Slavery Bracelet Rules

Use this to make your own rules, if you like the idea of a slavery bracelet for your man.


The bracelet rules for the male:

  1. Once it’s on your wrist, you are not allowed to take it off. And there are no exceptions. She is in charge now, and she is the only one who can take it off.

If you’ll take it off, it means you broke a contract you had with her, and she can decide on the punishment, and in addition she can claim your slavery for a double period of time.

  1. As long as it’s on his wrist, you are her slave, and she is your owner. The status of your relationship or marriage has changed, and it will stay like this until she removes the bracelet.
  1. At the moment, you are wearing the bracelet, you must bow down to the floor and kiss her feet/shoes until she decides it’s enough. By doing it, you admit that the status has change, and you are under her control.
  1. During the time the bracelet is on you, you are obligated to accept her punishments. Once she calls you for punishment you cannot refuse. She is allowed to use the whip or leather belt to punish you as much as she wants.

Rules for the goddess:

  1. You, and only you have the right to take the bracelet off and release him.
  2. Before you put the bracelet, make sure that you are both know how long will be the period.

In case you both did not discuss how long he will be under your control, and for some reason the bracelet is on. The time will be the same as the last period.


  1. If you decide that it will be for 14 days. You should release him after 14 days and don’t try to use your power to extend the time since he cannot take off the bracelet by himself, and he is depended on you to be released.
  1. You cannot extend the period as punishment. If he was not obedient, punish him as much as you like. But do not extend the period because of it
  1. You can extend the period only on one exception. If he missed a day, for some reason, you entitle to extend it in two days for every one day he missed.

For example: you both decided on 21 days.   During the period, he needed to stay at work later one day, and he was sick and could not serve you for two days.  He missed three days total and as compensation you have the right to extend the period in six days (two days for every day he missed). There will be no argument about it from his side.

Make sure to force these rules. He must respect these rules and the sacredness of the slavery bracelet.

Source: Goddess Tip : The slavery bracelet

Image source: Instructables – with instructions for making a simple slave bracelet.

Introduction to Light Bondage

How to Dom with Light Bondage

  • Restraints
  • Sensual Deprivation
  • Discipline
  • Safety


Restraints are rope, cuffs, etc. Start with something you can easily work with, safely. You want your submissive to be able to get out of the bondage quickly if things suddenly become too intense. Also, you don’t want to start out making a lot of fancy knots then discover you can’t get them all undone again. Any restraint used must be tested before you start using it as bondage.

Restraints don’t have to be physical. Mental bondage is a lovely thing and great for beginners. You have the power to control your submissive – knowing his bondage is not enforced by anything but his own decision to obey. There is more power in a submissive obedient by choice rather than ropes, chains, leather, etc.

Sensual Deprivation

Sensual deprivation is an element of bondage. Blindfolds are less complicated than some methods which include a full hood over the head. Also, a blindfold is simple for beginners to use and experiment with. Don’t take away more than one of the five senses at a time (for a beginner in bondage). Keep it fun rather than making them go from nervous and uncertain to actually being afraid.

Think of sensual deprivation as the element of surprise. Use it to tease and give your submissive less control. Build suspense and anticipation. While using a blindfold, narrate everything you are doing or plan to do. While they are in restraints you have taken away their ability to use their hands. A blindfold limits what they can see so they strain a little to use the senses they have left. Make sure you use as many senses as you can when you deprive them of one, or more.


Discipline includes spanking but is not limited to just that. Discipline can be a punishment. Discipline can be a set of rules or standards to be kept by the submissive. There is a lot you can do with discipline as mental and physical bondage.

You may have heard of domestic discipline. Spanking is usually included with this. The submissive is treated like a child or dog being trained. They are expected to perform tasks, mainly house cleaning. They may be expected to wear aprons.

The Gor books by John Norman inspired another branch of kinkiness which follows a strict discipline and set or orders. Lesser known are the books by Sharon Green who wrote a female Dom series set on other planets involving men and women being taken from Earth. I especially like her books myself.


Safety matters. I’m not making it first on my list but it should always be part of your considerations and planning. Anything you bring into play during your bondage should be tested out and practiced with. You don’t want to struggle with toys, tools or feel incompetent in the heat of the moment when you are both wound up.

Safety includes some time afterwards, to wind down, get feedback and care for your submissive: aftercare. Don’t skip aftercare. This time is good for the submissive to feel cared for, literally. The Dom also needs this time to wind down, release emotions and reconnect with their partner.

How and in what way do you exert your control?

The question was: How and in what way do you exert your control?

My answer:

The simplest answer is that control is understood. But, that leaves out all the fun and interesting parts.

A D/s relationship is about consent being understood, a given. After that there are the fine points about how far things will go. But, the consent is a given which means I have the power in my hands. I can use tools, words, bondage, mental bondage, etc to confirm, enforce or enjoy having that power but, one of the best things is using whatever I like to enjoy having that power of consent.

I’m fairly creative. I have fun designing scenarios. I like domestic discipline with spanking, collar, leash and teasing and torment. I like the plan of having a sub in bondage, wearing a blindfold and being subject to my whims. Maybe a lot of sensual touches, maybe tickling, maybe the suspense of being ignored awhile. I like elements of Gor too, with a male submissive who has strict rules for behaviour, how to sit, when to sit, what to wear, etc. I love bringing in all sort of elements from BDSM, and other sources of inspiration. I do know that I am not into messy stuff like diapers, pee or poo play.

Control can be exerted with a whisper, a soft touch or the crack of my hand on a bare ass cheek. Control can be exerted from having a sub perform a spelling bee, having a sub lie in the snow while I pose and photograph him, a strict voice (my ten year old niece calls me a dragon because I control the kids with just my voice and the rare swat on the ass).

So the short answer is that control is assumed, but there is far more to it. I would say that a sub who tried to be too disobedient would not work out for me. I like the sub squirming in bondage but if he were bucking my authority the authority would just be gone and so would I. I won’t put up with a sub who thwarts my authority or acts like this is all a game. There are a few rules but there are rules.

My Story: One Wet Afternoon

I posted this to Literotica in 2002. They modified it, making the sub 18 in order to make it clear this was an adult story. I disagreed with the change. The man I wrote the story for was actually 36 and making him 18 turned the story into something kind of gross for me. I asked them to not publish the story at all but, Literotica ignored me. So this was the one and only story I posted to the site. I’m surprised that the site seems to be defunct now. Just a collection of old content.

One Wet Afternoon – BDSM –

One Wet Afternoon

by SpiritoftheNight©

18-year-old Chris was bored. Outside the rain beat down on the sloppy looking snow, melting it all away one flake at a time. The snowman he had made a few days ago looked like a forgotten science experiment. The head had fallen an hour ago, the body was listing to the left, only a shovel held it up. Of course, the whole thing was shrunken and pitted now. Chris thought of people who collected shrunken heads and wondered if anyone ever collected shrunken snowmen. Keeping them would require serious planning. Some sort of a freezer that wouldn’t dry them out, he decided. 

“Chris, did you get out there and shovel the path yet?” His Governess called from the den where she was working on his computer.

“It’s raining. I don’t want to go out.” He called back. Continue reading My Story: One Wet Afternoon

The Spencer Spanking Plan, 1936

The Spencer Spanking Plan


By Dorothy Spencer


*this was written so long ago that we believe it has fallen out of copyright. In any case, if you know who Dorothy Spencer is, we’d like to give her credit for this very entertaining piece.




Several years ago I conceived the idea of settling domestic misunderstandings in our home upon a somewhat unique basis — the giving of and submitting to carefully regulated corporal punishment. Continue reading The Spencer Spanking Plan, 1936

Under the Clouds

I hadn’t really looked at the clouds in years. I’d been busy. I’d been frustrated and I’d been indoors. This had been his idea, getting back to nature he’d said. Camping didn’t seem like a good idea to me. I like running water!

But, here I am. In the middle of nowhere, in a woodsy area. Quiet. Lying on a blanket, sunbathing for the first time in years. The clouds float far over my head. The sky so blue in between. If this were a horror story I’d be in big trouble right about now. It’s always the girls who have sex that die. The little virgins live on to film again.

The first orgasm had been nice, like a quick kiss. He still knelt between my thighs. His hands on me, lightly skimming touches over my the skin of my thighs, my belly and up to my breasts. Obediently waiting for me to tell him to kiss me or make love to me again.

The stress headache I’d carried around like an ogre on my back is gone. Instead I feel lighter and the back of my neck doesn’t creak. I am content to just lie here, feeling sun warm my skin. Puffy white cotton balls slowly coast through the sky. Right now it’s just me and those clouds. Hmm… that one looks like a dragon.

This time Wank Wednesday is all about the clouds.

Not Another Fish Tale

Not Another Fish Tale
Originally posted to Adult BackWash, my weekly column was Bait and Switch: Tuesday August 20, 2002

The man on the beach lay still and unmoving. Jane decided he must be dead which was a shame. He was the most gorgeous looking male she had ever seen. As she walked just a bit closer she could see a few odd things about him. For one thing, his skin was green. Not a really noticeable green, in fact, it was very pale green, not so far from her own skin colour. But green instead of pinkish. Definitely not the green they used in alien movies. Still, she had always thought a real dead body would be pasty white or that bloodless blue-white skin gets when it’s never been exposed to the light of day. But, he wasn’t. His hair was greenish too. Different from the skin because the green of his hair was probably as dark as green could be before it would be black.

The green-ness aside. The really odd things were his hands and feet. She didn’t get to be a successful gothic writer without picking up a few odd facts here and there. It was possible for a person to be born with some webbing between their fingers and toes. But, that was removed at birth, or very soon after. Who would go through life with a full set of webbed hands and feet. Kids must have teased him ruthlessly about being a duck. Poor guy.

Anyway, here he is lying on her beach. Pretty dead looking. Must not have been there long. There were no flies on him, no little scuttling crabs looking for a snack and no seagulls flying over head having spotted a fresh carcass. The police would have to be called. Likely, when they saw him, others would be called. There would be an investigation and science experiments to be had. So much for the peaceful, simple life she envisioned when she bought the island.

Jane looked up at his face again. Admiring a naked dead man on the beach was probably breaking some rule of proper etiquette. It was hard to look away. The man drew her eyes like a fish to a lure. He was fabulous. Toned and firm flesh from his toes to his lips. Such nice lips too, he wouldn’t be a sloppy kisser. His lips would be hard, pressing against her own soft lips and if there was any spit involved it would be inside his mouth to be found, not pouring out on contact.

All at once the dead man sighed, opened his eyes and grabbed Jane. She landed mostly on top of him, completely out of her mind, unable to even work up the breath for a scream. “Let’s get the traditional stuff over with right away. I’m what you might call a mer-man or a Selkie. According to your land-lover mythology I rise up from the ocean to seduce land women.” He shifted Jane around in his arms so that she was pressed against him, looking into his face.

“You’re pretty quiet for a land woman. I’ve heard you are a real chatty bunch. Can hardly get some of them to clam up.” Jane remained silent, words seemed the farthest thing from her mind. The screeching of the seagulls and churning of the tide seemed to say everything for her. He just didn’t seem to be listening.

“Well, OK. I don’t need a lot of chatter.” The dead man began removing Jane’s clothes. Stunned as she was, it was almost comforting. He treated her like a Father undressing a child for bed. Her clothes (navy blue office wear and low heeled black pumps) were removed, folded nicely and placed to one side, all in a matter of fact way. The red satin bra and panties were admired for a moment then placed in the middle of the pile of clothes. As her wits began to gather together in some area of her brain she wondered what she was supposed to do now. Does a nice girl just let a strange dead… green man make love to her on the beach? It might be kind of nice, it had been awhile since any man, let alone one very sexy, living, breathing man, made love to her. Could she just let it happen? Forget about all the social niceties, the social diseases and the fact that he wasn’t quite human?

His eyes, now that they were open, were a deep moss green, very beautiful. Starring into them like a deer caught in the headlights Jane decided the social stuff could wait for later.

“My name is Jane.”

“You can call me Ian. It’s not my real name but Ian is close enough in the way the land people talk.” He was finished stripping her. Now he was sitting up, holding her straddled over his lap. “You have good breasts. Land women tend to have larger breasts than ocean women. I like them somewhere in the middle. Like yours.” Reverently, he caressed her breasts. His fingertips traced patterns over her breasts, working in to the nipples but not touching them. He dipped one finger down, designing a trail down her belly, making her squirm at the sensitive, ticklish parts. Idly, his fingers combed through the hair of her pussy, then finding the growing dampness he slipped inside. Jane moaned, unable to hold back the pleasure of being touched so intimately. His fingers played with her, nipping at her clit like little fish kissing the surface of a lake.

Jane, curious, felt his cock. It was becoming a deep green as it hardened, lengthened and thickened. The skin was warm and soft, she half expected it to be scaley like a fish. He moaned, obviously enjoying her exploring fingers. Exploring wasn’t enough. She licked her lips quickly, rose up on her knees and settled back down over his cock. He guided his thick cock into her. Holding her hips, he pulled her down, impaling her. Jane’s pussy clenched around the welcome intruder, pulling it even deeper. It felt so great to be so full. His fingers were right back at her clit. This time he stroked it, long strokes, firm strokes. Jane was soon a mindless puddle of heat and lust. He flipped them over, pinning her to the wet sandy beach. Grunting while pumping his cock in and out of her very wet and demanding pussy. The pounding of the waves was hard to hear over the pounding of her own heart and the panting of their breathing.

Feeling at the edge of her orgasm, loving his touches over her body, his hardness so deep and pulsing inside of her Jane closed her eyes, greedy to just feel the building of her own orgasm. “No”, he said, “open your eyes, look at me, know that I’m no dry land male, taking your body, giving you pleasure.” Obediently Jane opened her eyes, looked into his and began to lose herself. All at once her orgasm was there, pulsing and throbbing. Her whole body clenched around his, pulling her into a red hot pool of lava shuddering with the power of her orgasm. Totally spent, totally relaxed, feeling limp, like seaweed washed up on the beach, Jane melted into the sand. The tide had come in, swirling over their lower bodies and giving them a mattress of soft, wet sand.

While she came back down from whatever planet she had landed on during her orgasm he stayed quiet, watching her face. Stroking her breasts and wiping sweat from her face. In some part of her mind she realized that he hadn’t come yet. His cock was even harder, and still buried inside her. She could feel it moving, twitching and pulsing. It felt like a coiled spring about to go off.

“I was very pleased when you bought this island Jane. I live in a cave under the island. You could say I’m your closest neighbour.” As he spoke he leaned down and kissed her. His kiss was everything she expected. His tongue licked her lips, pressing inside to taste her. He began playing with her nipples. Smoothing his palms over her pebble hard nipples, he moved his head down to suck on them. He took her breast in his mouth and twirled her nipple with his tongue. Jane began to breathe faster again. Surprised she could become ready for more so soon after her orgasm.

Ian’s mouth continued sucking her breast, his fingers massaging the other breast. His engorged cock, pressing inside of her, began to feel good again. She jumped in surprise and pleasure as his fingers found her clit. Somehow his hands seemed to be everywhere this time. Light, caresses of her face, long, strokes down her belly, deeper strokes on her clit and tender, sensual rubbing over her breasts and the building pressure she began to feel over her whole body. Finally it built up to where her whole being was focused on his cock deep inside her, filling her, making her want to drag all of him inside her.

“Jane. I’ve watched you walk around your beach. I’ve kept track of you and I know that when I give you my life’s seed we will likely have a child. That is what I want, what I came for. You will belong to me, for life. I will teach you to live under the ocean and I will also live with you above the water.” He held himself completely still, as if frozen. The waves crashing over them felt like part of her own throbbing need for release.

“What?” Jane asked, dazed in a sexual stupor.

“I’m taking you as my woman Jane. I want you, it’s that simple. You will belong to me forever.” His eyes locked with hers, capturing her, penetrating her mind as surely as he penetrated her body. In some part of her mind that still functioned Jane felt herself change. Her will was softly taken away. In place of the strong independent woman she could feel herself become Daddy’s little girl, cared for, coddled, cuddled, seduced and owned. It was a safe feeling, a sensual feeling. He would keep her safe, sheltered and sexually satisfied. She could be a pampered darling, a kept woman. Could a modern career woman stand all that?

“What does that mean, exactly?” Jane asked.

“I would own you, keep you and care for you.” Ian answered, looking into her eyes, softly smiling and twirling her nipple between his fingers.

“What do I get out of it?” Jane said. “Am I supposed to just drop everything and become a sex slave?”

“Hardly, what would I want with someone like that? I might just as easily date a jelly fish. I want more, that’s why I picked you. Now, enough of this, I want to get back to what we were doing.”

“Just a minute. I like what we were doing too, but I don’t want to become some simpering nobody without any control over my own life.” Pushing her elbows under her Jane levered up to look him in the eye.

“Don’t be silly Jane. This isn’t some wimpy fairy tale. I’m not whisking you off to an under water kingdom. We live here, continue on with our careers and our lives. We just do it together. It’s what you land folk call marriage.”

“Oh, OK, I can deal with that.” Jane grinned, wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and pulled them both back down to the sand. “Now lets get on with the sex. Its been ages since I had a decent lover, let alone one worth keeping around.”

Ian was very eager to get on with it by now. In minutes Jane was mindless with passion once again and this time when she dove into her orgasm so did he. Later, after a night talking around a campfire, they went swimming and he showed her just how long he could hold his breath.

Shop Boy

Shop Boy
Originally posted to Bait and Switch, my weekly column at Adult BackWash: Sunday June 23, 2002

“You put on quite a show last night, Chris.” His Governess was standing at the foot of the bed, already dressed.

“That Mistress was quite upset by the time you finished your little comedy routine. It was very rude of you, Chris. You made a lot of people angry, including me.”

Chris winced, remembering pieces of last night. “I’m sorry.” He pulled the sheet down from his face and looked at her for the first time. It didn’t look good. She was still angry, her lips pressed tightly together. In fact she was very angry for someone who seldom became angry. The fog clouding his mind began to clear as the need for self preservation drifted in.

“This morning you are going to her shop to apologize. It had better be your best performance ever. Much better than the one you put on last night. Get dressed now. You still have time to make my coffee before we leave.”

Her jeans clung to the curves of her bottom, showing what a really great ass she had. Watching her in those jeans did more to wake him up than anything else could. He pulled himself out of bed as soon as she was out the door. Chris rushed through his bathroom routine. He made sure to brush his teeth extra well; he wanted to take advantage of any possible kissing opportunity.

In the kitchen she had begun making the coffee herself. That was a bad sign, she was impatient. He stood at the counter ready to take over but she ignored him and poured the cream into her cup herself. When the coffee brewed she poured her own cup and took it to the table. Since she was ignoring him Chris decided to watch her till she took notice of him. The red sweater she wore was short, casually revealing her great figure. Long chestnut hair curled down past her shoulders, not quite to her waist. She had gone with the bare minimum of makeup, as she usually did. She was still a pocket Venus, just 5ft 4 inches, but a very soft, sensual looking woman.

Now she was looking at him. Her blue eyes focused right on his face, she said, “Bet you didn’t know the lady you ridiculed last night owns her own adult store. Last night we decided you would be punished there. It’s a really good idea, interesting too. I’m debating telling you now or just letting it be a surprise.”

“Do you think she will listen to my apology? I don’t know what got me started last night. You know I wouldn’t normally say any of that stuff. I’m really sorry I hurt her.”

“You can try. That won’t save you from being punished. We decided you should be just as publicly embarrassed as she was. But I think I will let her tell you the details.” She smiled.

Chris felt butterflies swarm in his stomach. Public embarrassment was something he dreaded. It was also his Governess’ favourite punishment. He tried to smile, as if he had all the confidence in the world and this was just one of lifes little adventures. After all, he had lived through her last big punishment. Not that it had been easy to carry two bulky packages of maxi pads around the grocery store for an hour. He wasn’t even allowed to cheat with a basket or a cart. Still, it hadn’t been as bad as he thought it would be.

“I’m ready. Let’s go.” She put her cup in the sink, picked up her purse and walked out of the kitchen. Chris followed obediently.

They walked to the store. It should have been a pleasant walk, the sun was warm, and not a cloud in the sky. But Governess was stonily silent. He followed her, all the way down to the New Age area of town. He thought of it that way, though there was no sign proclaiming it. The stores here were selling crystals, karma readings, health food and the occasional kinky shop just to keep it from being too goodie goodie.

Chris knew she had been here before. She was into all that sort of Pagan stuff. He noticed a couple of stores she had bought books from; he recognized their logos. Right between a trendy bookstore and a health food supplier she stopped. The door on this store had a very fancy painted logo. It was called “The Love Bug”. Sounded cute till you looked in the window and saw leatherwear, restraints and assorted gear on the floor and sides of the window. The window itself looked fairly bare. Nothing to really attract the eye.

His Governess stood at the door, waiting to be let in by the plump Mistress Chris had been such an ass to last night. She didn’t look at him but began chatting to his Governess right away. “Glad you came a bit early. We will have time to arrange everything before shoppers start browsing by on the street.”

“Chris would like to apologize before we begin. If you are willing to hear him.” His Governess put her hand inside the front of his jeans and pulled him forward.

“I don’t feel like listening to him. Not until afterwards when he might really be sincere.”

“All right. Chris this is Mistress Jasmine. I doubt you caught her name last night. Before we start you better find the bathroom and make use of it, you won’t get another chance for awhile.”

She turned away from him and chatted about some of the equipment in the store. Chris left to find a bathroom. When he came back they were still chatting but now Governess held a mask in her hands. They seemed to be arguing about it. Not a full blown sort of thing, more like bargaining. When they noticed him approaching Mistress Jasmine looked at him for the first time and said. “Take off all your clothes and leave them neatly folded on the counter. Your Governess is determined to allow you to wear a mask, to hide your face. But I can assure you not much else will be hidden.”

Chris blushed; truly embarrassed to take off his clothes in front of this stranger, especially one he had no desire for at all. Mistress Jasmine was plump, to be nice. Actually she was more than chubby. Not that he had a problem with nicely rounded women. Just that Mistress Jasmine wasn’t nicely rounded, she looked sloppy. She wore baggy clothes and too much jewelry and makeup. Mistress Jasmine actually looked dowdy, if a FemDom could be called such a thing.

“What are you waiting for?” Her voice grated on his ears. Looking at his Governess he knew there was no sympathy there. She looked at him, smiling in that cat that ate the canary way. At least one of them was looking forward to this.

He pulled off his shirt and folded in neatly. Next his jeans. After those were folded he hesitated. Only his underwear stood between himself and full nudity. Dare he ask if this was enough?

Before he could even look up Mistress Jasmine gave him a stinging slap across his ass. Chris jumped. His Governess took hold of his chin to steady his face while she pulled the thick black mask over his head. There was space for him to breathe and two more spaces for his eyes. Each had zippers, with another big zipper behind to firmly encase his head. Once it was zipped he felt suffocated. Without thought he grabbed his Governess’ wrists. She must have expected his panic; she stroked his arm and held his hand a few moments.

Mistress Jasmine meanwhile had gotten a pair of scissors and was cutting his underwear, making a big incision along his hip and ripping them off the rest of the way. Now Chris felt a real sense of panic. He was fully nude. His cock however, didn’t seem to mind. While his mind spun in fear his cock was growing and beginning to stand to attention.

“The mask is only to hide your face. This isn’t a scene party and I knew you would not want someone from your office to stroll by and see you. Just breathe normally and be a good boy.” Governess stroked his ass cheeks while she spoke. “Now Chris, you are going to have to lean over the counter and just relax for me. Open your legs nice and wide for me.”

“No!” Chris’s protest came out muffled.

“Shut up slut!” Mistress Jasmine spat. Obviously enjoying this far too much.

His Governess slapped his ass. “No talking Chris.” She reached around and zipped up the mouth of the mask. Chris discovered it was a tight fit, he could not open his jaw. When he tried to speak it was very garbled.

“Let me get out the rest of his surprise. You can play around with his ass awhile, just make sure the dildo penetrates all the way, nice and firm. I’ve got a very nice harness to make sure it stays in good and deep all day.” Mistress Jasmine chuckled and left the storefront.

“OK Chris, this is going to stretch you a bit. Its bigger than the butt plug we have used a few times. I want you to bend your knees slightly, open your legs nice and wide and relax. Let it just slip inside you.” Chris felt his chest tighten. Surely this would end now. She couldn’t really mean to go along with all of this. He could see her lubricating what seemed to be the biggest dildo he had ever seen. Not that he had looked at a lot. He watched her rubbing the smooth shaft up and down, and over the head. His cock hardened. Traitorous beast, he thought.

The greased tip of the dildo brushed his thigh while she used one hand to open his cheeks. He tried not to clench them. All too soon the head of the dildo was pressing gently at his exposed hole. She pressed it inside, letting it slip in very gradually. So far it wasn’t too bad.

“Good boy Chris, lean over the counter a bit more, that’s good. Very good. Just let it slip right in. Good.” The dildo stopped its progress when it got to his tight inner muscles. Chris was breathingly heavily, the mask making it almost impossible to draw in enough air.

“You are doing very well Chris, just relax and let it enter you. Almost finished with the hard part.” She pressed a bit harder but Chris just couldn’t fully relax and let himself be penetrated. So she pushed harder, pushing his body into the counter as the dildo fully penetrated his ass and filled him more than he thought possible. She held it in, not letting it slip out though he could feel his muscles protesting the invasion and trying to expel it. Governess unzipped the mask’s mouth and he was at last able to catch his breath.

“Good boy my little Chris.” She leaned over his back and placed soft kisses there. The dildo remained firmly lodged. Not pleasant by any means but not like he was being split in half. How was he going to bear a day of this. Would some of the people know he was not only a window display but being abused by some of the merchandise?

Mistress Jasmine was, of course, back too soon. Working around his Governess she pulled a harness over his chest, between his legs and up his back. She made sure to tighten the strap to the point of nearly unmanning him. Reaching between his legs, she pulled his cock and balls out between a hole in the straps. The dildo was now firmly held inside him. Governess had moved off to the side to watch.

“I’ve never thought of putting you in a leather harness Chris. It’s actually quite fetching.”

“If he’s a really good boy I’ll let you take this one home with you.” Mistress Jasmine said, smacking him hard on his exposed ass cheeks. The smack pushed the dildo in farther. Chris squirmed. “Do you see how the dildo is attached here, this keeps it from going in any deeper. You can do whatever you want to him without worrying about a very painfully embarrassing trip to the hospital” She smacked him again, Chris thought she was being far too spiteful.

“What have you got for him to wear over his cock? I doubt he can display that in your window.” Governess grinned.

“Not with an erection like that. Besides there is no way he could keep it up all day, all eight hours of the day. Soon he won’t be thinking about his hard little head, just his big soft one up on top. It gets pretty warm in that window. Hopefully one of us will remember to water him sometime in the afternoon.”

Mistress Jasmine shook out a small plastic bag. It appeared to be empty; one of the shopping bags with her shop logo on it. To his surprise she wrapped his cock and balls up in it and tied it tightly around the base of his cock. She smoothed the bag out, displaying her store logo on his privates. Chris felt humiliation bloom in his cheeks. Surely his Governess wouldn’t let this happen to him. This was just far too much humiliation.

Governess laughed, “That will work.”

“OK slut, climb in here.” Mistress Jasmine opened a small door at the back of her display window. “Hold onto the hooks in the wall, keep holding them. Put your feet on the tape marks, spread em a bit more.” She smacked his inner thighs, the surprise pain making his ass clench the dildo and firmly remind him of the invasion. “That’s pretty good. You are such a pretty boy. Nice blue eyes too. Make sure you look at some of the people, let them know you are a real live dummy.” She laughed; her laugh was really beginning to bug him. His hands were locked into cuffs attached to the hooks. This left him with his arms extended out to the window, welcoming shoppers and gawkers into the store. She duct taped his feet to the floor. With the dildo fully invading his ass he really had limited movement.

“Now slut, before I leave you to your punishment, there is one final little thing your nice Governess doesn’t know about.” From a pocket she pulled out a remote control. It only had three buttons. They were marked: On, Off and Random. Chris shivered in sudden terror. “Did you guess? Let me demonstrate just in case.” She flicked the “on” button. Immediately the dildo began to vibrate in his ass. The base shifted and began a slow and steady pumping action, pushing itself deeper, then drawing out only to push in again. Chris twisted around, begging her with his eyes.

“Your puppy dog look won’t work with me little slut. But if you ever want a real Mistress to whip you into shape, you can come to me. That nice little Governess of yours is far too soft on you.” She cackled on her way out. Leaving Chris to his torment in the show room window.

One Wet Afternoon

One Wet Afternoon
Originally posted to Bait and Switch, my weekly column at Adult BackWash: Sunday June 16, 2002

Chris was bored. Outside the rain beat down on the sloppy looking snow, melting it all away one flake at a time. The snowman he had made a few days ago looked like a forgotten science experiment. The head had fallen an hour ago, the body was listing to the left, only a shovel held it up. Of course, the whole thing was shrunken and pitted now. Chris thought of people who collected shrunken heads and wondered if anyone ever collected shrunken snowmen. Keeping them would require serious planning. Some sort of a freezer that wouldn’t dry them out, he decided.

“Chris, did you get out there and shovel the path yet?” His Governess called from the den where she was working on his computer.

“It’s raining. I don’t want to go out.” He called back.

“Too bad. Get dressed and get started. You wouldn’t want anyone to slip on the path. I just heard it is going to get a lot colder this afternoon. All that rain will be ice by then. You need to clean it up now and put down some salt too.”

“OK. I’m going,” Chris called back and forced himself to stand. “Any chance you will come out there and help me?”

“You know I can’t play today. I have to write and email this article to Kelly before she takes her zine to the printers.” His Governess came out from the den and spoke to him in a softer voice. “We can do something together later. Besides, I don’t want my little Chris to be out there in the freezing rain. That’s why I’m tossing you out there now.” She laughed as she helped Chris get his coat on.

Chris playfully rolled his eyes and groaned, “Yes Lady, you are so good to me Lady.”

She laughed, smacking his bottom as he passed her on his way outdoors. “Make sure you don’t miss any spots and don’t forget the salt. Don’t make me have to discipline you little man.”

“Yes Governess,” Chris said in a mournful tone.

He made sure to close the door on her laughing face, winking just before he disappeared on the other side of it. She would probably make coffee now and enjoy it while he was out shivering in the cold. Chris’s self pity didn’t last long. Being out in the snow, shoveling the mountains of white stuff still felt like man’s work. Let the little woman stay warm and sheltered inside. He stole the shovel away from the snowman and watched it collapse. The whole snowman just flopped down like a sack of cooked noodles. After giving it a few good kicks, Chris was ready to shovel.

The wet snow was heavy. Yet, it scooped up easily, not leaving an icy clump behind to be chipped at. When the walk was clear Chris felt surprised to be reluctant to go back indoors. He decided to make snow angels for a little while. By the time his Governess poked her head out the door and called to him to come in there were four angels on the lawn.

“Come inside, Chris. You are too wet to play outside any more,” she said, calling to him from just inside the door, trying to keep the heat from leaking out.

“Yes Lady.” Chris promised, smiling.

Governess went back inside and Chris shook off some snow. He was beginning to feel pretty water logged now that he wasn’t busy. At the door he stomped snow off his boots and shook more from his hat and scarf. Inside, he left his wet boots on the mat and peeled off the rest of the wet things.

“Take off everything.” Governess called from the bathroom where Chris could hear her already starting the water.

Chris stripped down and carried all his wet clothes into the laundry. He hung the scarf and gloves up to dry and put the pants and other clothes into the machine. His coat he left hanging near the heater. After adding the soap, he joined his Governess in the bathroom. He almost turned around and ran when he saw her wearing the dreaded rubber dishwashing gloves.

“Not those! I really hate those!” Chris said, eyeing the gloves, cringing at just the thought of them.

“Shhh, little man. I want to make sure you don’t dawdle. I am very busy this afternoon.” Governess said.

“I promise not to dawdle, please don’t use those gloves. I hate the way the rubber feels on my skin.” Chris tried a winning smile on his Governess, anything that would spare him those horrible gloves!

“Hmmm, well I guess I could do without them. However, you will have to be a very good boy. No fussing and no grumbling while I work. Now get into the tub, step lively!” She gave his ear lobe a yank and led him into the tub. “Sit down and I will start lathering you.” Chris was very glad to see her pulling off the gloves. He made a note to himself to hide them away in a better spot this time.

Chris sat in the tub obediently, enjoying his Governess’ hands on his body. As she soaped him up she kneaded his muscles and teased him by scraping her fingernails lightly over his back and a few tender, sensitive areas. Soon Chris was feeling sensitive all over. Just as he began to squirm, she dumped a bucket of cool water over his head.

“Time for your shampoo!” she giggled.

Chris was still getting his breathing back to something approaching normal when she began shampooing. Her fingers stroked through his hair, caressing him. He tried not to slip back into the mood of relaxation, not sure what else she might do. However, her fingers soon had their way with him. The gentle stroking around his ear and the firmer strokes at the back of his neck made him putty in her hands. This time the bucket had warmer water and Chris almost didn’t notice it at all.

She moved down his body, washing his neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back and moving down to his belly, teasing his rising cock. There she stopped, leaving him aching for more while she washed his face. She washed every bit of his face like a mother checking over a dirty little boy.

“I don’t think you have been washing behind your ears little man.” She said, using the wash cloth to scrub behind his ears. “Wouldn’t surprise me to find some tinsel from the Christmas tree back here.” She laughed softly.

Chris said nothing. Sometimes he just liked to enjoy his Governess’ attentions. This was his time to let go, sit back and enjoy the ride. He didn’t have to make big decisions, he didn’t have to do things he really didn’t like and he didn’t have to pretend to feel things he wasn’t feeling. His Governess was in control. Whatever ride she decided to take him on he could depend on her to give him a few twists and sharp turns but at the end of the ride he would be well satisfied.

Chris leaned back, giving her better access, as she washed his lower belly. He could hear her breathing quicken, nearly in time with his own. Her fingers circled his cock, washing it. The cloth moving up and down his shaft, brushing his balls on each down ward stroke. With the other hand, she pushed him farther back, to rest his head on the back of the tub. She gently eased his legs apart, leaving his cock hard and aching while she washed his thighs. For a moment, Chris thought to tell her she was dawdling but he kept quiet.

Moving down his legs, she washed his knees, calves and feet. After washing his toes she took the big one into her mouth and softly bit it. Chris wriggled in the water at the feel of her lips and sharp teeth. Her mouth moved from his toe to his ankle. Kissing the inside and outside of his ankle while her other hand drifted along his leg. Dipping the bucket into the tub water this time she used it to rinse his legs. Another full bucket rinsed his chest, back and arms.

“Almost done now little boy.” she whispered. “Get on your hands and knees in the tub so I can finish you off.”

Chris was ready to be finished off. He positioned himself as told. His Governess twisted the wash cloth into a long thick string and held it at both ends. She then rubbed the middle between his bottom cheeks until it slid in. Chris was breathing a lot harder as she dragged the cloth back and forth between his bottom cheeks. Closing his eyes, Chris pressed against the cloth. It felt almost too good.

“Let’s just see how ready my little bull is now.” Governess said. Her fingers raked over his bottom, then down between his legs, to his cock and balls. “My what a good little boy you are. Do you like when I rub the head of your cock?”

“Yes,” moaned Chris.

“Kind of greedy aren’t you?”

“Very,” Chris managed to say as her fingers curled around his cock and pumped up and down his shaft.

“A greedy boy should be taught discipline.” said Governess.

The word discipline caught all Chris’s attention. “Maybe later, Governess?” He asked.

Stopping all her playing she swatted his wet bottom hard once. “No little Chris, never put off the important things. I need to get back to work. You can make me another of your excellent coffee’s and bring it in to me. Don’t dawdle in the water now, it’s starting to get cool.”

Without even looking, Chris knew she would have one of those tormenting smiles. “May I finish in the tub Governess?” he asked, already knowing her answer.

“I said no dawdling Chris, you are finished little man. Get dressed before you get cold.” She laughed all the way back to the den. In only a minute, he heard her back at work, typing away, as if she hadn’t just left a desperate man alone in the bathroom. Chris watched the bath water spiral down the drain. He stayed there awhile.

He dressed warmly, old jeans and the new sweater she had given him just a couple of weeks ago at Christmas. On the outside, he seemed calm, inside he was plotting Governess’ downfall. He made the coffee, thinking about having her in the bathtub at his mercy. Those thoughts only made him ache. While loading the coffee, some leftover Christmas cookies and other goodies onto a tray, he thought of a better idea. He was ready when he carried the tray into the den.

“Would you care for some coffee?” He asked, butler polite.

“Yes, thank you, please leave it on the side of the desk there.” Chris placed the cup as shown and stood waiting.

“Don’t you have something else you could be doing?” She asked.

“Not really,” replied Chris.

“Please go do something with yourself I don’t want you hovering over my shoulder while I work.”

“I would be glad to do just that if you allowed it, Governess.”

She grinned at him, “Very well, if you are determined to be a pest I think you should crawl under my desk and stay there in the dark like all the other little pests.” Governess pushed her chair back and waited.

“As you wish,” Chris said. He struggled to fit his 6’3″ body under the confines of the small space of the desk. He sat with his back pressed against the back of the desk. When she pushed her chair back, she was sitting between his bent knees, just where he wanted her. Completely blocking out the sound of her typing above his head, he tenderly licked her knee. If she noticed she chose to ignore him, this suited his plan exactly.

From her knee, he leaned forward just a bit to kiss the top of her knee and start along her inner thigh. When she shifted in her chair he smiled to himself and started the same game on the other leg. Her hips ground into the seat of the chair and he knew she was getting wet panties. Bringing his hands up he pushed her skirt up to her waist. Now he could see her panties and the tell tale wet spot. He could also smell it and he made sure she knew that was just what he was doing. His finger was reaching for the wet spot when she suddenly stood up and looked at him under the desk.

“You are being a very bad boy little Chris.”

“Yes Lady, I know.” stated Chris.

She grinned wickedly, “Well so long as you know I guess my job is done.” Turning away from him she said, “Let’s just see what kind of a job you can do. Hurry up, you know I don’t have all day!”

She left him still under the desk. However, Chris could see the bedroom door open as she went inside. She left it open tantalizing him as she stripped off the red sweater he had given her for her birthday, the week before Christmas. She dropped her skirt to the floor.

“Very messy,” Chris muttered, ” I think you need to be taught how to clean up.” He laughed quietly as he made his way to the bedroom. He was ready, willing and able to teach her everything he knew.

Dining Table

Originally posted to Bait and Switch, my column at Adult BackWash: Sunday May 26, 2002

Thick, solid oak the new dining room table stood on four legs and wasn’t likely to budge if a train hit it. If the legs hadn’t been detachable, it never would have fit through the doors and into the house. The moving men were glad to see the last of it. Chris’s Governess made sure to tip them and ask if they cared for a cold drink before they left. She made sure it was positioned exactly. She couldn’t have shifted it around herself after they had left.

The first thing she did was dust and polish the table. It was elegantly carved with swirls down four sturdy legs and more carving on the sides of the table. The top was perfectly smooth and flat. She admired the wood grain as she stroked and rubbed and polished the table. Little Chris was going to be surprised. She smiled down at her reflection in the tabletop. There was still a lot to do before little Chris came home.

First, she wrapped the tops of the table legs to prevent any scratching to them. Next, she attached the new restraints, one to each table leg. They were more like slave restraints than the usual lighter bondage she chose for Chris. Tonight Chris would wear her chains. This would be a night for his total submission and she would have full control over him. Already she could feel the dampness leaking past her lips, between her thighs.

In the freezer, she had a bag full of ice ready. She wasn’t sure quite how she was going to use it. It seemed a good idea to have it ready though. There were new toys and fresh washed old toys in the locked drawer. Everything was ready with nothing overly planned. She was free to do anything that came to her imagination.

At last! There was his key in the lock at the hall door. Quickly she covered the table with a white cloth, hiding the restraints from view. Now if she could only school her face not to reveal too much. It was going to be very difficult; she was looking forward to the night far too much to put it from her mind.

“Hello Governess,” Chris called out as he came in. He left the newspaper on the hall table, took off his shoes and came into the living room.

“Hello little man,” she reached up and tugged his hair to pull his face down for a kiss. “I made dinner tonight. You may set the table once you shower and change.”

“It smells great and I’m already hungry as a bear.” Chris smiled and kissed her back.

“Make sure you wash well.” she said unable to hold back a devilish grin.

“Ah, then you have planned something more than dinner for tonight. I’ll get ready quickly then, I wouldn’t want to miss any part of it.” Chris turned and headed to the bedroom.

She slapped his bottom with more force than her usual light tap. Chris turned back in surprise to look at his Governess. “Do hurry back little man.” She grinned up at him. He still looked a little bewildered as he left to shower.

She could feel the charge and the power flowing through her like electricity. Waiting was going to be a form of self-torture. Perhaps she would need a quick orgasm while she waited for her little victim. She sat on the couch, leaning back into the cushions. Raising her skirt and lowering her panties, she began stroking her fingers in a circle on her clit. Gently she pushed back the hood and rubbed the most sensitive part of her bud. Already so wet and so excited, in only a minute she felt her muscles tighten and begin their delicious contractions deep within her body. Her hips rose off the cushions as her bottom clenched and her hot juices gushed out. When she was over the last tingles and could pull her fingers away from her still sensitive clit she took her time wiping up all her wetness with a tissue. She could hear Chris in the bedroom, finished with his shower and getting dressed.

By the time Chris came out, she was ready for him. If her face was a little flushed, he didn’t say anything, though he may have suspected. She supervised while he set the table, watching his every move, enjoying the slight tension she could create in him this way. When he was finished, she allowed him to seat her. “Bring in the soup now Chris.”

Chris brought in the cream of potato soup, first hers and then his own. He stood by her chair a moment in case she required anything else. Then he sat and began eating too. “Its wonderful, Governess. You are becoming a very accomplished chef.”

“Thank you Chris. I’m especially looking forward to the dessert tonight. Its one of your old favourites done up in a new way.”

“I’m sure it will be wonderful, Governess.” Chris said. She smiled back. The rest of dinner went smoothly, with Chris serving each course.

“Now the only thing left is dessert Chris. Please clear the table and make coffee for me in the kitchen. I will bring the dessert in myself when you are finished.”

Chris left taking dishes with him. He made a second trip and then the table was bare but for the cloth. His Governess gathered up the cloth and carried it to the bathroom where she put it in the laundry hamper. In the bedroom, she quickly changed to a long, deep red, sheer negligee. She checked her face, teeth and hair and was back in the dining room just as Chris brought in her coffee in one of the fancy china cups and saucers she liked. He didn’t notice the table. He was a little distracted by his Governess’ appearance. She smiled at him over the rim of her cup as she sipped.

“I’m beginning to think I may be in for more than a nice spanking tonight. You just gave me one of those ‘cat that ate the cream’ smiles of yours. Usually that means you have some devious plot afoot for your long suffering little boy, Governess.”

She smiled politely, “It’s very good coffee little Chris. Did you notice the new table? It was just delivered this afternoon.”

She watched his face as he finally saw the restraints, enjoying the way his jaw dropped slightly as the blush blossomed in his cheeks. She laughed. “While I get the dessert you are going to strip completely and lie on your back on top of the table. See if you can find a comfortable position.” She left him standing there; looking like the rug had just been pulled out from under him. Already her own mind was spinning with new ideas and ways to enjoy her little submissive man tonight. She took her time finishing her coffee, wanting Chris to have lots of time to think and feel his submission settling over him. Just knowing he was out there with that table, probably wondering and a little worried had her very wet all over again. The knowledge that he would obey and would be lying naked on the table waiting for her was making fire race through her body. The submission of her big strong man never failed to excite her. Thinking of how she would take such pleasure in putting him in the restraints was making her breath come a little faster.

The chocolate pudding was in a large mixing bowl with the thick wooden spanking spoon on top as a serving spoon. She set the bowl by Chris’s naked hip and stroked him there. “Good boy,” she whispered. She wanted to start out gentle and reassuring before she let her creative powers have free range. Besides she had all night and the weekend too if he could last that long.

Her fingers trailed gently down his hip, and along his leg. She brought the first of the restraints up where he could see it. She allowed it to twist at the end of its chain while he watched. Then she opened the metal cuff and encircled it around his ankle. The metallic click as it snapped shut brought another bit of dampness to her already very damp pussy. Chris was a little anxious; this was quite beyond their regular teasing and pleasing sort of games.

Quietly but not without some showmanship she closed the chains and manacles around his other ankle and his wrists. When she was finished she leaned over him and kissed him deeply, pushing her tongue between his lips and teeth and sliding her tongue over his. Teasing it into her own mouth gradually and sucking on it. When she had enough of kissing him, she bit his tongue. Chris gasped in surprise and a bit of pain.

“Let me help make it better,” soothed his Governess. She scooped up a glob of pudding on her finger and pushed it into his mouth. Chris sucked on her finger, like a good little boy. She stroked his tongue with her finger, watching his face as she began to try catching his tongue between her fingers. Chris moved his tongue to avoid her fingers but of course, there was only so far he could move inside his own mouth. When she caught him, she held his tongue, gently pinching it between her fingers. After a minute, she let him feel her thumb nail just a little roughly scratching his tongue.

“How about some more dessert my little man?” Taking the paddle from the pudding, she carefully and thoroughly licked it clean of pudding. Then she slid the paddle between his thighs. “I’ll just save this for later.” She laughed. Using her fingers, she spread pudding over Chris’s nipples. Climbing on the table, she sat astride his hips. Allowing her legs to open wide enough for Chris to see her wet pussy she opened her negligee to make sure he had nothing to block his view. She coated his growing cock with pudding. Laughing and teasing him for being such a naughty boy.

She took as much of his five and a half inches of pudding coated cock into her mouth as she could. She enjoyed having his thickness slippery with pudding inside her mouth. She used her lips to clamp tightly around him while she sucked him deeper into her mouth. Chris groaned while she ran her tongue over and over his shaft. Stroking his balls she waited until he began to tighten the she stopped suddenly, knowing he was desperate to have her finish him. Sitting back, she watched his face, seeing him grimace in pleasure and need made her squirm herself. Her hips ground into his, she considered allowing him a free hand to send her over the edge. But that would spoil the game. Instead, she opened the lips of her pussy with one hand then moved up on his body to sit astride his belly. She let her pussy remain open on the skin of his belly. Swishing her hips she could feel his shuddering breathes on her inner lips and clit. She moaned in pleasure, sliding her hips over and over him, up and down on his belly until she was at the edge of an orgasm herself. Inserting two fingers, she rubbed her clit and brought herself over the edge. As she came, she watched Chris, helpless under her, knowing he was feeling every bit of her second orgasm of the evening.

She laughed, “Feel a bit left out do you little man?” Sliding back along his stomach until she could feel his throbbing cock pressing against her bottom, she began licking, sucking and biting his nipples. Enjoying all the pudding she had spread on them.

His cock was pumping against the cheeks of her bottom when she finally cleaned him of pudding. “Your turn little man, how lucky I used the light pudding, it would be an awful lot of calories.” Grinning down at him, she raised her hips and pulled her negligee up over her hips. Settling on his body again, she let the negligee slide from her arms, down to the floor. She watched it float to the ground before turning her full attention back to Chris. Chris was starring at her naked body, pushing his cock firmly against her bottom and breathing in shallow gasps. She smiled down at his strained look while she slowly painted her nipples with pudding.

Chris watched, not taking his eyes from her. Governess stretched up and brought her nipple to his face. She was so close he could nearly reach her nipple with his lips. “Open for me little man,” she whispered. Chris opened his mouth and she let her nipple push between his lips. “Suck me.” She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of her little submissive pulling her into his mouth, stretching her nipple and making both of them tight and hard. When she pulled out of his mouth his lips smacked together. She laughed at him. Before she let him clean the other nipple, she swirled her finger in the chocolate pudding, running it around and around the tight nipple. Leaning it down for his waiting mouth, she whispered, “Lick me and you may have a treat if you do a really good job.”

Chris licked her nipple with his tongue. Chris worked to lick off all the pudding as quickly as he could. Governess could feel how ready he was to come. She knew he would soon come with or without her permission. So she hopped off him and left him there, laughing at his twitching cock.

He was still there, cock not as hard, when she came back in with the hot soapy water and wash cloth. Without looking at his face, she washed all the remaining stickiness of the pudding from his nipples and cock. Attaching a little Canadian flag to his straining cock, she left without a backward glance.

Fresh from the shower she wore a towel around her hips and hair and flipped on the TV. Chris could see her just as she could see him if she turned her head a little. The sight of her bared breasts was already having an effect on his flagpole. She giggled watching the flag rise again. She had decided to pace herself a bit more. To take her time and see what other ideas occurred to her as she lingered. The key to the toy drawer was in her hand. There was no reason to rush.

She took her time finger combing her hair to dry it. Chris liked the way it curled when it was damp. The smell of the lemon and ginger shampoo was on her hands now. He would like that too. But first, something more would have to be done to his poor flagpole. The poor little man was making the oddest little whimpering noises. Not that she couldn’t stay here leisurely enjoying his discomfort for an hour or so. Dispassionately she wondered just how wet a woman could become before she had an orgasm without any other stimulus.

She stalked over to her helpless victim; removing the towel from her shoulders and letting the other loosen from her hips. It fell to the floor as she stood at his side, watching his face.

“Please let me come Governess. I really need to come.” begged Chris.

Without speaking, she wrapped the towel around the base of his cock. Taking the flag from his very erect cock, she put it safely on the side of the table. His cock felt warm and pulsing as she wrapped her fingers around it. Her thumb rubbed his tip, spreading precum over him. Once he was lubricated, she slid her hand up his cock, gently pulling on him from base to tip and back again. When his hips began bucking on the table and her pussy was leaking between her lips and thighs she said, “Come for me little man, come now.”

“Good little man, I bet that feels much better.” She patted his head while his cock spurted, splattering his belly, legs and the table. Quickly she used the towel to clean up, making sure not to let any remain on the table. “Perhaps I should have put down newspaper for you my little messy puppy.”

She left Chris to toss the towels into the washing machine. She came back, opened the toy drawer and brought out the gag Chris had picked out himself just the week before. While he was still enjoying the lingering effects of his orgasm, she buckled the gag on him. In her other hand she held neon blue nail polish which she held up for him to focus his eyes on. He tried to protest around the gag but of course, this was her night and he really had no choice. Not that she could have understood any of his muffled words anyway.

His struggles to avoid the polish were even more of a turn on than she had expected. Twice she stopped to play with her clit a little. His protests around the gag and pulling against the restraints were just too delicious for words. If she could rely on him not to stop she would sit and watch him while giving herself orgasm after orgasm all night. Even now, it was all she could do not to give in to the urge to let his cock fill her while she pumped his struggling body and purred in pleasure. Bringing herself back to the present she quickly polished his toes and moved up to complete the look by giving his fingernails the same treatment. He had given in and was struggling less before she was finished the first hand. He probably assumed she had been kind and bought nail polish remover for him. He would be blushing deliciously when he had to go buy it at the store tomorrow. Assuming she decided to allow him off the table by then.

She used a dishcloth to wipe her pussy and brought it back to sit over his nose and eyes. Then she left him yet again. This time she made a blender full of fruit shake. She enjoyed some herself and then poured more into Chris’s baby drinking glass with the lid and straw attached. Removing the gag, she inserted the straw before he could say anything. “Drink this,” she said knowing he was unable to see around the dishcloth. Obediently he drank. “What a good boy you are,” She stroked his belly as he drank. She filled his glass again and then left him with it tucked between his arm and his body and the straw in his mouth taped there to make sure it didn’t slip out on him.

There was an old movie on TV; she watched it until she fell asleep. Sometime later, she awoke to hear a loud drumming noise. At first she had no idea what it was. As she became more alert, she realized it was Chris drumming his heels on the table. Quickly she came to the table, touching his shoulder so he would know she was there. She could see nothing wrong. She removed the dishcloth and pulled off the tape from the straw. She nodded at him to speak.

“May I be allowed to go to the bathroom Governess?”

“Hmmm, I don’t suppose you would like to use the bedpan?” Governess grinned down at him.

“No, please Governess, I would rather use the bathroom.” Chris asked humbly.

“Very well, only because you asked so nicely little man. When you are finished you may use one blanket and sleep at the foot of my bed.” She unlocked the chains as she spoke. “In the morning you will tidy yourself and serve my breakfast as usual. When your work for the day is done, you will prepare yourself to be explored from my table again. However, I think you will lie face down next time. I bought a new toy to try out on your bottom.” She gathered the restraints and locked them in the toy drawer. Then she smiled and left him to look after himself while she went to bed. “Good night Chris, don’t forget to wash the dishes.”