I Don’t Entirely Agree with the BDSM Test

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
84% Primal (Hunter)
83% Dominant
67% Daddy/Mommy
63% Owner
59% Degrader
56% Rigger
50% Experimentalist
48% Switch
48% Vanilla
44% Master/Mistress
42% Sadist
37% Pet
36% Submissive
29% Girl/Boy
23% Rope bunny
18% Non-monogamist
18% Ageplayer
10% Brat
10% Slave
8% Primal (Prey)
4% Masochist
1% Exhibitionist
1% Voyeur
0% Degradee

The Sagittarius Mistress

The Sagittarian Mistress: This is a classy, sophisticated and powerful woman with a stunning, often athletic and tall build. She has an infectious energy and a magnetic personality. Her motto is “I SEEK your devotion!” As a natural exhibitionist she loves parties or group sessions expecting her slaves to demonstrate their devotion and admiration in public. As an archer she also loves to shoot down her slaves which gives her an obsessive love of needles and piercing. Someone who always stands out in a crowd, she loves shiny materials and elaborate costumes. You can never escape this woman as she will hunt you down, she is not possessive though, so don’t expect long-term commitment. Once you have served your purpose you’ll be left in the dust of her galloping exit.

This comes from Mistrress Sidonia: FemDom Horoscopes

I’d say it is only half right for me. I do like shiny things and vibrant colours. I consider myself sophisticated, whether I actually am or not. But, I’m not athletic. I really don’t like anything piercing the skin – gives me a real “ick!” feeling.

I like reading the characteristics more than predictions with astrology. You never know what will happen day to day and I like that. Too much predicting takes something away from the randomness of life.


I don’t agree with the placement of Sadist or Ageplayer. But, no test is perfect.

== Results from http://bdsmtest.org/ ==
96% Dominant
91% Bondage giver
75% Master/Mistress
67% Owner
58% Switch
58% Primal (Hunter)
57% Degradation giver
56% Daddy/Mommy
56% Sadist
53% Brat tamer
50% Experimentalist
44% Pet
39% Brat
39% Vanilla
38% Bondage receiver
30% Primal (Prey)
28% girl/boy
26% Submissive
21% Masochist
19% Ageplayer
16% Voyeur
15% Exhibitionist
12% Non-monogamist
4% All-Rounder
2% Slave
0% Degradation receiver
See my results online at http://bdsmtest.org/result.php?id=463572

Source: Test 

Things Sexually Unadventurous People Should Try

Good luck finding someone sexually unadventurous to try most, if any, of these. No one should be pushing someone into a sexual adventure they don’t want or aren’t ready for.

  • Analingus
  • Vibrators
  • Role play
  • Spanking
  • Positive dirty talk
  • Blindfolds and handcuffs
  • Switching up the location

via – Eating Ass And 6 Other Things Sexually Unadventurous People Should Try In Bed | Thought Catalog.

However, some adventures may be more appealing than others. I’m thinking of quiet adventures, not so much drama and soft lighting.

Of course, don’t start something as if you’re already an expert at it (even if you have done it with someone else, or seen it done). Whether it’s massage, bondage, spanking, or even just plain sex… take time to find out what each of you actually likes. Learn the simple things rather than trying to dive in as if you know what you’re doing and who you are doing it with.

  • Bondage, but don’t actually tie any knots. Just let them hold their own hands together.
  • Teasing and denial. Talk about what you’d like to do, but don’t do anything.
  • Age play with dressing him or her in just regular clothes as if you were dressing a kid.
  • Massage but the one who wants the massage should give the massage first.
  • Tantric sex, but start slow. Sit nude facing away from each other, back touching back. Relax, do nothing.
  • Role play, but just talk about it and look at costumes you might wear when you take the next step.
  • Domination and submission but, speaking only, no touching and no toys/ tools/ accessories.
  • Exhibitionists, go outside, somewhere private. Start with kissing and touching, maybe just sitting close and cuddling.
  • Spanking, but keep it light. Start with patting and see if either of you likes it enough to do more.

I think this is a sensible list for the unadventurous to actually consider. This gives people a chance to find out if they may be adventurous after all.


Retro Internet: The 1500 Point Purity Test

Long ago, in the days of the Internet surfing highway, there was a purity test with over 1000 questions. I found a copy of it. Posted for your viewing (or take the test) pleasure.


If you thought the millenial purity test was bad, well you ain’t see
nuttin’ yet!

This is the 1500 point Purity Test!

We felt that the 1000 point version lost a lot of the “fun” of the
earlier versions, so we re-wrote it, adding a few new sections, and
a shitload of questions. This test is guaranteed to be nosier that
your parents, more invasive than the census, and containing something
to offend everybody.

Also included is an answer form so that you can remember where in the
test you were, or show to a friend.

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Closet Exhibitionist

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Monday July 28, 2003  

I’ve denied it for a long time but, I have to finally admit, I’m a closet exhibitionist. Even as I type this I’m sitting in front of the computer screen with the fan blowing over the skin of my bare back and my breasts lit by the computer glow.

Why? I’m not sure. I like the daring of it, that excites me. But, it’s a calculated risk. Just like flashing on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) or standing in front of a high rise window topless or scantily clad. There is a thrill in being naughty, in performing for an audience and in shocking your significant other if you have one handy.

So, yes, I’m a closet exhibitionist. You won’t find me on a nude beach but you may catch me changing clothes in the car. I don’t fix my shirt if it slips down and my bra peeps through. I don’t feel concerned about exposed cleavage, in fact I admit I revel in being a bit revealing. It’s like taking a dare, accepting a challenge no one expects you to take.

Would you ever take off your clothes in public? Ever play truth or dare and risk being dared to publicly strip? Does it excite or terrify you? I don’t think it’s so much about body image as it is about freedom.

Have fun.

I’m Experimental

Cassity, on FetLife,  posted a link to a BDSM quiz.

My results:

You Scored as Experimental(((Note: I haven’t covered all aspects of BDSM in this quiz due to the length the quiz would have to be. It is sex-based because psychological profiles can be complicated and motivations for engaging in fetishes vary with couples and individuals. I have written this category as one of the alternatives because this quiz is to test inclination not a definite interest in BDSM.))) Experimentation is a great place to be. Open-mindedness when it comes to sexuality can open doors and allow you to discover things that you didn’t think you would find engaging. Having such a curious attitude can help you learn more about your own sexual nature as well as the nature of others.

Exhibitionist / Voyeur
Degradation Lover

I am a Closet Exhibitionist

Happy (belated) Valentines Day

I noticed I had lost a button on my sweater. Gave me kinky thoughts about taking a photo and sending it to Stephen who I have been talking to since meeting through CollarMe in December. We have not met yet but I began this blog with the idea of keeping ideas and thoughts here to share with him later if things work out. There is something very stimulating (for me) about taking photos of myself like this. I don’t pass them around like business cards or anything. But, it is fun for me and now I will be thinking about reading some erotica later tonight.

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