Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan…

This is the illustration used to show liberated women in Middle East (and other cultures). In our culture we see these women as free, liberated and modern.

But it is just a reflection of our own culture looking back at us? Are these women really free, or are they just moving from one culture to another, each oppressive in it’s own way. #SlavestoFashion
ource: Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan…

Keeping him Caged

Note: This is an illustration, a fantasy not something actually done. Sure it’s fun to think about doing things like this. But, they work better as a fantasy, or a teasing threat. Don’t leave someone standing, locked up, over night without being awake yourself to check on them.

Slave husband spends all night locked in a genital stock forced to stand next to wife’s bed while she sleeps.

Source: He Suffers While Mistress Sleeps – Femdomonomy

To My Tiny Robot…

To My Tiny Robot,

Tonight I will be home at 8:00 PM. I will be nude, in bed by 8:15 PM. You will crawl up my bed and find your way under my sheets. Then you will begin stealth mode, focusing on key sensitive areas until I can’t take any more orgasms and throw you out of my bed. Then, you will wait a few minutes to an hour and begin your stealth attack all over again.

I don’t know where this image originally came from. I found it used as an illustration on another site, no credit given.

Chrome Daisy

There’s a Lady Gaga theme on Facebook games ( a few of them) now. I had never heard of her until my Mom came back from Florida and was talking about her last year. Mom likes to was the American Idol show and Lady Gaga was on there as well. She’s younger than I thought. Anyway, I liked the idea of shiny, chrome daisies when I saw them come up with the new stuff on Facebook. Daisies are nice in all kinds of designs. I especially like them done in blue and white. Chrome would be pretty too, more glamorous than pretty maybe.

I also found that you can get chrome daisy styled tail light covers if you have a VW Beetle car. That would be pretty cute. Though they would suit the head lights better, since they could be white then instead of red. But, it could be less than safe to have anything partially covering your head lights.

A Different Way to Eat Men

I noticed this on FemDom Artists (the post was titled, Men Are Fun to Eat) first.

It originally comes from Nouar’s Numnums, a painter in the US. She has an evil sense of humour.

I like this. It’s a good spin on men and oral sex. The term cock sucker really annoys me. Why is it something they want done for them and yet they make the term for it a bad, dirty word. You can’t have it both ways. If cock sucker is a bad thing you boys better stick to your blow up dolls, knots in trees, sheep or whatever else you stick yourself into.

I’d prefer to eat men like the ladies in the illustration. Whatever you may want to call them, they aren’t cock suckers. (Though they may laugh while they bite it off).