Nothing is Really a Crime

I feel that nothing is really a crime in Canada (North America, most of the world).

Murder… how many people do you have to kill before the police/ government really stop you from killing more? Even then, how long before you are able to continue on murdering people again. In between (if you don’t get away with it on technicalities, etc.) you can still enjoy life. Three meals a day, feel the sunshine on your face, all those things dead people can’t do.

Sexual misconduct with animals or children or adults, the same story as murder. It might make the newspapers, you might become famous. Your life isn’t over. Sex offenders don’t really take any of it seriously, they don’t stop.  No one really tries to stop them. Only temporarily. More effort is put into marketing them, making them celebrities, not criminals.

People who suffer from the actions of murderers and sexual deviants are left to recover, maybe, eventually.  Deal with your loss and know you and everyone else are unprotected by your government or police for the next situation. Sadly, these feelings can lead to victims becoming perpetrators of violence.

Theft certainly isn’t a crime any longer. Police are not even called in most instances. Stealing is not important enough for the police/ government to feel they need to be involved, or put in much effort. Thieves are far more likely to suffer no consequences at all. Businesses just pay more for insurance if they try to recover their losses.

Anything else? Lesser actions against your fellow individuals are fairly unmentionable. Although it is worth noting that some actions (speaking against popular opinions) are treated as worse than murder by our society and then (sometimes) get more attention from the government/ police/ lawyers.

As a person living in Canada, in this day and age, nothing seems to really be a crime any longer. The government is not preventing crimes, just pushing them to the side, letting them happen, or temporarily stopping them. Crimes are allowed to continue being performed by the same individual for their entire lifetime.

Criminals (f we pretend the title fits) have nothing to fear from us. We, however, have a great deal to fear. Even the criminals must fear each other to some extent though. Only the biggest, scariest, craziest of them could really feel safe or not vulnerable and even then… there are guns readily available. Guns which can be used from a distance, anonymously. Anyone can get and use a gun. The government won’t stop you. No wonder they have become something of a problem in some places. But, owning a gun does not make anyone safe.

We would be safer if criminals were acknowledged as criminals, and dealt with, permanently and deliberately. But, that hasn’t really happened since the 1970’s (I think that was when the death penalty was eliminated).  Without a permanent, reliable method to deal with crimes, why think of them as crimes and criminals? If the government does nothing to stop crimes and criminals why do we still think of them as crimes or criminals?

Is that unfair, judgemental? If our society allows people to continue murdering, violating, molesting, stealing, etc. why do we think of the people involved in these things as bad, or wrong? Are we not allowing them to continue their actions? Are we not even encouraging it with publicity, marketing and caring/ providing for them?

Odd that we euthanize animals for just existing, being aggressive, being too plentiful, surviving or defending themselves. Are animals criminals? That’s something to consider.

Automated Customer Service

It’s weird to me that the more they automate customer service, so you don’t actually contact a real person, the more feedback they want from you about their customer service.  What do you say on these customer service surveys?

Yes, your email got here. It didn’t actually answer my question/ problem but thanks for taking the half second to send your automated response and masses of sales/ marketing spiel. Pat your computer on the back for job half assed done.

No doubt you have now added my email address to your marketing campaign. How delightful. I will give you the same consideration and courtesy as you have shown me and quickly add everything you email me to my garbage email for auto delete.

Applying to Lifehacker

I’m Laura. ASCII artist, stick figure cartoonist, urban and rural explorer of abandoned places – these are a few of the things I am doing when I’m not writing. I began as a web writer in 1998 but I started online in 1996, an IRC diva. I think I am a great fit for Lifehacker because I have experience, stamina (I was an editor at Dmoz over ten years), creativity, originality and inspiration. I’ve also been a copy editor and forum moderator so I can write and self edit my work quite well. I love finding new things online: new gadgets, new sites, new ways to use what we already have. I’m not the most organized person so I look for anything to help me with that.Some things work and some don’t but I try them. Once a year I reformat my hard drive to make sure I’m not left with any nasty critters from my experimentation. I’m teaching my Mother to use the computer. It takes patience, a lot of simple words, straight forward answers and I’m usually repeating the same things over a few times before she actually listens but we are making progress. I’m Sagittarius, I just feel the need to teach the world.

WordGrrls ( is my site for web writers. Originally I used it to stash content I had written for BackWash,, HerPlanet, LockerGnome, BellaOnline and Suite101. On WordGrrls I post (daily) creative writing prompts, writing inspiration, web publishing ideas and generally my point of view about anything to do with keeping a space for yourself on the web. There is a flood of information for SEO and marketing your blog but the writing itself is being put on the backburner. I bring the writing back into the lime light. I love writing and even making lists of topics to write about. A bit crazy. Currently I am working through a mild addiction to WordPress plugins. I have found several I like for odds and ends but I’ve yet to find just what I want for displaying a featured past post.

I’m located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Not the US but I was once married to an American and spent a few years living in Illinois, does that count?

Right now I am not employed, trying the work from home plan but still mostly just unemployed. I have a lot of availability. Usually I am online in the evening when it is quiet and dark and I can pretend I’m far more mysterious than I really am.

Effective Advertising for Canadians

There’s a pretty effective ad. I came across this ad on the site for the York Region newspaper. Someone had sent me a link to follow to a story they had printed. Anyway, I was struck by that ad with the maple leaf falling down. I even went to the site for the Nature Conservancy.


BarCamp: Found on That Canadian Girl.

Wikipedia’s description is “BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants — often focusing on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats.”

See the site: BarCamp for local events. I could only find a couple near me and neither were really interesting as both are about marketing. But I think the idea is fabulous. Maybe I can set up something myself and see what kind of interest it stirs up. Not for a bit, too much on the to-do list right now.

Online Marketing to Old Rules Won’t Work

Let go of some of your old marketing ideas. Look around you, smell the coffee. This is the Internet and the format is not the same as offline.

In the past bludgeon-them-till-they-scream marketing may have worked. Out of one hundred telemarketing calls you may have caught someone on the right day and gotten them to sign up for your service. That won’t work for email. It is too easy to delete it, unread and thus, unheard. Even auto deleted, untouched by human hand or eye.

Standard marketing will not work online because people online are being flooded with the stuff every day and in just about every way someone has thought up. The past several years of marketing online with constant onslaughts of spam have trained people how to not look at ads on websites. Think of the last site you were on. What ads did you look at, do you remember anything about them?

There are more ads and ad schemes online than on any other media. In one hour of time online looking at websites, checking email or using forums you will encounter easily double the amount of ads you would if you were watching TV, reading a magazine or listening to the radio. Read a book, that is one way to get away from ads (except for other books).

So the marketing plan online is ineffective and needs to be revamped. It may work on that thousand and first person to view your ad or be attacked by your marketing campaign to flood a social network. Meanwhile, what about that thousand people you just annoyed? There has to be a better way. Something more effective for your cost and your time and your energy.

I don’t have the magic answer or the magic beans or the goose that lays golden eggs. But, I do know the old methods which are still being used are just turning the Internet into a wasteland. It’s getting harder to find something to read versus something to ignore. Someone is going to come up with the marketing plan that works. Why can’t it be you?

Instead of trying to get other bloggers to trade meaningless links with you and instead of trying to get everyone on a social network as your fake friend – come up with something new. The time it takes to find a better way will win you far more than clinging to the old ways. Be an entrepreneur instead of a follower.

7 Random Things About Me and One Mini Rant

Mummified Times Five tagged me. She has one of the most colourful blogs on EntreCard, I have always liked pink and orange together. 🙂

Seven Random Things About Me:

  1. I’m more girly and romantic than I would admit to anyone face to face. I really do like pink, yellow and orange, though red is still my favourite.
  1. There are days when I get to work and realize I forgot to brush my teeth… and my hair. Luckily I carry a comb in my purse or usually a clip I can stuff it all up into.

    3. My favourite reading at the moment is paranormal romance though I would never pass up a good science fiction. If you’re looking for a good paranormal author try: Michelle Rowen, Kelley Armstrong, Lynsay Sands, or Kerrelyn Sparks. Life or Something Like Bit can give you the real scoop on paranormal romances.

  1. I seldom buy a new book from the bookstore, usually get them second hand. But when I do get a brand new book I always go back into the pile for the third one on the shelf. I want to make sure it still has that new book smell and no dog earred cover.
  1. I started colouring my hair this year. It’s still weird to catch my reflection and see myself with a hair colour different than the one I grew up with. Almost like having a different face. I tried to match my real colour but it doesn’t seem to come out exactly as it is shown on the box.

  2. I have my bedroom fully set up now. Messy, but fuctional. I’ve got the computer on my desk, the TV on my bookshelves (radio too) and my bed in the corner. It’s like my own corner of the universe in here. I never leave for hours at a time.

  3. If I won the lottery I would not take another job working for someone else. I understand why the rules are there but I’m really tired of trying to follow all of them when some of them just don’t make sense in day to day practical situations. People need to listen to and think about marketing less and people more.

I read an article about buzz (word of mouth marketing), how people are turning themselves into commercials. This goes far beyond the guy walking around as a human billboard. How can you trust a friend who has her mind on how she can work selling you insurance and hair gel and a pyramid scam into the conversation more than she is actually listening to you? That whole buzz thing just makes me feel kind of sick. Like the worst of the Internet and weblogs is coming out of the computer and into the real world now. How would you react if you were spammed by your friend over coffee one day?

Plastic Suspension

Don’t feel like posting anything, no drawing either. I have been having trouble at work for awhile and today I was given a 3 day suspension. Not for making trouble or being bitchy on the phone or anything else you are likely to come up with. I’m just not being a smooth operator, using all the right scripty goodness when I handle calls for the tech support.

Anyway, I’ve been a bundle of nerves and upset for weeks now. Tonight I just feel like I’m not crying. If that makes any sense. But, on the bright side I do have two days off. They counted the half day at work as my first day of suspension. I go back on Friday, work Saturday and then have my week of vacation. Funny timing.

I know they don’t want to fire me, I’m very good on the phone. I just don’t seem to have a knack for fitting in all the scripted elements. The plastic stuff that is just what the marketing department tells them we should say. But, that’s life in the modern age. A lot of artificial plastic. Stuff you can’t recycle, can’t even hope to out live and stuff that you can’t even burn without making a big stinky environmentally hazardous mess.

I think I am going to go out to the bookstore. It’s a long bus trek and I don’t know if I will be able to get to sleep very easily tonight but I put off doing it on my day off before cause I was trying not to spend the extra money. Now I just need something to take the edge of my madness. I feel like a puppet who just had all her strings yanked on too hard.

Update: I’m getting back up on the err… dust bunny. I don’t have anything as big as horse. I still have tomorrow off to fluff up my ego and see if I can go back in there and change things. Thank you for all the comments. Thanks for not making me feel like a whining fool. I really appreciate that.

Understand the Target

Today on the radio I must have had CBC on. They were talking about marketing. Kind of an interesting topic. I like the science behind it. Not so much the results.

Anyway, an interesting quote (which I don’t have word perfect): “People don’t want to be targeted, they want to be understood.” This was in reference to ads being targeted to groups of people. It was an interesting discussion.

I am away at Alliston. On Monday, very early, I will be taking my brother and Mom to the Toronto airport. I found a ghost town, Ballycroy, which is not very far from here and I could go there and see what I find for photos on the way back here.

Get With the Z List

Z-List Meme Not for the big time bloggers. Just add the blogs you enjoy reading to the list and put the whole thing as a post on your own blog. Leave in those from the bloggers before you. Confused? Check back with the guy who started it.