What’s in a Name for Sex Writers?

Of course I use a pen-name with this blog. I don’t feel the need to change that. Any time I do consider using my name I remember the feeling of having someone recognize in public and expect me to be who they thought I was. This blog is personal but it is not everything I am. I’m a quiet person, not so much private, but quiet. I don’t enjoy talking about sex and focusing on sex exclusively. I am interested in so much beyond what you read here. But, this is what it is and where it is. It’s a limited edition, literally.

Should you use an erotica pen-name? Or should you create a new writing persona for your erotica?

Source: Erotica pen-names; should you lie to your readers?

Sexy Pen Pal Wanted

Sources for adult/ sexy/ dirty pen pals:

DirtyPenPals is a writing subreddit for people 18+ who are looking to find a connection with someone through creative writing and intelligent, erotic conversation. Post a request and find someone who wants to play!

Hi, I am looking for a woman who is little bored in her relationship and wants to spice things up a little with an email correspondence. Some sexy chat, maybe talk of desires, fantasies….maybe a little erotica writing. I am witty, intelligent, and easy going. Also, just looking to keep this on line only. Let me know if you are interested.

Quoted from a Craigslist post.

Image source: Etsy (Original artist unknown).

Pumpkin City: Early for Halloween

Pumpkin city

I especially like this idea. I could make a row of them like a candlelit village. I’d rather have these than a scary jack-o-lantern face.

Pumpkin City

A passel of pumpkins provides the backdrop for a quaint village scene.

Step 1: Carve a hole in the bottom of each pumpkin, scoop out the pulp, and return the cut pieces.

Step 2: Print out these house templates. Resize on a copier, scaling the images to fit your pumpkins.

Step 3: Cut out stencils as directed on the templates and affix to pumpkins with masking tape. Trace on the designs with a felt-tip pen.

Step 4: Remove stencils, then carefully carve along the drawn lines of the houses’ windows with an X-Acto knife. Fill in the designs using a fine-tip brush and black flat acrylic paint; let dry. Affix a battery-operated votive candle in the base of each pumpkin with adhesive putty.

Read more: Country Living

Floaty Pen with a Naked Man

You may have noticed a floaty pen once or more. They are sold as promotional items for events, stores, tourist attractions, etc.

There are floaty pens with women, nude once you tilt the pen and their skirt or dress floats up and away. A floaty pen with a nude man is more interesting to me. Not because I especially want to see a naked man. (This is the Internet – I can easily view naked men). It’s interesting because sex novelty items were far more likely to show women undressed or scantily clad than men.

floaty penFound on eBay.

Read more about floaty pens.

See more floaty pens on Flickr.

Romance Versus Reality

I happened to catch a re-run of a reality type TV show called, The Letters: Rediscovering the Art of Courtship.

Have you ever written a love letter or even a letter to someone you felt romantic about? Is it something you could do next time instead of emailing?

Here is the promotional copy written about the show on the GAPC Entertainment site:

If you’ve ever written a love letter or received one from an ardent admirer you will fall in love with Seasons 1 and 2 of The Letters: Rediscovering the Art of Courtship. It’s a different kind of TV show where sparks fly on paper instead of in hot tubs.

Ten Suitors set out to court a mysterious woman known to them only as “Roxanne,” but with one very romantic twist. They must woo her with the power of the pen. Anonymity is key as the Suitors and Roxanne never lay eyes on each other and use pen names to mask their true identities.

In each episode the Suitors embark on exciting challenges to inspire them in their letters to Roxanne while she must decide who stays and who goes…Until she is left with two Suitors and one final heart-stopping decision.

Whom will she choose to meet face to face for a very special first date? The Letters.Rediscovering the Art of Courtship motivates us all to spice up our own love lives. Who doesn’t appreciate getting a passionate love letter? It’s one of the most amorous gestures there is.

The Letters.Rediscovering the Art of Courtship provides all of the usual twists and turns that audiences have come to love about unscripted television… but with a difference.

It would be strange to be the “Roxanne” on this show, reading letters written by men you don’t know who are trying to court you. I think it would feel unreal, like the men could be writing to any woman, some generic woman, yet they are trying to catch your attention. Or, are they just trying to win? Is it romance for them or just the means to an end?

The felt rose necklace comes from Evalinen on Etsy.

The Mad Hatter’s Pin

I got looking at fancy tea sets for whatever reason then ended up finding this pen/ pendant for the Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland fame.  I love the design, right down to the tea bag. It comes from a shopping site but is made by Kirks Folly. When I went to find it at Kirks Folly I did not find exactly this same pin. There was a lot to look at there and many nice jewelery pieces that I could add. But, I’m sticking to just the one for now.

Thursday Thirteen #26: Doodling Essentials

Thursday Thirteen: 13 things I have used for blog doodles:

A pink breast cancer floaty pen (it has a great fine point).

A pack of pencil crayons.

A pack of felt tipped markers.

A Lotus pen I found in a backpack I bought at the thrift store.

My HP Photo Scanner, my treat to myself after getting divorced.

Microsoft Image Composer (It came with FrontPage).

Plain, blank, unlined white paper bought at Zellers.

Napkins from the coffee shops and fast food places around Ontario.

My Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 digital camera.

A black fine tip marker which I bought at Walmart, it ended up leaking all over me each time I used it so it was soon retired.

A set of colourful gel pens which are a bit too much on the light side to be used often.

An official doodle pad with coloured paper which is fun to draw on but scans on the dark and dreary side.

Post It note pads, yellow and blue.

Zack is here, just after I posted my list. He says he should be on my list cause he gives me ideas.

Thursday Thirteen #18 : Book Cooties and Mysterious Stains

Thursday Thirteen: Mysterious Stained Books.

I got this idea from reading Mimzie’s Musings, the post “The Public Library Gave me Ebola”. Here are thirteen things that could be staining, polluting and possibly infecting the pages of a borrowed or second hand book. Not meant to discourage anyone from getting library books or shopping at the thrift and second hand stores. I shop second hand myself. Cooties or not, it’s the best way to find older books from writers you like.

1. Ketchup. If you make real ketchup it is not that bright red like a clown nose. I can see someone munching away while reading and having a french fry try to escape into the book.

2. Hair colour. Mine was hair colour. I took a photo of it cause Mimzie has photos of her infected books in her blog post.

3. Lipstick. Not sure I’d like a book quite enough to kiss it but you never know.

4. Insects. They know they are going to outlast us and now they want to make sure they can read too.

5. Blood. Most likely from a paper cut. You know, when good books attack.

6. Blood. Nosebleed. Reading too fast.

7. The remains of a really good latte or some other coffee type of drink. I’ve had it happen. You just put your cup down in the wrong spot and suddenly there’s a dash of the good stuff spilled or dribbled out over the side of your cup and onto something else.

8. Spaghetti sauce flicks. You know what it’s like when you start sucking up those long noodles. Just like tiny alien spaceships setting out to explore the world. They seem to get all over the place.

9. Glue. Someone was working on a cut and paste or other kind of art project and used the book to weigh something down. Left a smudge of glue squished out and onto the book itself.

10. Paint. Just a trick to fool people into thinking the book is diseased.

11. Strands of hair. Its’ not just in your soup any more.

12. Dust, it’s everywhere else did you really think your book could escape? They can’t even run very fast.

13. Ink. Plenty of times I have seen pen ink accidentally or purposely written in a book. Not just those Canadians writing notes about desperately trying to get away from the snow either.

Face Your Pockets

Face Your Pockets
Contents: Tim Hortons coffee card, HBC Rewards card, house keys on a kilt pin, coins and Toronto subway tokens and one Barrie bus transfer. A floaty pen for breast cancer. Half a pack of citrus Halls. My Chinese fortune. The ribbon from my card key to get into work. A pair of scissors. My hair and my lips, blurred.