A Warmer for Your Mouse Clicker Hand

It’s one of those things you sort of thing about but forget later. Your hand, the one up on your desk, clicking the mouse. That hand sometimes gets cold. I think being up higher than your elbow, the blood doesn’t flow as well to the ends of those fingers. So, that hand is cold and your other hand is warm, or at least room temperature.

So here is a solution to cold hand mouse: the USB mouse pad warmer.

Inside the mouse pad, under your hand, is a plate which warms up. Your hand goes into the pocket, with your mouse. The mouse cord pokes through the other end to plug into your computer.

Does it work with a wireless mouse? I’m not sure. I thought I would get one for my Mom. But, shop around if you want one. Prices vary from under $10 to over $50, on Amazon. eBay had the same looking mouse pads for much less.

You can also make your own. The heated plate with a USB cord can be bought for about $10 (more or less) and then all you really need is something to wrap around your hand and the warming plate. Make a pocket for the plate and another for your hand, in case the plate gets too warm or doesn’t react well to moisture from your warm hands.

Why Don’t Mice Believe in God?

First you may try to debate the point that mice do believe in God. But, if they did, there would be signs of their worship. I don’t see mice building monuments, fighting holy wars, etc. I’ve never seen one pray, as far as I could tell by human standards. There may be a mouse god, but if the Christian (or any human version of a god) god were real wouldn’t mice also believe, pray and worship. Or, do you think mice don’t have a soul they need to save?

Many people may not care what mice do or do not believe. They are small rodents after all. Pestilence. Laboratory animals and pets spinning wheels for human amusement.

But, of course, mice matter. They are one of god’s creatures. Even as an atheist I still think of mice as one of the little creatures on the planet.

So why don’t mice believe in God? A God, any god?

Don’t they need protection and help? Or are they really just alone on the planet, responsible for their own actions and uncared for and unknown but almost every other creature?

I don’t think mice know there is a god. No one has ever told them god is an option. They just go about their mouse lives, oblivious to all the benefits they could have if they just worshipped god. What has god ever done for a mouse? Could it be such a vicious circle where if god only knew and the mice only knew… they could be so much better off. But, they’ve just never been introduced. Although, god did create the mice, right?

So does god just not care about the mice? In all this time god just let the mice go on, not knowing how much better they could be if they just knew there was a god who would offer them eternal life, shinier souls, angels, heaven and of course… demons, devils and hell.

The poor mice. Maybe all of them are just being shipped straight to hell because they don’t worship or believe in god.

Someone really should do something about this. Save the mice!

Well, I will think more about it all. Right after I check the mouse trap under the kitchen sink.

New Mousepad

I’m not a big online shopper. I can easily count the purchases I’ve made on one hand. If you don’t count a couple of ebooks, there are exactly two things I have bought online. Tonight I decided to get this mousepad. I like it cause it is about St. Patrick’s Day, coffee and I do need a new mousepad.

I’ve been putting off getting a new one for a couple of years. The one I have now was from my ex-husband. It’s a yellow smiley face. But, it’s been shedding the backing for a few years until it’s kind of bald around the edges (on the back). Sometimes my hand gets a bit numb from resting on it when I’m using the mouse awhile. So, it’s time for it to be retired.

I really need to put up a corkboard or something like that. I get bits of things I’m working on cluttered all over and lose track of things as they get buried. So, it is a sensible idea. I can also put old smiley up on it, give him a featured corner. You can’t keep a good smiley down.

Saw an Ermine in Barrie

Ermine and Least Weasel.

While waiting for the bus this afternoon in Barrie, Ontario I noticed something white blowing across the road. Only it was alive and running across the road, when I took a second look. It was like a mouse but bigger and with a fluffier tail. Also, it was all white but for a black tip on it’s tail.

I’ve never seen one of these animals around here. I knew it was something I had heard of before but I couldn’t remember a name. I thought about it off and on during the rest of the day.

Now, at home again, I looked it up online. It’s an ermine.

Blog Wringer Again

As you may have noticed, I’m putting this blog through the wringer again. I think the new template is more what I really wanted when I set out to do-it-myself.

Sadly, in trying to approve comments I had a bubble of some kind and my mouse hijacked itself, deleting several comments I had checked in order to post them. It is a bug I have encountered before with Blogger. If your comment is not here, now you know why. I did at least get to read them all first.

Peanut Butter as Caviar

I’m getting tired of my body inflicting hunger upon me. Can’t I just out grow these annoying things like having to sleep and eat. They take up so much time. Plus, I’ve already got enough storage that my body should be able to just shut up and leave me alone about eating more of anything for awhile. I even gave it a buttered bagel tonight. Give it a rest already!

I have a day off tomorrow. It feels that way even though I am pretty much unemployed and just coasting along in my own afterlife. It has been good being busy and having a schedule to stick to this week. I know I need that I just don’t do very well at creating a schedule for myself, on my own. But, tomorrow there is no workshop. I did get a job offer today. I’m not sure about the facts, other than it is for some web content and general web geekery to get a site off the ground. I won’t say much else till I have more hard facts. But, it would be a part time thing, a paying part time thing which is a nice step up from all the non-paying part time things.

Also, there is a really terrific job I am going to apply for. But, when I research the company and the other people working there (although as directors and assorted bigshot titles) I feel I am peanut butter in a world of caviar. I might stick around but I won’t ever fit in. Still, the company is a non-profit (sounds like a think tank in laymans terms) and I would really enjoy reading about the ongoing projects they are thinking and researching upon. I had a look at what is mentioned on their website. So excellent! If I had gone a different direction in life I could have been one of the caviar types, thinking alongside the rest of the tank. But, here I am, just peanut butter.

Even peanut butter can apply though. I need to vamp up my domain and turn it into something like a writing portfolio. A real one not that pile of knicknacks I have tossed in it now. Not a very professional page. Way too peanut butter though fun.

Sometimes I feel really inferior compared to people who can build a computer with a few paperclips and a snippet of code. Yet other days I meet someone who calls me a geek and acts like I’m speaking a foreign language. I’m just your humble every day mouse swinger but I’m trying to be more. If I pretend enough maybe no one will notice the peanut butter on my fingers. Actually, the funny thing is that I don’t like peanut butter and I never have.

The Monthly Madness

This was my column for Bewitching Vagabond at BackWash today.

Today’s babble will probably squick some of the boys/ men, so you have been warned.

It’s a period thing. When I was younger I didn’t notice anything about myself changing at this time of the month. I can’t say the same about the age I am now. Maybe it’s part of upcoming menopause or just the winding down of the female brain in general. I have nothing scientific, just mad science.

But, I have noticed a definite difference in myself in the day(s) before and during that time of the month. In total it’s not quite a week of time. I get a lot more sensitive and I have a big tendency to fall into a deep pit of depression. I’m writing this cause today I really can’t write anything else, I’ve been trying. I feel like my life, all the negative things, are piling in over my head and I’m being left in some hole to dig my way out when I wake up and feel better one day.

Yesterday I woke up and knowing I’m going through a bit of a rough spot I decided I would compile my limited funds and go out for breakfast. That usually cheers me up. At the very least I like the smell of bacon and eggs and when I’m out I don’t have to clean any of it up or get zapped by the bacon as it fries. All good things.

I made the mistake of feeling optimistic enough to look at the dating part of Craigslist. Why do we sabotage ourselves with this swill? I read a post that seemed really sincere, someone else feeling alone in the big city and wishing to meet someone. I was wrong, well sort of. I wrote a note. He replied. I sent another one and that was it. I made the fatal flaw of being honest. You see, men only want porn models, not attractive real women. It doesn’t matter who you are on the inside, only what you are on the outside.

I am sorry I let that one dickhead spoil what I was trying to make of my day. But, it did. I didn’t go out and I spent the day feeling awful and the most I did was wash dishes and make a blog post from a photo I had taken on Sunday. Pathetic. Normally, I would have gotten angry and not been down on myself, life and everything. But, it’s that time of the month and I seem to get sucked into this portal of despression so easily.

I’m glad it is about the last day today. I am pushing myself out the door once I give this a quick spellcheck and post it up.

I know I’m not the only one going through this kind of madness at this time of the month. I never really understood it till now. I’ve always thought it was just part of someone’s outlook in general. But, I’m not a moody person, I am usually optimistic, open and friendly. This is just not me and yet I am having a hard time overcoming it. I’m glad it’s only once a month. Easier to think of it as just 12 times a year, that sounds like a lot less.

Anyway, my sympathy to the other women out there who go through this (or worse) at that time of the month. Don’t do something you will regret later. Try not to email anyone in any heat of the moment. Do your best to pull through cause you know it will only be a few days.

See you later.

Should you be curious… it’s true. I am on a mouse for sale at CafePress. You can also get me on a coffee mug, a canvas bag and other accessories.

List Writing

I don’t know why I only seem to feel like writing lists lately. Maybe it’s just because things are still so up in the air with everything. Still not moved. Still no word from John in Hamilton and I’m at the point where I guess I should just leave it as a nice memory. Nothing in the way of a job either. Though I did get an interested phone call from a company called GeoSign about being a Blogmaster or a Website Editor, if I moved to Guelph.

So… not much new to write about. Anyone up for another useless list?

Note: Apparently I’ve shocked a mouse. It wouldn’t be the first time. I used to have an apartment with mice. They were pretty easy to scare. I used to scare them away so I could run down the hallway and get into bed without having one of them cross my path. We were both frightened that way.

If You’re Reading This…

If you’re reading this…

Likely you have had an Internet addiction at some point, if not now.

Likely you met a Canadian once, or you are a Canadian in which case you’ve met a lot of Canadians.

Likely you have a computer. (That was an easy one).

Likely you have been evolving some kind of typing skills and maybe a really unique typing style.

Likely you read, things other than weblogs, as well as weblogs.

Likely you imagine I’m a stunning red head due to my stick figure grrl. I’m not actually a red head.

Likely you have had to kill at least one insect while you were online in the evening and the glow from the monitor drew in those annoying little flies.

Likely you have done something creative, maybe even today.

Likely you have a family and didn’t actually hatch out of an egg. (OK, that one was stretching).

Likely you have some wrist or neck or back strain from spending too much time on the computer. (Look into moving your monitor higher or getting a different set up for your mouse).

Likely you have used some kind of Internet jargon and thought you were clever.

Likely you can spell more words correctly than incorrectly.

Likely you speak English, if not another language on the side.

Likely you’ve stopped reading long before now and I’m just typing to myself. A lot like having your passenger fall asleep during a long car ride.

Likely you suspected this was the end.

You were right.