Bad Girl Bloggers

The Bad Girl Bloggers seem to have retired. The name is getting passed around as a sex blogger award but the site has no posts since 2011. Maybe that’s just as well. I get tired with the attitude that women who talk about sex are bad girls.

On one hand, it’s kind of fun to think of yourself as wicked, in a sexy way. I don’t like being judged that way however. As if any woman who thinks about sex, likes sex, or has sex is doing something wrong. You can’t be a good girl sex blogger. Nice girls don’t write a sex blog.

So every woman writing a sex blog must be a bad, wicked creature. Except, we’re not. Sex bloggers are just people.

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Which Mythical Creature Are You?

You got: Phoenix

Warner Bros. / Via

You fiery inferno of awesome. You’re associated with hope, immortality, and regeneration. You’re essentially immortal, so you’re an old soul, and a pro at deflecting drama without causing more conflict. You prefer observation to action, and you’re an excellent judge of character. You’re quiet by nature, but when it comes to a fight, you’re a fierce adversary.

via Which Mythical Creature Are You.

Rare Shark in Photos

These photos were on a site which was not loading well and gave me a malware warning.

A rare prehistoric shark was discovered by local residents in Shizuoka, southwest of  Tokyo. The huge eel-like creature, considered to be a living fossil, was taken to Japan’s Awashima Marine Park and placed in a seawater pool. Only just a few hours after it was moved, the unusual shark died.rarefossil01_resize rarefossil02_resize rarefossil03_resize rarefossil04_resize

The Year of the Dragon is Coming, Again

By PsychicJoanne

1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000.

7am to 9am (07:00 to 08:59)

Unlucky for:

  • financial decisions

  • making commitments


out-going, helpful, vitality, occult powers, intuitive abilities, influential, self-confidence, insecurities, energy, temper, hidden passion, trust, stamina, creative energy, concentration, original, resourceful, brave, direct, enthusiastic, adaptable, creative.


arrogant, tactless, critical, quick-tempered, unpredictable and unreliable.

Rats and Monkeys


The Dragon is a helpful creature, blessed with occult powers and vitality. The Dragon marks auspicious events, from births to deaths.

People born under the sign of the Dragon have an intuitive ability to understand any situation, and this puts them in a position to influence events. More often than not though, their in influences are not wanted nor warranted.

Dragons often have their heads in the clouds.

Dragons are full of over-self-confidence, and most often they believe they are infallible.

Dragons start relationships and projects with youthful, boundless energy, only to abandon them halfway through when something else captures their attention.

Dragon’s superficial show of bravado often disguises an insecurity, which the Dragon will go to great lengths to cover it with a wide smile or flashy material items.

Dragons have so much energy that much of their focus in life goes to trying to channel it constructively. They often feel frustrated when things don’t go their way, and have a volcanic temper to show their displeasure.


Dragons need love and affection and they find these attributes in the Rooster and Snake. The Tiger and a fellow Dragon also make suitable partners. Horses are too quick and sly for the Dragon, whilst the Dog clashes in quick time.

via The Animals of the Chinese Zodiac – DRAGON.

Would you Like a Cheshire Cat/ Dragon?

Well, once again we’ve come to the time to blab.

Tonight my brain is tired. My best thought is that the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland is like a cross between a cat and a dragon. I think the Cheshire Cat would be my best choice as a pet, other than a goldfish swimming outdoors in a pond. You just can’t go wrong with either of those. They don’t really need anything from you/ me in this case. With the Cheshire Cat however, you have the added bonus of a creature that lives to cause trouble and be generally irritating in a good, even helpful way. You just can’t find any other pet that enjoys tormenting you. Try to beat that with some drooling, slobbery dog that wants you to pick up it’s poop.

I am tempted to play Maple Story now. Zack and I were playing it often this week while he was here. But, my brain really does think it should sleep. Silly brain.

Driving Road Test

Does anyone know much about the G2 driving test? I have to schedule it. I had my full license from the US when I was married and living there. When I came back to Ontario they took it away and just gave me the beginner license. Peeved me off cause I have to pay for another license and take yet another test. Highway driving on the massive highway, not just the two laner which I can do without a problem. I have avoided the huge highways cause I don’t speed and on those everyone drives like they are rushing to the hospital to give birth to an alien creature.

Wish me luck.

Indie Bloggers WC #15: Under All That Fur…

Indie Blogger Weekly Challenge: Not more than 234 words regarding:

You and your twin sister are photographers for national geographic on assignment to cover a famous interspecial linguistics professor who’s spent the last 10 years on a mountain in Borneo studying the language of silver back mountain gorillas. You think this is total bullshit and your sister is bitching about how much easier it would be to just work for Get Up & Go Girl! travel blog. After days and days of arduous climbing in the worst conditions you arrive at this geek’s mountainside encampment only to find him dead, his body twisted like a ragdoll around the trunk of a Banyan tree. As you’re both taking pictures and trying desperately to dial out on your cells, a 700 pound silverback male lumbers quietly into the camp carrying a tattered copy of “Dream Tigers” by Jorge Louis Borges. You both freeze. It stares at you. Your sister blurts out, apparently to you, “What the fuck happened?” and the gorilla says “Well, to be honest, we had an argument about redundancy.” He looks from you to your sister and back to you.

“I guess he’s the redundant one now.” I say.

My sister smiles and flips her hair. I just look at her… surely she isn’t flirting with a gorilla now. I know she said she had lowered her standards… but really!

I take her arm and turn her around, facing the direction we came. Then I begin walking. I don’t look back.

I feel bad for the professor, to leave him, his research and the proof of his success back there. But, what would I do with a 700 pound talking gorilla. I turn to laugh about it with my sister but she isn’t there.

“Damn it”. I sigh and sit down on my pack. To go back and get her or to just keep going and get out of there myself.

An hour or so later I am back in the clearing. My sister is there, performing a strip tease for the gorilla. I curse her, her hormones and her desperate divorcee status.

“You can’t stay here.” I tell her.

“Yes I can.” She says, stroking the gorilla’s fur, pulling out the occasional twig and creature.

The gorilla leers at me. I look at his stubby erection, his maggoty fur and smell his BO and bad breath.

He smiles at me and says, “You know… I’ve always had this fantasy of having two women…”

I report my sister as missing when I finally get back.

Things that Suck

Skipping that whole straw controversy, these are things that make you want to haul off and bite them… not in a nice way.

Really huge insects that land on your computer monitor right in the middle of the sentence you’re typing.

Things that fall apart soon after you did a really great job of putting them all together, all by yourself, without even having to read those annoying instructions included.

Instructions in Korean. When you’re not in Korea.

Finding a great coupon for something you really like and then noticing it expired last week. Or last year in the case of some people who don’t tidy up their bits of paper all that often.

Stepping on something squishy, especially when it’s road kill.

Waiting in line 20 minutes and then being told you’re in the wrong line and will have to come back tomorrow cause it’s nearly closing time now.

Finding a living creature in the hamburger you’ve half eaten.

Getting all the numbers right on your lottery ticket only to have the lottery store clerk tell you it’s Lotto 649 not the Super 7.

Getting a roll of quarters at the bank to do laundry and being one quarter short for your last load.

Some know-it-all smart ass who doesn’t mean it in a nice way.

Losing something you know you put away carefully.

During the God Talks

Yesterday, being Monday, I had the meeting with the Jehovah’s Witness lady. We get along well and chat about all kinds of things before we even crack the books for Bible study. It has been interesting talking to her the past few months. I’ve learned things about her beliefs and she has learned about mine. Neither of us has been converting the other, it’s all no pressure, just interesting.

Yesterday though, a topic occured to me which is still a little on my mind. God destroyed cities in his name, in order to get rid of people who were worshipping the wrong god(s), people who were corrupt, etc. So began the first holy wars. Now, seeing as God is supposedly able to know all and forsee all and meanwhile be full of love for mankind and the world/ planet. Why would he begin such a reign of terror and destruction? If he could see people continuing his holy wars in the way they have gone on, why would he start such a thing?

Did God make a mistake? Was God being greedy or intolerant and did he knowingly pass this way of handling things along to be continued by people in his name? How can I believe in a loving God if he would knowingly set this precident of death and destruction to any and all non-believers?

I don’t believe in devils, satan or hell for the very reason that any one/ force/ creature that preaches love can’t also hold hell over my head and expect me to believe they are loving, fair and caring, etc too.

It will be interesting to see what she has to say next week. I know she won’t have much time to look into it and I’m certainly not grilling her or testing her at all. We’re just discussing ideas and spirituality.

I admit I’m thinking of all the ‘witches’ tortured and murdered in the name of God. I’ve always thought those men who did these awful things were abusing their beliefs and taking in on themselves to pass out God’s judgement. What if they aren’t? What if all those so called fanatics were in fact, continuing on, just as God did himself? What if by showing people how to destroy non-believers he was also showing them how he wanted non-believers to be treated? What if God condones religious war and is actually not all that loving, tolerant or fair after all?