Women are Out of Fashion

One huge benefit to using males as female models… no one will ask them to cover their nipples.

What do you think of men walking down the runway in women’s clothing? Doesn’t sound so far fetched these days, and it isn’t. The funny thing is how well it actually works.

Men have a skinnier shape, more like a clothes rack. If he does put on a little weight, he can lose weight faster and easier than women anyway. Men tend to be taller too.

Men don’t menstruate or get pregnant. Less missed days at work. Less risk of leakage on clothes, bloating, mood swings, or any other side effects from the monthly visitor.

Men still get paid more than women so selling women’s fashions to crossdressing or transgender people makes good business sense too. Although they may have to lower their prices because everyone knows women pay more for clothes, hair cuts, etc., than men.

Looks like we are out of fashion, ladies!

In the performing arts men were playing women’s roles in theatre long before Shakespeare was still writing plays. I guess all those skinny women will have to find a man to support them (and his children).

Don’t think I’m posting this as a feminism thing. It is and yet it isn’t really about feminism. This is so much a reflection of our culture and the changes it has been going through. Where is it going and how will things continue to evolve? How strange would it be if women became second class citizens useful for baby-making, cooking and cleaning?  There is a great science fiction story in there…

Maison Margiela SS16

Despite the event being a womenswear show, that gang included not just girls but guys – although, dressed in the same slinky, skin-exposing jumpsuits and jackets as their female counterparts, their presence went…

Source: Meet the boys leading Margiela’s gender revolution

Retro Internet: The 1500 Point Purity Test

Long ago, in the days of the Internet surfing highway, there was a purity test with over 1000 questions. I found a copy of it. Posted for your viewing (or take the test) pleasure.


If you thought the millenial purity test was bad, well you ain’t see
nuttin’ yet!

This is the 1500 point Purity Test!

We felt that the 1000 point version lost a lot of the “fun” of the
earlier versions, so we re-wrote it, adding a few new sections, and
a shitload of questions. This test is guaranteed to be nosier that
your parents, more invasive than the census, and containing something
to offend everybody.

Also included is an answer form so that you can remember where in the
test you were, or show to a friend.

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Death by Dreaming

Originally posted to Sex Kitten (2003 – 2004)

Can you die from a wet dream?

Max was cold. Calling a succubus had seemed like a good idea at the time. That was hours ago now. Lying naked on the floor, his altar of sex toys around him, waiting and yet dreading that some mythological creature would come for him. He felt like a willing victim to his own sacrifice. But, he was willing, more than willing after eleven years of celibacy. Even now, just lying naked on the cold floor, his cock was rock hard, pointing straight up and even angling back. No man in the world was more ready for sex right now than Max.

Nothing seemed to be happening though, other than his own growing arousal. There was something about preparing yourself for kinky sex that made you need it all the more. Just lying down in the midst of his altar had brought him to full arousal and kept him there. Thinking, half dreaming, of having a succubus appear and begin taking his body was almost enough to finish him off. But, he wasn’t quite there. He wanted more than his own thoughts, his own hands stroking the well known patterns over his cock. He wanted a woman, even if she wasn’t entirely real or at all predictable. Continue reading Death by Dreaming

House of Music

 Originally posted to Sex Kitten (2003 – 2004)

The house had history, atmosphere and music. It also had a ghost.

“Every house has it’s own music, you just have to listen.”

“You’re full of it. Spouting that philosophical nonsense when we need to focus on getting out of here. What does any of that namby pamby crap matter now?”

“It matters.” Kate settled down cross-legged on the cellar floor. She ignored the cold cement, the mustiness and her husband’s temper. It wasn’t her fault the door had swung shut and stayed that way. Sure she had brought him here to explore with her but she wasn’t the one naive enough to expect every door that opened once would open again on the other side.

“Shut up, just shut up while I figure this out.” Steve seemed to always be grumpy.

The cellar was dimly lit, just the early morning light managing to filter in. But she could see with more than her eyes. The house had history, atmosphere and music.

It also had ghosts. Not the Halloween movie type ghosts. These were real ghosts. Quiet, watching and wondering who was disturbing the abandoned mansion. They were part of the music too, the history, the very wood, marble and bones of the house. It was an easy listening song but with undertones of something slightly gothic. Kate wrote gothic romances as a hobby, she understood gothic well. Or, as well as anyone could be expected to. Continue reading House of Music

Topless Women: The Right to Bare Breasts

I write for HubPages but have gotten tired of their prudish attitude to do with anything sexual or adult. So I am removing posts which I had written there or planned to write there. I don’t need to listen to anyone’s ideals of what is too adult here.

It’s all good until someone pokes a nipple out.


In July this year (2012) it will be twenty one years since Gwen Jacob fought for the right to bare breasts for women in Ontario, Canada.

There are so many issues connected to such a simple thing as bare chests.

  1. Breastfeeding in public and the exposing of the female breast in a public place.
  2. Male and female equality.
  3. Old ideas of women’s breasts as being sinful, dirty rather than natural.
  4. Our own feelings of having or wanting to hide our breasts.
  5. Nudity in general. Naturism, the right to full nudity anywhere.
  6. Violence against women. You may not think this is relevant, but it is.
  7. Dress codes – there are places where no one should be bare chested.
  8. Sex workers who get paid to remove clothing as a career.
  9. Nudity in art.
  10. Sex sells and it’s almost always a woman being sold for sexy ads.
  11. Virginity and being a good girl versus a ‘slut’.
  12. Feminism and the whole bra wearing versus bra burning thing.
  13. The lingerie and fashion industry.
  14. Breast cancer – are you still topless if your breasts aren’t there?
  15. Exposing breasts as an attention getting tactic during protests.

Gwen Jacob in the News

  • Women’s topless court victory 20 years later – CBC News
    When university student Gwen Jacob removed her top to cool off on a sweltering summer day in July 1991, she unwittingly spearheaded a movement to give all women in Ontario the legal right to expose their breasts — though most still choose not to.

 Women Go Topless in Ontario

Gwen Jacob, 1992.

Public Exposure and Indecency

There is nothing in this post which a child could not read. I have not written anything pornographic or adult. I have not added an image even as I write this. Yet this post has been automatically blocked by HubPages – just for using the word breast and/ or topless.

Earlier this month I wanted to post nude ASCII art. But, even the hint of a breast in the post was too much to be acceptable. After trying to work with HubPages restrictions I removed the post (after a second re-edit) and posted the content to my own site instead. I was disappointed in HubPages. As a fairly old fashioned, romantic and traditional woman there was nothing in the post which I found overly adult, offensive or exposed.

Why are we so intimidated by a woman’s breasts? Are women’s breasts dirty? Are women’s breasts naughty and meant to sell cars, beer and pornographic magazines only?

I like my breasts. I will probably not expose them in public because the idea of showing more of myself than I have to is set deeply in my mind. I’m not young, slim and twenty any more. But, I admire those who follow up on the protest by taking off their shirt and going topless.

Topless, Cleavage and Barechested

National Cleavage Day

Wikipedia says women are Topless but men are Barechested:

Barechested most commonly refers to a male wearing no clothes above the waist, exposing much or all of the torso.[1] It is also known as “stripped to the waist” or “being shirtless”. The term topless is usually applied only to women.

Toplessness refers to the state in which the breasts, areolae, and nipples of a woman or post-pubescent girl are exposed, especially in a public venue or in a visual medium.

Why are women described as showing breasts, areolae and nipples. Men have the same biological parts but are only described as being unclothed above the waist. Are topless women only showing breasts but keeping the rest of their bodies covered? No. So, an interesting interpretation between men and women from Wikipedia, isn’t it.

The Right to Bare Breasts Outside of Ontario

Comments from the original post on HubPages. 

That Grrl 3 days ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

I like for men and women to cover up. But it should be voluntary, as you say Mike. I wish the young women would be as covered up as the men they are with. Young men wear shorts about knee length and T-shirts. I think it’s weird that young men are dressed well and the young women look like they forgot to put their clothes on.

Mike 4 days ago

I think it is attractive when a woman covers her breasts voluntarily because breasts would be boring if they were exposed all the time. Women are smart for doing this and I thank them.

That Grrl 7 weeks ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Actually there is every way a male chest can be compared to a female chest. We have all the same parts. Women’s breasts just pop out in a different way. Men can have bigger chests or breasts too if they gain weight or lift weight to gain muscles.

The main issue is one of society and our cultural standards. I don’t especially support women going bare chested. But, I don’t support men taking off their shirts in public either. I don’t like the way young women dress with most of their curves hanging out of their clothing meanwhile the young men look over dressed by comparison.

I do think people should dress as they choose, within reason. I don’t think the human body is something which needs to be kept hidden, like a dirty secret. But, I don’t think we need to expose ourselves either. Clothing has a purpose beyond being decorative or keeping our butts from sticking to the seat or preventing a lot of insect bites, etc. There is nothing wrong with some modesty on the part of the clothes wearer or the people viewing other people.

It’s not a simple issue. I actually think it’s pretty complicated and very interesting.

katyzzz 7 weeks ago from Sydney, Australia

There’s no way a male chest can be compared with female breasts, we need to recognise that fact, personally I don’t want to expose my breasts for every Tom Dick and Harry but then again I don’t want to see female breasts either except for breast feeding, I think you present a minority view and a dress code for work for women is definitely due, from what I see going off to work each day, that way they will never get on, the men do dress appropriately on the whole and accept it. Equality

She Wears Rhinestones on Her Boobs

I’ve never worn nipple pasties. But, if I were going to pick a type of nipple pastie to wear it would be something shiny, colourful and fun. Like these rhinestone nipple pasties I noticed at ArtFire. It would be a historical kind of theme. Ancient women of some culture, possibly Egyptian (one of those things I read about in a book) used to dip their nipples in gold. I doubt (hope) the gold wasn’t hot at the time. But, no doubt they were shiny too.

Very Girlie in Pink

Makes me think of pink bubblegum.

I confess… I have a mild addiction to window shopping at sex toy sites. I mostly look at vibrators and dildos. I like to see which ones really, really, really tempt me. Today I liked this one, from Eden Fantasys. It also comes in purple, if you prefer a more royal colour than pretty pink.

What do you look for in a dildo/ vibrator? One thing I usually avoid are anything that needs batteries. I don’t have much luck with vibrators really. They are either too hard and unbending or they just move all the wrong ways at the wrong time. That’s why I look at dildos more often. I had thought vibrators are for women and dildos were for anal sex. So I never used to look at them very much. Later, as I read more, like the information Eden Fantasys has for shoppers/ buyers, I understood a dildo was something that didn’t use a battery.

I do like ridges, ribs, something to give the dildo texture. I’ve heard some women have little interest in penetration. I’m not that way. I like the feeling of being entered. I also like being touched a lot in all the right places – and I don’t mean the pussy. It’s so much better if you spend time on other areas first, letting it all build up.

I don’t know how the skin of the pink bendie dildo will feel on my skin. But, I’m interested in reading about the tip of it, that’s where it has the vibrations. I’d like to explore the sensation of slipping it over my nipples, the tender skin of my thighs and then my clit. Last of all I’d slip it inside of myself, very slowly.

See how nice it is to window shop, secretly, in the privacy of your own bedroom?

Thanks to Eden Fantasys for the fantasy tonight.

A Short Story for David

I’m watching TV… not really paying much attention to it.

My little man brings in the coffee. He’s wearing that cute little apron we found last week. That’s all he’s wearing. I watch his bare feet, then up along the backs of his legs to his butt cheeks as he walks away, off to do the laundry.

Weekends are nice, when you’re a Domme. What new little torment can I think of for my little man…?

I hear the washing machine start up. Then the clothes dryer starts up. I like the smell of fresh dried clothes and how nice and warm they are when they first come out of the machine.

“Little man…?” I call to him.

His head pops around the doorway, “”Yes, Madam.”

“Bring those towels from the dryer, here.”

In a minute he is back with the towels, not yet folded. I press one to my face, so warm and soft. There are not half a dozen towels in the pile, but I only need one more. No point in making him re-wash all of them.

Standing up, I take off my shirt, slip my pants down to my ankles and step out of them. From the bottom of the pile, I pull out the warmest towel and set it down on the couch behind me, spread out. Before I sit down I pull off my panties. When I sit down I feel the warm towel on my butt cheeks, it’s soothing and comfortable.

“Kneel before me, boy.”

He does, his face looking hopeful. His breathing has changed, but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t noticed all these little things about himself. His eyes are on my boobs, the only part of me still clothed.

I smile at him then lean forward to kiss him and give his bottom lip a little bite. “Unfasten my bra.”

I flip my hair forward, making sure it brushes his face and chest. His hands are sure and quick at the hook and eyes behind me. I hold the front of my bra rather than let it fall off too easily. Leaning back I smirk up at him as I wiggle myself forward inching my hips to the end of the couch. He has to back up before my knees push him away.

“This towel is so nice and warm on my bum. Feel my bum.”

His hands start on my knees, one on each side. He slides his hands down my thighs, his fingertips gradually slipping lower until he is cupping my hips. “You feel very nice.” He says.

“My boobies are a bit cold.” I whisper.

“May I kiss them?” He asks.

“Not yet. Open my legs and kneel between my thighs.”

He knows what to do, what I want. His hands slide back up to my knees, on the outside of my thighs. At my knees his fingers slip between my knees, pushing them apart slightly. Then he runs his hands up along the inside of my thighs, gently pushing my legs apart. I’m already wet and I know he can smell and see how much I’m enjoying this. I relax back against the couch, letting my thighs fall open farther.

“Now you can kiss my boobies.”

I know this is not exactly what he wanted at that moment. The flicker of disappointment on his face makes me laugh quietly.

My bra is removed, but he holds back a moment, admiring the curves of my breasts and my nipples. He presses his face between my breasts, kissing the valley before moving to the peaks. I pretend not to notice his hands, placed on top of my thighs with his thumbs just brushing the lips of my pussy. The almost there touches are making me want more.

By now he is kissing and sucking one breast and then the other. He makes those funny little noises and I can see the apron has started to tent out in front of him.

“Stop.” He freezes in place. “Lean back so I can see you, lift your apron so I can see your cock.”

Reluctantly he removes his hands from me and lifts his apron. “Should I take it off?”

“No. It looks cute covering your happy, little cock.” He lets the apron fall. “What may I do for you now, Madam?”

“You may kiss and lick my pussy and suck on my clit.”

“Thank you, Madam.”

“You’e welcome.” It really is nice being a Domme on the weekends.