A Warmer for Your Mouse Clicker Hand

It’s one of those things you sort of thing about but forget later. Your hand, the one up on your desk, clicking the mouse. That hand sometimes gets cold. I think being up higher than your elbow, the blood doesn’t flow as well to the ends of those fingers. So, that hand is cold and your other hand is warm, or at least room temperature.

So here is a solution to cold hand mouse: the USB mouse pad warmer.

Inside the mouse pad, under your hand, is a plate which warms up. Your hand goes into the pocket, with your mouse. The mouse cord pokes through the other end to plug into your computer.

Does it work with a wireless mouse? I’m not sure. I thought I would get one for my Mom. But, shop around if you want one. Prices vary from under $10 to over $50, on Amazon. eBay had the same looking mouse pads for much less.

You can also make your own. The heated plate with a USB cord can be bought for about $10 (more or less) and then all you really need is something to wrap around your hand and the warming plate. Make a pocket for the plate and another for your hand, in case the plate gets too warm or doesn’t react well to moisture from your warm hands.

Momentary Thoughts

I suppose one should actually make posts in her blog, beyond the quiz level. Some people choose to get their nose out of joint and generally look down on such things in snootiness. (It goes with the nose I guess). It’s all a slightly chaotic scrapbook to me. A blog is whatever a blog will be. Doris Day would understand.

I should be working on various things: more content for Kitschy, more content for The Internet Unplugged and writers for Tit-elation. Instead I’m spending and hunting for neopoints. If you have some to spare just take pity on my obsession and neomail me with your charity. I’m dragongrrl. I do have some really neat stuff in my shop/ gallery and I have started assembling my house. Tonight I began playing Plushie Tycoon too. I am having those poor dropouts making plushie draiks and wockys. They need to get churning them out too. If I make back the neopoints I started with I will make real neopoints to spend on more goodies for my home and garden. Furthering my obsession. I know it’s all worthless. I’m not completely lost.

I am feeling better, gave the cold back to some other shopper. Do I really hope so? I’m not sure I’m sure but it is a wishful momentary thought.