Confusion is a State of Mind

I sent this email to someone, intending to ask about Site Gadgets only. But, as often happens other things crowd into my brain as I’m typing. Often I put them aside, make notes in NotePad or forget them 2 seconds later. But, today I wrote them and then decided to stick them here so I could remember that I actually thought them. Confused? Good, confusion is just more state of mind. At least you know you’re still here.

Have you seen this before? It looks interesting but how free is free? If you take a look let me know what you think. I should read the fine print myself I just don’t really want to enough. 🙂 Usually I’d sign up and let the chips fall where they may. Todd (the ex) was always horrified. He read every letter of the fine print. He probably still does.

About him, it’s interesting. At first I didn’t think I was allowed to be mad at him. Then I felt guilty for being mad at him. Then for about a week I was furiously mad at him. Now, I’m getting over it. About time, eh? I’m still mad at him but not so mad that I want to do violence and blame him for everything. I’m going to add this to Live Journal so I can read it later when I wonder if that’s what I really wrote.

Hi Kareem :)

Hi Kareem, I did the newbie thing and replied back to the auto notification email sent through Live Journal. So, you’ll never know what devious little things I said. It was all really fabulously clever too. Not that I can remember any more, but I know it was really good. 🙂

I’m downloading that HTML program for Live Journal tonight. Thanks for the link. I looked at the downloads the other night but decided there were too many to choose from. Besides I only wanted something to do one simple little thing. Anyway, it’s really hot and humid here tonight. It’s starting to cause fogginess in my brain. I know it’s not that I’m tired. I got tired of being tired and I rebelled against the whole tired idea. Now, I’m just… sort of laid back. Yeah, that’s it… laid back. Never tired.

Revamping HerCorner

Here is what I’m working with, so far. There are a few things missing. You can see the before and after by looking at the old page which is up at

The new template will make navigation and the overall look of the site so much better. But, things are slow at HerPlanet now. The owner of the network is having a baby and it’s a bit of a risky pregancy. So everything has slowed down. It’s a shame cause websites really need to keep building momentum if they are to grow and survive. I really think HerPlanet could be one of the best community/ networks out there but it’s tough to get all the wheels spinning fast enough and well enough at the same time

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing tonight. I also wrote the latest WordCraft newsletter at BackWash. I wish we could write several of them ahead. At times I just feel in the right mood to blab away forever. Other times I have to kick start myself. Of course, it depends on the topic too.

I thought I would write about writing erotica for the Adult BackWash column I write. That will be a challenge. I don’t consider myself an expert at all. But, I’m not completely inexperienced. So, that will have to do. Plus, I’ll read what is out there by those who are also experienced. Experienced writing erotica… get your mind out of the gutter!

I wish Live Journal was more like a blog. It’s so nice to have HTML formatting for your links. I guess here you have to manually type in all your HTML. I’m not quite that geek orientated. I’ll just type in the URL instead. After all, this is supposed to be fun, relaxing and goofing off time. I get paid when I work.