Fancy Blue Collar

This is a much nicer collar than most I find. It’s elegant and stylish, in blue for boys even!

I’m going to look for collar patterns. I think I should be able to make a collar in this style out of old suit ties. They could get pretty trippy with some of those 70’s ties!

This is a fancy dog collar in forest green and gold silk. Made in a style known as a martingale collar it is the perfect greyhound dog collar since

Source: Martingale Dog Collar Greyhound Dog Collar Fancy by KnineCouture

When Does it Become Bestiality?

Is this wrong, taboo, or sinful?

I doubt the dog really sees much difference in posing nude – under a fur coat they’re all nude. But, the humans would know there’s something different about posing without clothing for a photograph with an animal. So, is this taking advantage of an animal? Is this taboo? Where are the lines drawn?

How would you feel if it were a child instead of a dog? What if the child were also nude? Yet, I don’t think it’s sinful for a parent to bathe their child and remove their own clothing to keep it from getting soaked.

There are so many interesting shades of grey.

This is an Original 1930s French erotic photo .

Source: Antique Original Nude Photo. Erotic phography by ParisBookandPaper

Animal Versus Human Nudity

Why is it ok for a dog to display it’s genitals but a human male in the same pose would be labeled as adult content, pornographic, shocking, disgusting, etc.? The image below was on Buzzfeed, a post about taking naps.

animal and human nudity

Not a sexual topic, not even about animals especially. It was just an image they used to illustrate taking a nap. The dog’s cock and balls are plainly visible, not blacked out or otherwise edited out. No warning about nudity for under age readers on the site. Weird really isn’t it?

I don’t think the photo was sexual or should have been edited out. The comparison just interests me. If a nude adult human male were posed the same way… it never would have been used, at all. Why is animal nudity ok but human nudity shocks us?

Ideas for Halloween Blog Posts

happyhalloweenTired of the same old holiday posts? Try writing about these!

How to make your lawn look ghastly for Halloween using simple stuff like zombie flamingos, garden gnomes and such which you can buy on eBay and poke into your grass.

How to dress like a slut for Halloween without alarming your Mother

Lingerie in Halloween colours to perk up the late night trick-or-treaters.

How to keep your kids from eating too much candy on Halloween – give them healthy snacks instead and threaten to hang them off the roof while they barf if they don’t eat the healthy snacks

Dress up your pets for Halloween so they can guard your kids from the pumpkin bashing bullies

How to store your Halloween costumes, especially those which are not flame retardant.

Halloween gifts for your boyfriend who didn’t return all your 1,000 text messages yesterday

Play with trick-or-treaters: Get a stuffed dog for Halloween and put on tapes with spooky music and a dog barking in the background. Let kids think the dog is safe and then sick your real dog on them.

What to do if your child is choking on Halloween candy? – feed him more until it all goes down

Decorate your house in pink for Halloween – for breast cancer. Don’t forget to use your husband for the big boob in the centre

Old fashioned Halloween costumes – spray paint your children

Gather all the children’s toys you’re tired of picking up and recycle them into Halloween monster toys like babypedes and other monsterish, gruesome things.

Shoes to wear for Halloween, wind, rain, snow or slime

Halloween movies to watch with your dog, or cat. Write about movies with dogs or cats, or goldfish with a Halloween theme

Halloween tapes like Monster Mash which you can play over and over to torment teenagers who don’t appreciate the 70’s… yet.

Use mannequins to create a Halloween family eating dinner around the table. Make this the night you invite the neighbours for dinner. (They don’t need to bring anything but extra seasoning wouldn’t hurt them).

Tacky, trippy or just plain terrible sweaters for your loved ones at Halloween

Safe chemicals to throw on your children when their cheap Halloween costumes ignite

More reasons why candles are not a good thing for children to carry while trick-or-treating

Creepy Halloween toilet paper to use for papering houses, cars, people, pets, etc 

How to make your own creepy sound recordings for Halloween without really harming any children or pets.

How to spray foam on cars which is not shaving cream (which melts paint apparently)

Use cookie cutters and hot wax to shave creative Halloween patterns in your chest (or back) hair

Turn Him Into a Dog (Not a Frog)

Why did Witches ever get the reputation for turning men into frogs when they would make much better dogs?

male dog slave

Does this tempt you?

I admit I like the idea of “making” him wear the tail. I’d have him drinking out of his own dog bowl and sleeping on a blanket on the floor.

I don’t want a real dog (I’m allergic to them) so this is my idea of having a dog for a pet.

Of course, the reality never quite lives up to the fantasy. So, I would have to actually do the experiment before I can verify the results. At the moment though… I am thinking up more ways to play with a man puppy dog.

Wild and Kinky Bug Sex

Originally posted at Adult BackWash: Sunday April 11, 2004  

One unusual thing that does make me kind of hot is… bug sex.

Yeah, I bet you’re laughing now. But, really, bugs are very kinky creatures. Bugs have been kinky since before it was a fashion statement. Bugs don’t even care if it’s fashionable, socially acceptable or gets them off. Well, not in that way exactly. I mean to a bug getting off isn’t about orgasm so much as it’s about having a good meal.

Bugs get away with extreme kinkiness. They eat their lovers, it’s pretty routine for them. They think nothing of a little boyfriend after a good screw. For those who think smoking after sex is bad… HAH! Try ripping off your lovers head and see who’s really bad!

Plus, bugs wear all that kinky armour. You thought leather and rubber were tough, you haven’t seen tough until you wear armour plating to bed. No wonder bugs have so many kinky positions. No one wants to poke an eye out and miss the main event.

Bugs have all kinds of sexual perversions. From where they lay those eggs to how long they can stay at ‘it’, bugs are pretty unique. Think about it… they may exist a short time but they pack a lot of sex into that time. Bugs really are the sluts of the animal world.

I was going to write about a woman who spreads peanut butter on her personal areas and gets her dog to lick it off. But, that is so tame compared to bug sex. Who would be impressed by a pussy licking dog compared to lovers who have sex for four days, then she eats him and uses a passing pedestrian to…

Oh well, you get the idea. Bug sex is hot!

I Spy

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Sunday September 28, 2003  

Would you spy on your lover, husband or significant other? How in depth would you want to get? Watch them picking their nose in the parking lot? Read all their email? Put a tracking device on their car and map everywhere they go? Video tape them when they think they are alone?

It sounds crazy to me. Yet, there are a lot of spams coming through my email advertising spy services and gadgets. Someone must be buying these things. Not me. I think it’s just a bit too crazy.

If you have to cling that much it will never work out. People need some time to be private, some secrets and some mystery. Not everyone is a cheater but if you insist on labelling them eventually your wish will come true in one way or another.

Turn it around. What if you were the one being spied on? How would you feel? Some of you might feel turned on, protected, or like you’re putting on a show. Others might feel really put out.

Do you really want to share everything, every thought, every action and every idea? Not me. I want some mystery, something to explore and discover and now and then I’d like to be surprised with something new (hopefully good).

I don’t want a cheating partner. I also don’t want a lap dog. You have to find a balance. You have to learn to give space and take space in return.

Now… I spy with my little eye… something that is… You!