Ecocentrism has been described as post-humanism, for it transfers the reality-spotlight from humanity to the Ecosphere, from the part to the whole. This outside-the-human focus brings with it new standards for thought, conduct and action on such seemingly intractable problems as world population, urbanization, globalization, maintenance of cultural diversity, and ethical duties to the Ecosphere with its varied natural ecosystems and their wild species. 

The Ecocentric Alliance

The Ecological Citizen


A philosphy of putting the Earth first. How far is a philosophy from a religion? Would it start out labelled as a cult and then continue to grow, as Christianity did in the past?

How to Get Started Doing Parkour

Parkour is a philosophy as well as physical exercise. Parkour is running, dodging, jumping through an obstacle course, on foot and without any special equipment. Parkour is also about learning to live your life in a better way.

What Parkour Really Is: The Whole Picture

Parkour is more than physical exercise or an extreme sport. Parkour is not about buying equipment or gear. Parkour is not about performing tricks or competing or showing off. Parkour is available for any level of athlete, or non-athlete.

Parkour is a philosophy about moving within your environment (mental and physical) and dealing with the obstacles you face. Through Parkour you attempt to understand and improve yourself. Parkour helps us learn to understand and help others by giving us practical skills and the methods of using them.

Parkour teaches us to move in our environment in a way where we can gain the most ground, make real progression and learn how to manoeuvre in different variety of ways.

Parkour can take place in an urban environment. Also, in forests, deserts, any outdoor element or place where there are some obstacles and space to move around them.

Parkour practitioners are called tracuers or tracueses (for women).

One is not truly participating in Parkour without the combination of philosophy and exercise. Parkour is a physical and mental exercise to improve your body at any level of ability, to give you more confidence and change how you see and feel about the world.

How Did Parkour Start?

David Belle was influenced by his Father who grew up in Vietnam as a child soldier trained through obstacle courses known as Parcours. David Belle’s Grandfather taught him about Hebertism. Both of these merged with David’s own philosophy and experiences to become Parkour.

Getting Started: Keep Moving, That’s What Matters

Move around your personal space. Look at the objects in the room differently. Find new ways to move through the room. Take a different route. Walk backwards. Twirl while you move through the room. Skip or hop on one foot. Crawl or walk on your hands if you can. Simple movements are a start. (Don’t wreck the place, go outside to give yourself more room to move).

Remember the old kid’s games where the floor became something dangerous to step on. I used to swim in the public pool and pretend the stripes on the pool floor were giant whales side by side. I tried to avoid stepping on the dark lines between the whales – the dark space between them surely went on forever, sinking deep, down into the ocean. So, I had to swim over them to the next whale.

Important techniques for beginners are good jumping and landing techniques. The roll which limits impact and carries momentum to continue forward movement is an important beginner technique to master. Beginners also learn how to fall, because falling happens. Other beginning moves include monkey vaults and precision jumps.

Don’t start leaping from tall buildings. Find your way along at your own pace. Don’t consider Parkour only as a physical thing either. Think of ways you would like to move through your life, what is keeping you from moving? Could you find a new way to move and gain progress?

Train your mind for Parkour as well as your body. Take a look at puzzles, mazes, things that make you look at new solutions to find your way.

Getting Started: Equipment to Consider

Originally, Parkour was barefoot.

Of course, one nice feature about shoes is the protection of the feet. A tennis shoe should give better traction. Shoes for martial arts are popular for being close to being barefoot. You will want a shoe which is light, comfortable, flexible with a good grip on the ground. Consider snow, rain and sun too, Parkour goes well with the great outdoors.

You could look at wearing gloves to protect your hands. But, like shoes, Parkour doesn’t require any special gear.

You need fabric that can stretch and let your skin breathe, light, casual clothing which you can really move in and sweat in. It’s also important to avoid clothing which could get caught or snag on anything and slow you down or cause you injury.

Parkour Links


From the Tiny Revolution: Now Small is Powerful

I used to think that small was beautiful. Rather like a delicate rosebud in a cut-crystal vase. Or a butterfly wing.

Now I know differently. Now I know,

Small is Powerful.

I think we should join together — we the small folk. Because the things we hold dear are life changing.

We value stories, whether they are heard by one, or by many.
We value passion, rippling out from it’s small circles into every widening arcs.
We value the small start, the first try, the handmade, and the good effort.
We value subtle leaders who influence without smoke and mirrors, braggadocio, or hustle.
We value each unique soul, allowing her to bring healing, justice, and beauty to world at her own right-fit pace.

We believe small is powerful — because it has been evidenced in our own lives. Because it changes the lives of others.

Won’t you join this tiny revolution?


small-is-beautiful-buttonHere is part of the old small is beautiful tiny revolution. I had it on my site for awhile. Noticed the image was a broken link but kept a watch for it to come back. Today I checked on it and found she has changed her philosophy (and the image file).

A2We believe stories are valuable, no matter how many people read them.
We believe following your passion is more important that watching your site meter.
We believe in the handmade, the first try, the small start, and the good effort.
We believe that small is beautiful.

Freedom, Anarchy and the Absurd

The New Escapologist – Sounds like the kind of site I’d like.

New Escapologist is a magazine for white-collar functionaries with escape on the brain. We offer practical exit strategies from demeaning day jobs and celebrate the ‘flight’ bit of ‘fight or flight’.

Each issue is a compendium of funny and practical essays on the subject of escape, through the lenses of economics, travel, psychology, philosophy and the arts. We promote freedom, anarchy and the absurd.

Bad Faith
Cottage Industry
Surreal Humour
Testimony of Simplicity
Voluntary Simplicity



Why I like to Switch

Why I like to Switch
Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Friday April 19, 2002

I can be dominating and have that power charge, also I think a switch male is more interesting/ challenging to dominate because there is more to him than the desire to submit. I like knowing there is a give and take of power and I don’t have to always be dominant and I am being dominant over a man who is strong and can be dominant also. There is less thrill in dominating someone who needs it, than there is in dominating someone who wants it.

I especially like knowing that I can let go and be taken care of or dominated when that’s what I need or want. I like having options to suit my needs of the moment instead of being trapped in one role.

I also think a Switch is someone who has explored more of the philosophy and their own feelings about D/s than others who stick to one role. As a Switch you are often questioned about where you fit in – so it’s something you explore and can evolved with as time goes on. I think switching allows more movement and creativity.

I also don’t trust a man who says he is Dom or a woman who says she is sub. I think those roles are too easy to fall into. They are already a stereotype. It’s much harder to step out of the stereotyped role and be something which can be seen as lesser. People see sub men as weak instead of a man who chooses to please women. People see a female Dom as somebody who is bitchy, maybe cruel instead of a woman who enjoys being more involved in the sexual side of her relationship.

For me dominating does come down to that – being more involved. When I’m in charge I know it’s up to me to lead – not wait for him to start something – not needing to see if he is even willing to start something. It’s my choice and I can take his feelings into account but I don’t have to wait for him to lead or touch me in the right way, etc. Its more fun when its lady’s choice.

Foraging for Wild Food

ForageSF was conceived of by Iso Rabins in early 2008, with the mission to connect Bay Area dwellers with the wild food that is all around them. Through a monthly box of all wild foraged foods, which we call a CSF, we deliver fresh, sustainably harvest wild food to city dwellers. From wild mushrooms to acorn flour, there is a wealth of edible forage just outside our doors that few people know about, and still fewer ever consume. Our goal is to push people out of the supermarket, to get them trying new foods harvested sustainably and fairly by their neighbors. As part of our community focused philosophy, 50% of the profit from the sale of any product we purchase from a forager goes straight to that individual . That is, to the person who collected it.


If you read the books of Gor by John Norman you will eventually discover the word, kajirus. This is a male slave in the fictional world of Gor. Beyond the books you can find Gorean types online in the virtual reality of games and the social reality of chat and forums. Once upon a time I would listen and even moderately participate in IRC Gorean chats. It was an interesting experience, a social exploration.

The male slaves in the Gorean style of submission have a lot of rules. Very exacting, specific rules about their every thing they do or don’t do. I am interested in some of this, but I know I could never have the patience to micro manage someone too exactingly. It would make me crazy. I also know I would not be interested in the fetish for adult babies for pretty much the same reasons.

I think, no matter what I like to do with a male I still expect him to be an adult, to be able to stand on his own two feet and to know that when a Mac truck is barreling towards him he needs to get out of the way. Basic old fashioned things like knowing when to get out of the rain should not have to be managed. Unless, I tell him to stand in the rain because his sad, drenched look is making me laugh. Even then, as the Dom, it is my responsibility to only keep him out there a short time. It is his responsibility to let me know that he is colder than I think he is.

Anyway, I cut and pasted a bit about the Gorean kajirus just for my own interest:

Special Rules for the kajirus…

Women are not the only gender that may be enslaved on Gor. Men also may face that fate, though in far fewer numbers.The number of male slaves on Gor is very low, especially in the cities. Only about 10% of all the slaves on Gor are males. Men captured during wars or raids are usually slain instead of being taken captive and enslaved. Most male slaves are either debtors or criminals though a small number are captives.

Male slaves are mainly enslaved for economic reasons, as cheap labor. The Gorean philosophy of “natural order” supports female slavery but it does not support male slavery. Gorean society though recognizes the validity, legality and economic necessity of male slavery. It is a more practical decision and not one based on a deeper philosophy. Under these justifications, anyone can be enslaved. Not all societal institutions need be based on an underlying philosophical foundation. Some are simply practical concepts.

Few male slaves are considered valuable and they generally do not garner high prices, even at auction. The primary exceptions are male silk slaves and exotics. The normal high price for a male slave, not a silk slave or exotic, is a silver tarsk. Many female slaves would sell for more than that amount. There are also very few male slaves with long pedigrees. There are few reasons to breed male slaves except as exotics. Nearly any Gorean man can serve as a typical work slave.

The most common types of male slaves are the work slaves. They are usually used on cargo galleys, mines, great farms or as porters on wharves. Many cities use male slaves for some of the more unpleasant labor in the cities, such as in the refuse pits or cleaning the public baths.Most men work on chains with other slaves. In some cities like Ar, an unchained male slave is rarely ever seen.

The most valuable male slave though is usually the silk slave, a certified woman’s slave, akin to a Pleasure Slave. They are handsome men who have been specially trained to tend to a woman’s needs. They are sold in special women’s auctions that are closed to free men. Silk slaves generally sell for higher prices than many female slaves. Most silk slaves will sell for four to six silver tarsks. This is basically a matter of supply and demand, as there are very few such silk slaves on Gor. Most Gorean men make poor silk slaves. There are masculine and feminine male silk slaves. Some women fear the more masculine ones, worrying that such men will turn on them one day, enslaving them. Others secretly delight in that possibility. The feminine ones are rarely used for breeding. Free women think little of hiding their naked bodies from their silk slaves. Many free women though will not kiss their silk slaves as they do not wish to put their lips on a slave. A silk slave grows to know his Mistress quite well and is able recognize her body even when she is robed and veiled. Gorean men generally despise silk slaves and do not treat them well. When a city is captured, the victors often kill the silk slaves out of disgust.

Male slaves rarely have locked collars. Normally their collar is a band of iron hammered about their neck. There is also no distinctive garb for male slaves as Goreans do not want them to discover how numerous they are, especially in the cities. The wool of the hurt is often used for male slave garments as it absorbs perspiration well. In many cities, female slaves must always openly wear a symbol of their bondage such as a collar. Male slaves are exempt from this law for the same reason why they do not wear distinctive garb. Goreans worry about a revolt by male slaves.

Female slaves normally despise male slaves. They consider themselves the rightful property of only free persons. It is considered a great shame for a female slave to have to touch a male slave. Male slaves though are often permitted to have a female slave for their pleasure, especially as a reward. But, a male slave might be killed for touching a female slave without permission. Female slaves show contempt toward male slaves because they do not see them as real men, because they have been made slave.

Male slaves commonly kneel, like women do. They do not sit cross-legged like Free Men. Depending on the preference of their master, their knees may be spread or not. It is more expensive to feed male slaves than females slaves. In many other ways, male slaves are treated like female slaves. They are still considered only property. They must show respect to all free persons and are subject to discipline by any free person.

Male slaves though receive more opportunities to win their freedom though usually only in very dangerous situations. Male slaves might be freed and armed if their city is being attacked and additional men are needed. Few Earth men are brought to Gor to be slaves.


Collegium Geomanticum

It’s not feng shui, and it doesn’t have anything to do with ley lines or dowsing. It’s been called earth astrology, a Western equivalent of the I Ching, and the forgotten oracle of the Western world. It was one of the most popular systems of divination in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and stands at the center of traditions of magic, philosophy, and initiation deeply relevant to today. What is it? Geomancy.

Geomancy is a traditional art of divination that uses the sixteen geomantic figures – patterns of single and double dots – to explore the mysteries of past, present and future. As a branch of the Hermetic tradition, an ancient Western system of spiritual transformation and magical philosophy and practice, it relies on the fundamental Hermetic law, the unity of the macrocosm (the universe around us) and the microcosm (the universe within us) to open up hidden potentials for knowledge, wisdom, and power and, in the words of the legendary Hermes Trismegistus, “perform the miracles of the One Thing.”

Reading this description makes it seem really complicated and mystical. It’s not that complex. It’s divination using stones. At least that’s what it used to be. People do have a way of taking something simple and making it a huge complicated knot they can make some money out of.

Mid Atlantic Geomancers Geomancers are spiritual ecologists.


A system of divination that employs the scattering of pebbles, grains of sand, or seeds on the earth and then the interpretation of their shape and position.

This is a better description. Much simpler and closer to the basic idea.

The Geomancy Group An association of practising geomancers and other like-minded folk over the UK.

Astrological Geomancy by Anthony Louis
Ancient Astronomy and Geomancy in Kyoto, Japan
Earth Mysteries

Cheerio: Another Oldie

This was while I was still married, before everything fell apart like a deer in the headlights. This was actually the column I wrote to start the column, it just got posted out of order. I called my column Bewitching Vagabond and I wrote it for a few years at the BackWash site. Nothing of it is left up there now. Someone took it all down though others have been up for ages, never updated.

A Real Live Alien
Sunday August 05, 2001

Have you ever met a real alien? I don’t have green skin, antennae, a ray gun or a flying saucer. I’m a legal alien. Entirely different from the little green men.

I’m actually Canadian. Seems odd to be an alien when I’ve only come from Canada. I was born in Toronto, Ontario not all that many years ago compared to the life span of the Great Lakes or the Canadian Shield. Of course, those are pretty damn old some would say ancient. I’m 36; it just feels pretty damn old. I’m not really sure how I got this old.

I met my husband, the reason I became an alien, when we were 14 and began as penpals. Over the years we wrote on and off, somehow keeping in touch. Eventually, sometime after college and a few years working here and there, we met in his hometown in southern Illinois. Its a pretty small place. Quite a change for a city woman, like myself. I miss public transportation almost as much as my family. It was very nice to take a day and go downtown, see the museum, have a (not too) expensive lunch and walk around the malls, have good coffee and browse in the bookstore then dash back to catch the bus back home.

We went the K1 fiance visa route, with immigration. Its a frustrating process. Makes it very hard to plan a wedding no matter how much your Mother wants you to. We did find a great Yahoo Club for K1’ers. Its called the CanAm Connection. I highly recommend it. I’m still a regular reader even though we are now past the K1 phase and waiting for the big interview, the AOS (adjustment of status). Likely only a select few will know what I’m talking about at this point.

I went to college in the suburbs of Toronto, the Warden Woods campus of Centennial College. The course was two years, Corporate Communications. It involved writing, publishing, copy editing and graphic arts with a general run of courses like philosophy. I did really great in philosophy, surprised myself. I’ve always heard Sagittarius people like philosophy; I guess its true. I was born in the year of the dragon. I’m a wood dragon by the Chinese zodiac.

I’m working my way into freelance writing. Ultimately, my goal is to be a columnist, well known and well paid. Syndication is the key but before that I have to write, a lot. I’m currently reading a book from the Writers Digest series about being a columnist. I can recommend that too.

Wicca is an Earth religion. I tell that to everyone who asks me what it is. I don’t feel I’m a Wiccan, but it does make things easier to just leave it at that. I like the Earth side of things. Some how I don’t like the idea of worshipping anything and I think my “gods” would be the kind who don’t want to be worshipped.

So, now you’ve met an alien. Scary, eh?

Pay It Forward Foundation

Pay It Forward Foundation

It’s a lovely philosophy. But, it relies on people expecting something back for favours or good deeds. When I do something nice I don’t really expect anything back. Sometimes I try to do nice things secretly, so it will be an anonymous surprise. Also, that way no one feels they owe me anything, it was just a nice perk to their day.

Why do people expect something back? Isn’t doing something nice it’s own reward? Maybe I’m the odd one. I go around and make it a habit to smile at people as I pass them in the street, store, etc. I don’t know any of them but most will smile back. Some won’t look up from their feet though. Kind of sad I think, but they must be feeling pretty low to have their gaze resting at foot level instead of eye level.

When did you last randomly smile at someone? For no reason, just to spread a bit of positive energy.