The Canadian Flag: Red Ensign

In 1965, the national flag of Canada was changed from the Canadian Red Ensign to the current Maple Leaf flag without so much as a referendum to give people a voice to see if they wanted to change the current flag or not.

In 2014, while it might be too late to make the Canadian Red Ensign the national flag of Canada, it is never too late to right this historical wrong by making the Canadian Red Ensign an official flag of Canada similar in status to the current national flag and the Royal Union Flag.

The Canadian Red Ensign should be flown at all appropriate war memorials and cemeteries, Canada Day, and other places and events where Canada’s past should be honoured. The flag should be also be accorded the same reverence and respect as the national flag.

via – Bring Back the Red Ensign. (Facebook group)

Plan Your own Nation

If you had your own country what would your national anthem be? What would you pick as the national flower? The national animal that goes on your loose change? What would the national holidays be, special to just your country? How would your flag look and what capital building would it be flying over? Would your capital city be in the middle of the big population area or out of the way somewhere?

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Fire Dancer

Tonya Kay – Performing artist.

Fire poi/ spinning, bull whip, flag dance, stilt dance and aerial stuntwork. She’s into raw foods and organic living. Even her car runs on organic fuel. Her blog is quite a read too.

We just saw her on that American TV show about ‘you think you’ve got talent’ something like that. She was part of a group called Stilt World.

Early for Canada Day

Canada Day Wallpaper Originals Graphic Freebies Site

It’s early for Canada Day, or late if you’re one of those pessimistic types. But these are great. I downloaded two of them but the one I like best is the last one with the red flag and the white firecracker going off in the middle. Beautiful. Likely it will be wallpapering my desktop before Canada Day. They are Christmas colours too after all. 🙂