.

“Now you can kiss my boobies.”

I know this is not exactly what he wanted at that moment. The flicker of disappointment on his face makes me laugh quietly.

My bra is removed, but he holds back a moment, admiring the curves of my breasts and my nipples. He presses his face between my breasts, kissing the valley before moving to the peaks. I pretend not to notice his hands, placed on top of my thighs with his thumbs just brushing the lips of my pussy. The almost there touches are making me want more.

By now he is kissing and sucking one breast and then the other. He makes those funny little noises and I can see the apron has started to tent out in front of him.

“Stop.” He freezes in place. “Lean back so I can see you, lift your apron so I can see your cock.”

Reluctantly he removes his hands from me and lifts his apron. “Should I take it off?”

“No. It looks cute covering your happy, little cock.” He lets the apron fall. “What may I do for you now, Madam?”

“You may kiss and lick my pussy and suck on my clit.”

“Thank you, Madam.”

“You’e welcome.” It really is nice being a Domme on the weekends.

The Odes of Our Lives

Day three of babysitting, but no, only day two actually. It just seems like day three. I am so tired my eyes start to close as soon as I get comfortable sitting anywhere. Sleeping on that couch is the worst part of babysitting. I am so glad to get back to my own bed each time.

Glad to help out my sister and the kids but it’s turning into a job almost. Maybe next weekend will be slow for them. (Or slowish).

I have to get Sears to bring a new washing machine. I’m getting the hot potato treatment with this one for sure. First it’s the plumbing, it isn’t hooked up right. But it is. Then it’s in need of a part being replaced. That took 4 appointments (2 which they broke) and one month without a washing machine. Then it’s the electrical outlet, it’s reversed polarized. So I bring in someone to look at that, not someone from Sears. But, it’s not that. The outlet is fine, likely it’s the machine that is wired wrong. So that is about where I am with it. Likely it will be another month before I can get a new machine exchanged out and get it all installed yet again. I severely doubt I will ever deal with Sears again at this point. Not even for a paperclip.

The Down the Drain Circle of the Days of Our Lives

I feel like I’m made of broken glass. I don’t know how I will keep my patience babysitting for a weekend. I just will, somehow. Though one of my sister’s daughters just seems to rub me the wrong way and she’s only six. So you can’t really do much about it.

Today the repair person was out for the washer from Sears. It’s going to be another week without a clothes washer. He is bringing a part out next week. I have a garbage bag halfway full of very wet and heavy laundry which got wet but not washed. I will lug it around to my sister’s house and was it there. At least I’m saving water, bringing most of it with me. See how green you can be when you really put your mind to it!

The new tenant is moving into the new basement apartment tomorrow. I don’t know how that will be. I only saw him for a few seconds once. My first impression was that he was a scruffy looking young guy. There is no door to keep him from coming upstairs into the rest of the house. Why is it that my brother who enjoys pulling cons and talking about ways to take advantage of the system is so shockingly trusting when it comes to something like this? If you meet someone once and they don’t try to kill you off or something that means you can trust them with everything you own. I just don’t see it that way. If I wake up and some guy I don’t know is standing over my bed watching me sleep I will not be polite about telling him to vacate the premises.

Also, we now have the basement empty of everything we had stored down there. One small room which has the water heater has some storage. My brother has gone bananas though and tried to get everything out of there too. So my bedroom is now full to the rafters with as much as I could save from him. I don’t want everything in the garage or thrown out, thanks anyway. I did tell him/ remind him that we do still have the water heater room and can put some things in there. So some of it went back down there again. Mostly some antique furniture and a little of the Christmas stuff. My Xmas tree however is in a well ripped up box and shucked into the garage where I know mice will be nesting in it. I will be so eager to put that tree up again, NOT.

My bedroom light seems to have gone out. I won’t even mention it to him cause he will just start yelling at me again.

He still wants to put all my yarn in that basement room where I won’t be able to use any of it cause the plan is to only store stuff down there that we don’t use often. So that the basement can be left for the tenant. But, if he keeps putting everything I own down there I will be going down there often or just giving up on everything, which I feel really close to doing at this point. I know it is just being stressed out, feeling trapped and being told what to do. Things I have never liked or tolerated well. Usually I just stay quiet and choose my battles. But when it is forced on me for months and months and years… I am getting a bit crazy at this point. I feel like I don’t actually have a place anywhere. I really want a place of my own, where I can live. I think I will just go nuts the way things always keep going.

Probably there are people in the world who wouldn’t be bothered by any of this and wonder what my problem is. But that isn’t me.

At least I have a nice coffee again. I was using a generic French Vanilla from the PC grocery store. It used to be ok, it’s not ok any more. I won’t buy it again. Even the Second Cup coffee doesn’t seem as good as it used to be. Maybe it’s just me and the broken glass feeling which seems to be sinking into every cell of my body. I hope coffee starts to taste good again when some of this is over.

I caught up most of the bills, had payments on everything but Rogers. I cancelled Rogers cause the Internet is like high speed dial up. I tested it out and I really can read a few pages of a book while I wait for each site or page of a site to load. Why would anyone pay $150 a month for Rogers service? They really messed up the phone too. The cable seemed ok but I can’t find the channels I want to watch. With Bell I was able to set favourites and search through only those channels. Made it much easier. I’m glad I will be starting again with Bell next month.

I hope I am home for Doodle Week, staring on Monday. I don’t want to see that die off. Been hard to feel creative or anything. But I don’t want to give up on it.

By Monday most of the stuff will be done. Sears will fix the clothes washer. The apartment will be rented and whatever will be will be with that. Graham, my brother, won’t be coming out here almost everyday complaining about everything I do or think or dare to say. I even have Rogers handled, for now, I think. I explained that I’m not employed and paying Rogers isn’t a priority. After all, what does it matter if you have Internet and cable if your power has been cut off. Stupid big company bastards.

I do want to find a job. Well, not really. I really don’t want to be listening to anyone else wining or making rules any more. But I do want a pay cheque to spend on bills and the odd latte. I could really start doing work for that BOTW site. I want to, I just can’t seem to settle in and stick with it. It doesn’t help that my room is so full of clutter right now and I’m wondering what else my brother decided to throw away.

Anyway, I don’t know when they are coming but they should be coming soon to pick me up for another round of babysitting. Just two days of sleeping on the broken couch and then I will be back here. Makes you have a whole new appreciation for your own bed, no matter what else is going on in your life your bed is always there, waiting for you to snuggle in.

What Would Buffy Do?

It’s a silly blog title. I’m not even posting about Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Sarah Michelle Geller, not really. I just keep looking at her picture on a book cover as I sit here at my nephew’s computer. He has two Buffy books on his desk.

I found this great swirling snowflake background image which I want to save. Thought this was as easy as emailing it to myself. I’m more likely to find it here versus forgetting it in my swamp of email.

I should be home again tomorrow. Almost a week of babysitting. Stretched longer cause they are supposed to be sanding the drywall in the basement and there is a lot of dust. Unless they clean up after themselves there will still be a lot of dust when I am back tomorrow but I guess the idea is that it will have settled by then.

I just want to sleep in my own bed again rather than the couch here. I want my computer too. I wonder if the milk I just bought for coffee will still be any good by the time I get back. All these little things that make a life.

Friday Fun: Clotheshound Edition

Friday Fun

1. Do you have to dress for work? If so, what is your “uniform”?
2. How would you describe your style when dressing for yourself, rather than work?
3. I have noticed that there seem to be two kinds of dressers in the winter months. Those who love turtlenecks and those that abhor them! Which are you?!
4. It’s lounging time on the couch in the evening. What are you wearing?
5. Describe your favorite “feel good” outfit!

I don’t have to dress for work. I used to wear a Zellers golf shirt, black pants and shoes everyday when I worked at Zellers. I still don’t like wearing black and red together since then. But, I have all the black pants leftover and red is my favourite colour. So some days I do it anyway, out of limited options. I can wear what I like to work these days. Not office work where I have to dress up and buy a new wardrobe each season.

Pretty much the same for work or days off. I wear what I like, comfortable and warm clothes now with it being cold. I bought a new shirt which is a nice shade of purple and very comfortable, made of a towel-like fabric. The only problem is that it got pilled up balls of lint the first time I washed it. So now it is more of an at-home shirt than a going out anywhere shirt. But that is ok. It’s lovely and warm for the evenings at home sitting here on the computer.

I can’t wear things which creep up on my neck. I have asthma and it just makes me feel uncomfortable to have anything too close around my neck.

I don’t usually lounge on the couch. I watch TV in my room while sitting at the computer. I usually change into my nightie and warm housecoat and thick socks so I don’t feel cold. My housecoat is thick fleece with a red and white snowflake pattern. My socks are pink but getting worn out. I need new lounging socks. The nightie right now is deep red, I don’t need to get dressed for work yet so I haven’t, yet.

It’s always something red. If I’m having a yucky day I wear red even though I don’t want to at the time. It perks me up and makes me feel attractive even if I was feeling like an ugly blob when I first walked out the door. Having the right kind of boots helps too. I need to find another pair the old ones are about finished. I’m just not a clothes shopper.

The Water is Gone

The water is off here today. Looks like it will be awhile before we really have it back. Oh, the fun of living in a construction/ renovation zone yet again. Can’t say I missed it. The brother says the plumbing all needs to be replaced. Yet when we bought the house it was supposed to be free of any kind of major work needing to be done. Everything had already been done and done over new. I think part of this is the insurance company making claims about the plumbing being out of date or something. I was not giving it my full attention at the time. Now I wish I could stop giving it my full attention.

Going away for at least tomorrow. Will be nice to see the kids but not looking forward to sleeping on that damned couch. Graham says he will bring me back either Thursday or Friday morning. I vote for Thursday, I really do hate sleeping on that couch. At least I will see the kids and bring Christmas stuff out to them finally. I put something I had for Zack away and can’t remember where now, or even what it was.

I hope I can use the time in Newmarket to look at the LensCrafter in the mall. Now that I can get glasses paid for by the benefits at work I want to get them on order. I’d like to find frames almost the same as the ones I have now. Kind of an oval shape with a dark blue frame.

Also, Bell is still being a pain in the ass. Each time I think I have that account sorted out they come up with some new problem. Still can not get the concept of the one bill account even though it is their own thing. I’ve tried since August to get this done and they STILL can not get it right. January is the first month they have finally got the three services on one bill. But, just as I am thinking it is at last done they send me a collection notice for the internet account on the old account number which was never the right account number. I did not pay the other account because I was paying the freaking one bill account which I had asked them every freaking month to fix with all three services. So, even though they finally have the internet added on it is not really added on. Damned ignorant morons! Just let them keep billing the dead guy. See if they can find where he ended up.

Sounds like the guys are cleaning up some of the construction madness so we may be leaving soon. I should get everything packed up and ready to go for however long this will be. Feel it would be smart to also bring the number to call for missing a day at work as these renovation things tend to royally screw up my life in general.

Dieting is not Fun

I’m tired tonight. It’s been tough getting much sleep while in Newmarket. Sleeping on that couch isn’t great and then when I can’t get comfortable I decide to start reading, since I’m awake anyway. By the time I’m tired enough to be sleepy it’s pretty late. Then, before the sun is awake, those little girls start screaming for their parents and wandering around the house waiting to get noticed by the aforementioned parents. No, they aren’t deaf, they just seem to wait before taking action. I think they like that kind of attention. It makes me bonkers but they must like it, thrive on it even. Why else would you allow your kids to behave that way?

I’m glad for tomato soup. Even though it doesn’t look like much without the milk/ cream in it it does take the edge off dieting hunger. Should be about a week before I have more grocery money. I’ve got a great list ongoing in my head. Pickles are at the top of the list. Sure, they aren’t a staple item but they are good and crunchy and of the green variety.

Smoke gets in your Clothes

The people upstairs smoke. They smoke every day, some days they invite other people over to smoke, drink, pound on the floor over my head and drag furniture and other heavy things around, over my head too. I don’t like the people living over my head, they stink in other words.

Even now when I have been away a few days I can still smell the smoke on my clothes. It’s gross. If you smoke cut it out.

I think the insurance money is here but I’m not sure. Graham, like our Father before him, expects information to be absorbed through osmosis or telepathically or something else mysterious and less than scientific. I’m hoping it is here. That’s really all I know for sure.

No silly looking stick figure grrl with this post, you’re spared today cause my scanner is back at the smokey Beaches apartment.

So aggravating to be sleeping on an old and lumpy couch here when I know I have that perfect wonder bed at home, just waiting for me to crawl up into it. I’m leaving on Wednesday now. Graham offered to drive me down then as he is going into Toronto for something.