Pierced for Frameless Eyeglasses

It is a good idea. An option for people who don’t want to wear contact lenses on their eyeball but don’t like the frames of eyeglasses on their face either. Still, I feel squicked at the idea of having my face (other than ear lobes) pierced. So, as good as it could be for some people… I won’t be trading in my eyeglasses, with frames.

Image source: Never Lose Your Focus – All About Colored Contacts

Sexy, Hot, Sweaty Men Serving Food

I’ve never tried a Hooters restaurant and this male version of it interests me even less. I don’t have anything against Hooters. But, I prefer to spend my money where a good meal is the point, not a good body.

However, this Tallywackers with shirtless, sweaty-looking men, is something I’d like to avoid. For health reasons.

The website is dynamic looking (lots of red colour) but from there it’s slim pickings with code problems, text errors and not enough information.

Tallywackers Bar, Restaunt, Entertainment Venue. Come see the scantily clad male servers everyone’s been talking about!

Source: Tallywackers

PiggyBankGirls – Erotic Crowdfunding

What is PiggyBankGirls all about?

The idea came from talking to girls that are either in the erotic business or just the typical girl next door. Girls told us that if they got into the erotic industry (or already were), then they would do it for a specific goal and not just for rent or saving up money. Girls wanted to go on a boat cruise, pay tuition fees, or even for surgery due to health/beauty reasons.

We realized that many of them could make those wishes come true by sharing a bit of themselves with interested people – some sexy pictures, hot videos, a customized message or whatever occurs to them. We knew there were guys out there that do have money but are missing a little spice in their life and wouldn’t mind supporting a girl and her dreams.

PiggyBankGirls – The first erotic crowdfunding for girls. Find them on Twitter.

Writing About Obesity

Update: Again, About.com did not pick me. Another declination (that should be a word) from About.com. I’d be discouraged except every writer is supposed to have rejections and when you write for your own sites you lack that sense of rejection. So I have to rely on these random applications to About.com for my rejection slips. So… thank you About.com.

I applied for the Obesity topic at About.com today. I spent most of the day getting distracted, writing about why I want to write about Obesity for About.com, deciding which links to send them and adjusting/ adapting my web resume to send. On the resume I just took out some extras.

This is what I sent about why I want to write:

I am a fat woman, have been large sized for most of my life. I would like to give other large women the chance to live (not taking a back seat in their own life) as they are, yet be aware of health risks. To find their way through the current trend to accept fat and the other side saying accepting being fat is a bad thing. I see a middle ground.

It is ok to like yourself and live as yourself, as you currently are. But, we need to think of our health and try to improve. Not just our weight but our lives in every way. The slogan on my blog is “Life keeps happening even when you don’t look like you fit in”. This is exactly how I feel as a large woman having my own life with good days, bad days and every day trying to be myself.

Having said all that, I do read and keep track of current trends, facts and social networking. I’m really interested in the paleo diet right now. I routinely read other blogs about BBW fashion, large women and campaigns about body image. I read about health issues and experience a few personally. I network with other large women through my content curation, BBW Life, on Scoop.it.

I am not a medical professional but my life has been full of all the experiences and challenges of being a fat woman. I’ve tried diets, fitness plans and I have lost some weight but put it back on again. Like most large people I know how to get fit but I have all the trials and errors along the way which have kept me the size I am. Over all, I am ok with me, lumps, bumps and all.

I don’t think a topic about obesity should focus on diet, exercise or weight loss. Health is more important than actual size. Body image is more important than appearances. I’d like to showcase plump, chubby, fat, obese women, helping but not limiting them.

Of course, now that I’ve sent it in, the first thing I notice is a typo I missed.

Moustache Growing Month: Movember

emergmoustacheDo you know about Movember?

Movember is about men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. The idea of Movember is for men to grow a moustache in November and/or contribute to the cause of their own health. Growing a moustache is changing the face of men’s health, in a literal way.

Growing a moustache (also spelt mustache) myself doesn’t appeal to me. But, I’d wear a fake moustache for Movember. There are plenty of them to choose from once you get looking around online. You could choose them by facial hair style or hair colour. Of course, with a fake one you get to decide if you like felt, plastic, paper or something else too. You don’t even have to wear it on your face. I found necklaces, hair clips and mugs and glasses which make it look like you have a moustache when you drink from them.


How to Grow, Trim and Maintain a Moustache


What to do When you Can’t Grow a Moustache


Men’s Facial Hairstyles


Would you Keep a Moustache After Movember?

Would you grow a moustache just for the sake of having a moustache?

My Uncle has had a full beard and moustache for as long as I can remember. He has always maintained it well. But it’s fuzzy. I’ve seen him itching it at times. Often he gests something in it when we have dinner. I know he keeps his beard clean and combs it out too, but it must still be a weird feeling to have all that hair on your face. It gets in his mouth when he doesn’t keep it trimmed close.

There are certainly downfalls to having a hairy upper lip.

But, there are men who look really good with a moustache.


Find More Moustache Guys

Wild Horses Still Exist

How I Caught Maine’s Wild Forest Horses.

Here, in Canada, Sable Island is known for being a place for wild horses/ ponies. The island is protected by the government, which means no one is allowed to visit without permission. It also means, the government moderates the health of those horses – which is a really good thing for horses running wild on an island with limited space and resources.

Photo by Paul Illsley.
Photo by Paul Illsley.

Where the Wild Things Are: Writing for a Wiccan Topic

Originally posted to ‘BackWash: Where the Wild Things Are’ newsletter, April, 19, 2004.

I have this twisted compulsion to take on more stuff than I can actually do. It’s a form of madness.

Anyway, now I am starting a new Wicca/ Witch site for a network called AIA (All Info About). Why? Because it’s there. Also, because I thought of an idea and then I had to put life into it. In other words, do it.

So, this is going to be a Witchy site for people who are Witches. Not looking for converts, going out of my way to explain or defend Witches or Wiccans. I wanted to call it “The Living Witch” but that didn’t work out with the format they use. So, I will use that somewhere else. I plan to set up a blog as part of the site. Something I can add bits of stuff to as I go along. My idea of a Book of Shadows.

The rest of the site is going to include sections like: a regional directory of Witch groups, traditions, art, career, romance and relationships, home and garden, environment, health and beauty, spiritual, holidays, and hobbies. I’m sure this will change as I actually get started and change my mind about what will work. But you get the idea, I hope.

So many sites about Wicca leave out the reality, the living of it all. How many times do you really need or want to see the same information about sabbats and rituals? Let’s see how it works together in real life.

If anyone has ideas or articles to contribute let me know. It would be nice to hear from you anyway. Later, when the site is up I will send the URL out with this newsletter. Likely this will integrate into the site too.

Take care,


Bomb with Love

From The National Post:

The Occupy Toronto movement continued Monday with a handful of protesters gathering outside the Toronto Stock Exchange, and with more joining an afternoon march to Ryerson University.

The goal of the afternoon event is to reach out to students during the university’s social justice week, participants say.

#Occupy Toronto
Occupy Toronto
Occupy Canada
Occupy the Nation
We are the 99 Percent
Occupy Together

So far it hasn’t been violent or dangerous. But, I’m expecting that to change any time. I’m glad to be away from Toronto and just watching through the news coverage.

This new Occupy Movement seems to have no real, solid goal, at least not something anyone can really pin down. I listened to them talking today while they protested in downtown Toronto. “Social injustice” is not defined enough to rate a protest. They also claim they are doing this ‘for the people’ (also generic) and doing this with love. Well, I’m a person and I’m not loving this at all. It’s a gathering rebel mob waiting for a cause.

People are starting to use this cause as a way to market and make money. A public relations firm is beginning to represent them, for free. (Why not, it’s giving them massive free promotion of their business and viral marketing as well). You can buy T-shirts and posters, start your collection of Occupy and 99% merchandise now. Someone is making money from all of this. As a protest against capitalism it is already off track.

Fighting capitalism is not going to work. Capitalism is an economic theory. Pure capitalism does not exist. Just as pure communism never worked, it became muted, changed to suit the reality. I’ve read the 99 Percent site, seen the people who are in financial trouble, desperate. Most are educated, have spent thousands of dollars on university degrees and now they work in a job that doesn’t pay the money they expected to be making. As if having an education is a promise you are set for life and will automatically have a job with prestige and a big pay cheque.

If the cause of the Occupy Movement is “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer” they are foolish. What do they think will be changed? People with a job won’t give it up to someone else. People who have a ‘rich’ lifestyle should not be expected to donate all they have to people who don’t have that same lifestyle. If they have been lucky, inherited or just plain worked their butt off why shouldn’t they have the rewards, the profits? There are always going to be people who have more and people who have less. This isn’t about fair. Don’t be so childish as to think everything has to be fair and equal.

Some change would be lovely, if it could be worked out. It would be great if we could have better health care here in Canada. We pay taxes and have mostly free health care but just try to get a family doctor to start all that health care with. Anyway, yes, things are not perfect. But, who should give up what they have for someone else? It’s like the smoking and non-smoking issue. One person has to stop smoking, to give up their right to pollute (yes, I’m anti-smoking) in order for there to be non-smoking for those who want the right to have no cigarette smoking. This Occupy plan is much the same. Who is going to give up their rights so other people can have what they want?

I’m the 99 Percent and I hope this protest dissipates before it grows larger and more dangerous.


From BMW Guggenheim Lab: Urbanology Starts August 3rd, 2011.

Urbanology is a large group game that will take place in the BMW Guggenheim Lab and online, throughout the Lab’s New York run, to address issues that arise when cities grow and inhabitants try to institute lasting change. In this unusual interactive installation, visitors role-play scenarios for city transformation and become advocates for issues such as education, housing, health care, infrastructure, and mobility as they build a city that matches their specific needs.

The game experience for Urbanology was developed by Local Projects, and the physical design was created by ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles].