The Difference Between Dinosaurs

I’m watching a documentary about dinosaurs. Trying to figure out why they sometimes had tiny arms, huge spikes or scales that were too thin to be for battle or protection. Lots of other details about dinosaur appearance too. The archaeologists use these features to identify species of dinosaurs. But, I wonder if they take into account how a single species can look quite different between the male and the female. How many species of dinosaurs have been mislabeled as a different species when in fact, they are just the female or male version of another species already known.

It would be very hard to figure this out. We just don’t have enough real information versus educated guesses. A time machine would come in handy, but isn’t very practical right now.

For Monday Art Day: Dinosaur

This week the topic to illustrate in any medium is dinosaur. Here is mine. I had Snuffly pose. Really hard to get a dragon… I mean dinosaur, to stay still long enough to get a good sketch. Of course, I can’t actually draw anyway. So here is what I came up with. Will post it to the Monday Art Day blog and see how it goes. Maybe they will at least think it’s cute or funny or a nice attempt at something.

Tag Cloud

Not sure it’s the official name for this phenomena, but pretty descriptive.

StumbleUpon calls them tag clouds. I’ve been seeing these around lately, I like them even though they may not be extremely efficient they are nice eye candy and functional.

Would it be a good experiment for my own article index at It’s becoming a problem over there, kind of like a dinosaur come back to life and threatening to eat the whole village in a gulp.

InkyGirl from InkSpot reviewed HerCorner

Inkygirl – A weblog for writers who work from home

“ is part of and focuses on resources and inspiration for women who write. The site includes some useful articles on specific writing topics, like writing contests, historical fiction for children, and how to write synopses. Too many writing sites tend to have vague ‘how anyone can get published’ how-to articles with little practical advice these days; this site was a welcome change. I’m not crazy about some of the ads which have nothing to do with writing (moving services? ceramic flat irons?) but then again, I can’t blame the Webmaster for looking for a way to financially support the site. Definitely worth checking out, even if you’re not a woman. :-)”

Debbie reviewed my old site. A good review too. What a shame HerCorner became a dinosaur. I really need to get in gear and work on making another writing site. I was doing ok with it. Debbie was the person behind InkSpot, the best writing site ever. If she thought my work on HerCorner was good that is a sign I should be doing it again.

I have to leave for work now. It will be late when I come home but I don’t have to start till 4:00 tomorrow. Maybe… who knows. 🙂 I miss writing a writing site. I was even doing the WordCraft newsletter at BackWash weekly. There isn’t any reason I can’t combine all my past greatness with fresh greatness and make an even better site. Plus, I don’t need ads, unless I want them.