Which Mythical Creature Are You?

You got: Phoenix

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You fiery inferno of awesome. You’re associated with hope, immortality, and regeneration. You’re essentially immortal, so you’re an old soul, and a pro at deflecting drama without causing more conflict. You prefer observation to action, and you’re an excellent judge of character. You’re quiet by nature, but when it comes to a fight, you’re a fierce adversary.

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Rare Shark in Photos

These photos were on a site which was not loading well and gave me a malware warning.

A rare prehistoric shark was discovered by local residents in Shizuoka, southwest of  Tokyo. The huge eel-like creature, considered to be a living fossil, was taken to Japan’s Awashima Marine Park and placed in a seawater pool. Only just a few hours after it was moved, the unusual shark died.rarefossil01_resize rarefossil02_resize rarefossil03_resize rarefossil04_resize

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You Are the Dragon

Like a dragon, you are fiery and short-tempered. When you need to get something off your chest, you really roar.
You are a very unique creature, and you don’t relate to anyone. You feel a little lonely in your life.

If someone takes the time to get to know you, they realize you are brave, strong, and even sensitive.
You are a much better creature than anyone ever gives you credit for. You could destroy the world if you wanted to… but you don’t.

You Are Fantasy / Sci Fi

You have an amazing imagination, and in your mind, all things are possible.
You are open minded, and you find the future exciting. You crave novelty and progress.

Compared to most people, you are quirky and even a bit eccentric. You have some wacky ideas.
And while you may be a bit off the wall, there’s no denying how insightful and creative you are.

The Year of the Dragon is Coming, Again

By PsychicJoanne

1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000.

7am to 9am (07:00 to 08:59)

Unlucky for:

  • financial decisions

  • making commitments


out-going, helpful, vitality, occult powers, intuitive abilities, influential, self-confidence, insecurities, energy, temper, hidden passion, trust, stamina, creative energy, concentration, original, resourceful, brave, direct, enthusiastic, adaptable, creative.


arrogant, tactless, critical, quick-tempered, unpredictable and unreliable.

Rats and Monkeys


The Dragon is a helpful creature, blessed with occult powers and vitality. The Dragon marks auspicious events, from births to deaths.

People born under the sign of the Dragon have an intuitive ability to understand any situation, and this puts them in a position to influence events. More often than not though, their in influences are not wanted nor warranted.

Dragons often have their heads in the clouds.

Dragons are full of over-self-confidence, and most often they believe they are infallible.

Dragons start relationships and projects with youthful, boundless energy, only to abandon them halfway through when something else captures their attention.

Dragon’s superficial show of bravado often disguises an insecurity, which the Dragon will go to great lengths to cover it with a wide smile or flashy material items.

Dragons have so much energy that much of their focus in life goes to trying to channel it constructively. They often feel frustrated when things don’t go their way, and have a volcanic temper to show their displeasure.


Dragons need love and affection and they find these attributes in the Rooster and Snake. The Tiger and a fellow Dragon also make suitable partners. Horses are too quick and sly for the Dragon, whilst the Dog clashes in quick time.

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You Are the Dragon

This is especially interesting cause my sign actually is the dragon. Just asked three questions and still came out Dragon. Kind of odd in a good way.

You Are the Dragon

Like a dragon, you are fiery and short-tempered. When you need to get something off your chest, you really roar.

You are a very unique creature, and you don’t relate too anyone. You feel a little lonely in your life.

If someone takes the time to get to know you, they realize you are brave, strong, and even sensitive.

You are a much better creature than anyone ever gives you credit for. You could destroy the world if you wanted to… but you don’t.

Would you Like a Cheshire Cat/ Dragon?

Well, once again we’ve come to the time to blab.

Tonight my brain is tired. My best thought is that the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland is like a cross between a cat and a dragon. I think the Cheshire Cat would be my best choice as a pet, other than a goldfish swimming outdoors in a pond. You just can’t go wrong with either of those. They don’t really need anything from you/ me in this case. With the Cheshire Cat however, you have the added bonus of a creature that lives to cause trouble and be generally irritating in a good, even helpful way. You just can’t find any other pet that enjoys tormenting you. Try to beat that with some drooling, slobbery dog that wants you to pick up it’s poop.

I am tempted to play Maple Story now. Zack and I were playing it often this week while he was here. But, my brain really does think it should sleep. Silly brain.

The Changling Test

Your result for Which Changeling Are You?…

The Courtless

My mother killed her little son,

My father smiled when I was gone,

My sister loved me best of all;

She buried the family one and all.

Once there was a girl, who had no father or mother. All alone in a shack at the end of the village dwelt her godmother, a wicked and cruel woman, yet with just an ounce of heart. This woman wasn’t really a woman, but a disturbed Fae who made her keep amongst the living by spinning, weaving and sewing. The old woman took the miserable child in and put her to work on the loom.

So the years went by and the child eventually mastered the spindle, with it she drew fine lines of thread strong as wire. You had to get it right; else old mother Fay would cut off a finger as a lesson. The girl lost many fingers, but her thread was powerful and she fashioned replacements soon enough.

Eventually she also mastered the shuttle even when her fingers were slick with blood. She had to get it right; else old mother Fay would rip her hair out and make her weave a tapestry from it. Many tapestries later, the girl mastered both arts, and fashioned herself the most beautiful head of hair.

Eventually, she mastered the needle, and hardly noticed when she stitched through her finger tips. You had to get it right, or the old mother Fay would leave you with open seams. Many stitches and many cuts later, the pincushion girl was the most beautiful in the land and also the cleverest.

But she didn’t remain a docile creature, and she was slowly becoming her own master. One day, she would need to be rid of the old tyrant of a creature. The old mother Fay had taken to sleeping at all hours of the day, but try as she may the maiden couldn’t bring herself to challenge her.

One day as she was spinning, the solution came to her.

“Spindle, my spindle, haste thee away,

And here to my house bring the woodsman I pray.”

The spindle sprang out of her hand, out the door and she saw it dancing merrily in the country, drawing a golden thread behind it. Before long it vanished from sight so she took the weaver’s shuttle in her hand, sat down to her loom and began to weave. Soon she began singing another song.

“Shuttle, my shuttle, weave well this day,

And guide the woodsman to me, I pray.”

Immediately the shuttle sprang away and out the door. Before the threshold, it began to weave a tapestry which was more beautiful than the eyes of man had ever yet beheld. Lilies and roses blossomed on both sides and on the golden ground in the centre, green branches ascended, where all kinds of creatures frolicked. In the leaves, brightly colored birds sat, lacking nothing but song. As she held the needle in hand, she sang another song.

“Needle, my needle, sharp-pointed and fine,

Prepare a crime to anger this woodsman of mine.”

The needle leapt out of her fingers and flew everywhere quick as lightning. It threw down the flowers, it turned over the pots, the windows were broken and the door was knocked open. The maiden took herself and began to unstitch the seams that held her together. Very timely were her arts for the woodsman gasped in awe outside, but in dismay when he entered the threshold.

“Who has done this to thee!” She pointed a severed limb at the door to the cellar where the treacherous lazy mother Fay slept.

Old mother Fay, was quite surprised when an axe split her head from her shoulders.

Courtless are a mixture of this and that. They were isolated from the other changelings, so they had to improvise and find what worked for them. Many were abandoned and many more had no choice in their time in the realm of Faerie. They learned incomplete lessons in Pride, Avarice, Wrath and Desire, as such their body reflects this. Many are as incomplete or replaced with parts not entirely human or fae.

le=”font-size:9pt;font-family:’Comic Sans MS’;”>Courtless are like mannequin or dolls, covered in stitches. This is alright as each line or scar is a reminder for what happened and how they fixed that problem.


They found it difficult to escape the lands of the Fae because they didn’t know better. They thought the realm of Fae was all there was. To escape they had to dream of normalcy, they had to dream of something besides sick humor and pain. They had to overcome what they thought was their lives, dream of something better. As such, they were born into the impossible; which is why, coming to reality was possible.


Look back on the tale of the wooden boy – who only wanted to be real. He knew no better, he knew not what was evil and not what was good. He was a fool, but a lucky and crafty fool. He knows better now.

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Driving Road Test

Does anyone know much about the G2 driving test? I have to schedule it. I had my full license from the US when I was married and living there. When I came back to Ontario they took it away and just gave me the beginner license. Peeved me off cause I have to pay for another license and take yet another test. Highway driving on the massive highway, not just the two laner which I can do without a problem. I have avoided the huge highways cause I don’t speed and on those everyone drives like they are rushing to the hospital to give birth to an alien creature.

Wish me luck.

Indie Bloggers WC #15: Under All That Fur…

Indie Blogger Weekly Challenge: Not more than 234 words regarding:

You and your twin sister are photographers for national geographic on assignment to cover a famous interspecial linguistics professor who’s spent the last 10 years on a mountain in Borneo studying the language of silver back mountain gorillas. You think this is total bullshit and your sister is bitching about how much easier it would be to just work for Get Up & Go Girl! travel blog. After days and days of arduous climbing in the worst conditions you arrive at this geek’s mountainside encampment only to find him dead, his body twisted like a ragdoll around the trunk of a Banyan tree. As you’re both taking pictures and trying desperately to dial out on your cells, a 700 pound silverback male lumbers quietly into the camp carrying a tattered copy of “Dream Tigers” by Jorge Louis Borges. You both freeze. It stares at you. Your sister blurts out, apparently to you, “What the fuck happened?” and the gorilla says “Well, to be honest, we had an argument about redundancy.” He looks from you to your sister and back to you.

“I guess he’s the redundant one now.” I say.

My sister smiles and flips her hair. I just look at her… surely she isn’t flirting with a gorilla now. I know she said she had lowered her standards… but really!

I take her arm and turn her around, facing the direction we came. Then I begin walking. I don’t look back.

I feel bad for the professor, to leave him, his research and the proof of his success back there. But, what would I do with a 700 pound talking gorilla. I turn to laugh about it with my sister but she isn’t there.

“Damn it”. I sigh and sit down on my pack. To go back and get her or to just keep going and get out of there myself.

An hour or so later I am back in the clearing. My sister is there, performing a strip tease for the gorilla. I curse her, her hormones and her desperate divorcee status.

“You can’t stay here.” I tell her.

“Yes I can.” She says, stroking the gorilla’s fur, pulling out the occasional twig and creature.

The gorilla leers at me. I look at his stubby erection, his maggoty fur and smell his BO and bad breath.

He smiles at me and says, “You know… I’ve always had this fantasy of having two women…”

I report my sister as missing when I finally get back.