Midget Man Love Doll

The little man is a turn on for me. Not being a midget, just little, tiny even. You can find a lot of macro fetish photos with giant women but what I like are tiny, little men. Tiny enough to fit into my pocket. So, this man love doll would be interesting but not small enough.

midget man love dollThey say BIG things come in small packages and Midget Man is no exception. Just add air and this pint size party animal will pump up his pleasurepole and rock y

Source: Midget Man Love Doll | the naughty boutique

If this were racist or sexist how many people would be protesting? Yet, is it a problem really? “Persons with disabilities” have sex too. Persons without visible disabilities are recreated as sex dolls. All those social issues and do-gooding get confusing at times.

Play Dress up with BDSM Barbie

I like the creativity of dressing up dolls in fetish clothing and situations. I have made tiny clothing for dolls before, even dolls smaller than Barbie. It’s tricky and nitpicky to get the details right and all those little stitches. I guess some people will use glue rather than sew the outfits. I didn’t.

Posing dolls is a fun hobby. Not everyone brings the fetish and kink into it. But, it does add an element of The Perils of Pauline (damsel in distress).

The photos here are from Tears of Desire, which makes and sells fetish wear for Barbie. Only two items available right now. Likely requests could be taken for more.

Latex doll dress is handcrafted from .040mm black latex. Outfit includes 1 black latex mini skirt, 1 black latex tube top and 2 black latex arm

barbie collarSource: Doll 4 pc Latex Mini Dress skirt top and arm by TearsOfDesire

Relationships Between Men and Their Real Dolls

It seems backwards. To look for comfort, companionship and a relationship with a doll while looking for sex only from actual (physically real) women.

Women complain that men just want sex. Women want to find a man who is also looking for a relationship, comfort and companionship.

On paper or online men say they want a relationship. But, when (in my own experience) you go on a date with them they really only talk about sex, fetishes, and sexuality. I guess they plan on going home to Dolly for conversation and a cuddle afterwards.

So backwards.

men with dolls

Intimate Photos Capture Relationships Between Men and Their ‘Real Dolls’ (NSFW) – Feature Shoot.

Nancy Farmer Doll Cards

nancy farmer dollsvia – Nancy Farmer Doll Cards

This would be such a great hobby. I did photograph posed dolls for awhile. I didn’t have miniature BDSM or fetish things to make it work like this.

When you want images to illustrate a blog post about a fetish, a kink or something more general – this would be a great way to create an image. They are eye-catching. I wonder how many people would actually read your post after seeing the image you created for it.

I’d buy a set of Nancy’s cards. I can’t think of anyone to send one to, other than my ex-husband or Gracie. That wouldn’t be much fun though.