Fes Up Challenge from Facebook

This was posted by Bev. Here are my answers.

‘Fess up challenge!
-bath or shower? Shower
-straight or curly hair? Curly
-favorite movie? Not really.
-favorite holiday? St. Patrick’s Day
-Android or iPhone? Landline only.
– texting or calling? Email.
-Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
– favorite type of food? Mexican but not spicy and no cilantro.
– dream job? Evil villain or horror writer.
-favorite pizza? homemade with mozzarella cheese
– favorite cake? homemade cheesecake
– night or day? Very early morning.
-summer or winter? Winter
-wine or whiskey? Pass the coffee.
– favorite egg style? fried in butter on a toasted plain bagel.
-favorite TV show? Not really
-hair up or down? Got a shorter cut now I mostly just let it do what it wants.Or I tame it with a bandana when it goes too far.
-jeans or leggings? Sort of track yoga pants. I don’t want something clinging to my curves or showing my ass.
-favorite rock band? None.
-favorite color? Dark red, sometimes orange or blue.
-pullover or button-up shirt? Sack, with sleeves.
-flip flops or sneakers? Bare feet or clogs. Boots if there is snow.
-big pursue or small? Massive. I’m prepared for impulse travel.Plus, I always bring a book, a camera… other stuff.
-how many tattoos? None
– how many piercings? Five in my ear lobes have never healed over from a piercing accident in my youth.
-diamonds or pearls? I prefer Rhinestones with a lot of flashy colours.
– favorite animal? Cats, barn cats, feral or big cats.
– Rap or country music? Turn that down!
-Hiking or fishing? Exploring without harming worms or spiders.
– favorite place to shop? Second hand stores.
– best feature? My face. I’m 50+ and no one believes me. (They aren’t just being nice to the crazy, old lady).

Good Night Elvira?

Cassandra Peterson has been Elvira, Mistress of the Dark for 35 years. A pretty amazing feat for a woman to “hold her looks”. But, Cassandra Peterson has been about more than just her looks, right from the start.

Elvira is a character with charisma, adventure and fun. I couldn’t tell you many people involved in the horror entertainment industry, some writers, and the actresses who played Mrs. Addams and Mrs. Munster. But, once seen, never forgotten when it comes to Elvira. She was more than a vampy TV host. She still is.

“I don’t think women should have an expiration date, [but] unfortunately, some things don’t hold up as well as others, so there is a thing about playing a particular character — my character is based very much on the sexy, so continuing to try to be really sexy until you’re really old might not work,” she says. “Humor definitely takes the edge off of it, because if you’re self-deprecating, you can still be sexy, and it’s sort of OK, as long as it resonates that way with the fans.”

Quote from Boing Boing.



Source: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark – Shopify

Twitter – The Real Elvira

Practical Romance for the Middle Aged Woman

romanceWhen I was 16, still fresh and far less cynical or skeptical, I read the old style of Harlequin romance novels. The heroines were always virgins and no one thought about using condoms. Men were gentlemen. Women didn’t have sex on a first date. Romance was syrupy sweet with flowers and dates that didn’t include making out or sex. Don’t think there weren’t steamy kissing scenes and lots of holding and hugging and so on. The old Harlequin romances stopped just short of sex.

Now I’m not 16 any more. I’m somewhere in the middle of being middle aged. At least I hope I am. No one has really given me a cut off date on that. (I’m not really looking too hard for one). I don’t read the old Harlequin romances any more. They seem pretty standard now. The stories are the same, only the names and locations have been changed. (I read paranormal romance, I admit but I prefer science fiction, mysteries and less horrifying horror books). I still like some romance in the books I read but I like humour much more.

My style has changed. I’ve gone from syrupy romance to wanting romance to have something practical and real behind it.

It must be something that happens with age. I still read younger women posting quotes, photos and stories about romance, heavy on the sweet and syrupy side. I can’t get into any of it. I don’t see it as something real.

So, I wondered about my style of romance now. I do know that I still want romance. A little hand holding, if his hands are clean. I like the door opened and I like to open the door for him too.

I Want to See a Fat Girl

I want to see a fat girl in a leading role of a film.

I want to see a fat girl in a leading role of a film that isn’t about her weight.

I want to see a fat girl wearing mini skirts or just whatever the fuck she’s comfortable in.

I want to see a fat girl kick some bad guy’s ass.

I want to see a fat girl be the one that the guy/girl falls in love with at first sight instead of just the fat girl the guys all make fun of first before getting to the stereotypical blond, thin white girl.

I want to see a fat girl who isn’t the thin girl’s funny friend.

I want to see a fat girl love scene.

I want to see a fat girl be a fucking survivor of a god damned fucking zombie apocalypse!  Fuck you and your rule #1, Zombieland!

I want to see a fat Disney princess.

I want to see a badass fat girl who is sardonic and smokes, and when someone comments on her weight and how smoking makes it worse, she just blows smoke right in their faces.

I want to see a fat girl who loves to screw and isn’t ashamed of the fact.

I want to see a fat girl’s leading man/woman punch some guy in the fact for making fun of her.

I want to see a fat girl be something that is not her weight.  I don’t want her to be the butt of every joke.  I don’t want her to be the one who’s constantly rejected, or the one who has to fight to accept herself and have others around her accept who she is.  I’m tired of seeing roles for fat girls that are only about her weight.  I want to see a fat girl living her normal existence.  I want to see her know she’s beautiful and not have to go through some huge challenge of loving herself.  I’m tired of seeing horror films with only a thin cast.  Fatties can run, too, a lot of times faster than you can and I can guarantee fatties can probably beat a bad guy up better, too.


via Internal Acceptance Movement, I Want to See a Fat Girl.

Under the Clouds

I hadn’t really looked at the clouds in years. I’d been busy. I’d been frustrated and I’d been indoors. This had been his idea, getting back to nature he’d said. Camping didn’t seem like a good idea to me. I like running water!

But, here I am. In the middle of nowhere, in a woodsy area. Quiet. Lying on a blanket, sunbathing for the first time in years. The clouds float far over my head. The sky so blue in between. If this were a horror story I’d be in big trouble right about now. It’s always the girls who have sex that die. The little virgins live on to film again.

The first orgasm had been nice, like a quick kiss. He still knelt between my thighs. His hands on me, lightly skimming touches over my the skin of my thighs, my belly and up to my breasts. Obediently waiting for me to tell him to kiss me or make love to me again.

The stress headache I’d carried around like an ogre on my back is gone. Instead I feel lighter and the back of my neck doesn’t creak. I am content to just lie here, feeling sun warm my skin. Puffy white cotton balls slowly coast through the sky. Right now it’s just me and those clouds. Hmm… that one looks like a dragon.

This time Wank Wednesday is all about the clouds.

Sex and Fear

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Sunday April 13, 2003  

Fear is sexy. It makes people vulnerable and you have to be vulnerable to have sex that means anything to you. Sure you can bump uglies in the night but when you wake up will you feel good, feel that you’ve done more than scratch an itch. Each of us is vulnerable when we take our clothes off. Even the women we look at as perfect think they have plenty of flaws. Give them a minute and they can write you out a list. So, sex makes you vulnerable, you have to trust the one you’re with not to point and stare or laugh. You see how it all comes back to fear?

Fear is an adrenaline rush. It gets your heart pumping, your skin sweats and you breathe faster. It’s like you’ve started having sex before you take off your shoes. No wonder so many people go to horror movies and read all those books. What they really want, is sex. That blood pounding, slick with sweat feeling you get when you let go, take that leap of faith into the bedroom (or wherever you end up naked, hot and bothered).

Part of BDSM is bringing that fear into sex. If you’ve ever wondered why someone would like being tied up wonder no more. I’m telling you what the attraction is right now. It’s fear and sex. Even if the bondage is all agreed to there is still that element of danger, that reason to fear. You’ve given up control now you’re going to get it.

Now, think about being the one who gives the fear. Think about being the woman behind the man, the woman who ties him down, takes the control and teases him, letting him feel uncertain. He doesn’t know what you might do, what might happen by accident on purpose. He is at your mercy. Sure he can whine about it later. But, right then he is the one who lives in fear. Of you! What a rush that is. Will you be nice or naughty? Will you tease him or go right for the big finish?

Fear is certainly a part of it. Along with all the thrills and chills of a good roller coaster ride. Grab his gears and strip ’em!

Dark Erotica Writing

Enter the Dark Side
A Guide to Writing and Marketing Dark Erotica
By Duana R. Anderson

Dark Erotica Defined
‘Dark erotica’ is not easily defined. In fact, everyone has their own idea of what it is. I have seen ‘dark erotica’ described as: sexual horror, erotic horror, gothic erotica, pagan erotica, dark fantasy, romantic horror, gothic romanticism, fetish, BDSM, alternative, underground, urban erotica, paranormal romance, romantic tragedy, science fiction and fantasy, which primarily fall under the huge heading of genre or speculative fiction. There seems to be no limit to what ‘dark erotic’ includes from moody and atmospheric, to sensual and romantic, to raw, edgy, provocative, dark, sinister, bizarre, smutty, sexy, sizzling, urban and utterly pornographic. The only limit is your own imagination.

The keys words here are FEAR and LUST.

FEAR and LUST are at the root of our primal emotions. They originate from the swampy beginnings of our ancestral birth at the core of our reptilian brains. It was these instincts that saved our species from extinction, through procreation and by anticipating unforeseen dangers. They come naturally to us.

Likewise, we are junkies to FEAR and LUST. That’s why we crave a good scare from a horror movie, or long to crawl under the sheets with an erotic novel. We receive the same kind of sensations from a terrifying experience, as we do from sexual arousal. Both are manifested by similar physical responses in our bodies. Both embody an element of danger, which is quite compelling.

It is not unusual then, that FEAR and LUST have an interwoven relationship, each feeding off the other like a pair of sycophants. Our thirst for each is naturally intensified, and ‘dark erotica’ has become the embodiment of both.

Writing Dark Erotica
One thing ‘dark erotica’ is not however, is badly written trash. There seems to be a misconception that all erotica is just sex scenes and all horror is visceral in-your-face splatter gore fiction. Excessive violence and explicit sex does not make a ‘dark erotic’ story. You can have these elements in a story, but they are not what drives the story. ‘Dark erotica’, just like all well written fiction in any genre includes intriguing, well-developed characters, a plot with conflict, a mood, atmosphere, interesting setting, well-written prose, good punctuation, grammar, spelling. ‘Dark erotica’ doesn’t even need to have any “sex” in it at all. It can be sensual, a mood that is seductive or a writer’s style that is evocative.

Don’t be afraid to tease you readers like a stripper, slowly revealing more as you arouse their curiosity. Never forget that the mind is also an erogenous zone as well, and appeal to all the senses. Yes, ‘dark erotica’ can even be intelligent and literate. The same applies to explicit violence and gore. Often, what is not revealed can be more provocative and creepy. As the saying goes: “It is not enough to Conquer, One must know how to Seduce.”–Voltaire. That is not to say that explicit sex scenes and the macabre are not welcome in ‘dark erotica’, but they must be done well.

If you are not sure what ‘dark erotica’ is or how to write it, then read plenty of it. Simply punch ‘dark erotica’ into a search engine (my new favorite is GOOGLE.COM) and start to explore the complexities and styles of this genre. I have listed many online venues in the markets section of this article. Choose quality sites and stories as your guides. Write what turns you on personally. Explore your deepest, darkest fantasies. Hone your skill, develop your own personal voice and style, and let your imagination be your muse.

Market Research
Finding markets is now made easier with the advent of the Internet. To find good markets try ‘publishers of erotica’ in a search engine. Scour the market lists such as Scavengers, Gila Queen, and Spicy Green Iguana. If you prefer pulp, buy books and magazines you enjoy and send away for the guidelines. Buy a “best of” anthology and note the previous publishers on the copyright page, as many of the stories are reprints. Who are your favorite authors? Who is publishing them? Keep a list of these publishers on your hard drive so you can access them when you have a story ready for a specific market.

Most publishers of ‘dark erotica’ are looking for fiction that goes beyond the norm and cross-breeds a variation of genres into a new age mixture. These publishers are interested in experimental fiction that cannot be pigeon-holed and explores new styles and ways of “telling a story.” This is why ‘dark erotica’ has become so popular over the past few years. ‘Dark erotica’ is at the forefront of the evolutionary speculative fiction genre.

There are, however a few things that most publishers no longer want to see. These include vampire fiction, werewolves, bondage dungeons, typical monsters, typical scenarios without any new slants or imagination. That’s not to say that they won’t publish these types of fiction, but they better be a) Great, and b) a new twist on an old theme. With that in mind, it is a good rule of thumb to research specific markets to find out exactly what that publisher wants.

Starting Out
So, if ‘dark erotica’ is such a great up-and-coming genre, how come I can’t find any good paying markets, you might ask. There are paying markets out there. You just have to do you research. I have included a few markets and resources on the web at the end of this article for you to use as a starting place.

When you are first starting in this genre, you may want to try some of the non-paying high quality markets to get your foot in the door. As a writer of ‘dark erotica’ myself I believe authors should be compensated for the outpourings of our soul. On the other hand, many ‘dark erotic’ markets are underground and small press, alternative publications and can’t afford to pay professional rates, paying only in contributor copies or royalties or sometimes only in exposure. This can often be discouraging to writers starting off in the genre. So, why do it?

It certainly is not to get rich, unless any of you are entertaining thoughts of becoming the next Stephen King. But there are advantages to submitting to low or non-paying markets.

One is publishing credits. This is especially important for novice writers. I don’t recommend submitting to any old place, just to see your name in print. Do your homework. Read publication guidelines, look at who they are publishing, find out how well respected they are. Once you get your foot in the door the editor may turn you on to other publications and projects they are working on that do pay. The more widely your work is read, the more you build a name for yourself. This will in turn lead to publications that pay. I have found this to be the case for myself.

And finally. Do it because you love/want/need to. Because you have all these deep dark fantasies burning in your mind that you must exorcize by putting pen to paper (or fingers to key board, which ever the case may be). Isn’t that why we all write anyway? Because we can’t stop ourselves? So go on now. Scare me with your dark verse. Entice me with your steamy words. Enter me with your tales of fear and lust, darkly and deeply.


duana r. anderson is an author, poet, artist, photographer and filmmaker. Her works explore the genres of dark erotica, horror, dark fantasy and gothic romance. Her short stories, articles and poetry had been most recently featured in Suspect Thoughts, Gothic Net, Amoret Journal, Waning and Waxing, Venus or Vixen, Earwig Flesh Factory, Scarlet Letters and Tears on Black Roses. New works will be appearing soon in the next issues of Parchment Symbols and Dancing Skinless. Visit her cyber lair ‘The Daughter of Darkness’ to find out more about her upcoming illustrated chapbook ‘Blood Feast: Tales of Vampire Seduction’, and to unearth the worms that crawl inside her mind: http://www.necrobabes.org/duana/

Women Into Horror

No. I would not say I am really into horror. Nothing like these ladies. But, I have thought about writing horror. After all, what is horror but something that makes your senses stand on end and your brain freeze up with fear. For me that describes a lot of things, most of them fairly ordinary and practical like being in debt and getting my newest credit card statement. Not fun. All those kind of desperate and trapped feelings are things of horror to me. Not zombies, vampires and monster-like creatures. I think I could even cope with a live shark in the vast ocean better than the terror of financial madness. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a fondness for mathematics. I think the shark would be more understanding and human than some of the humans I have dealt with in matters of money.

Someday I may write that horror story of the shark, the deep blue sea and the collections people phoning several times a day. It will give you nightmares!

Anyway, I’m stashing some links I found about women who are into horror here. One of them is not a horror thing so much as a Witch thing. So Sexy Witch comes first, in a class by itself (so far as I know).

Day of the Woman
Women in Horror
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Ms. Horror Blogosphere – Listings for 2009 women horror bloggers.

As an extra:

The Book Reading Meme

I’m starting to feel like something alive again.

Here is a meme about books which came from The Road I’m Traveling to Word Grrls. But Word Grrls isn’t going to be a personal blog so I’d rather not run memes on it.

The rules for the meme:

“Open the book closest to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following there.”

The book closest to me right now is the one I just started reading this morning. I have been waiting (impatiently) for the next in her series to come out in paperback. It’s from Kelley Armstrong, a Canadian paranormal fiction writer. Her books are often stuck in the horror shelves though. The title is Personal Demon and I’m not as far as page #56 so this feels a bit like sneaking a peek ahead. Which I do, upon occasion. Usually cause I hate finding out the long, hard way that a character I like is going to come to a bad end. One thing good about not reading standard romance fiction is that sometimes there are bad ends. It’s unpredictable.

The young man grinned. “I believe I can manage.”

“Just don’t talk her ear off. I want you both back by nine. You’re on floor duty tonight. Oh, introductions. Faith, Jasper. Jasper, Faith.”