Pincushions: Make Them, Collect Them and Use Them

teacup pincushionPincushions are functional, decorative and the best way to keep your sewing pins from winding up in various odd places around the house. If you don’t sew you could collect hat pins and use a fabulous pincushion to display them.

The first pincushion I remember using was my Grandmother’s standard tomato-strawberry pincushion. It was red with green embroidery, Made in China. Hers had two strawberries, hanging from the side.

That pincushion design started in the Victorian era. It probably came from the idea of having a tomato on the hearth for good luck in the home. When tomatoes were not available families would use a red ball stuffed with sawdust. At some point it became used to hold pins while the ladies were sewing. (There was a lot of hand sewing in those days).

I don’t know if my Grandmother’s pincushion was stuffed with sawdust. But the old way was to stuff the tomato with wool roving to prevent the pins from getting rusty. The attached strawberry was filled with abrasive to clean and sharpen the pins.

Pincushions are one of the pretty extras you can use when you sew. You can sew without using a pincushion. Just as you don’t really need a thimble, but the pincushion is tradition, adds history and elegance to the event. I don’t wear an apron when I cook, but I still like to look at patterns for sewing them and embellishing them. It’s not about what you need but more about what you want.

The pincushion needs to be the right size to not get in the way of your work, yet it has to hold a good load of pins as you work. It should have stuffing which is tightly packed so your pins don’t wobble around or sink right through up to their heads. I’ve seen very pretty pincushions which would be decorative but not very functional. If you buy a pincushion make sure it’s more than just a pretty face.

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Martha Stewart Not in Canada

Did you know Martha Stewart’s show isn’t on in Canada any more? Why! I really liked her show. She has information about things beyond cooking and pets and such, no one else has all that Martha does.

From Facebook:

Unfortunately, “The Martha Stewart Show” no longer airs in Canada. You can watch full episodes from previous seasons online though:

A Green Bouquet

This was in an old Martha Stewart Living magazine. I’ve been trying to clear up some of the clutter around. Lots of magazines, I always seem to buy every Christmas issue of just about everything published with glossy pages. It’s a sickness.

Anyway, I liked this green bouquet as a welcome to December. I’ve found a couple of sites (online game sites) which are doing an advent calendar project this month. Take a look at Neopets and Kingdom of Loathing to see them, you will have to join the site to get in there and see it. Likely other sites are doing something. It’s a great idea for getting traffic or keeping it. But, hopefully they had more than that in mind when they started it.

I have chocolate advent calendars to take to my nephew and neices but will have to wait till I can get out there. Who knows when. I’m sure they won’t mind. All those extra chocolates they can eat to catch up.

Ten Mistakes Writers Don’t See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do)

Holt Uncensored :: A Candid Look at Books and the Book Industry : Publishing News : Booksellers : Bookstores : Reviews Interviews

This was the other do-bee for Gnome writers. I remember reading this when it was new. But, a refresher is a good thing. Martha knows.

Martha Stewart! (I knew someone would have to ask).