Can A Slip of a Girl Find Lingerie Sexier Than This?

A friendly challenge for A Slip of a Girl.

Yoshie Gown –   Alluring, intricate French floral nude embroidery, decorated in clusters of solid pink and skeletal black flowers, sits over open net tulle, both veiling and revealing in equal measure. The ‘70s style babydoll gown has embroidered cups with an under-bust seam to hold and support. The puff sleeves feature silk-bound keyholes that fasten with a black tassel button, while the gown fastens at the centre front with black rouleaux and two further black tassel buttons.

Source: View All Lingerie by Agent Provocateur – Yoshie Gown

Crazy Quilt Recycled Denim jacket

crazy quilt denim coat

crazy quilt denim coat

I have used all sorts of denim pieces in this jacket, in the CQ style, utilizing some pockets and labels too. I’ve made a number of these jackets and find they’re a great way to use up denim! I’ve also attempted knitting with denim strips too, which isn’t something I would highly recommend. I liked the end result, but my hands didn’t!

via MAGPIE’S MUMBLINGS: Recycled Denim jacket.

I love this idea. I also admire crazy quilting, especially the traditional style using rich fabrics, embroidery, beads, lace and other gorgeous things for trim and extra embellishments.

Kicking Around the Dust Bunnies

There are several crafty related projects I could pull out and get back to work on, rescuing them from the dust bunnies who have been keeping them company since my divorce about 5 years ago. Kind of sad to admit it has been five years and doesn’t it seem that using the divorce as an excuse for anything should be limited to just one year, not five? Anyway, that’s how it is.

I’m going to take a photo of the Raggedy Ann in progress and see if that doesn’t inspire me to get back to work on her. She has a face, I think. I seem to remember doing the embroidery way back then. I did find my old sewing box and her and her pattern and such inside of it. Once upon a time I even had a really nice and simple pattern for a teddy bear. Not that I have any kids to give them too. My neices have more toys than they care for as it is. My nephew is 12 and probably would like anything I made for him but is likely too old for stuffed animals and far too boy for a dolly, even if Raggedy Ann and Andy are classics.

I guess I could sell them but that seems crass. I don’t know why. I guess it’s to do with appreciating finishing (if I finish it) one of the many projects I have started. I have so many things like this I no longer want to take on anything new or make any kind of promises to anyone. I would like a responsibility free life. But that isn’t practical and would be kind of boring and lonely too. So, plug on.

Blog Talkers: Talking to Yourself

At BlogTalkers:

If you had to spend one year living alone in a remote cabin, what would you spend your time doing?

(And let’s assume there is no access to Internet)

Question submitted by: Write From Karen

I would do crafts like sewing, crochet and embroidery and I would read. I’d teach myself some programming and more web design. I wouldn’t need the Internet for that, just a computer to test things on.

Ragged and Bloody

There just isn’t much else to say. I’m on the generic version of the aforementioned drugs today. Oh joy. It’s the Toronto BookCrossing meet up tomorrow. Last time I had to cancel due to babysitting. I really want to get out there tomorrow. I had the day all planned. Photos and everything. I should be ok. Just a lot squishier.

The brother wants me to come out to Newmarket for Monday. Maybe we will get out to Alliston and I can pick up the sewing machine I left there in the kitchen. There is a lot of other stuff still there but the brother says I can only bring the machine back here. I am going to see if I can find the fabric and pattern for the Raggedy Ann doll I started a couple of years ago. It would be nice to finish her. I had her face all embroidered and her body parts cut out. I don’t think I did anything more than that. I did have just the perfect fabric for her skin tone too.

I think I could make a nice Raggedy Ann for one of my sister’s daughters. But not sure I want to. They have so many toys and such now and don’t really care (or care for) any of it. Seems silly to make a handmade doll and have it get thrown on the heap, eventually buried under an avalanche of stuff.