Vector Drawing Tips Link

Vector Drawing Tips – I need to start figuring out how to use the graphic software I have had for years. Kind of typical of me that I am looking at the latest version of Paint Shop Pro, now part of Corel instead of Jasc, yet I have not done more than use it for a screen capture a couple of times. I really need to get to work on it rather than just upgrade the software. Why do I so often do this sort of thing? I have a stack of books about CSS and HTML and web design in general yet I have only read one of them and not even totally finished that one.

This Blog is Massively Under Construction, Yet Again

At least this time all my widgets aren’t lost. Kind of nice not to have to do those all over again.

I will be fixing the footer, the header, some code missing for the sidebar and the background. I thought I would do it tonight but time is catching up with me and I’m getting too sleepy to be sharp enough to use my brain for looking at CSS code.

I want to use the background as my main layout. Not sure how to describe the plan. But there is a plan. Really.

Update: I have been away a day longer than I was expecting. Just got back tonight. Some good photos but couldn’t do anything with the layout. Will be online tomorrow. Too tired to do more than check email tonight.

Describe Yourself Today Meme

Describe Yourself Today Meme from RainyDazeee

List 6 things that describe yourself today.

Webbing – I’ve been having adventures in digital publishing since last night. Bought a new domain for this blog, though will have to wait for the transaction to process still. I have the new look for WordGrrls, thanks to Judith Shakes. I need to do more with too. It’s been sadly lacking for awhile. I used to keep it pretty well but then decided using FrontPage was not right. I began learning CSS then moved a few times and lost track of what I had learned. Can’t even find the books I had bought then. Must be stuck somewhere in all the moving stuff stuck away until I have time to unpack and throw away more of it all.

The Wall Man – Watching the tail end of The Matrix now. Getting a little review of the face and form of the imaginary life I lead when this one isn’t so great or things are going slow and I didn’t bring a book to read.

BBQ – Planning a BBQ for the family on Monday. Who brings what. Who makes what and where to get what.

Grrl Interrupted – Some of the most perfect days are boring. A day when you have the place to yourself all day and the only human contact you make is on TV/ radio/ email or delivering your lunch.

Book – I’m reading Lady and the Vamp by Michelle Rowen. It’s always a bonus to find a writer you like and she happens to be from Ontario too.

Headache – Although I get a headache every day at work, today it’s behind and inside my eyeballs. It’s frying the back of my neck and flattening the back of my skull. My ears and shoulders are aching too. I left work early, just a couple of hours. But the headache isn’t much better yet.

Thursday Thirteen #19: EntreCard Blog Ideas

For Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen things I could write about personal blogging and blogs for the EntreCard blog. Kind of nice to make a list even if I never remember to check it.

1. Clutter and decluttering a blog. Three columns blog or 3 column footer.

2. Keeping true to your own voice. Writing for yourself instead of putting on a show.

3. Online journaling. Release your passions, upsets and strange ideas.

4. Making a site on MySpace, Vox and other offbeat or lesser known blog-type places.

5. Simple HTML and CSS tricks.

6. Personal blog security, passwords, backing up your blog and so on.

7. Writing when no one is listening. How to keep writing when you feel like you’re just talking to yourself.

8. How to add illustrations to your blog even if you can’t draw. Photo hosting services links included.

9. Should you use word verification or just comment moderation.

10. Elements of a good layout and design.

11. Joining groups to match your interests.

12. Using the background file to change the look of your whole blog, easily.

13. Spelling counts. Spellcheck, free and easy to use online.

The Car Thing

Sounds like I will be driving next week or sooner maybe. I will be so glad not to be putting so much of my pay cheque into taxi fares.

I’ve been playing around with Dreamweaver today. I downloaded the new Adobe version, it’s very nice though maybe too many bells and whistles to make it easy to find your way around. I do like it though. I also have an old copy I burned to a disk of a trial for the last Macromedia version. Then the third one is Dreamweaver 4 which I spotted at a GoodWill not so long ago. None of them are just what I would like. I do plan to play around with them more. I have all the guide books that came with Dreamweaver 4 so that might help me find the gadgets available in that software. It doesn’t have much focus on using CSS and that was the important part to me. The Adobe version is nice for CSS templates but to buy it these days is $400, far more than it used to be when it was Macromedia software.

I went out today, took a taxi to and from the grocery store. Went out for a late breakfast, kind of a “Sunday” thing to do before my work week starts again tomorrow.

The workmen were out for the city of Barrie cutting down a tree on the neighbours yard. It must have gotten in the way of the power lines. Sad to see a tree get cut right down to the ground from it’s lofty heights. It is all gone now. Took them most of the day. I wondered if they were going to cut the one on our front lawn too. It’s also getting close to tangling with the power lines.


I’m looking for something that will make it easier to upgrade my site from HTML with tables to CSS without tables. Maybe Superblogging will work. It’s free to use.

Create accessible, CSS compliant websites fast
program demo.

Instantly create perfectly structured, accessible and CSS compliant websites.

As quick and easy as a Blog but with the power and flexibility of an online CMS. Another reason designers are no longer using WYSIWYG editors.

The same site offers CSS Wizard which includes Superblogging but only as a free trial. I prefer to go with freeware.

My Bed…Mmmm

I was working, thinking about how tired I really am and suddenly, like a bolt of lightening, I realized… I can go to bed.

What a trip! Well, not really since it’s actually right behind me. But, I was thinking about how nice it is that I can go to bed. Right there in my own bed with the dark red, jersey cotton sheets and the brand new, ultra firm and fluffy pillows and the quilt with green and pink carnations/ zinnias. My own bed, in my own room, not the bed in my sister’s guest room. Oh, what a privilege to have your own bed.

So, why am I not there? Because, I still hate giving in to sleep. As nice as it is to be all snuggled up, it’s boring too. I don’t write, if I think I almost never remember any of the good stuff. Sleep is boring and pointless, more useless than a Useless Man. I understand why kids don’t want to go to bed.

Yet, here I am and I am kind of happy about it tonight. It’s so unusual for me to kind of want to go to bed rather than finally giving in to the fact I can’t keep my brain in the ‘on’ position any more and must sleep.

But… I’m not there yet. So there! 🙂

CSS Naked Day
Promoting web standards, plain and simple. On April 5th (today) remove all the CSS code from your site and put up a link to the CSS Naked Day site.

Pointless but cool
Celebrating the coolest & most useless stuff on the web!

Gadgets are great and the more off the wall they are the better. Pointless But Cool is a celebration of the wackiest, coolest and most downright pointless new products we’ve seen arriving on the web. In short, all those things that you’d love to own even if you’re not quite sure why!

Grrl Scientist – Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

“The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” — Eden Phillpotts.

Anyone who has one of my favourite quotes right at the top of her site must be interesting.

I’m Still on This Planet

The dust bunnies like me. I’ve let them thrive here.

I keep a blog, called That Blog, on Blogsome which is a free host for WordPress. I have my site, which has become a fixer upper, though I had so many great plans and I was even keeping up with it all for a few months. Then I decided to learn CSS and change all my pages. Well, the front page is done… that’s about it so far.

I’m dating John, sort of. We began emailing after meeting through Toronto Craigslist personals. But we have not met yet. Things have gotten in the way. He is moving, I am going the entrepreneur route, he is job hunting, I am thinking about taking a web design course since the entrepreneur route is hard on the bank account, etc. I really like this guy though so I hope it works out. That would be a first. But, isn’t that the point? If you find a good one you don’t keep looking.

Remember your Inferiority

I have been working on this business thing, self employment. Thinking I could handle all the stuff I kept piling on my plate. Last night my plate broke. This morning I picked up the pieces and super glued them back into a plate again. Then I had to talk to another person about my ideas and such and the plate is definitely showing signs of further mutiny.

I really thought I was coming to the point of ‘getting’ CSS but today I saw my site on another computer and it came out looking like a bomb hit it, poor thing. So, something is wrong in all my great and noble coding. I don’t even know what though. The saddest part is that I really thought I had that page done well. Maybe not as arty and perfect as I envisioned but it was good. The things I wanted to adjust were do-able. Now, I have seen it from another window and it must be massively revamped and adjusted and thrown up in the air and juggled like a pizza crust.

Also, there is a snag in the whole working with seniors thing. A woman I interviewed on the phone cause she has a business geared to seniors says that going to their homes could bring up a whole set of problems I had not even thought of in the least maggoty bit. Theft, or being accused of theft. If something goes missing, by accident or on purpose, who would most likely get blamed? Likely that strange geek woman they let into the house. Poor Granny can’t find her diamond tiara now, it must be thatgrrl!

I would hate to be in that situation. So, the senior plan is being rethought, possiblly to die a slow death or be re-worked. It’s kind of aggravating cause I thought I was on my way to being done the whole planning process. I was going to hand the whole thing in on Thursday, early and ahead of schedule. Now I will have to come up with new inventive and amazingly unique solutions. Luckily I’m good at that kind of thing. I’m good at a lot of odd things. Strangely enough.