Where the Wild Things Are: The Limits of Labels

Originally posted to ‘BackWash: Where the Wild Things Are’ newsletter, June, 22, 2004.

A label is very limiting. When you label yourself a Wiccan, a Witch or even the more roomy Pagan, you are limiting yourself to certain acceptable/ acknowledged areas of belief.

I have never liked this aspect of being a Witch, Pagan, etc. There are times when I think I’m tired of being what others see as a Witch. I never quite fit in and my beliefs are definitely subject to change without notice.

But, there is no great alternative. When someone asks if you are Pagan or when you want to tell someone about your beliefs what do you say? It’s much easier to give them the known than to go into great and exacting detail about the unknown and all various details.

So, each time we call ourselves Wiccan, we limit ourselves. People take each other at face value too easily. They want to categorize everyone all neat and tidy. Perhaps it’s an organization fetish. But I think it’s something else, more selfish and primitive. When you can categorize someone you feel safe, think you know where they stand and what to expect from them.

Anyway, to myself I don’t call myself Pagan. But for others I allow them to go on believing I am. The drawback to that is that each time I say I’m Pagan I am reinforcing the idea that I actually am Pagan for myself as well as those around me. What you say will come true, one way or another. Words spoken can not be unspoken. Much like ghosts. I feel ghosts are remnants of emotions and words past. Lingering in the atmosphere, unable to dissipate once they have been created.

– Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

— Buddha

Tired of the Shoe Thing

I’m tired of the over-used thing about women and shoes. I don’t care much about shoes. I have a pair for summer and a pair for winter. When one wears out I buy more. I don’t drop everything for a shoe sale. I don’t think shoe shopping is a great way to spend an afternoon. Seems there has been a thing in the media about how much women love shoes.

I think it began with Caroline in the City (or whatever that show was called) where her men friends created a cartoon about women never having enough shoes. OK, ha ha ha. It didn’t make sense to me cause I don’t know any women like that. But, sure, I’ll go along with it.

Since then I keep seeing more of the shoe thing. It seems to be growing and gaining momentum. Enough already. Not all women have a shoe fetish. I expect it’s only a very few in fact.

Tagged: Seven Weird Things About Me

First, there isn’t anything weird about me. It can all be perfectly explained. There is a reason for everything and everything in it’s place. If there is something weird then it’s just your own point of view. That, or I meant to do that.

Designing Fairy has tagged me to find seven weird things about myself and then torment… I mean tag seven other blogfolk to do the same.

1. I buy a lot of books and seldom read them. I do read and recycle the fiction. But I have masses of non-fiction books which are almost all bought new and still have that new book smell. I may never read them. But, I like having them and I really am interested and often involved with or learning the subjects the books are about. I think it makes me feel happy and full of possibilities when I buy them. But, once I get them home they just intimidate me with the idea of trying to be as perfect as they think I should be.

2. I like animals and yet I don’t really want them near me. Cats are the only exception but even cats live outside. I don’t share my home with livestock willingly. There may be the odd insect who just creeps in, putting their life in peril.

3. I’m a quiet Earth Witch. I don’t write much about it. I don’t promote it or look for converts. I don’t believe in spells or any gods or worshipping anything. It’s just my own thing and I am happy keeping it to myself.

4. I’m not at all interested in cosmetics, beauty, fashion. I’d much rather look at sheet sets and other things in the bedroom and kitchen departments of stores. I have four sets of cotton jersey sheets in rich, beautiful colours.

5. I seldom talk about the issues because people look at me like I’m crazy when I discuss my opinions and ideas. I don’t agree with the popular opinion very often.

6. I have a really strong fetish for rocks and stones. I also like wood but not nearly as much as stone. I would really like to get to an old stone house and get photos. I saw one while driving last week but did not have time to stop then and it is too far to get back there any time soon.

7. I like telling people too much about myself; I try not to think about it.

Told you I wasn’t weird.

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10 Oddball Random Things About Me:

I can’t wear a watch. Each time I’ve tried the watch loses time until it stops after a couple of months. I seem to suck the battery dry. I even tried a watch on a necklace.

I feel stupid each time I cry about anything and I seem to cry too easily about sentimental things. I’m not a cuddly touchy feely person yet some part of me wishes I were.

I don’t remember when I started my period. Someone once told me “every one remembers that”. I think it’s odd that I remember being told that far longer than I remember starting my period.

I buy books that I never read. They line up along my shelves, all that potential. I buy them with the best of intentions. I think I’ve only read one all the way through. I’m not talking about paperback fiction which I read like the wind from cover to cover.

I have a fetish for my own hair, boobs and sometimes my eyes. When I’m alone I often touch and feel myself, it’s very sensual and makes me feel womanly. When I look in a mirror I am checking out my eyes.

I drink coffee but don’t NEED it in the morning as other people do. I prefer coffee at night, often right before I am going to bed.

I am a natural morning person. I get out of bed (or stay there all warm and snuggled up) and feel happy and good about the day. I have never woken up grumpy or moody.

I love words. I like the way they look when I type them and I like spelling them right. I like knowing what they mean and usually each word brings a different picture to my mind. Even transitional words like and, but and or.

I had to stop buying newspapers cause it really bothers me that I am missing so much when I never get them all read.

I’d rather watch some silly kid’s show than most of the stuff on TV now. Drama is fine but I think all that violence is such a waste of my time. Instead I could be watching something light and pleasant that won’t leave a bad taste in my brain.

I have a shark fetish. In general I like predatory animals but sharks are my favourite. I love the muscular lines of their body, the potential for danger and the ancientness of them.

Back to the Beaches

I think I will be back to the Beaches apartment today, tonight. I did actually miss it once while I have been away. The upstairs tenants are noisy and seem to have a fetish for chair scraping. It’s dark with only one window which the people upstairs have blocked off with a garden shed thing. But, my computer is there. Home is where the PC is, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I would say I love my computer but I am too much looking forward to replacing it with a newer model so that’s not really love just some twisted kind of lust.

I have almost 200 pictures on the digital camera to upload. I did get out to that derelict farmhouse off the 400 highway. It was really nice up close. I especially like the main doorway. Quite fancy for an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. I even found an old Pyrex bowl there and brought it home. It was SO stinky but after bleaching it and multi-washing it is ok and stink free. Pretty too as you will see when I post it’s photo.

I’ve been making an extensive list of books lost due to the water. I think I need to get the current prices for all of them, in order for the insurance to know how much they would cost to replace. I think that’s how it works. Nothing with paper involved is ever that simple though.

It is my neice’s birthday today, she is 3 but looks about two. Her name is Emma Jeanne. She has a new short hair cut cause her older sister gave them both a haircut a couple of weeks ago. I never did get good pictures of that. The haircuts were actually quite well done for a girl not quite four years old. I think she just wanted to get all that baby hair out of her face. Good job Roxanne! They really were good cuts, I’m not being sarcastic. Of course her Mother didn’t think so. I think it’s a parent’s job to not think a little girl can cut hair well, as if she can’t be a genius until she’s older.

I’m having kind of happy day even though things are pretty crazy. See you tonight if I get the Internet set up without any problems.

Christmas Has Left the Building

At what hour is Christmas over? I have no idea. It’s over for me. Kind of that deflated feeling, not quite as strong as getting out of bed in the morning and realizing the world has ended, civilization is gone and you’re the last one left. (It’s a fetish of mine, someday I’d like to test it out).

My nephew slept for about two hours last night, maybe. There were a bunch of adults yapping downstairs, a few drinks, a lot of really dumb stories exchanged and remembered. Isin’t it weird to be the adults? I still think about that. Kind of “wow, how did I get here?” My brother and sisters (4 of us) outnumbered the dates and inlaws so most of the stories were ours. I’ve been the inlaw before though, sort of stuck in the middle of someone else’s stories and traditions. Actually, it was nice not to be the odd one out for a short time.

I think we were a bit loud for Zack. He says he did fall asleep for awhile then. But, he came downstairs twice to check on the progress of Santa. I had told him about the Norad website and Santa was on his mind. It’s just this year (at the age of 10) that he is beginning to consider that Santa might not be real, he isn’t sure though, so he kept checking the web for the radar progress. Last time he asked me if Santa was real (when he was seven) I told him I believed in Christmas spirit and Santa was part of that. So he was good to go for awhile. This year his friends at school must be wearing off on him a bit more. Ten is old enough to shrug off Santa, but I hope he keeps something of it, the merry feeling and the faith.

In the morning the little girl, Roxanne, woke everyone up, not too early. I remember being up at 4:00 when we were kids, they had a late start getting up at 7:00, kids today!

Everyone is tired today, even Zack admitted he’s tired. I drove home in the afternoon and was beginning to fall asleep at the wheel along the way. No coffee stops open though I did find a gas station that didn’t require plastic only. I might have managed on fumes but I hate driving and worrying about the gas tank, there are enough other things to worry about with the car. Today it did pretty good, the weather was very wet, foggy and mild. A colder day would have been tougher. Last winter my brakes kept freezing. There’s nothing like driving a long and realizing that odd light on the dash is talking about your brakes and the fact that you might not have any. lol Brakes are such a nice feature on a car, I’ll be sure to request them on any future car I buy.

So, now I’m here. Christmas is done and it feels kind of deflated. But, tomorrow is Boxing Day. I’m thinking like Scarlet O’Hara, though I’m not going anywhere near a store till next week. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had my chocolate fix on Christmas Eve and again this morning. I also had my bacon and eggs fix too. Why does bacon smell so divine while cooking but never that great to actually eat?

It’s a bit silly but I’m a bit disappointed with my family about Christmas, it’s the same each year for uncountable years. But, I brought down something for almost everyone. I skipped my brother as I made the apron for his girlfriend (on top of what I already had for her). Anyway, out of the six people there, only Graham’s girlfriend gave me anything for Christmas. It’s kind of petty and I shouldn’t care but I do, a little. It’s not the reason why I give out presents myself.

If that were the case I’d long ago have stopped. They haven’t done a gift exchange since we were kids and even then they were not really interested in giving, more in getting. Still, I keep giving out presents cause it’s who I am and I enjoy having something special for everyone. It matters enough to me to keep doing it even though I feel kind of left out when I get nothing in return. I think they just don’t care. Only Sherry really seemed to enjoy the apron and coffee set I gave her. My sisters said thanks and put their gift aside, out of the way. Anyway, that’s why I never go out and rob the bank to pay for Christmas, there isn’t any point. I give gifts for my enjoyment, I don’t worry about meeting expectations of dollars spent or getting the perfect gift. I do it for me and likely I will keep doing it just the same, always till I’m dried up and gone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Big Eyed Grrls

What is it about those drawings of big-eyed girls. Can you remember those old ’70s prints by Keane, Eden, Maio and Goji? The modern Bratz and PowerPuff Girls aren’t that different, they use the same basic theme. No wonder I catch myself pulling them off the store shelves for a better look. I’ve had some kind of kitschy fetish for those big-eyed girls since I was a kid.

These days you can find them in the odd garage sale, flea market and Goodwill. Ebay too, but then there’s shipping involved. Of course, you can find the new big-eyed types in your local department store, appearing on school supplies girl’s fashions near you.

If you have time to let the page load for a long time, you can see some of the original big-eyed girls from Margaret Keane. The Keane Eyes gallery shows a lot Margaret’s waifs. But, those aren’t the same big-eyed girls that were hanging in my girlhood bedroom. Mine were prints done by Eden, Maio and Goji, the girls were young women and often wore a harlequin outfit. Those are harder to find information about. There is a fan site for the big-eyed art. That’s how I found names for them at all. I couldn’t find more yet the artist’s are likely still around. The ’70s weren’t that long ago, right?