No One Actually Gets Flashing Right Any More

flashing girl

This photo came from a site with photos of women flashing for the camera. Out of all the photos I looked at on the main site, this is the only one which actually looked like flashing. (The expression on her face is great too. She looks happy and excited, about to flash out a boob).

Flashing should be quick and impulsive.

It should not take several minutes while she poses and does a strip tease. That is not a flash. It should not be a movie version with extra fetishes thrown in. A real flash is quick fun and flirty.

I’m not keen on seeing men flashing. It’s not so cute and fun then. But, I don’t really want to catch women flashing in public either. Anything sensual, kinky or fetish in nature should not be done in public because you can’t assume the consent of the general public. So don’t over expose yourself in that way either.

How to Become a Flashing Flirt

Try it when you’re just alone.

Next time you have time alone take a shower, give yourself some pampering and then leave the bathroom without a towel. Make the walk out of the bathroom, naked. See how that feels. It’s a safe way to get started and you don’t even have to look at yourself in the mirror if you don’t want to.

Take a nude selfie.

Don’t send it to anyone but imagine someone (someone charming and sexy) and take the photo for him/ her. Pose. Get arty and draw on your skin. Do a peep show if you don’t want to show all. If you get inspired to send the photo, take a break and leave it for the next day. Make sure you have no regrets.

If you’ve gone this far try actually flashing.

Be nude under a full length coat, dressing gown, something concealing which opens easily and quickly. Stand at a window, indoors. Not one where you know people will be watching, but a a view which takes a risk of being caught. Then, quickly open and close your coat. Don’t make it slow, don’t make sure someone has seen you and, no repeats.

Flashing is Flirting

Stick to the flash, don’t give them more than that. It’s the boldness of the flash which keeps it fun. It’s a quick risk for people who don’t want to expose themselves but enjoy that daring impulse to do something a bit naughty or taboo. You may get tempted to go to the next level and become a streaker. Don’t, unless you’re really sure you can face seeing that much of yourself exposed the next day and the next and when ever someone puts it up on YouTube.

Retro Internet: The 1500 Point Purity Test

Long ago, in the days of the Internet surfing highway, there was a purity test with over 1000 questions. I found a copy of it. Posted for your viewing (or take the test) pleasure.


If you thought the millenial purity test was bad, well you ain’t see
nuttin’ yet!

This is the 1500 point Purity Test!

We felt that the 1000 point version lost a lot of the “fun” of the
earlier versions, so we re-wrote it, adding a few new sections, and
a shitload of questions. This test is guaranteed to be nosier that
your parents, more invasive than the census, and containing something
to offend everybody.

Also included is an answer form so that you can remember where in the
test you were, or show to a friend.

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Flirtation, Seduction and Foreplay

Originally posted to Sex Kitten (2003 – 2004)

Sometimes BDSM is boring.

When you listen to yet another guy listing his fetishes, his turn ons, his kinky requirements, like a grocery list you will be expected to perform. When you read yet another erotica story starring the poor helpless man or the man who fucks everything and has a miracle magic cock that every female wants. When you read another discussion about the finer points of BDSM and the points become so refined they have lost any sharpness they may have had.

Sometimes people just think an idea to death. That’s what BDSM is, an idea. It’s not a religion, it’s just foreplay which requires a little education. It is not about pain. If you bring that idea to it then that’s what you have brought to it. It’s up to you to wonder why and decide how you want to explore that fetish.

If you explore BDSM you will discover many ideas, attitudes and philosophies. Tell them all to bite you, most of them will like that. Go with what you want and make it how you want it. BDSM is not a religion, it should actually be something more enjoyable than religion. BDSM is for pleasure, that’s all. The only rules are geared to keeping it a pleasure for both (all) involved. Religion is far more complicated than BDSM should ever be.

Some people have the attitude that anyone not involved in a 24/ 7 (round the clock, permanent) BDSM relationship is not really in the scene. Smile kindly at these people and go about enjoying your life, as you were. Would you really and truly want this to be your lifestyle, every day, year after year? Would you not at some point like a day off? Lifestyle BDSM is unrealistic.

One big myth about BDSM is that it has to involve pain. Anyone who believes that has not really examined the concept. Even the initials prove how false this idea is. Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism: do you see pain written all over that? Bondage is about being restrained, tied up, etc. Discipline is often something along the lines of spanking. Domination is about being the dominant partner or being the dominated partner, the submissive. Then there are the Switches who dominate or are dominated, as it suits them. S and M are only the tail end.

No one should hop into BDSM without some idea of what they are getting into. Take it as any other hobby, learn how to make it work, what tools (if any) you require. Make sure your partner is at least interested, if not eager. Think of the whole thing as foreplay, flirtation and seduction. If you want to add pain, bondage, or domination explore those elements.

I’ve been into BDSM since I was a kid. A lot of people will say that. I think it sounds odd. But, for me I know what I was doing and I can only wonder and image what someone else was thinking or doing. I was reading my Dad’s science fiction books and I was daring myself to look at pictures of naked men in the magazine racks at stores. I didn’t buy them, not till much later when I was 16. Naked men made me blush and yet, I really didn’t see the attraction of the male body, or parts of it. The penis looked dorky, it still does. Reading the term penis envy still makes me think men are must be pretty insecure if not unbalanced. Who would envy that? Breast envy would be more likely.

The Posts I Wrote for Sex Kitten (2003 – 2004)

I’ve been writing for the Sex-Kitten network since 2003, took some time away from it and then started up again. The old content has been pushed into an archive (which you can find it you look for it but no one would know to look). So, I am reposting it to my own blog, with this post to connect them all. (I wanted a good excuse to try out some of the series plugins for WordPress too).

The following posts are both fiction and non-fiction. They were written at a different time in my life and some of my opinions and ideas may have evolved since these were originally posted. Not much though. I’ve always been pretty true to what I really believe – only my understanding changes as I see the facts differently. The fiction, of course, is just fun. Fun to write and I had fun reading it again and remembering when I wrote it.

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Sometimes I Miss the Tiger I Once Knew

SherkanOnce upon a time, there was a young woman who was just dipping her toes into the social scene on the Internet. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to be specific because these were the days before blogs and social media became something everyone knew. This young woman was pretty much one of the stereotypical nice girls. She hardly even dated because she was kind of a quiet, serious person and didn’t really talk to men. However, getting online and talking to all kinds of people from the comfort of her own home was fun, exciting even. She became an IRC diva.

This quiet, serious woman found herself made part of a group on an IRC channel. She had the feeling of belonging and having friends and she liked it. She began to flirt and play just as the others did. Back then IRC was new and talking online was a whole different game for people to learn to play. Many people were using the chat to ‘hook up’. Actually, many women were looking for romance and love and many men were looking for a good screw, with something they hoped was female.

So, this quiet, serious young woman met a lot of men online. A group of women in the IRC channel became known for trolling and taunting the men online, those who came into the channel looking for easy women. This young woman was one of the three in the group. The others were Lis and Vix, for short. They had a lot of fun baiting and switching and laughing at the horny trolls.

Then there were the other people in the group, the other regulars. Most evenings they got together and played Truth or Dare in the public channel. The serious, quiet woman had no sexual experience to play the game telling Truth about. So she took the dares, almost every time. She became smart at finding loop holes, or just storytelling her way out of it. A good time was had by all, regardless of whatever Truth or Dares were told.

There were other women in the group, but there were men in the group too. Some became friends, fairly close friends, with the quiet woman (who by this time wasn’t really all that quiet during the chat but was still fairly serious). One man in particular became a regular in the group and the serious woman liked him too. They talked, not just in the public chat.

He was married and wanted to divorce his wife. Things were not going well, she wanted out – or seemed to… You know how that story goes. In this case, the serious woman – though she really did like the man – pushed the man to stick with his marriage. She wasn’t 100% on her decision, she was kind of lonely and still single and not someone who was out there dating outside of her Internet chat ‘dates’. But, being the serious type she was, she did not think she could tell someone to end their marriage, even if she did consider it.

The man offered to come and visit the serious woman. It was a sincere offer, very unlike most offers which she heard from the horny trolls. But, she had her serious way and could not take that step into breaking up a marriage. So, time went on, they still talked and even traded home addresses to send real Christmas cards in the mail. After awhile, a year or so, the chat group broke up, as these transient sort of things will do. Someone had an issue with whoever was in control of the group and people were made to choose sides. Inside this side choosing the group dissolved.

The serious woman lost track of the man after awhile. She lost track of all her friends from the group within a couple of months to a year. She was sad about it but she had met other people and was fine.

A couple of years later she somehow found the man again. He was divorced (or separated) from his wife and living with one of the other women from the group. Not one of the two who had been her game playing friends but one of the women she had talked to in a more human to human way and had actually gotten to know a bit. Sadly, the serious woman was not one of those who saved every online conversation so the details were lost in the vast space of her mind.

The man and the woman both talked to the serious woman, and kept in touch for a short time. Then she lost track of them again as she so often does.

People will sometimes ask if you have regrets. I say no, not really. You can’t go back and change things anyway, so what is the point of thinking of anything you regret. However, when I think about it, I do regret not being a little bolder, thinking more about myself than the other woman and what was right and proper in a by-the-book way.

So the moral of the story… don’t try to live by rigid standards which you didn’t set for yourself.

How to Seduce Her

I found this in old stuff I had saved to a CD in 2004. I don’t know where it originally came from. It was written for women to seduce their man – that much I did change myself. I get so fed up with the Cosmo Magazine version of how women should catch/ lure their man. Why is it Cosmo never writes about it the other way around? They make it seem women are desperate to get and keep a man, as if we have so little value. It irks me. For this, and other reasons, I haven’t bought an issue of Cosmo Magazine since I was 20. I outgrew them.

  • Genuine confidence begins with knowing your own body and mind.
  • Knowledge is your ultimate love power.
  • Develop good communication skills both in and out of the bedroom.
  • Listen more than you speak, unless talk is related to both of you. Your conversation should always be positive and sensual.
  • Be relaxed and self-assured.
  • Know exactly what you’re doing and why. Learn your woman’s mind, emotions, body, and sex organs.
  • Appeal to all her senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.
  • Find the right lighting for the mood you want to set.
  • Create a romantic atmosphere. Arrange furniture to suit your sexual expression.
  • Make her feel comfortable and relaxed in your environment.
  • Welcome her with her favorite beverages, snacks, and music.
  • Show enthusiasm when she speaks; have a twinkle in your eye. Flirt.
  • Value cleanliness. Both you and your woman should be able to lick, suck, probe, rub, squeeze, massage every square inch of one another without hygienic concerns or inhibitions.
  • Go slow with all thoughts and actions. Be gentle and tender. Savor every moment. Tease.
  • Kiss your woman as though it were the first time every time.
  • Learn the art of massage — of both body and mind.
  • Listen to her body language and sounds. She will tell you all you need to know even if silently.
  • Do what pleases you both.
  • Explore. Be adventurous. Find the things that really turn her on. If she doesn’t like something you’re doing,
  • move on. If she does, stay with it.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Relish every part of her body as though it were your “last supper.”
  • Create your own fantasies and then live them.

Early Morning Nightie Conversation

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Monday May 19, 2003

It’s 4:36 am, I don’t feel sexy. alluring or all that much like flirting. But, here I am. Alone with my computer and the chirpring birds outside. All I can think about the birds is that the worm population is in big trouble. I didn’t think even birds got up this early.

Anyway, to answer the unasked questions. I’m wearing a blue nightie. It’s soft and cottony. There is a drawstring neckline. The ribbon slips untied and my cleavage is revealed. I tested it out myself, I wanted to know if I could make the top low enough to expose myself. It seemed important at the time. Some day I won’t be the only one appreciating my cleavage.

That’s all I’m wearing. No socks, no bra, no panties. Just one short nightie over my skin.

Last night I wore an older nightie, it’s leftover from the honeymoon of my marriage. The nightie is long, satiny and slinky. I can fold it up and hold the whole thing in my fist. Though it’s long there is almost nothing to the top. It’s cut low, so low I can never keep my breasts inside, safe from popping out. The front reveals me all the way down to my belly button. The rest of it is just straps to keep the nightie from falling to the floor. It’s pretty, pink, but not something you would want to wear around small children.

It’s 4:47 am, the birds are still chirpy outside my window. But, it’s time for me to get to bed. I’m so glad I can sleep in tomorrow. It’s so nice to stay in bed, warm and cosy, alone with my imagination and my fingers.

Flirting 101

I read a post at the site about flirting. I’ve never been comfortable with flirting. I guess I’m the old fashioned, nice girl type who quietly, patiently waits to be noticed. Having been trained as a kid to speak when you are spoken to. But, a smile is not really flirting, is it?

Is there someone you’ve wanted to notice you? What do you do when you want to start a conversation with someone you are attracted to? I can’t claim great successes on the dating scene. But, I do smile, compliment and try to start a conversation and see where things go. No heavy duty flirting, but it keeps me out there and giving others the opening to get to know me as well.

Top 5 tips from as given by Coco La Crème:

  • Slow down! Remember to breathe! Make eye contact!
  • Flirt often. You need to practice “taking it to the next level” until it becomes natural and easy.
  • Don’t let fear of rejection stop you from trying to connect with people.
  • Think of flirting as something you do to make others feel good about themselves.
  • Smile at people as you walk down the street. Say hello. It’s good practice.

Ode to Daddy Dearest

Ode to Daddy Dearest
Originally posted to Adult Wednesday January 08, 2003  

What is so attractive about the man in charge? Unless he slobbers, has a face full of puss or some other horrible problem, I have always been attracted to, and flirted with, the man in charge. Not, of course, my own Dad. That’s not what my Ode to Daddy Dearest is about. I’m not into incest.

It’s more like seduction and letting go, knowing he will be there to instruct, discipline and coddle as desired. Not that most men even get a hint of that. I think you really do need to draw them a map for the finer points of seduction. But, there is no guide to seduction that works for every woman. There are too many different kinky ideas, fetishes and perky bits to satisfy. No one man could be that perfect.

But, a woman can fantasize. In my fantasy it’s usually some Daddy Dearest that seduces me. Leads me down the path to sex, pulls me along, guides me, and finally fills me with his big cock while sucking on my breasts and playing with my clit. Damned if I know how he has that technique perfected! But he does, almost every time.

The other times it’s not Daddy Dearest (who comes in the form of teacher, scientist, alien, and so many other unique forms) but it’s me! I’m not quite as nice as my Daddy Dearest though. In fact, I can be on the nasty side. But, men have tough hides, they can take it, right?

Fantasy men can take it all and last as long, and as hard, as you want. At least I haven’t managed to break one of them yet. I’ll just have to keep trying.