Daisy and Dandelion Chains

My Mother taught me how to pop off the head of a dandelion and use the stem to make a chain link. One summer we made endless dandelion chain necklaces, bracelets too, all while weeding the lawn. I think she found a win-win situation to keep the kids busy and get her dandelions dug out of the grass. But, we did stick at it for a long time and (of course) my ultra competitive sister turned it into a contest to see who could have the longest chain that would not snap or slip apart when we stood up to parade around with them. It was fun as those little outdoor things are, especially when you are a kid.

At some point I learned how to make the daisy and dandelion chains which kept the flowerhead on. I did attempt to make them when I got home but by that time I had forgotten some of the steps so I never did get very successful in making flower jewelry.

Is this a lost art now? Do people still sit in a park or out on the front lawn and teach their kids how to make flower chains, crowns and necklaces? I thought it would be interesting to find the directions again. I think it would be part of wildcrafting sites and blogs online.

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Rhinestone Daisy Brooch & Earring Set

Three of my favourite things (and I have a lot of favourite things) are: brooches, rhinestones and simple daisies. This brooch and earring set is something I’d love. But, I don’t actually wear jewellery. I have some hanging around to be admired. That’s how I like it. daisy brooch setdaisybrooches2via – WEISS Daisy Brooch & Earring Set – White and Rhinestone Petals | New Leaf Galleries | Home Again.

Gorgeous Sparkling Brooch

See, I’m not that hard to please and I don’t have incredibly expensive tastes. this daisy sparkler is only $14. I would love this for Valentine’s Day. I don’t have a Valentine and I’m not especially looking for one. They are really only seasonal, Valentines I mean. Brooches never go out of style, or season!

daisy sparkler

via – Round Brooch with Blue Stones | New Leaf Galleries | Home Again.

Domme Tea Party and Blue Flower Tea Sets

I’m looking for a great tea set for a FemDom Tea Party, the sort where men are nearly nude and serving tea to women wearing Victorian costumes or something appropriately decadent and elegant. I thought a blue and white flower pattern would work best, for my sense of style and colour. Not too girly, kind of old fashioned and traditional but simple and pretty too.

From the Williamsburg Marketplace.

This (above) may be the one I’d pick from all those I found. It’s fancy, yet not overdoing it. I also like the flower, I think it’s a carnation.

I also really like this (Vintage Polish CERGOR Blue Floral Pottery Ceramic Child’s Tea Set) simple, blue daisy pattern. Maybe it’s too simple for the elegant, society sort of tea part I have in mind. But, I still like it.

I like this pattern (Williams Sonoma Blue Floral 18 piece). No pot with it but each cup has a lid. I’m not sure why they have lids. There have been times I could have used one when a fly was buzzing around the coffee shop. But, that doesn’t seem to be the reason for them, officially.

Chrome Daisy

There’s a Lady Gaga theme on Facebook games ( a few of them) now. I had never heard of her until my Mom came back from Florida and was talking about her last year. Mom likes to was the American Idol show and Lady Gaga was on there as well. She’s younger than I thought. Anyway, I liked the idea of shiny, chrome daisies when I saw them come up with the new stuff on Facebook. Daisies are nice in all kinds of designs. I especially like them done in blue and white. Chrome would be pretty too, more glamorous than pretty maybe.

I also found that you can get chrome daisy styled tail light covers if you have a VW Beetle car. That would be pretty cute. Though they would suit the head lights better, since they could be white then instead of red. But, it could be less than safe to have anything partially covering your head lights.

Poinsettias to Shine Up To

There are a few things I look for in a poinsettia to wear for Christmas. One, is the red colour. It has to be bright, cheery and really, sincerely red. The next is size, something a bit too small won’t work for a poinsettia. It wants to be large and glamorous. Beyond that, it needs to actually look like a poinsettia, not a daisy or a chrysanthemum or some anonymous flower. This first poinsettia from Christmas Tree Hill (above) has all of those features. Take a look at the matching ring too. The only thing missing are the green outside leaves and it should be yellow/ green in the centre. But, I love the red on this one so much I can over look the other small things.

This one, from Cat Fancy Gifts, also has matching ear rings. It doesn’t have the same red but it really looks like a poinsettia, better than most of those I looked at. I think most jewelry of flowers is made too rigidly to a pattern than randomly the way nature designs them. This was the best one for the way the poinsettia looks. It looks like a real poinsettia! (They have a really nice holly too).

Uno Alla Volta has this poinsettia and matching earrings too. The design and the colour are great. I like it a lot but I don’t quite love it. Take a look at the poinsettia ring which they also have, not matching this set but very shiny and bright.

I will have to keep looking for my perfect poinsettia. I love online window shopping!

Valentine Daisy

I scanned the single daisy from a sales flyer in the newspaper this week. Pretty with the daisy and red heart in the centre. But the colours don’t scan well from newsprint grade paper. Still, you get the idea.

The other flowers are from one of those sites sellng bouquets online. I had the link on Facebook and don’t even remember the site now. Great flower combination. I really like how cheery they look.